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Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days - Limited Edition (Xbox 360)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Xbox 360 / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2010-08-20 / Published by Square Enix

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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2011 17:27



      Good game...

      For this game to be fully appreciated you have to play the first kane and lynch dead men as otherwise parts of the story won't make sense to you. For a sequel this game is very good for story and action but the graphics and screen movement can make you confused and feel sea sick but luckily you can turn off the camera movement in options though the pixelation can't be turned off. You really should try the demo before you buy. Unfortunately online seems to be dead mostly but the new arcade mode let's you play the fragile alliance multiplayer game mode on your own which is really good. I recommend buying this game at £10 or below and make sure to get all dlc for the best game experience. This game is also good for anyone who just wants to shoot cops and steal money from trains or skyscrapers all day.


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      22.12.2010 21:33
      Very helpful
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      Good fun for a while, but then it looses it's edge (while still looking like vomit)

      Copied from my Ciao account

      KANE AND LYNCH 2: DOG DAYS is a cover based shooter from IO-Software and Eidos Entertainment


      Kane and Lynch 2 is generally about cover, specifically hiding behind it while shooting. Kane and Lynch is what is known as a 'gritty' shooter, everything intends on being mature, dangerous and violent. It achieves it alright, with bloody impacts, a criminal storyline and frantic running from the police as they fire at you grudgingly, as you run away with several million dollars. Being the criminally gritty game that it is, the gameplay is fairly intense, but the firefights never really give any element of difficulty. The game can be hard if you're trying to take on the enemies in the open, but if you use the cover system is spectacularly easy. Of course, it's fun to play, but it never really gives any element of challenge as I'd really like it to, and that's where the games quality really falls down a fair amount. It's a good idea, nonetheless, but when the cover system is too dreary compared to other games (such as Gears of War), it just doesn't feel special to play, and I get the overwhelming feeling of wanting to play something else after a few hours. Until the point where you feel like you want to give up with the game though (which is about five or six hours), it's great.


      Graphically, imagine your dog. You've accidentally just given it some of your chocolate bar which you dropped on the floor. For those that don't know, chocolate is poisonous to dogs. After giving the chocolate to the dog, the dog vomits horribly all over your screen (eew), and there you have the graphics of Kane and Lynch 2. Amazingly, it attempts to mask the graphical failure with an art style (shock horror). It places YouTube like video artifacts all over the screen to attempt to make it once again look gritty. This time, it doesn't work. It just looks awful. The graphics of the game are most definitely not the strong point, and the art style just makes it worse. If you're looking for a feast of the eye, avoid this game, because it's made me prone to headaches with its choppy art style.


      I wonder why they even bothered with professional voice actors. It can't have been very enticing for them or the developers to get them to stand in a sound booth and swear for a few hours. Seriously, this game has more swearing than any other game you are likely to have played. There is barely room for connectives in between the swearing. All the worse, the gun sounds are puny and the impact sounds are awful. Nothing feels particularly good with the sound, and therefore, the sound compartment gets a one out of five.

      Value for Money/Longevity

      The Value for Money in the game is OK, I got the game for £3, and it kept me entertained for six hours. However, I would most certainly not pay any more for the game than £6, making the asking price of £14 laughable. I've not finished the game, but I don't really have an incentive to, because I was bored of it's repetitive action by this point anyway. It had the potential to be a long-lasting, amazing cooperative video game, but it doesn't last very long, not compared to expectation or the amount you payed for the game.

      Content Watch

      Kane and Lynch is an adult shooter, and there is therefore some mature content, such as is detailed below.


      A man slits his own throat, the area of impact blurs after a few seconds of seeing the blood.

      Two men are cut with pen knifes.

      General bloody gunplay

      Some slow motion death scenes.


      Almost constant strong language. Extremely vulgar game throughout.

      Sexual Content

      A man drags a half-naked women through the street, with you in hot pursuit, it is implied he was having sex with her beforehand. The explicit areas are blurred.

      Other scenes of nudity with blurs.

      Content Overview

      There's not too much content, but the content that is there is fairly graphic. I give this game a 15 up.


      This game has some severe graphical failures, dodgy sound and fun-for-a-while gameplay. It certainly fell flat of my expectations. I really wished that the game would bring something new to the third-person shooter genre, but it's sadly nothing more than a generic makeover of the other games in the genre, and a worse one at that. It's a shame

      I give the game three of five stars.


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