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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (Xbox 360)

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13 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Suitable for 18 years and over / ESRB Rating: Mature / Release Date: 2007-11-23 / Published by Eidos

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    13 Reviews
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      05.06.2011 13:55
      Very helpful



      A third person shooting action game based on full on action!

      == KANE & LYNCH DEAD MEN ==
      Kane & Lynch Dead Men is a third person shooter action game developed by IO Interactive and published by one of my favourite companies which is Eidos. Kane & Lynch is available on the PS3, PC and of course the Xbox 360. Kane & Lynch is more of a co-op third person game with a fairly decent storyline. The game follows its two main characters Kane & Lynch. If you play co-op with a friend then each one of you takes control of either Kane & Lynch. I do like the game but for one of the older Xbox 360 games I feel it does look slightly dated and its not really as much fun to play now. It is the type of game thats full of action and has a fairly detailed story.

      You take the role as Kane at first and Lynch later and they both start in prison. The game starts with Kane being transported to deaths row after being convicted of manslaughter. Upon entering deaths row he meets Lynch who lets on that there is going to be a breakout. Soon after a group of mercenaries break Kane and Lynch out of deaths row and escort them to a local construction site where they meet a group of criminals better known as The7. They accuse Kane of stealing a lot of money from them and unless he gives it back to them the group will go kill Kane's wife and his daughter who have been taken by The7. Now Kane must teem up with his fellow friend Lynch and help rescue his wife and kid in this emotional ride of a game.

      === Gameplay ===
      Play as both characters in the game but the most of it is revolved around Kane. The game is shot from a third person perspective. Finish your objectives without dying in an endless amount of action. Walk, run, jump, perform actions, fire you first and secondary weapons to overcome your foes. Before starting a mission you will be briefed on what you have to do in order to complete the mission. Now most missions usually involve killing or staying alive long enough. When in a mission and in the middle of all the action you will notice the cross air on screen to aim. The cross air is rather sensitive and moves really quickly. Also on screen with you when in a mission is a mini map in the bottom left of your screen. On the map it points out all your enemies, foes and so on. In the bottom right corner of the screen is your current weapon and secondary weapon your using.

      Pick up weapons after killing enemies. You can find pistols, machine guns, rifles and shotguns throughout the game. Most enemies carry these weapons and you need to kill them in order to pick their weapon up. You can also find grenades and use them. One of the better weapons is the ability to use the fixed weapons. Fixed weapons cant be picked up and carried around but you can use them to defeat numerous enemies at once especially if your surrounded. Throughout each mission there is usually a squad of guys with you. If your low on ammo you can replenishes it by talking to a certain member. You can tell which member offers the ammo as it is displayed on your mini map. Another great thing is the ability to be able to swap your empty weapon with a members weapon that has full ammo. If you don't have any bullets then look for a member to swap weapons with because your life is more important than anyones.

      In the game you also have an inventory but that mainly consists of weapons. You can control the squad you have with you at anytime by simply offering them to follow your commands. Tell them to attack a certain area or target, call them to you or even tell them to move to a certain location and check for safety. Your the boss they do as you say. One of the best qualities in the game is that Kane seems to take a whole lot of damage before he can actually be killed. If your constantly shot Kane starts limping and almost collapsing. If he collapses the game doesn't end. He has a little flashback of his wife and kid and gets up to fight again. Its almost like a life being used but you can only do this a certain amount of times. You can also sneak around and do silent takedowns (stealth kills) with the action button. The action button also allows you to do lots of other things such as open doors, climb ladders and even abseiling down buildings.

      You can order your squad to set up in a different formation as well as telling them the plan. Go in all guns blazing or silently. Throw grenades or set up explosives for your enemies to run into them. Throw back grenades if one lands near you. However the best part of the gameplay is the ability to play the main story mode with a friend. Player one takes control of Kane whilst the other takes control of Lynch. Kane & Lynch dead Men is a fun game with plenty of action but its just a little old now.

      === A Fragile Alliance ===
      A Fragile Alliance is the main online multiplayer mode but the only downside to this is the fact its the only online mode. In this mode you pick your character and a map to play on. Your goal is to finish a several round match with the most money. Each round begins with every player armed and kitted up to fight to the death. As you play more you gain ranks. Reaching rank 30 lets you play this mode as Lynch, reaching 50 lets you play as Kane. The money you acquire can be used to buy better armor and weapons. You can also do this game mode as a team based mode. There is also the ability to betray your team but thats never fun...or is it?. This is the best game mode in my opinion but the game would of benefited more with more online game modes.

      === Graphics & Sound ===
      The graphics to Kane & Lynch are a little weak to be fair but thats mainly because the game is built on action. Also because the game is getting a little old now and the newer games are getting better graphic wise, this one seems to look slightly dated. The characters look a little plain and boring and that includes Kane and Lynch. Also the layout of each mission is a little poor. Not only do the graphics look and feel weak when your playing but the game does have a couple of glitches in that make the graphics even worse. Overall Kane & Lynch is a little disappointing in terms of graphics but thats mainly because the game is 2007 one.

      The sound effects are much better than the graphics. They seem to offer more to the gamer. The two main characters in the game are voiced by Brian Bloom (Kane) and Jarion Monroe (Lynch). The sound effects really come into play best when all the action is taking place. Gun shooting and explosions make the game come to life. Also the music in the game is quite impressive and so is the in game music when things get a little exciting. Overall the sound to Kane & Lynch is still quality and still makes an impact on the gameplay.

      === Difficulty & Longevity ===
      The difficulty to the game varies and can be played on 3 different difficulty settings. Instead of using easy, normal and hard the game uses Aspirin, Codeine and Morphine with each one increasing the difficulty of the game. The controls to the game are a little annoying to get the hang of. At first they seem really simple but as you progress and more controls come into play the game gets harder in terms of remembering controls. Other than that the difficulty of the game is rather simple. The levels are easy to navigate and the enemies are fairly simple to kill.

      The length of the game would be extremely poor if there wasn't an online multiplayer mode. The basic story of the game lasted me a maximum of 15 hours and that was total completion. I was very disappointed with this. However the game does last slightly longer because of the online mode. Overall its disappointing in terms of length and it is probably the biggest let down to the game.

      === Good Bits ===
      *Lots of action in the game and its full on action at its best.
      *Play the story mode with a friend in co-op.
      *Some top sound effects and music to the game.
      *A great online multiplayer mode.
      *Its a really cheap game and fun can still be had with it.

      === Bad Bits ===
      *Dated graphics.
      *The games story mode doesn't last long enough.
      *Quite an easy game even on the hardest setting.
      *Needs a few more online modes to make a huge impact.
      *The controls get a little mental later in the game and can be hard to remember most of them.

      === Final Thought ===
      Kane & Lynch Dead Men is a 2007 game and if I'm honest its a little boring in my eyes. I feel the gameplay can become repetitive and I don't really play games that look dated unless its a classic game. Kane & Lynch plays well except for a couple of glitches but they don't really disappoint the game much. The overall play of the game is fairly smooth with very few loading screens. The action in the game is the best thing about it because its constant and hectic. Another good thing is the gamer manual. It offers everything a gamer would need to know about the game like controls, help, contact details and lots of other information.

      Kane & Lynch Dead Men has a gamer rating of 18+ and this is because it contains really strong language and lots of bloody violence all the way throughout. I would recommend the game if your a fan of third person shooter games with lots of action but nothing else. It is a fun game to play if your bored. The game is fairly old now for an Xbox 360 one and the game can be picked up on the cheap. I bought my copy recently because it was cheap. I paid £2.99 from Cashconverters but the game is also going for around the £5 mark on Amazon which does include postage fees. I do think its a cheap game and worth it. Especially if you have friends to play with. Overall Kane & Lynch Dead Men is a fairly decent game but I think the movie will be much better. I would give the game a 5/10!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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        13.04.2011 11:04
        Very helpful



        A not bad third person shooter with some great early elements

        Kane and Lynch is a third-person shooter available on Xbox 360 that can be played either in single-player, co-op or multiplayer modes. It begins with the introduction of Kane and Lynch as they meet on the way to Death Row and follows their subsequent escape and attempts to take down a criminal organisation known as The7......

        Kane is wanted for manslaughter and appears to be a guy just caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time; Lynch, on the other hand, is a psychotic individual who suffers from paranoid delusions, hallucinations and black-outs and has not just a tendency but a dependency on violence! Though at times he becomes more of a hindrance than a help, still the two become uneasy partners.....especially when The7 start making things personal....

        The game passes through a series of levels; some fairly easy, others paticulary hard! As the plot progresses, you become involved in a mass prison break-out, get to hoold up a bank and travel to exotic locations such as Tokoyo and Havana. Also available is a multi-player mode called Fragile Alliance which can be played online in which you and a group of friends play as armed robbers and have to deciude whether to share the loot or betray the rest of the gang and try and escape on your own! This is lots of fun and remains one of the better multiplayer games I have played on Xbox Live. Unfortunately because this is an older game now, you don't get that many peole playing it online any more and this is a real shame.....

        In single player, you get to control Kane but if you play in Co-op, then the second player gets to play as Lynch which is much more fun as you see things through his eyes including enemies with the heads of animals! Very freaky!

        If you die, you have to rely on other characters such as Lynch to revive you but you can only have this done a set amount of times before the shots of adrenaline that bring you back end up killing you from overdose. If you are injured, you need to hold back and wait for your heatbeat to settle and allow your wounds to heal a la The Getaway but this is not always possible in high pressure enviroments when there is lots of lead flying about and often you cannot realise til too late that you are in danger!

        Overall, I really liked this game despite it getting mixed and largely negative reviews. I preferred the earlier levels which are more gangland styled to the later stages set in Havana which I don't think were done as well! For the most part though, this is a game that is lots of fun.....and a sequel, Dog Days, has re cedntly been released which continues the characters' story!


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        11.05.2010 19:49
        Very helpful



        great game

        This game is now on sale for under a tenner. This game is a shoot em up game totally brillant for this price. It was not really advertised all that well and so is a underdog of a game in my eyes. I was shocked that this game was not a bigger hit than what it was.

        This game is about a guy named kane and a physco named lynch. They are both up for death row and are going to be excuted Kane is on deathrow for manslaughter. On their way to be executed but have a head on collision. This was done by a group of mercenaries. They are then taken to a construction site by the seven kanes old gang and they tell hime to get back what he stole or his wife and daughter will be killed. The plot is kane did not steal it but he knows who did so he has to retrieve what is missing. He can only get half of it and is in search of the other half and tring to survive involves killing leading to him being chased everywere he goes.

        The game is very exciting I like fould langauage in the game and the physco lynch who goes crazy now and again. It is an easy enough game to get the hang off but some levels are really hard taking me almost upt to two days before help from some gaming forums. A game that you will not get borded with. The only bad thing and it is not about the game is playing online there do not seem to be many playing online for this reason I do not know.It is sixteen stage of pure blowing the hell out of cops and enemies and capturing people through clubs and trying to pull of deals and you have your good old mate lynch with you the whole time and some extra charachters that you have to break out of jail and get them by your side.Co-op mode is available in which the second player will assume the role of Lynch.

        This game is in my top ten games and if you have not herard of it get out and buy it a brillant game that will blow your mind and give you hours of entertainment and sore fingers but a great experience I had with this game and just can not say enough good things about it for me four stars.


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        05.09.2009 18:06
        Very helpful



        A game where its individual parts are better than its whole

        Kane & Lynch is Eidos Interactive next project in co op gaming. It has you playing as kane (or lynch if 2 player) who are inmates on death row but are broken out by a powerful mob like gangsters. Just as you thought you could live again you are forced to find some money or else your family dies instead. The plot is half decent with a dark theme compared to most games.

        This 3rd person shooter as some good tweak for shooting with the added benefit that you can direct lynch as well as other team members. The levels are quite varied from robbing a bank to a civil war in havana. Graphics are stunning from the bald patch on kanes head to the lighting. Music is set in the right mood as the dark theme of the game.

        Yet there is something that holds the game back and it doenst feel as enjoyable as it should. For one the first half of the game is quite easy and then all of a sudden it gets very difficult with not explanation why. The multiplayer has a nice gangster kind of mode where you you trust no one but it still lacks interest

        This is one of thos games with half decent scores in various departments but dont come together quite well and does fall short


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        20.08.2009 21:32
        Very helpful



        Just don't buy it, its not worth the money, not in any currency

        Nothing fancy about this review, and I'm not going to soften the blow, plain and simple, this game utter rot.

        Lets start with whats right with it.


        So moving on.

        First thing you notice when playing is that the controls are incredibly sluggish, and I can't stress enough just how sluggish they are, even hitting pause to take a moment to change the rotation speeds on the X and Y axis isn't enough. Now I'm not the kind of person who likes my camera to spin like my head after a night on the razz, certainly not, infact I used to get motion sickness form playing FPS games back on the old PS1 because of how bloody awful they were, but I also don't like camera's which move like they're stuck in tar, which this does and it ruins the game.

        Example, first level, Im following some buttmunch character who looks like some damn Hillbilly axe murderer across a parking lot to get to a doughnut shop (I kid you not, hardened criminals running to a doughnut shop) and we're being attacked on all sides by armed police (nobody stop to think this would be a bad idea, they ARE police), and inevitably I get shot. Repeatedly. And I never find out who because the turning is so bloody slow I'm dead before I see what the hell is going on.

        So I reload and carry on, the game takes me waaay back to the beginning. I go through all this again, and this time get lucky and get to the Doughnut shop. And theres no bloody doughnuts, instead I'm expected to fight off the assaulting police. Except I can't shoot out of the building because either 1) the game doesn't register the gaps between boards to let me shoot through, 2)The aiming is so dire that I was always going to miss, or 3)both of the above.

        I go for option 3.

        And believe me, the aiming IS dire. The AI is incredibly stupid, the Police just stand in one place waiting to be shot, and even if I take my time to line up a shot perfectly, I can still miss because that's the way the game plays. It's bloody awful.

        So anyway, I end that level by escaping out of the back door of the doughnut shop and then I have no clue what happens, the end of level just...happens.

        To begin the next level you go through some bloody stupid story section that makes absolutely no stick of sense, then its just you and the hillbilly. You get guns out of a car, and give him the best ones (obviously). you pad around silly target practice all the while you interest and will to live is seeping out of your ears. You go upstairs to practice absailing down a wall, then you get attacked by idiot police again and at this point you are past caring because everything has been just utter cack.

        The visuals are garbage, just about acceptable for last gen, certainly not for current gen gaming. the controls mapped out as standard are different to other shooters which is BAD.

        And there's a reason for that. Modern shooters all use the same core control system because it helps players adapt to their game quicker. Gamers who play shooters like to pick up a new game, and be able to hold their own immediately and enjoy the game straight away, not fiddle around learning new control lay outs, its irritating and a waste of time. Kane and Lynch decides to muck things around a bit and for the first few levels you are forever pressing different buttons trying to remember what does what.

        I think I'll raise one more point before I leave it alone. No online co-op. For a shooter game, especially one where there are TWO main characters, that is sacrilege, it's inexcusable. There is offline co-op, but for modern gaming where people game together from the comfort of their own homes, it just doesn't cut it, and for it not to be included is lazy, shortsighted and utterly idiotic.

        Oh, one more tidbit of information. Kane and Lynch is the game that got a reviewer (Jeff Gerstmann) on Gamespot.com fired for giving the game a bad review.

        Allegedly. Lets see what you think, here are the factors:

        1) Eidos bought advertising space on Gamespot to advertise Kane and Lynch. A lot of it.

        2) Jeff Gerstmann, a long time member of the reviewing staff, and somewhat noted for his even handed reviews, was fired immediately after he gave the game a 6/10 score, calling it 'average'.

        A link? No link, well I'll let you decide that, however, regardless of these events, one truth remains, this game is bloody awful.


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          05.08.2009 12:34
          Very helpful



          Just... blah.

          This game I'm a bit unsure of, still.

          I played it a few months ago, as an co-op campaign, and there were some parts where I really enjoyed it, but other parts where I thought 'what was the point in that'. Unfortunately, I'm still torn.

          It's kind of cool, for what it is. A cheap co-op game. You shoot things, you duck, you run away, you complete tasks. Just a bit unoriginal to be honest. I had a bit of fun at the time. But after about an hour of running in circles and wondering if there was anymore to the game as I was soooo bored, and then realising there wasn't, me and my friend gave up the co-op.

          The maps are quite standard, nothing exciting. Just your generic industrial building, duck and cover type places, occasionally moving onto a a bit interesting building where you're at the top and have to make it to the bottom. The objectives just aren't very interesting however.

          I have another friend who completed it who said the whole mission did not last long at all, and can easily be completed in a couple of days. This disappointed me.

          The weapons are bog-standard, nothing which makes you go "wow"!

          There isn't a multi-player either, so nothing to fall back on.

          I think this game is really cheap now, so might be worth checking out, but if you are short on the dough, hold out for a better game.


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          26.01.2009 12:48
          Very helpful



          great game, i would recommend this

          Kane and Lynch. Dead men (XBOX 360)

          I recently purchased this game from Game. this game comes in a box with a white background and picures of kane and lynch inside the shapes of guns.

          *Game Play*
          This is a first and third person shooter which can be played as a single player or a two player co-op, you can also play online head to head with people from all around the world.

          some of this game is really difficult i.e on one level Kane tries to save his daughter from being murdered by the organisation and you have to stop a dump truck from running her over. there is only one way to do this i found which makes it both a challenging and sometimes enfuriating part of the game.

          Note: on single player you can only play as Kane and will need a friend to take second player to play as the insane Lynch.

          This game is based around two death row prisoners who are taken by force from a armoured vehicle and are forced to carry out a bank robbery and revenge killings.

          *Charactor info*

          Kane: kane is an ex member of an organisation who run the drug cartel and want their money back (which Kane stole)

          Lynch: Lynch is a psycopath with dilusions of grandier and a short temper. this makes for some interesting story line and adds a bit of humour to the game.

          This game is currently on sale on amozon for £15.25


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            25.08.2008 10:10
            Very helpful




            Kayne and Lynch Dead Men is an action shooter for the Microsoft Xbox 360 games console.

            The story starts when you are freed from the police and organisation to force you to get back something that they think you stole from them.

            The game is a third person shooter, the gun play is reasonably satisfying but it is really nothing to special. The game also has a basic cover system which you will need to use, but it is very tricky to get the hang of which makes the game a lot less enjoyable.

            The online component is quite fun and innovative, you must team up with others to perform A heist, you must steal as much money as possible, you can betray your team to steal their money. The person with the highest amount of money at the end wins.

            If you are betrayed you don't have to wait for a new game to start, as you come back as a policeman and you were able to get revenge.

            This is a reasonable game for fans of shooting, you can get it for around 20 to 30 pounds.


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            17.08.2008 14:29
            1 Comment



            Great game, a must have for all shoot em' up lovers.


            Kane and Lynch is definetely one of my new all time favourite games.
            The plot, the graphics and style of gameplay make it definetely stand out in the big games market.
            One thing I especially loved is how in depth with each of the characters it gets, opening up emotional and physical problems from the past.
            Like in Lynches case, he has time when he goes absouletely skitzo, killing anyone in sight and basically being compleely out of control.
            The storyline in a nutshell is that basically Kane and Lynche buddy up to get some money for a gand called 'the seven', who are keeping Kane's wife and daughter hostage until there goods are brought to them.
            The story is griping and I haven't heard such great voie acting in a game for a long time, until Kane and Lynch came along.
            The missions never ever get boring, with lots of twists and turns and it's original storyline creativity.

            A definite must have. :)


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              04.08.2008 01:09
              1 Comment




              With this game, it is one of those games that is enjoyable and interactive there is great gameplay on the Xbox 360 with the different types of missions and different objectives excellent graphics as per usal with the Xbox 360, also the co-op gameplay is also excellent i personally prefer the co-op gameplay because u actually have some help through out the whole game and it just makes it that much more enjoyable there are paticular parts of the game that can be found annoying when you are stuck in a rut and you keep on dying but this is all in good fun, it is one of the best game i own in my collection for your general shoot em up and mob games and i intend to give it a high rating for the wow factor and that you can keep on playing it hour upon hour! so i do reccomend the game to others but its your own personal opinion enjoy!


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                25.02.2008 14:41
                Very helpful



                A decent game that is well worth a pick up on the cheap

                Those of you not blessed with being a computer game geek like myself may be unaware of a recent scandal that has rocked the world of computer game journalism. As a pretty limited industry computer game websites and magazines require advertising mostly from computer game companies. This means that a company making a game could threaten a web site with losing thousands of pounds worth of advertising if they did not give their game a favourable review. This allegedly happened at top US games site Gamespot where a senior reviewer was fired for giving a game less than good marks even though the company designing the game had spent thousands on advertising that dominated the site. How can consumers trust a website that survives from money given to them by the very people they are meant to critique? Well here on dooyoo we don't get £1000s for our reviews and therefore we can give our genuine unbiased opinions. Will I be fired by the Dooyoo bosses for my opinion of 'Kane and Lynch: Dead Men'?


                'Kane and Lynch' takes the form of many action games this generation; that of the 3rd person shooter. The mechanics are similar to 'Gears of War' and see you taking control of Kane from behind his shoulder. You are tasked with not only controlling this character, but being in command of the rest of your gang. You must send your allies into the fray by setting them up to attack, defend or cover you. I found that this system worked particularly well as I used the tactic of sending my men in first to draw the fire. If you are brought down there is a set amount of time in which allies can inject you with adrenaline to bring you back. If they take too long to get to you, or you are already full of adrenaline, you will die.

                Each mission takes the form of getting to a particular mission objective, be it a brief case full of cash, or revenge over an enemy. From banks to night clubs each level is basically a shoot out. You are able to play each level either single or two player (local console only). The second player controls Lynch, who unfortunately suffers from the occasional hallucination and this can change the gameplay.

                Overall, I found the gameplay to be solid fun. Critics have suggested that the cover and shoot functionality is so broken that it ruins the game. I disagree as I found that my characters attached easily to a piece of cover if I leaned up against it. The only real gameplay issue I had was the fact that an obvious co-op game was not online. This oversight is absolutely ridiculous and would have added so much to the game as I was only able to play it single player as how many 18+ year olds have sleepovers that contain computer gaming time? (3 out of 5)


                Already optioned for a movie, 'Kane' has a generic, but good, script and characters. The actual plot sees Kane being broken out of prison to find the money he stole from a mysterious and murderous group. This group have kidnapped his estranged family and he will do anything to rescue them. This motive gives the game more emphasis than most and highlights Io Interactive as great story tellers. It also helps that both Kane and Lynch are fully realised entities with passions and problems. The dialogue between the two is excellent if vulgar. There is so much swearing in this game that it earns its 18 cert. With its ultra violent feel, the story has many twists and turns that really adds to the experience. This is only enhanced by some of the best character in recent adult gaming. (4 out of 5)


                Like many modern computer games 'Kane and Lynch' is far too short. As someone who likes to play a game for a few weeks then trade it in that's not a huge issue, but many people will be reluctant to spend full RRP on a game that will take 8 hours to complete. The online aspects do add some additional longevity, but not enough to warrant paying more than £20 for the title. (2 out of 5)


                It is a shame that 'Kane' is only co-op on the same system as the entire gameplay is set around working with someone else to rob banks. If the ability to play with an online friend had been included the game would have taken on new life. Instead it is left to the 'Fragile Alliance' game mode instead. Luckily this mode is unique to this game and acts as a different game experience than any other 360 title. You and up to 7 other people must work together on a robbery. The twist is that you will receive more loot if you kill the other players. Do you rely on working together to guarantee success, or do you shoot everyone and try and escape by yourself? When you die you are given one life as a police officer so that you can enact revenge. The dynamic of trusting another online gamer is really good and leads to tense sessions. However, with only 4 maps the online aspects only last so long. (3 out of 5)


                Here is a game that the makers have concentrated on making certain areas look brilliant and in doing so have sacrificed elsewhere. The models of Kane and Lynch are detailed and look fantastic, in both the game and cut scenes. However, this level of detail and design does not really venture out anywhere else with the other characters and levels all looking average at best. (3 out of 5)

                Level Design

                'Kane and Lynch' takes place over many different areas from a prison to a jungle. This would mean that you would expect every level to be different from the next. However, as much fun as the gameplay was it is not enhanced by the levels as no matter where you are they essentially are the same. Stand out areas for me were the level set in a night club and the prison break in/break out section. Although each level is similar at least they are designed to keep the action flowing. (3 out of 5)


                The sound that you most commonly here from this game is that of expletives! The amount of swearing is unsurpassed, not even by 'GoW'. Despite the slightly juvenile use of language the actual voice acting is fantastic with both Kane and Lynch sounding very realistic. The quality of sound effects such as gun fire is not quite up to the same level, but overall this is a major plus area. (4 out of 5)


                To disregard 'Kane and Lynch: Dead Men' as a 'Gears of War' clone with a broken shooting system would be a great disservice. With its lack of online co-op and short lifespan there are issues with the game, but not in the actual gameplay as such. I personally found the cover and shoot mechanism worked well enough and that the story was more gripping than the majority of games. This is not a stand out poor title, but its negatives means that is also not a stand out great title. Instead 'Kane and Lynch' is a game that is well worth £20 as it is a fun, average experience. Let's hope that if a sequel is made Io Interactive will act on the issues and make a classic. (3 out of 5)

                Maker: Io Interactive RRP £50
                Amazon uk £37.96
                Play.com £39.99


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                  07.01.2008 11:56
                  Very helpful



                  Made a great Christmas present!

                  Christmas is over and for the majority of gamers, we've probably worn our consoles out because of excessive playing. However for me, I couldn't get to play my xbox until New Years Day because of several family get togethers, so by then, my thumbs were twitching and this game was just crying out to be played.

                  My boyfriend bought me this for Christmas as I asked for it because it had been a while since I had bought a brand new game, so I was really looking forward to playing this.

                  IO INTERACTIVE & EIDOS
                  Developers IO Interactive have decided to bring us this game. Most people will recognise IOI because they have brought us the Hitman series that has become very popular in recent years and has now been made into a movie. Eidos have published this game and they have said that they hope to make a sequel to this game and want to try and make it as popular as the Hitman series.

                  The game begins straight away where you have just broken out of a prison van and are now on the run. We quickly find out that Kane and Lynch were sentenced to death and so have escaped death row. Lynch has had to break Kane out of prison so Kane can meet 'The 7', a 'mafia' type group who were left for dead by Kane afew years ago, meaning Kane got what we would presume, a briefcase full of money. Now 'The 7' wants this briefcase and they want it fast. They have kidnapped Kane's wife and daughter and will kill them if he doesn't work according to their rules.

                  Kane has just a couple of days to retrieve the breifcase and return it to 'The 7', but because he is fuming with anger, he quickly decides he wants to kill each and every member of 'The 7' once and for all.

                  Lynch is told to go along with Kane to make sure he doesn't try anything stupid, but it's quite clear that Lynch isn't particularly keen on 'The 7' either.

                  There are 14 chapters in this game with an optional 15th chapter to complete at the end of the game. You are required to hold hostages, invade a nightclub, rob a bank, break people out of prison and hunt down 'The 7'. Each chapter will take you about half an hour, maybe longer to complete. There are three levels of difficulty, easy (Aspirin), medium (Morphine) and hard (Codeine).

                  The story itself is very good in my opinion and I thoroughly enjoyed going through each chapter and entering the next. To get through each level you are basically required to shoot alot of police, swat and participate in alot of illegal activities, which I suppose is why this game is rated 18. There is alot of violence in the game and a hell of alot of swearing but it all adds to this type of game and for me, made it all the more enjoyable. I suppose the only downside to the story is the length, it's not the longest game in the world, even though 14 chapters might sound like a nice amount of levels to complete, in reality, it's just not long enough for most gamers.

                  One of the best features to this game is it's co-op facility. Unfortunately, this is not online, but that doesn't really matter to me because I'll always have somebody to play with me on co-op, and this time round it was my boyfriend. We have just finished the co-op and we both really enjoyed it. You and a partner will basically go through the whole story together, you being Kane, and your partner being Lynch. The screen will split vertically and you do everything you did in the single player, but together, and I always love a co-op facility in games.

                  ENEMIES AND TEAM MATES
                  Lets admit that there aren't many games that have intelligent AI. In racing games they stick to the racing line and it's near impossible to ruin that line, in sports games they aren't very aggressive and are slightly slow and wooden and in shooting games, they tend to run out into the open where it's easy to shoot them. I think Gears of War is probably the only game I have played where the AI actually have some intelligence and know not to run out into the open.

                  Unfortunately, this game doesn't have smart enemies, especially when you play in easy mode, the enemies stand out in the open and even run right past you to hide making it easy to kill them. However, this does make the game easier and sometimes that's better than a game being so hard it becomes far too frustrating.

                  Saying that, your team mates are not that thick and I found that they can be very helpful and will obey you when you instruct them to kill somebody. They don't tend to make a habit of running into the open and getting shot which is great, because you don't need to worry about them, you can just focus on what you want to kill.

                  AIMING, SHOOTING, DIEING
                  There are afew moans and groans about the way Kane and Lynch aim and shoot. They aren't the best shooters in the world and the accuracy of the aim is not brilliant and sometimes it may take you a while to kill somebody who is hidden, but this is not a major flaw in the game, but I suppose it could be improved if the developers are considering a sequel.

                  There is nothing new about the way you get shot / die in this game. It's like Gears of War, if you start being shot, your screen will start to go red and it will darker red the more you get shot until eventually your screen goes white and you die. Your team mates can then revive you by injecting adrenaline into you, but you can only usually get away with two injections until you overdose and die completely. You can also revive your team mates with adrenaline if they die.

                  MULTIPLAYER - ONLINE
                  This feature is probably the one that has surprised people the most. To me, this game wasn't over-hyped or even over-advertised and actually, not many had heard much about this game, so when people first discovered the online play, we were all pleasantly surprised at how good it was. The idea of it is you work in a group called 'Fragile Alliance' and you basically have to steal some money, shoot enemies as you go and then split the cash between you at the end. However, it doesn't stop there. Instead of just working together as a friendly team, you are actually required to betray your team! Yes, there is nothing wrong with shooting your team mates and you actually get an achievement if you kill them all and get away with the cash on your own.

                  However, it's all good and well trying to kill your team mates, but don't forget that they can also kill you, so be nice! It is a lot of fun online with this whole new idea and it even runs surprisingly well and I did not suffer any lag at all.

                  REPLAY VALUE
                  This game could be played again and perhaps again especially if you want to gain all achievements, and with each level not being too long, it makes it more appealing to play it over and over until you have all 47 achievements.

                  The achievements in this game are easy to get and are pretty generous. The only thing I found hard about the achievements are the descriptions! Seriously, it's like some kind of riddle or something and it's not obvious what the achievement is for until you get it. There are some great achievements to try and get which makes for great replay value such as, don't shoot any civilians in the nightclub, don't use adrenaline on a level, don't get shot on a level, get 47 headshots, get 30 shotgun kills and kill 10 people using combat mode (fists).

                  There are 47 achievements in total which amount to 1000 gamer points overall. Currently I have about 500ish but there are still a fair few for me to get which are easily achieveable.

                  This game plays pretty smoothly and I don't have many complaints other than that Kane and Lynch don't run very fast even when you press the short sprint button, but really, this is nothing major at all and you don't really need to sprint around much anyway. I didn't ever suffer any lag with the game or long loading times or anything that made the game appear to play slower, it was overall very smooth and easy to control. There is nothing too complicated about the way you move or shoot, but sometimes it might take afew attempts to get behind cover because Kane might not hug the wall straight away. I find that you need to be right on the corner of a wall or a sandbag mound for him to take cover.

                  I think these graphics are actually pretty good. Admittedly they are not life changing and are nothing special or out of the ordinary, but they are pretty good and they show us clearly the violence going on. If for example you kill somebody but they are still moving on the ground a little, just walk right up to them and shoot them again which will make a fair amount of blood pour out from them which is easy to see and it looks very good. It's pretty safe to say that the car explosions aren't anything spectacular and they do look a little weak, but the flames aren't jagged looking or anything like that.

                  The sound is very good in the game and Kane and Lynch have some excellent dialogue which is spoken in a very convincing way and thankfully, the majority of the characters do not sound wooden. The guns sound very good and each one has it's own signature sound so it will become clear straight away which gun sounds the best. The surroundings also sound very good as well so I was not disappointed with this aspect of the game.

                  MY OPINION
                  I thought this game was actually pretty good. Out of all the near Christmas releases for the 360, I am glad I chose this game. I really enjoyed playing it and if there is a sequel I will definitely be buying it. I will admit that this game is not as violent as I thought it would be, but with certain games causing controversy because of it's violence (cough cough 'Manhunt' cough cough) I suppose it's best for the developers to not make it too extreme, just to keep people sweet.

                  I thought the story was really good and you really start to become part of the Kane & Lynch team and want to make sure that Kane gets his revenge on 'The 7'. I have just finished this game on easy mode. I didn't want to set my level of difficulty to medium or hard as I did not know what to expect, but I think it's safe to say that even in easy mode, it can be quite difficult and the police and swat teams certainly have no mercy for Kane or Lynch and will pound bullets into you until are dead.

                  There is one thing that's quite annoying. There are perhaps about five achievements to get if you play as Lynch, and you can't play as Lynch in the main game. I have figured out that the only way you can play as Lynch is if you play co-op with somebody else in co-op and select Lynch as your character. Obviously this is abit unfair for people who don't have anybody to play with in co-op and it means that they could get every single achievement in the game, but can't get the Lynch achievements until they find somebody who is willing to play with them. There is no choice on who is who in co-op. Whoever is player 1 will be Kane, and player 2 will always be Lynch.

                  I would probably keep younger kids away from this game, not for it's violence but for it's swear words. Kids under 12 years old would most definitely pick up the words Kane and Lynch use in this game, and every other word they say begins with 'f' and ends in 'k', so it's just worth noting that. But other than that, I would happily lend this to my 13 year old cousin because the actual physical violence is probably not as bad as what you might see in the Grand Theft Auto series!

                  Even though I have completed the story to this game, I will still continue to play it for a while as there are still some achievements that I want and because I don't have anything else to play yet until my boyfriend finishes Assassins Creed!

                  I really didn't know what to expect from this game as I had never played the Hitman series and some people said there are certain aspects of that game that are in this game. But I really enjoyed this game, despite some poor reviews from certain gaming websites, I would recommend this to 360 owners as a fun, shoot 'em up style game with some great violence, great voice overs and a great story. It's easy to follow, easy to control and has some great achievements that are not impossible to get.

                  Overall, a great game, that I would highly recommend because I thoroughly enjoyed playing it.

                  EXTRA INFORMATION
                  This game received mixed reviews but on the whole it was well received and had average scorings of about 7/10.

                  A sequel has been mentioned, but not confirmed.

                  A one point, this game sponsored 'Prison Break' because of the breakout at the beginning of the game and the prison breakout in the middle of the game.

                  You can buy this from:
                  (The Limited edition box comes with an extra disk that contains game trailers and concept art etc)

                  Limited edition: £39.99 delivered

                  Normal edition: £27.98 + delivery

                  Normal edition: £29.99 + delivery for 1st class
                  Limited edition: £34.99 + delivery for 1st class


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                    04.12.2007 09:02
                    Very helpful



                    Not game of the year, but a great game for sure.

                    If you're familiar with the Hitman series, you'll be familiar with IO interactive, the makers of the series. Hitman is the stealth series started back in 2000. While they have made other games, like the tactical shooter Freedom Fighters, the Hitman series has pretty much dominated their development time. So you may be shocked that IO has released a game that isn't a Hitman game. Kane & Lynch is nothing like the Hitman games; in fact it's a bit more like IO's other game Freedom Fighters. It's a mix of third person shooting and tactical gameplay with squad commands. But don't think this is like Freedom Fighters where it's all about saving the world. This is a gritty crime heist that is a lot like action films The Departed and Heat. It has a great plot with ace voice acting and good dialogue. But does a great plot make a great game?

                    -(The Story)-
                    Kane & Lynch follows two men. Kane is a mercenary that seems to have a list of jobs he didn't finish because he was trying to find his daughter. Lynch is a medicated psychopath that has apparently killed his wife, along with many other people. How do they unite? Well, they're both on the way to Death Row when there's a sudden explosion and they seem to be free. Lynch guides him to a van where they escape, and now Kane is being forced to work for The7 who are apparently a group Kane has upset in some sort of way. Now, Kane and Lynch have to work together to do the jobs for The7, whether they like it or not. The plot is great, thanks to likeable characters and good acting/dialogue. When I say you like the characters, I'm mean Kane and Lynch. It's like the duo of Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy where they have some amusing confrontations as well as some moments of teamwork. The plot is quite unpredictable, meaning the plot stays engaging from start to finish.

                    -(The Controls)-
                    The controls work well for the most part. You shoot with the right trigger and aim with the left. You can sprint by clicking the left analog stick while moving, jump by tapping the A button and you can crouch by pressing the left bumper. You can switch weapons by pressing the buttons on the D-Pad corresponding to the weapon type (e.g. pistol). You can look at a map by clicking down the left analog stick while standing still. The main controls work fine, though a couple of things take some getting use to. The cover mechanic can be tough to use at first as you have to get into the right position while guns are going ablaze over your head. But once you know what positions you need to get into, it's not so hard. The squad controls are great, as with the touch of a button you can command your squad, and holding down a button makes all your squad do that command. You can order your squad to 'regroup' by pressing the X button, 'Move in' by pressing the B button and 'Fire at my mark' with the Y button. You can choose what squad member to order by pressing left/right on the D-Pad.

                    -(The Gameplay)-
                    The gameplay doesn't do much new. It's a third person shooter with squad commands available to use. Like Gears of War, you can blind fire or zoom in for more precision. Though don't think this is like Gears of War where you have to go into cover, pop out and take a few shots, then go back into cover. Also like Gears of War, you have rechargeable health where if you get hurt, which is identified by the screen going red, you can take cover and recover, then go back into the gunfight. It takes out the hassle of finding health packs, though if you stay out of cover for too long you'll die. Don't fear though, when you get taken down your comrades can revive you with a dose of adrenaline. You can do the same to your comrades if they die. But you can't keep doing this do, as too much and you'll overdose. It mostly happens when you die twice quite close to each other though.

                    Unfortunately, the game suffers from some odd design choices. Rather than having a button to go into cover, you have to get into the right position and hope that your guy will stick to the wall. This can cause some problems in the game. For starters, your guy sometimes won't stick to the wall meaning you get blown to bits as you didn't take cover in the heat of fire. Also, if you want to move to the other side of cover you have to carefully press the direction of where you want to go. A slight push backwards on the stick and you'll come out of cover. This can also cause deaths. Another weird choice is that when you fire weapons, your aiming reticle will move up. This means if you try to get a head shot then if you miss you'll be firing in the air. This also means firing can be inaccurate when firing at long range, and when firing at someone behind cover. Still, it's good for letting rip at someone when aiming at their legs as you fire upwards and do some damage.

                    Squad tactics in the game are like the tactics found Freedom Fighters. You can make your squad follow you, regroup with you, go to an area and fire at an enemy, all by pushing a button like X or Y. You can either press the button to make one person do a command, or hold it down to get all of them to do it. This means you could get one person to stick with you, another to stay back and one to go open fire. You could let your squad do all the work, but they probably would die as the A.I. is spotty (more explained later). They will also give you ammo and revive you if needed. One interesting touch is that the team will act different to you depending on how YOU behave. If you play nice and get on well with your squad, they will do what you want happily. But if you do them wrong, they won't do things for you like give you ammo. This means you could play the game however you want but there will be consequences. Overall, the squad tactics work well but the A.I. problems do detract a bit from it.

                    Now, about the A.I.-the A.I. in the game is a little dumb. The enemy A.I. isn't very bright as they will take cover in places where you can shoot them clearly, run around in circles and even not notice once of their comrades has just been taken out by a sniper. It doesn't get much worse than that, but it's still not very smart. The team A.I. is also a little dumb, as they constantly get taken out if you send them to fend for themselves. This means you have to revive them, otherwise they die and you fail, which means putting yourself out in the open and maybe getting killed yourself. Also, sometimes they just randomly won't give you ammo, or won't revive you meaning you could get killed when you shouldn't of. This means that you may give up on using squad tactics, as sometimes they're useless.

                    Weapons in the game are standard. You have your pistol, assault rifle, shotgun and rocket launcher. There are different weapons for each type of weapon, meaning you have a nice arsenal of weapons at your disposal. Unfortunately, you can only hold two weapons at a time, and one of them has to be a pistol. This means you may have to keep switching between weapons which puts you in firing range of the enemy. Luckily, if you're playing nice, your comrades will give you ammo if you run out. The game is quite challenging, thanks to the fact there can be lots of enemies coming at you, as well as the problems I mentioned earlier like the A.I. so this means that the game can frustrate you at certain sections, especially when you were so close to getting to a checkpoint but died.

                    The game is split up into 16 chapters, which each have about 5 sections in the game. Each section will have a checkpoint in it, but if you quit before you finish a chapter then you'll have to start the whole chapter again. This means you'll have to play for long stretches at a time, and hope you don't get too frustrated. The story mode has a nice touch at the end where you can choose how to end. I won't spoil it, but this is a tough decision. This is a neat touch, but won't require you to play through again as you can play a chapter again once you've unlocked it. This means that if you want to play through the harder difficulties, you can choose which missions you want to do first and play through the game in any order once you have finished it once. It also means you can replay the game from the beginning to the end without having to unlock the levels all over again.

                    You can play through the entire story with a friend on co-op. Unfortunately this is limited to split-screen. A lack of online co-op is perhaps the biggest disappointment, as the game does support Xbox Live, as well as multiplayer on Xbox Live. It's decent, but you'll have to get past the fact that the game is split vertically. Player one is Kane (like in the single player) and player 2 is Lynch. The game is quite different depending on who you play as. Lynch has his own arsenal of weapons, as well as unique achievements. They're usually shotguns and revolvers, which is generic for a psychopath. It's good fun, but a vertical split-screen is annoying as it limits how much room you have in the game. Plus, no online co-op is disappointing to say the least.

                    The multiplayer in Kane & Lynch is great. There's only one mode-Fragile Alliance. Basically, every player in the game starts out as a crook as you try to steal money from a bank. You work together to take as much as you can and try to get to the escape car. That may sound boring, but there's some things you need to take into account. First off, you have to split the money evenly when you get to the car, meaning more people=less money for you. So what can you do? Kill everyone. You can kill your own teamates and get more money as well as become a traitor. But, by killing them they become cops trying to kill you. This means it's harder to get to the van as there's more cops. So, it's all about knowing when to make the perfect kill and take everything for yourself. And that's the beauty of the multiplayer, not knowing what's going to happen. Anyone could turn traitor on you at any second and you can turn traitor on anyone too. It's so tense and no two matches are the same. The lag is kept to a minimum and the game is quite fun as well. Definitely the best part of Kane & Lynch (in terms of gameplay) is it's multiplayer.

                    The game is rated 18+, and I would 100% agree with it. There's lots of violence with some torture scenes too. Obviously, there's blood throughout the game as you shoot enemies blood splatters from them. The game uses the F word a lot, as well as some others too. Plus, there's heavy drug use as you're constantly using adrenaline so you don't die! The game is also quite hard, meaning younger people will struggle with it. It certainly will appeal to fans of thrillers like The Departed with its over-the-top violence and language.

                    -(The Graphics)-
                    The graphics in Kane & Lynch don't particularly impress. While the game is far from ugly, when you compare it to games like Bioshock and Gears of War, the game just can't compete. The game does have some nice environments because they capture the gritty feel of a thriller, and they're varied. You'll go through a Japanese nightclub, Havana where civil war is taking place, a lush jungle base and many more. The character models are good enough, and have some nice details like Kane's natural bald spot. The game looks good in terms of technical, so the textures and geometry look good. But, some things look lame like the particle effects. The explosions look weak, and the frame rate can struggle at times. That said, the good things like the great animation in cut scenes and the nice load times which feature dialogue during them make it so that the game looks at least decent. Still, this won't be pushing your system to the limits.

                    -(The Sound)-
                    The sound in Kane & Lynch is fantastic. This means it makes the plot better and that it captures the feel of a thriller like The Departed. The voice acting is great. Kane has the panicked voice which means when Lynch goes psycho you feel the tension. Lynch sounds like a medicated psychopath should, with an angry voice that can scare you when he goes crazy. The other people sound great too, meaning the speech is entertaining. Plus, the dialogue is great. It feels like an action movie, with quite a bit of swearing and other stylish phrases. The music score is done by Jesper Kyd, who has also done the score for Assassin's Creed. The music is fantastic as it gets intense at the right moments, while pumping your blood when needed. The effects are great too, as the weapons pack a punch and some sounds send shivers down your spine, like when someone gives you adrenaline and you hear the thud of the injection.

                    -(The Replay Value)-
                    There's a good amount of content here. The single-player lasts about ten hours, maybe more or maybe less depending on your skill level. You'll replay the game, depending if you played the game on the hard difficulty as you only get an achievement for completing the game on that difficulty. If you played it on that difficulty already, you probably won't replay it. The multiplayer will keep you playing for longer. The achievements in the game are good enough. There are 47 in total, from simply playing a Fragile Alliance match once to taking down a chopper in the story mode. Overall, you'll spend a good amount of time with Kane & Lynch.

                    -(The Score)-
                    Replay Value=8
                    Overall Score=8.0

                    -(The Ending Comments)-
                    Kane & Lynch would be the perfect thriller if it was a movie. The game has two characters that you'll grow attached to, exciting action, a cool plot and lots of adult language. But remember, this isn't a movie. This is a videogame, and videogames don't win awards by having great plots. But don't fear the gameplay is great. While it might don't do anything new and the game does take some getting use to, once you get over these things you'll have a lot of fun. The game is fun, the graphics are decent (if unimpressive), the multiplayer is great fun and the single-player is good. It's not perfect, but Kane & Lynch is well worth a buy.

                    -(The Extra Info)-
                    This was published by Eidos and developed by IO interactive.
                    This was released on November 23rd, 2007 and is also on PS3 and PC.
                    This is available from Amazon for £34.48

                    Thanks for reading. Stunt 101


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                  • Product Details

                    With the Hitman series already well established, Danish developer Io Interactive are not exactly masters of the family friendly game. This latest effort is their most violent and shocking yet, as you take control of reluctant mercenary Kane and his schizophrenic partner Lynch. Neither character likes the other but for the purposes of the story they have to work together in a series of violent third person shoot outs. By default you control Kane, with the computer or another player taking on the role of Lynch. As the game progress you will also be able to recruit a team of up to eight mercenaries, with your reputation determining the quality of the personnel applying for the job. Ordering your squad around is easy enough but since any of them, particularly Lynch, can have completely different objectives to you, they won’t always take orders – particularly if they’ve taken a dislike to you already - which is a real problem when you want them to administer some first aid.

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