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Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)

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17 Reviews
  • Replay ability
  • Greats story
  • sex and drugs
  • Might be too gruesome for some
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    17 Reviews
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      30.05.2015 14:06
      Very helpful


      • "Innovative "
      • "New Features"
      • "Replay ability "
      • "Super fun"


      • "Loading times"
      • Bugs
      • "Render Times"

      Definitive "last gen" console game. A must buy

      This is the definitve game of the last generation of console gaming. The guys and gals over at Rockstar did an outstanding job on this game for many reasons. One reason is the fact that the game is absolutely brilliant. The addition of Grand Theft Auto Online is a brilliant addition to the series. The single player is innovative with the fact that there are 3 different characters that you are able to use. The fact that the characters story lines intertwine is a brilliant idea. The online aspect of the game is probably the best part of the game though. The online system is a much better system than that of Grand Theft Auto 4. Being able to progress through the ranks by completing races death matches and other missions is a good addition. You will be spending countless hours messing around with friends in races or just general shenanigans in free play mode.

      Another reason why this game is the definitive game for this generation is the graphical quality that Rockstar have been able to magically pull from the console. There are no games that are comparable to the quality of this game. This does come with its drawbacks though. The loading times to switch between single player and online can take a long time and there is also considerable "pop in" of the in game assets such as buildings and terrain if you are travelling at a fast speed in a car/bike or plane. This is probably the only bad thing about the game and this is only because of the performance of the consoles that is being played on. A must have for any gamer.


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      22.10.2014 05:15


      • "Good graphics "
      • "3 different Characters "
      • "Greats story "


      • "For People Over 17"

      Great Game,Story & Graphics "Must Own"

      Greatest GTA Game Made ("so far")

      Yes I'm not exaggerating This game is truly one of the best GTA Games ever made, and one of the best "open-world" game

      You can do just about everything ..even when you finish the whole game,you still got to find all the parts of a spaceship and find Easter eggs(hidden secrets) in the game

      So If You're reading this and thinking should I buy it? I say go ahead..and online is the best over 50 players at once ...just don't trust anyone


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      28.07.2014 18:49



      Best game i own.

      GTA 5 the best GTA so far!
      Play as 3 different people as you switch between micheal, trevver and franklin. Completing fun missions, stealing cars and driving around and killing people. Working your way up through the game. Purchasing cars and doing them up how you want, houses, stripper dances & Just having a laugh, tonnes of things to do such as parachuting, under the bridge flying things, golf, tennis, darts, go on the rollercoaster theres so many things to experience. Theres 3 different players and that means 3 different endings.
      Gta online- personalise your charachter, play with friends, set bountys on people or take the bounty and recieve money, do races or make your own custom race, team deathmatches and so much more!
      Not a game for 'squeekers' contains material not suitable for children- theres a age thing for a reason ;) also online if you have a headset and your underage the chances are you will be given abuse, if your old enough to play you will be given abuse, if you do anything people rage and its all part of the game.

      Best game i own! Buy it, Try it, if you dont like it you can always sell it to someone who will.


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      09.04.2014 15:44


      • "Easy to play "
      • "Great Multiplayer mode"
      • "Amazing Story with three different endings"


      • " sex and drugs "
      • " violence"
      • "Not suitable for children due to the amount of bad language"

      Incredibly versatile open-world game filled with violence, sex, drugs and discrimination - for adults only.

      Without a doubt, Grand Theft Auto 5 is the best one yet, with new options such as switching between characters, new extracurricular activities like customizing your own vehicle and weaponry, real estate (buying cheap to extravagant locations), communicating with friends by internet or Facebook while playing, scuba diving, racing, hunting, bounty hunting, yoga, and much more. The story was quite exciting and exhilarating - you can even switch between characters between several missions, and each character has their own distinct personality, sense of humor, and hilarious family/friend dysfunctions. GTA 5 is not a game for kids and teens alike, because of the constant themes and choices of extreme violence, where you can choose to harm or murder criminals and innocent civilians alike with different types of weapons and explosives. There's one intense scene where you choose different instruments to sadistically torture a man. Language is constant and very strong (countless uses of the words f**k, mother**ker, sh*t, god***n, a**hole, c**t, b*tch, c**ksucker, d**k) with very mature crude humor and explicit sexual references. Sexual content is very graphic and strong in this game - more explicit in nature than the previous grand theft auto games. Strip clubs are also available in this game where the player chooses to gave lap dances with highly provocative women (one is a transsexual) and their breasts and buttocks graphically visible. They are themes of rape, incest, prostitution, pedophilia, and sexual sadism in this game also. Drugs play a major role and counterpart in this game, where characters smoke, drink, use drugs, and take out meth labs, where even a main characters own children have implied drug/ alcohol addiction. Some scenes make a character get in a major hallucination (high) state where they can't perceive reality and kill fictitious creatures like aliens and monsters. Fantastic game with endless possibilities, but for adults due to the "free country" theme where you choose to perform good or bad options - major "do anything" discrimination.


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      27.03.2014 13:07
      Very helpful


      • "Superb storyline"
      • "Amazing gameplay"


      • "Might be too gruesome for some"

      GTA V - The greatest video game ever

      Whenever Rockstar release a new Grand Theft Auto game, it is always surrounded by hype. This was no different with GTA V.

      The main difference with this game compared to others in the series is that you now get to play as three different characters. This works really well as each character has their own traits and abilities which need to be called upon during missions. Switching between players is simple and is vital when doing specific missions as you will need to attack enemies from various vantage points all at once.

      The map in GTA V is massive and will take a considerable amount of time to navigate which is the intention of developer. Rockstar. On your travels, you will often stumble across sub-missions which, although are not part of the main story, will aid you in getting 100% completion and also provide a side attraction if you want a break from the main storyline.

      The game is fairly graphic in places and not for the feint-hearted, hence the 18 certificate the game has been awarded.

      The online play in GTA IV was clunky at best and this is something that Rockstar have addressed with GTA V. GTA Online is now a living and breathing city which can be explored in much the same way as the offline game. The difference now is that there can be up to 16 human controlled players in the city, all with their own agendas so watch your back!

      As well as free-roaming around the city, you can also race, do missions as well as other co-op activities which make GTA Online a full game in its own right. With more free content promised by Rockstar in the future, GTA Online will keep gamers amused for many months yet.

      GTA V was the most expensive video game to develop and it is clear to see why. Everything about the game oozes quality and should be a definite purchase if you own a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 console.


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      16.03.2014 21:47
      Very helpful



      The story is so well written with amazing graphics to show off the huge map + brilliant online

      GTA V

      Having played virtually every GTA title to date, I cannot stress enough how excited I was in the build up of this game. I worried I was too excited and would therefore be disappointed - but I couldn't have been more wrong. In my opinion, this is by far the best GTA title to date and in fact the best game to reach the consoles yet!

      The Story
      Throughout the story you play as 3 different characters - this feature is new to the GTA series as you will always have played as just 1 character. This surprisingly works perfectly and arguably is 3 GTA titles on one disk, even though the 3 character's plots all tie in together. The game is very well written and the story is fantastic. It took me weeks to complete which great, as some games can take just days.

      The Graphics
      Amazing. The graphics on this game are amazing! It's kind of disappointing this game was not released on the next-gen consoles as seeing what Rockstar can do on the old generation, I can only imagine how beautiful the game would be on the PS4 and XBOX ONE. It's deffinately a mind blowing improvement from GTA IV and it gets me thinking what GTA VI (6) will look like.

      Gameplay is very smooth and the old GTA feel has stayed. Old GTA titles were criticized for awkward or difficult player movements which were slightly unrealistic e.g. the jumping animation has often been a laughable sight. This game is no different, but I like that. Well, it has improved and looks more genuinely like real people, but you can tell you're laying a GTA game nonetheless. There is a huge array of cars, planes, tanks, bikes, motorbikes and boats for you to explore the HUGE open world map. Yes - HUGE! Enormous.

      Once you've completed the story of GTA you will no doubt be fully intrigued to know what online is like. I was very very very very pleasantly surprised by GTA online. In GTA IV the online was oka, you could spend a couple of hours possibly before getting bored. I have spent over 100 hours on GTA online and have loved every second. The crazy amount of races, missions and activities will keep me entertained for years, let alone the hours I spend free roaming, shooting people, stealing cars, breaking into military bases... The list goes on...

      If for some stupid reason you haven't already bought this game, buy it. Now.


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      01.12.2013 00:51
      Very helpful



      Fun filled, variety packed and spectacular surprises.

      GTA 5 is a great thrilling adventure, both online and offline.
      If you were a fan of the others in the series then you will NOT be disappointed!
      If you weren't a fan or it didn't appeal to you or maybe you haven't tried it, then this is a MUST try.

      Created by Rockstar Games.
      Pegi Certificate 18.
      Storage of 8gb required either via Xbox hard drive, additional hard drive or a USB drive.
      Game needs to be downloaded to console before you can play.
      650kb to be able to save the game.
      Contains scenes of sexual nature, violence and foul language
      HDTV 720p/1080i/1080p

      There were several different limited edition packs and codes but in a regular GTA 5 game box it should contain:
      - 2 Disks (install disk and playable disk)
      - Map Poster (you can access one in-game too though)
      - Grand Theft Auto Five booklet
      The box and cover is the usual green box with the 'Xbox 360' banner at the top with a collage of a variety of features and art from and for the game, with the title in the centre 'grand theft auto V FIVE.'

      STORY MODE: 1 Player only.
      This action adventure is set in third person perspective, in a free roaming world.
      The Story mode consists of three main characters which you can switch between to do different parts of the story, alongside the story are side missions you can do, as and when you wish. Three main characters with three completely different personalities and stories that overlap. During the game you will be participating in races, shootings, fights, heists and other variety of games and tasks. Some sexual scenes, alcohol consumption, violence and a lot of foul language during the game, is why this is an 18 age rating. It is set in a fictional state of San Andreas, which is based on the real Southern California, as you play through you will notice a lot of similarity to real life, including areas and vehicles.
      Fascinating, clever and well thought out story-line.
      Wanted levels can make this game a challenge, try not to get caught or killed...

      Every detail is thought out from the different characters (which are doing different, sometimes disturbing or hilarious things next time you log on!) to the different music and radio stations they have for you to choose from. You gain levels, experience and GTA money throughout game play, choose wisely...

      PLOT (No spoilers)
      Michael Townley is forced to go under the witness protection act, after a botched robbery in Ludendorff, went wrong and left the other two accomplices dead. Franklin Clinton who is working as a repo man for a car dealership gets caught up in this and becoming friends with Michael, tries his best to help him out of the situations they get themselves into.
      Later the three main characters (I can't list the other one, spoiler reasons) get hired by the FBI to undermine a rival agency, by completing specific missions for them.

      Franklin gets left with a tough decision towards the end, he has been forced to choose who dies!
      Who will Franklin choose???

      ONLINE MODE: 1-16 Players.
      Online mode is full of fantastic features, filled with fun, challenges and huge variety.
      When you first load the online mode and content it will put you into a short introduction and a couple of missions with other newbie players to help introduce you to the game. You do not have to complete the story mode or play the story mode in order to go online, just the first little clip to break you in and teach you the ropes.
      Once you have completed these for the first time, next time you log on you will not have to complete anything extra, it will load you straight into a game.

      Entering online mode you can create an invite only world, which consists of just yourself or the people you choose to invite or join an open session with other players. Some online players have a habit of going on a killing spree so if you prefer not to be bothered by other players, you should create an invite only session.
      White players listed on the map are other players.
      Blue players listed on the map are players from your friends list.
      Red players on the map are players with Bounty's. (you can kill them to get different GTA cash rewards)
      Yellow players on the map are crew members.
      Online activities consist of:
      - Owning an apartment and/or garage
      - Customising your vehicles, weapons and outfits (loads to choose from)
      - Races (on ground vehicle races - cars, bicycles, motorbikes etc. air vehicle races - helicopters, airplanes etc. boat races and even pursuits) You can choose several options from tracks, catch up, wanted levels and more
      - Sports (Tennis, Golf, Darts and more)
      - Shooting (Deathmatch, team deathmatch, survival, gang attacks and more)
      - There are even little missions such as steal a certain type of car and take it to a certain place listed on the map.
      - Level up to unlock more items
      - Gain more skill levels to keep your character fit

      The social club features can be accessed online. The social club allows you to create and join crews where you will gain crew experience and have other benefits, even a free car if you link your social club with your GTA account.

      You can download a real life mobile phone application called 'iFruit' to customise your in-game number plate and see stats.

      You can gain Xbox Live achievements whilst both online and story mode.
      Achievements adds gamer score to your Xbox live account which can add to your gaming experience as it gives you something to aim for.

      The graphics are pretty awesome from the facial features to the detail on the vehicles and scenery, especially for a Xbox 360 version. You will find though due to the jam packed content that if you see any other players there detailed is a little blurred compared to your own character online, but not much.
      The sound effects are pretty close to the real thing too, footsteps, horns, sirens the full package.

      If you were to purchase an ordinary copy of GTA 5 you would be looking at an average of £30-£40 (November 2013) available in most supermarkets, online stores and game stores.

      I would definitely recommend this game to anyone over the age of 18, as there is so much content and loads to choose from, even if it is just competing in races or clothes shopping for your character or if you are a hardcore gamer and love to shoot people. THIS GAME IS FOR EVERYONE OVER THE AGE OF 18. So why not try it today?


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      20.11.2013 13:54
      Very helpful



      With the prices for entertainment these days, this cant be beaten for entertainment and longevity.

      Has there ever been another game with this much excitement and hype about it? For months leading up to its release there were trailers, snippits, bits of information.. all building the game up and WOW did Rockstar deliver!

      The GTA franchise has always been popular but i think all GTA fans will honestly tell you that something was missing from the previous installments, as good as the games were, we always felt with this genre and the free roaming nature of this game that something bigger could be done and GTA V is exactly that!

      Rockstar have taken an excellent franchise and made it bigger with GTA V. This installment features 3 main characters instead of 1. Trevor, Michael and Franklin, all with their different personalities and skills. Franklin is a young up and coming guy who wants to make it big and earn some money, Michael is a crazy man with alot of issues who is looking for a way to finally retire and Trevor is a basically Michaels maniac ex-best friend who is so psychotic its scary at times. The different personalities make this game far more enjoyable and entertaining than having one dull character such as Niko in GTA 4.

      They all combine for big missions and the switch feature between them makes doing the big heist and crazy stunts even more interesting. There is a different way to look at each mission. You can either go gung-ho or be sensible and do jobs quietly. Each character has their own story to tell aswell and you find new information out throughout the game.

      There is so many things to do in this game apart from the usual missions. There are strangers and freaks you meet and do random things for, theres rampages and buisinesses you can buy and do jobs for. Its got it all.. If your bored of that you can go fly a plane or helicopter. Parashute off mountains, go hunting, scuba dive, play golf, darts, race cars and jet skis... its got everything! I havent even mentioned the online play yet either. Online you can do jobs as crews and the aim is to basically make as much money as you possibly can. The only down side to online play is that the servers arent always reliable.

      I dont want to try and over sell it or give things away but it will keep you entertained for weeks constantly, not hours.. The stats dont lie, look at the sales figures, this game broke records all over the world. Just enjoy it sensibly, dont let kids play it and dont play it so much you think your Trevor haha! enjoy..


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      14.11.2013 15:26
      Very helpful



      Simply put, the greatest triple A title ever released, and an example to the industry.

      Covered in viscera and sporting a freshly trimmed mullet, trailer-trash psychopath Trevor cast his gaze out over the city below. This make-out spot of a vantage point offered up a perfect view of nighttime Los Santos. Midnight gloom had cloaked the detail of this huge patchwork of high rises, industrial parks and residential areas, now represented only by a sea of artificial lighting and the crawl of twinkling tail lights. It was stunning. Trevor wasn't one for aesthetics, though - he had an old score to settle here. This was a rare piece of virtual tourism enforced on the GTA player; a moment of self-indulgent handholding to make sure you appreciate the scale and dystopian beauty of Rockstar's Los Angeles.

      Given the hilarious and murderous hour we'd just spent together in the mock-Californian trailer park wastelands, I knew Trevor and I were going to enjoy our stay. We'd already waged single handed war on a biker gang, protected a meth kitchen with a grenade launcher while stowing our Chinese business prospects in an ice container, and flown a bullet-ridden plane full of contraband out of a gunfight and right under the nose of military radar. This breathless introduction GTA V's third in an unholy trinity of protagonists was by far the most entertaining, but that's no slight on the comedic mayhem earlier created by his two counterparts back under the bright lights of the city.

      Michael and Franklin occupy polar opposites of the Los Santos social scale, united only by their criminal instincts and thirst for excitement. Franklin riffs on CJ from San Andreas; an intelligent kid from the gang banger 'hoods struggling to protect his morals from the realities of escaping a deprived upbringing. Michael on the other hand is an interesting novelty for the series; a wealthy and retired heist expert living under witness protection, struggling with mid-life crisis and a dysfunctional family in the affluent suburbs. And Trevor? Well, Trevor's just a psychotic menace with a drug problem; think Begbie from Trainspotting's redneck cousin. Their stories and the dynamic between them is a welcome return to the wit and above all playfulness that GTA is supposed to provide, and the ability to spontaneously alternate between their lives in Los Santos is a welcome and significant improvement.

      Tethering three interchangeable characters and their stories together coherently is challenge enough to faze any developer, but to accomplish it alongside a game world of such staggering depth is something only a studio with Rockstar's talent and resource could achieve. No environment has an atmosphere or richness of content like a 3-D era GTA city, but Los Santos carves deeper into the rock face than any of its predecessors. As always, it's the incidental details you discover that drive your thirst for exploration. From the dusty trailer parks with the echoing yaps of chained Rottweilers, to each alcove and backstreet in the heat-hazed sprawl of Los Santos, there's always something discover. It could take the form of a rollercoaster ride at the pier, an eavesdropped conversation outside a shopping mall, or a pictureseque view from which to absorb a Californian sunset on Mount Chilliad; all of this peripheral detail is as lovingly crafted as objects of the highest significance. Where most developers have an austere focus on the necessary, Rockstar invest years of man hours littering their worlds with the kind of minutiae only a small percentage will ever lay eyes on, each forming part of your own uniquely personal experience of the environment.

      Aquatic elements are greatly improved, both above but especially below the surface. Waves now build from a shimmering surface, rolling and churning before breaking into white foam on the shore, the physics now weighty and commensurate with a meeting of continent and ocean rather than a hastily-coded afterthought. Vehicles also benefit from the improved physics, with the assorted Jet skis, speedboats and yachts responding realistically to their new playgrounds. From the city harbours all the way out to the remote countryside lakes, there is finally beauty and purpose to GTA's water aside from dutifully framing the landscape, with tangible rewards for exploration.

      Some of the smarter features from L.A. Noir and Red Dead Redemption have been loaned out to provide further improvements, addressing the few remaining niggles and annoyances peculiar to GTA's ageing blueprints. Fail a mission repeatedly and the frustrated player now has the option to skip it altogether, rather than succumbing to frustration and losing interest in the story. Swing a car round a corner into the glare of the sun, and Red Dead's impressive lens flare interferes with your vision.

      That's not to say Rockstar have simply plagiarised their stable of sandbox titles for inspiration - there are plenty of inventive tweaks such as the time-lapse effect that precedes fixed night/day missions, or the super slow-mo which initiates upon activation of the weapon pinwheel. Police chases take on an entirely new dynamic now that backstreet hiding places can be sought to lose wanted levels, rather than rote games of cat and mouse against hive-minded police patrol units. Such features might appear to be mere window dressing, but as a sum of their parts contribute to a more engaging and rounded experience. There's a genuine feeling that the developer has identified what worked, what didn't, and is willing to draw from all its expertise to maximise balance and atmosphere whilst minimising frustrations in a challenging genre.

      On a fundamental level mission structures follow the familiar format, with the new heist operations a welcome twist to the more routine fetch and carry fare. The ability to choose an approach between brains and brawn and assemble a crew with complimentary skill sets is an interesting direction to take, and whilst these choices are for the most part binary, the expanding scale and complexity of each heist means they never grow stale. One mission early on sees Michael casing a high-end jeweller with Franklin, then gathering explosives, uniforms and vehicles before escaping with his crew across the city to a storm drain rendezvous point with the LSPD in pursuit. These missions-within-missions provide new vigour to what would normally represent forgettable filler between the cornerstone high points of the GTA mission structure.

      Visually, Rockstar have wrung every last available capability of the ageing Xbox 360 platform. The bulky installation disk has enabled a far greater level of fidelity, with the familiar issue of draw distances, textures lagging and pop-in driven down to more acceptable levels. All this has been achieved whilst increasing the volume of clever touches you'd have to search hard to appreciate. Steal a vehicle with chrome wheels, and a swivel of the camera reveals real-time reflections of the surrounding environment warped around their concave surface. At night, the overhauled Police patrol cars daub stunning light patterns across the reflective surfaces of passing vehicles. The city's population seem more diverse than ever before, each with their own gait, mannerisms, and rarely repeating. Their AI is also markedly improved, with more realistic interactions when on foot, and angry responses to poor driving.

      The satirical assault on the vacuous aspects of modern life and politics is still the beating heart of GTA, and Rockstar's sense for the Zeitgeist is still strong five years after their attack on post financial meltdown America. Billboards cheerily invite Los Santos residents to capitalise on home foreclosures, and the personalised licence plate (F1UCKYO) of Michael's mock-Audi pokes a little fun at the Obamacare healthcare.org helpline number embarrassment. Nobody is spared the traditional ridicule, and the various websites, T.V. shows and radio stations all provide forms of peripheral entertainment most games would shy away from even attempting. In this regard there's a respectful lack of cajoling towards the player - enjoyment of the humour is entirely optional, and much of it will bypass the unwitting.

      The justification for a five year development cycle is the incredible scope of this game's ambition, and the endless generosity afforded to the player. Rockstar's unerring determination to provide new and interesting content is an object lesson in how valuable IP should be respected and nurtured, and serves as a refreshing counterbalance to the depressing churn of a console generation's twighlight-era. Describing all the elements which contribute to GTA V's greatness would absorb far longer than a review could allow, but suffice to say it's a grand and fitting final chapter for the 360/PS3 generation.

      **This review may be posted elsewhere on the internet under a different alias**


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      09.11.2013 21:01
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      The best game of 2014 and most likely 00's and 10's as a decade!

      Never have I played a game where it's stopped me from thinking about anything. And yes this is probably a bad thing but wow. When people say 'i couldn't put the book down' well now I know what they mean because I just didn't want to stop playing this!!

      The character acting is probably the best and most intense I have ever heard. It is ridiculously immersive and it really does feel like your playing a film/movie. I play alot of COD games which put you right into the action. This didn't really effect me much while I was playing as it was so different from reality, but GTA is on another level.

      People seem to expect amazing graphics in this game, it isn't what people may think it is but thats only because videos made it look even better than what it was. Of course they would! It's the same with anything in life such as movies, film and music! The graphics are far improved from the previous games and I was really amazed at points thinking wow this is what I'm playing and not a cut scene!

      This game is obviously an 18 for the violence, sex etc, but in reality it should be an 18 because of how realistic is it! It's actually slightly changed the way I act, say things and talk. And I'm 22!! God knows how this will effect younger kids and sure there are some pretty dark parts in this game. BUT it also has real life lessons in there and positives things!! Some things are portrayed well in the game and I was surprised that I hardly ever heard the word f***ot. To be honest I don't think I heard the word at all, which is a strange different from other games that have a violent nature!

      Final fantasy, black ops 2 and this game are the only 3 ive played when i felt like I was part of the game, and it really is an emotional journey.

      The game is amazing in every department and it doesn't lack in anything I wanted more. Sure, I wish there were more cheats - who doesn't love to have flying cars? But having said that there may be a cheat for that!

      There is constantly stuff to explore in the world of GTA V and it's such a visual stunning journey!


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        03.11.2013 06:08
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        5 out of 5 - no question about it

        It recently won the golden joystick for the Game of the year and for good reason. I had been a fan of the GTA series, I remember playing the orignal GTA one and two on the playstation, with the birds eye view, and I thought it was great. By the time the had changed to a third person view with GTA 3 I was hooked.

        There has laways been allot of anticipation around the release of GTA games, this one has been no exception. The hype was palpible. As I played the first mission 'heist' I started to work out why.

        The plot is engaging, complex and funny.It revolves around 3 main characters, Michael, Franklin and everybodies favourite Trevor the nutcase, played wonderfully by Steven Ogg. The character actors have spent sometime perfecting these characters and you really get a sence that they must have spent ages perfecting the mannerisms. I also like Lazlo and Trevors buddy cletus with the lisp.

        The main draw of this game is the fact that it is so flexible, you can run, walk, drive, fly and pilot just about any vehicle that you see. In the story mode you get to use just about everything at one time or another from 747`s to attack jet, jetskis, quad bikes, pedal bikes, sports cards, classic cars, the list if endless and so are the possibilities. The other neat thing is that the planes and cars, although ot officially licensed are basically reneered in such a way as to look like cheap knock off copies of existing cars...a nice touch, this means although it doesnt have the 4 rings on it, you still feel like you have stolen someones Audi R8.

        The games physics engine is quite impressive, you can burst tyres, fall from planes, get into car accidents and roll the car and then have to crawl out of the wreckage- again another key ingredient is the fact that there are so many possibilities here- and there are stunt jumps to make too.

        As well as the large expance of cars and vehicles that you can use, there is also an impressive array of weaponary that you can fire, from pistols to assault shotguns to RPG`s, everything is here. You also end up using some vehicles as weapons such as a big tunnel drill, a road digger and various big vehicles like car transporters and tow trucks, its pretty nice.

        Overall this is an amazing game, if your not really into RPG`s then this may not be for you, but anyone with a mere liking of these sorts of games and especially GTA then you will absolutely love it.


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          26.10.2013 21:23
          Very helpful



          The best video game out there to date, its fun, addictive and will last a lifetime!

          *** GRAND THEFT AUTO V ***
          Grand Theft Auto is a game which is only suitable for adults because it contains so much offensive stuff for the younger gamers. However it also contains things that even adults might find offensive on so many levels. Grand Theft Auto also known as GTA is an open world action adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games who have brought us so many open world games such as previous GTA games, Red Dead games, L.A. Noire, Bully and other open world games. They are also the masterminds behind the ever so popular Max Payne series. However, there most notable games are the GTA ones and so here is GTA V. Grand Theft Auto V is currently available for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It is also scheduled for release on the 22nd of November 2013 for the PC. This is the first GTA that features three different but unique, in their own way playable characters. It will also be the first GTA game that will be fully functional for online open world gaming but will only allow 16 players in one world at any one time but could change in the near future.

          *** STORY ***
          The start of the game opens up with two of the lead characters for the game, Michael and Trevor coordinate a bank heist with two random character. In the mass of the heist the two random characters are killed and Michael himself is presumed dead. Trevor makes his escape but seemingly a bit upset because he and Michael have been friends for years. The game then starts properly 9 years on with Michael who is actually alive but has been placed in witness protection along with his wife, daughter and son. The third character you play in the game is Franklin, who works with his friend Lamar for a dodgy car dealership. His boss gives Franklin a mission to take a car from Michael's son Jimmy. This ultimately leads to Michael and Franklin being friends. Shortly after these two become friends Michael, Franklin and a few hired helpers rob a jewellery store, this news spreads and Trevor hears about it, who then realises that it is his old buddy Michael. Trevor comes to visit and this is where the three characters join forces but things spiral out of control completely. Now the three must work together on numerous missions doing numerous objectives such as heists, taking people down or even doing solo missions. Michael isn't best pleased about Trevor reappearing because he knows just how crazy he is, this turns Michael into a crazy guy himself. The choices you make towards the end of the story lead to different endings.

          *** GAMEPLAY ***
          This is one of the most fulfilled Grand Theft Auto games I have ever played, it is just jam packed with missions, games or other activities. There are around 500 mission in the game which include doing things such as stealing certain vehicles, killing certain targets, finding celebrities and taking those exposed photographs of them doing the wrong things, plus a lot of other missions. This isn't all there is because you can now go and have a friendly game of golf against computerised characters, play darts, tennis or you can even do your very own triathlon. I noticed with this GTA that there is a nice mix of everything in it, from driving, shooting or even flying. The fact is this game is one of the most action packed games of all time and there is just endless possibilities. One of the best features for me was the fact that you could change between the three character at pretty much any time you wanted just by pressing a button. These three characters also have their own unique abilities such as Trevor being a dab-hander with the guns, he will deal twice as much damage to enemies while taking half as much in combat, Franklin has the ability to slow down time whilst driving to manoeuvre around bends even better or weave in between traffic without crashing and Michael has the ability to enter bullet time in combat. All these skills come into play. Speaking of skills each character has their own unique set and level of 8 different skills such as driving, flying, stamina, shooting and more. They level up the more you do the stuff required in order to level up.

          Another big part for me is the multiple places you can visit and do stuff such as the strip club and get private dances from the dancers, go to a clothes shop and buy your characters a brand new outfit no matter how weird it is or even go and give them a new haircut, beard or even a tattoo. That isn't all you can do either, you can go online shopping in the game using each characters mobile phone and you can order things such as cars, bikes, mountain biles too, army vehicles, planes, helicopters and even boats. With cars you can visit the shop and customise it to a certain extent by adding new tires, side skirts, bumpers or even spoilers. You can also add others bit as well to make you vehicle unique or even more powerful. There are more weapons on this GTA game than any other GTA game with melee weapons, guns, grenades, weapons, explosives and more. You can also run, walk, swim, jump, use vehicles or even parachute if need be. The list is endless and the game never gets boring. Also the characters have their own mobile phones which can be used for multiple things such as hanging out with friends, online shopping, buying shares in businesses to earn you some cash and also a lot more. The damage is more realistic in this game as well because a simple headshot can kill you instantly and you can kill your enemies the same way. The action has been improved considerably in my opinion with much better gameplay mechanics.

          The game is still a massive open world and in fact is one of the biggest of the GTA series. The games setting takes place mostly in the fictional state of San Andreas but in one city called Los Santos. The game is that open that you can basically steal a car and drive anywhere you want to right from the get go. Also whilst you're driving you can listen to numerous radio stations all full with different kind of music for fans of different genres. The music in the game is great with artists like Queen, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Phil Collins, Elton John, All Saints, Amerie, Pet Shop Boys and more. There are also numerous ammunations around Los Santos and some of them have shooting ranges which you can practice your shooting with different challenges. There really is so much to do and available now is the GTA Online feature which allows you to create a character and do all of that but online with friends or other online games. You can even do more such as buy a house with a garage. You can buy cars customise them and race other people online. The fact is with GTA Online there are no rules. You can go around killing other online members, take on numerous missions with friends or alone. There is survival mode in which you and three other players team up to battles 10 waves of enemies, team deathmatch or single played deathmatch, last man standing, races online which can include bikes, cars, customised vehicles, boats and even planes. Also you can do parachute missions against other online players, the list is endless. This is by far the best GTA game out there, its a little buggy but that is to be expected with a game of this magnitude.

          *** GRAPHICS & SOUND EFFECTS ***
          The graphics to Grand Theft Auto V are the best I have seen for any Grand Theft Auto game. They are a step above the previous game. Some of the scenery to this game is the best I have seen for any game. Its such a beautifully designed game from every aspect possible. The characters are designed with such detail, there facial expressions are very important and I feel the developers got it spot on. The cars are also designed to perfection, the way they get damaged is inspirational for this game. I remember seeing the Grand Theft Auto IV graphics and being surprised but GTA V is so much better that it reminds me of the next gen already. The video animations are amazing and really do the game justice. The rest of the graphics in this game are great from buildings looking so real, civilians actually looking like civilians now and the water is impressive too. The game has a great weather system which changes frequently and I think this adds a sense of realism about the game as well.

          Now the sound effects for Grand Theft Auto V are a lot better than previous GTA games. I found the action sound effects to really come to life more and it definitely helped me enjoy the game more. The voice acting is absolutely brilliant with the three main characters really outshining everyone else. The soundtrack is great but I do feel more songs and a wider variety would of benefited the game more. All the cars have their own sound effect when driving, the damage sound effects are more serious. Overall its a fantastic game full with more sound effects and clearer ones too. One part of the sound effects that became a bit weak was in online mode, at times there would be glitches in the sound which would make it sound a little distorted. That being said, that was more early on rather than now. Rockstar have sorted out most of the bugs the game had.

          *** DIFFICULTY & LONGEVITY ***
          The game can be difficult but it really depends on numerous factors. I feel the story mode was probably the easiest part of the game, the main missions were quite easy but they were a lot longer than the other missions the game has. You can choose your difficulty for some things such as playing tennis and golf. The side missions seemed to have a bit of a harder difficulty to them but the good thing is, that if you fail, you are immediately taken back to the last checkpoint which will only be a couple of minutes away if that. There are certain things you can do to make the game easier such as buying stronger weapons or even buying better armour than you have. The higher armour you have the less damage enemies will do to you, because the game has a lot of action the damage you take does play a massive part of the difficulty. The missions in online play are mixed, you choose the difficulty but I didn't notice much difference to be honest. The length of the game is great. There is so much you can do and its like the game has two games in one. Online will last a lifetime and the main game mode will last months as well.

          *** PROS ***
          *The story missions alone are massive, diverse and a lot of fun to play, also the variety in them is great.
          *There are a lot of side missions and you can play golf, tennis, darts or even do races and arm wrestling.
          *Such a beautiful game in terms of graphics, the scenery is breathtaking at times and is definitely one of the most beautiful games out there.
          *The new action gameplay features are amazing, the weather changes are superb and the game overall is amazing.
          *The online play is absolutely brilliant, one of the most fun filled games out there to date.

          *** CONS ***
          *Could be better radio stations, I found some of them a bit boring and they seemed to repeat a lot of songs.
          *It does have quite a few glitches, the online play in particular is full of glitches but Rockstar are working on them.
          *Its so addictive and time seems to fly when playing this game.

          *** FINAL THOUGHT ***
          So Grand Theft Auto V has broken numerous records which include sales in 24 hours for any entertainment product including feature films. This is one game I can say that everyone will enjoy if you're a gamer. There really is so much you can do on it and its almost realistic to some extent. If you loved the older GTA games then you will love this. I haven't seen a single bad review on this game and that is very rare. Its got a great mix of shooting, driving and other action sequences. One thing that pleased me a lot about this GTA is how funny it actually is. Now previous games have been hilarious but this one is a step above the rest in my opinion. There aren't many bad things about this game but the online play does need a bit of work done to it for it to stand out even more. Grand Theft Auto V is an 18+ game because it does have a lot of violence, drug use, blood, strong language and more. Its not a game suitable for kids at all. I would recommend the game for sure, I cant imagine any game being as good as this for a long time to come. Grand Theft Auto V is so impressive that I would give it a perfect 10/10!

          *** PRICE ***
          The price of this GTA V is currently between £30 and £40 for a standard copy of the game but there is also other editions out there for a lot more. I feel the normal version of the game is worthy of its money and you don't really need the others.

          Review may appear on Ciao under my username: MrBrightside1987


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            24.10.2013 23:21
            Very helpful



            A great game which should be played by anyone who enjoys open world games.

            Firstly, let me start off by saying this game is without a doubt one of the greatest games i have played this year, its in my top five games of all time and i am still finding fun new things to do on it. Having said that, a game like this comes around maybe once or twice a decade so obviously the level of hype that comes with it is insane; Rockstar truly had their work cut out for them. This level of publicity could potentially ruin a game, all it takes is one rumour that enough people believe to be included into the game to make them feel very disappointed. In my opinion, Rockstar handled everything very well and professionally.

            After a brief introductory background mission you start playing as a character named Franklin and delve into a thrilling journey meeting Michael and Trevor. These 3 men are the protagonists of GTA 5 and you will get to know them quite well; Michael is your less than average joe family man who happens to live in a mansion and used to rob banks for a living, Franklin is young and eager to become someone important and make some cash in the process. And trevor... Well its probably best that you find out about trevor on your own!

            For me, the storyline was crazy good, I'm not someone who goes into an open world game to be told a story, (i generally just like to use my imagination and create the story myself) but as soon as i started playing through the missions i just couldn't stop and completed the story missions in days.

            A major problem in GTA IV was the boredom that came once the storyline was done with, as i said i prefer to play my own storyline but you're pretty limited in terms of scenery, i am a big fan of city settings but GTA IV had nothing else which brings me to my next point about this game, the map is incredible compared to its predecessor, you have the choices of a cityscape, woodlands, mountainous regions, desert areas and even an underwater world.

            Having said that, i was expecting something a little different. In my opinion the map of GTA San Andreas is the best i've seen in any game, so when Rockstar announced that GTA V would be set in San Andreas i was thinking that the map would be more similar in terms of the 3 or 4 distinct separate regions instead of just one large land mass in GTA V.

            Online play started out very rocky but i think most people expected that, the number of players on Rockstars servers must have been record breaking. Eventually the online was sorted out and now its a great way to play the game, it has everything in the single player mode but with so many more things to do, buying property that you can live in was a big plus for me as i had expected that to be in single player mode also.
            Some multiplayer match modes are very creative and fun, there is one mode where one team is on motorbikes, the other in fighter jets. Do i really need to say more?

            Without a doubt GTA V was one of the most anticipated games of all time so naturally this lead to mass speculation regarding its content. Normally with new games the speculation is limited to game length, map size, character and things along those lines, but with GTA the sheer amount of rumours flying around about the smallest of things was immense. For example: for a good while there was this idea that real world traffic laws would somehow be incorporated into the game (being pulled over for speeding etc) but alot of these rumours were of course, false. Normally this is fine but there were just so many amazing ideas that people were coming up with i really wished that they were incorporated into the game and it has somewhat dampened the experience for me.

            I felt that rockstar put a considerable emphasis on the amount of choice you are given in the game, now i wasn't expecting the level of free will available in a game like Fallout or Skyrim but the extent of your decision making has very little effect on the outcomes of the game; i believe there are three endings and instead of having the ending determined by the accumulation of choices that you have made, it is determined by one single choice that you make in the final days of the storyline.

            Overall rockstar have definitely exceeded themselves with GTA V and if you do choose to buy it then not only are you buying a game but you are purchasing an experience which you wont forget easily!


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            21.10.2013 16:38
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            The next big thing: GTA V - but how will they top this?

            In the months preceding the release of Grand Theft Auto V there was a phenomenal amount of hype, way over and above what you might ordinarily expect. Why? Because GTA is one of the biggest selling game franchises of all time and news of the latest installment was teased out and reluctantly offered up in order to boost sales and increase anticipation. On the day of release shops ran out of copies, controversy erupted over people who had pre-ordered the game on Amazon and got it early and fans moaned and wrung their hands at the news that online capability was not instantly available.

            But now the wait is finally over, was it all worth it?

            To be honest, I'm not entirely sure.

            Don't get me wrong, I am like the biggest ever GTA fan and have been since the days I first played GTA III which took a basic concept explored in GTA I and 2 and gave it an entirely new 3 Dimensional perspective and revolutionized gaming history. But much like San Andreas that suffered some of the same faults, for me personally GTA V is a little bit tooooo much. I mean I like it, it looks beautiful and has been almost perfectly rendered but it is all just a bit overwhelming and a little bit....well, too big and yet too small at the same time.

            Confused? Let me explain as I run through the game and reveal some of my own personal pros and cons.

            You start off with a bank heist. Actually, that's not true. You start off with an approx twenty minute wait while the game loads. GTA V comes on two discs but the first is just to install the game. Better have a lot of memory because this game is huge and requires a big chunk of space hence the wait in loading.

            Once you start, then you are in the middle of a heist that, expectantly, all goes pear-shaped leaving you fleeing from the cops. This serves as a basic tutorial and throws you straight into the action almost as an apology for making you wait for so long to play.

            After this, you begin playing the game properly as Franklin; a poor boy from the Hood much like you played in San Andreas. You start off doing a few missions, getting a feel for the new locale, then BAM! You are introduced to Michael and the concept that you can play as one of three characters at any one time and swap and interchange between them as more missions become available. Each is subtly different and has their own special ability.

            Franklin can slow time down for a limited period whilst driving and is a ghetto gangsta trying to make his name. Michael is a retired bank robber who everyone thinks is dead who lives with his dysfunctional family that would put the Osbournes to shame in a big mansion. He can slow time during gun battles.

            Finally we have Trevor, the last character, who is a total nut job and psycho and my favourite of the three to play. He goes into a rampage for his ability, triggered by pressing both joysticks at once.

            The basic premise involves robbing banks and doing jobs for prestige and financial gain but as you play, a bigger storyline emerges which I shan't reveal.

            Where the game gets overwhelming is that you can do pretty much anything in one of the biggest sand box arenas yet- hell, this is less sand box and more beach!

            Wanna play a round of golf? No problem. Wanna improve your back-hand? Likewise- just visit one of several tennis courts and whack some balls. Wanna go swimming? There is a vast expense of ocean depths to explore- just watch out for sharks! I found a secret achievement unwittingly just by seeing how far I could swim. Ouch, that hurt!

            So anyway, here are the pros....you can do practically anything within just a few hours of game. There is lots and lots to explore far beyond anything San Andreas had to offer. (This swallows San Andreas' map big time.) You can swap characters at any time and experience different perspectives and storylines depending on how you play. It is gorgeous to look at and great and easy to play. You can replay missions- yes, that's right. You get scored on how you did and go back and improve. There is a lot of choice and lots of things to see and explore and do so this game will keep you busy for quite a while even after you beat the story missions!

            The cons- there is too much of everything to the fact that I feel lost playing this at times for too long and I don't just mean for directions. Playing this with so much to see and do gives me headaches as I so don't want to miss anything! Though the game looks big, you can only enter certain buildings and this seems like a relatively small proportion of what is there suggesting that more may be unlocked in DLC- downloadable content for you noobs.

            The online for me has so far proved a disappointment. I have struggled to get online at all every time I have played since it was available with every session I try and join timing out. I must just be trying to get on at peak times though as others I know have succeeded on getting online and are STILL unimpressed overall. That is their opinion though and not mine so feel free to disregard.

            Everything just looks so big. In San Andreas, there were big expanses of nothingness and wilderness. So it is here. But worse, you can get attacked by cougars ( not that sort unfortunately) and other wild-life and die if you are not in good health. You end up coming out of hospital in previous games but might end up miles from where you were all thanks to a mountain lion or some such that came out of nowhere.

            Overall, GTA V IS good. I have my issues with it as explained above, but overall I like it.

            Is it as awe-inspiring as everyone makes out? I dunno.

            San Andreas went from being the next big thing to something I played infrequently and was put off replaying due to the sheer size. Though GTA V is awesome right now, it may well be the same case later on with this game I feel. Yes, well the hype is there it's all good but what happens when the dust starts to settle.

            Rockstar are gonna have to do better with DLC than they did with GTA IV to maintain interest and I am not sure they will. Like any next big thing, this is GTA V's day right now but it won't last forever....


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            10.10.2013 16:19
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            Fantastic game that has me gripped

            I was looking forward to the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) for months but with my daughter's birthday and Christmas coming up, I couldn't afford it. My boyfriend knew how much I wanted the game so bought me a copy. I only think he done this so he wouldn't feel guilty about not coming round because he wants to stay at home playing it! Whatever his motives, I'm glad he done it.

            === Story ===

            You start the game playing as Franklin, a youngish lad from the streets who seems to call everyone 'homie', as you play through the main mission storylines you have to steel back a car from someone who hasn't paid their finance. The car in question belongs to the son of Michael, another main character, and from this Franklin and Michael start their own, what do you call it, friendship? I wouldn't say a great friendship but they help each other out. As the story progresses Trevor is also introduced to the game after he sees his old best friend who he thought was dead on TV, he goes in search of him again and altogether the three characters do various missions and heists with each other.

            Once all of the characters have been introduced you can pick between which character you want to play as by holding down on the D pad and using the right stick to select which character you want to control. A little dial appears when you do this and there is a little number in front of each character telling you how many missions are available for each one. Also pressing down on the D pad brings up all of the stats for your character, there are things like shooting, driving, flying and strength, these can be boosted by doing various things around the game.

            Each of the main characters has a special ability and these can be used by pushing the two sticks on the controller in at the same time. Franklin has the ability to slow down time when he is driving, Michael slows down time in gun fights and Trevor goes into a rampage mode and during fights causes more damage. My favourite special ability has to be Franklin's as I'm a rubbish driver and it allows me to get through tight gaps, turn tight corners and avoid crashing. There is only a certain amount of time a special ability can be used by it charges up again so you can still use it.

            === Side line missions and other things to do ===

            Of course, GTA is an open world game so the main storyline missions aren't always compulsory and you can go ahead and do whatever you want, there are side line missions for each of the characters Franklin, for example, can help his junkie brothers missus keep his brothers towing business going by towing cars about, these missions are called strangers and freaks and there are different ones for each character. When you are free roaming around Los Santos various miscellaneous missions pop up with a blip on your map, these happen randomly and are usually things where someone has stolen a citizens handbag and you have to stop the criminal and choose whether to return the item or keep it for yourself. I had one once where someone stole a bike and after I returned it he was very grateful ;)

            There are many different sporty type activities you can do around the map, my personal favourite happens to be the triathlons but you can play tennis, golf and even jet ski. There are gun shops where you can practice shooting and even a flight school that goes through each step when it comes to flying airplanes or helicopters, I was proper rubbish but after a few visits to flight school I can fly without a problem now. You really can do whatever you want, whether it's proper missions or just holding up a shop!

            === Sound and visual ===

            Let me start with the sound, I absolutely adore the radio when you are in a car. You are able to choose which radio station you wish to listen to by pressing left on the D pad and using the right stick to make the selection, hovering over each station lets you hear what's being played at that moment. There is a massive variation of different genres and there is certainly something for everyone. I usually stick to the non stop pop radio station and just jig along as I'm playing it! The voice actors used fit into each role well and are believable.

            The visuals are simply breath taking. The map is quite big and at the top there is Blaine County, a sandy desert type place full of hill billy's and trailers, this is where Trevor lives and it looks lovely despite not being a nice place to live and the detailing is perfect. To the south of the map is Los Santos, a city full of big buildings and roads, it looks exactly like a city and again, the detailing is perfect. The characters are detailed and look life like, and as you go around the map, the other people just walking around the streets all look different and there are various shapes and sizes, I was playing with Trevor once and walked into a larger lady on the beach wearing a bikini! The cut scenes after missions etc. are well thought out and executed, I'm quite happy to see that even if you change what the characters are wearing, or modify your car, the cut scenes have all these in and it adds to the story really well.

            === Online ===

            There has been online play available from the first of October but in the first few days there were a few hiccups but it seems to work without any problems now. I'm not really looking for online play but played it a few times with my boyfriend. You have to play through a tutorial before you can get to it and it is quite informative. My main encounters during the online play at the moment seem to be other players killing me constantly and after respawning they will come and hunt me down and kill me again, not really sure why but it is highly annoying. Hopefully, once the novelty of GTA online dies down, people will play it without being idiots.

            There are many elements to GTA online just like in the game, you can team up with friends and other players to complete online missions or team death matches. I rather like taking my boyfriend to Ammunation (the gun shop) and whooping his bum during the gun challenges! We've also played a mission with two teams and you have to get the secret stash to a certain place with the other team holding you off. GTA online can be quite fun when you haven't got a select few ruining it for you.

            === Overall ===

            This game was hotly anticipated and I can understand why, it's absolutely magnificent. It's kept me entertained for hours and hours and despite nearing the end of it now, I still find loads to do whether it is looking around for nice cars, finding someone to knock out or searching the map for the various collectable items. If I do get bored I simply drive around abiding by the law, stopping at red lights and such and I soon want to get straight back into the action. Of course, being GTA, the game is full of guns, violence, sex, drugs and rock and roll, so if you are easily offended I definitely don't think this game is for you and I definitely think it's a game for over 18's but like all games I guess younger teenagers still play it.

            Even though the online play is so strong, the main single player game is also strong and that's quite rare these days, usually games have a strong single player but poor online play but this is truly fantastic in both modes and is a game I don't think I will tire of for the foreseeable future. I've racked up about 40 hours of gameplay and still only just over half way along the main missions. I definitely recommend it to any gamer, it's the first GTA I've played in about 10 years and in a way, I'm glad I waited for this one.


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