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Jumper: Griffin's Story (Xbox 360)

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Genre: Strategy / Video Game for Xbox 360 / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2008-02-22 / Published by Eidos

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2013 12:24
      Very helpful



      Avoid. Please, don't torture yourself with this.

      So on a recent gamerscore binge I bought this, and I was warned by fellow score junkies that the game is so bad, you wont actually want to play it to the full 1000G. Now I played Avatar, King Kong and other rubbish games to 1000G, but this was just unbearable. Dare I say it, unplayable.

      I'll start with the bad points (since there is only one good point). The camera is glitchy and often gets stuck in walls and various other objects meaning a fight is going on somewhere off screen that you're meant to be controlling and you can't see it, or even play the game in order to actually get anything done. The camera often wanders off or simply swings about on its axis uncontrollably between two points on the map where the camera should change angle.

      The graphics are shockingly terrible. The people have weird deformed faces, objects are low resolution and the attention to detail is simply nonexistent. I absolutely hated the brightly coloured low resolution textures and the weapons, and even the collectables which look like blobs of mush.

      I really don't understand the fighting in this game. One button does one thing one minute and the next it does something else. There are hundred of combinations for each move and they all change within seconds. Plus you're always jumping about across the maps so if you press B to attack with your stick, you fly about 20 feet to the other end of the room, for no obvious reason. Then you get killed, and have to start all over again. Its more luck based than skill based.

      The script is terrible, the voice acting is very obvious, half arsed and repetitive. The grunting noises Griffin makes are the same three ones, every single time he hits someone. The footsteps on gravel sound like he's walking on tarmac and don't get me started on the SFX from weapons. Hit someone with a stick and it sounds like an earthquake. Where's the logic in that?!

      You will need to play this game twice (as if once wasn't bad enough) to unlock the XP achievement and fully complete the game. Maybe even a third time if you miss collectables or finish a couple hundred XP down.

      The only good thing about this game is the easy 1000G, you could probably finish this game in a few days with a bit of luck and if you follow a collectables guide. If you pick up any collectables though, you should write down where and when, because finding collectables that aren't there, is no fun at all.

      Overall then, a disgrace. I can't believe games can be made this bad, and seriously who tested this game? Were they blind, bribed, stupid or was there no one to test it at all?

      For gods sake do yourself a favour and avoid this game. I know it's an easy 1000G but you won't want to play it after five minutes. Even I, the most dedicated person could not bring myself to unlock all the achievements.


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