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Just Dance 4 (Xbox 360)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Suitable for 12 years and over / Release Date: 2012-10-02 / Published by Ubisoft

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    2 Reviews
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      17.07.2013 13:12
      Very helpful



      4 stars as the sweat mode let it down

      After playing Just Dance 3 I noticed they were bringing out a just dance 4 however as I was pregnant did not buy it straight away as wouldn't get played and might as well wait until went down in price.
      It is again developed by Ubisoft and offers a variety of songs which include new and old songs such as....
      Barry White - Youre the first,the last, my everything
      Elvis - Jailhouse rock
      Flo Rida - Good Feeling
      Maroon 5 - Moves like Jagger
      My favourite song Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes - Time of my life
      For a laugh esp if you loved inbetweeners movie they have we no speak americano
      They also have songs im not overly keen on such as One direction - Makes you beautiful and Carl Rae Jepsen - call me maybe.

      I bought this on 30th April and paid £22
      The game is priced on amazon at £ 18.86 I do most of my shopping on there as it is quick easy and convenient and I have never had a problem with them and they generally do best price so I always go there when comparing prices. However on play.com at the moment it is listed at £15.29 both sites do FREE delivery.

      Once the game is loaded it is fairly easy to set the game up using no controllers as it tracks you hand movements. However did seem more of a struggle compared to Just dance 3.
      On just dance 4 you have to press the item you want to select rather than swiping across.
      (pushing forward and then back over your option)
      Once you have your game up you are ready to go. During a song u get a progress bar in which you can earn 5 stars you get points towards these stars by doing correct moves and get bonus points if you complete a gold move. You will know these as soon as they come up.
      You also get an experience bars which is overall game play the more stars you get more quests you complete and the more you fill the Mojo Bar. When the bar is full you can be taken to the wheel of gifts this is where you can unlock a gift you would like these range of new game modes, choreographies, dance mash -ups (they make your dance more interesting as one song but variety of songs used for the movements) and Dancer card avatars.

      Battle Mode
      This Is a new game mode that just dance 3 did nit have and it consists of...
      Two songs go up against each other. Single player can go up against the Al, 2 players can go up against each other and 3 or 4 can make a team to go against each other (though personally 3 is a little unfair)
      There is 5 rounds in a battle and player or team who wins most rounds wins
      I have not played this game mode yet as there is not enough space in my current house but when we have moved will defiantly have friends over and give it ago with few drinks to make it more interesting as I may stand a chance of winning then.
      Dance quests
      There are 6 dance quests available for each song again more you complete more mojo you earn
      Dancer card
      This is where you can view your personal stats and progress it will inform you of how long you have played for you average star rating and your preferred dance style.

      Know I play for a workout more than fun with mates as not fan of exercise so if can make it fun then I can lose weight having fun.
      Just dance 4 offers 5 sweat classes which lets you dance to a specific music program. I sweat session can last 10,25 or 45 minutes depending on time you have available and your energy levels.
      Like dancer card you get a sweat dancer card which will tell you the last 3 music programmes you did, how many calories you lost and total time you spent in sweat mode.
      After having my child I thought I would give it a go to help lose some weight before my wedding next year but after few songs I got frustrated and went back to sweat mode on just dance 3. However 3 does not tell you calories you lost but from what I have researched 1000 sweat points is roughly 200kcals.
      As just dance 3 you just turn sweat on and you can do all songs provided. As on JD3 you can buy and download added songs which last time I looked were around £1.49 which to me is a bit steep.

      Just Dance Tv

      There are 4 main channels these are
      My channel - contains all saved personal content
      Friends - Can view shared content your Xbox live friends have put on
      Community - Globally shared content
      Theme - Promotes and reminds you of current themes on Just dance 4.

      Auto dance

      I do not use this as nothing worse than seeing the fat on my body that I am trying to lose looking back at me. So first thing I try and do is switch this setting off as they can be saved to your hard drive or shared through social media sites like Facebook or Xbox live friends.
      This is what auto dance is so you can make your own mind up
      Photos and short video clips are taken during gameplay but if you do not have a uplay account they wont upload so your quite safe.
      Every time you go on game you will be asked if like to make one which is annoying when you have lost count on how many times you said no. However if you decide you want an account it is easy to set up and can get you extra content.

      The songs seem little bit harder compared to 3 but there are some good choices for a variety of ages and skill.
      However I do not enjoy the sweat mode as much on 4 compared to 3. That is why I have gone back to Just Dance3 for a while I will go back to 4 and is always a good way to have a laugh and make fool of yourself with your friends. Also good to change songs and moves.
      Just dance 2014 is set to be realised next year and I will be buying and hopefully they will have another good track listing and go back to how just dance 3 was set up


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      23.04.2013 00:46
      Very helpful



      If you love your dance games then this is for you

      Just Dance 4, developed by Ubisoft, is a musical video game where the player is instructed to copy certain dance moves to the tunes of popular and clasic songs.

      The game is priced anywhere between £20-£30 at most shops. I was lucky and got this game on offer for £20 through Amamzon. The original Just Dance was released back in 2009 and must be sustaining it's popularity as Just Dance 4 is actually one of six games in the main series (there are also kids versions).

      The physical interaction with the game is all pretty easy as it is done through the Kinect so no control pad is needed. You simply hold up your hand or 'prod' the screen to select what you want. During the song chosen a small stick man style figure scrolls along the bottom to show the move about to come up.

      There are a few different style of game play you can choose. You can simply 'Just Dance' or do a work out with varying degrees of difficulties and themes.

      Just Dance
      If you go for the Just Dance option you start with a large choice of songs with a difficulty rating out of three (one being the easiest and three being hardest or requiring more effort). Once you have chosen your song you then choose which one of four dance characters you would like to be. This choice doesn't really make a difference unless you have chosen a song with more than one dancer on the screen (group and duet dances for more than one player but can be danced to solo). Then you will be greated with a wonderfully bright setting and at least one dancer on screen. You have to mimic this dancer and their moves with the aid of a scrolling bar along the bottom that will show you (in the form of a stick man style figure) which move is coming up next.
      Now this is where a couple of problems are. Firstly, you are thrown straight into the game with no practice. I hadn't played any Just Dance game before but I had played a Dance Central so I was a bit more clued in as to what was going on. There is no practice so you need to be able to follow the instructions quite quickly. Most of the dances are quite repetitive but some are a little all over the place so are a lot harder to follow.
      Secondly, the stick figure help is almost useless. The figure doesn't really look like the move that is coming up so you have to remember what move it is trying to show to make it easier as you go along.
      If you can get past this and get into the game then it quite fun, if tiring and quite sweaty after a while.

      Just Sweat
      You can pretty much get what this is from the title. This option is the work out session option, of which there are a lot more options. You have different options of how much time you want to do your work out for and then different themes to your work out as well. The more effort you put in the more calories you burn and it keeps count of this for you. The work out mixes warm up and aerobic moves with some songs and dance routines thrown in.
      I found this option quite fun, it was quite focused and there is a sense of achieving a goal by completing it or by burning a high number of calories.

      There is also a fair few achievements to get as well as playing the game for fun. Most of these you will get by simply doing a few songs and a couple of work outs but some will have to be looked at specifically to do, such as dancing to Time Warp twice in a row.

      If you want to learn how to do moves first them I would recommend choosing a different game. If you are, however, a more die hard fan or seasoned fancy foot-worker than Just Dance 4 will be more your thing.


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