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Kinect Adventures!

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3 Reviews

Genre: Adventure / Kinect Compatible / Release Date: 2011 / Published by Microsoft

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    3 Reviews
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      07.12.2011 19:28
      Very helpful
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      Good to start you of with Kinect, but you will probably soon tire of it

      Kinect Adventures was the game launched alongside the Xbox Kinect in 2010, and given away with the hardware for consumers to play if they had not yet invested in other titles for the hardware.

      The game utilises the Kinect motion camera by tracking your body movements in order to control your on screen character.

      Five Mini Games

      The game is composed of five mini games based on sports and adventure, which makes it have a bit of a different spin to it rather than being Xbox's answer to Wii Sports. I will give a breakdown of each game here:

      20,000 Leaks

      Here your avatar is in a glass tank under the water, and you have to plug the holes that form in the walls and floor due to water pressure and marine animals. You use your hands, legs, feet, head and body to block the cracks to repair them, and as the difficulty increases you have to do several at once.

      You are given a specific amount of time to fix the cracks, and the quicker you do it the more adventure pins you earn. Any time left over at the end is also added to your adventure pins total.

      This can be a one or two player game.

      River Rush

      In this game you board a raft and use your body to steer it to collect adventure pins. You can step or lean to the left and right to move it in the direction you want it to go, and also you can jump to make the raft go on ramps.

      There are always more points up on the clouds and higher parts of the game as it's more difficult to stay up there, and you usually have to continue jumping to stay up there. You lose points if you crash into things like wood and markers on the way.

      This can be a one or two player game.

      Rally Ball

      This game is very similar to breakout, in that you have to use your body to control a ball that breaks blocks at the end of the tunnel. You can use your arms, legs, head or body to stop the ball going past you, and also if you "hit" it with force, the ball goes faster and you can try and break all the blocks quicker.

      Like 20,000 leaks, it has three rounds, and the game ends either when time runs out or when you have broken all the blocks. Again extra time left over is added to your pin total.

      This can be a one or two player game.

      Reflex Ridge

      This game is very reminiscent of a track and field style game. You have to duck, dodge and jump over hurdles as you speed down what looks like a mine cart track. If you jump in between the hurdles you go faster, as you do also if you pull yourself along when you get to a gate. You get adventure pins for avoiding obstacles, and for getting to the finish line quickly. Extra time left is added to your pin total.

      This can be a one or two player game, and if you do play it together it is done via a split screen to be able to cope with two people being at different points in the course at the same time.

      Space Pop

      In this game bubbles come out of the walls, floors and ceiling, and the aim is to collect them all. You get adventure pins by popping the bubbles, and to do this you have to move backwards and forwards, and flap your hands to go up, and put your arms straight to you side to go down.

      This can be a one or two player game, but you can only get the bubbles that are on your side of the screen, so it effectively works like Reflex Ridge as a split screen although it doesn't appear like that when you see the game.

      Three modes

      To give the game a bit more longevity, there are three different modes in which you can play the game.

      Adventure Mode

      This is basically the story mode. You have to follow a pre-programmed selection of challenges from each of the five mini games. For a player to be able to continue through the mode, you have to either get a certain number of medals, or of a certain colour (bronze,silver, gold or platinum), get a certain number of adventure pins, or you have to complete a number of timed challenges.

      At the end of each activity you either get another challenge to do, an achievement, an avatar clothing award, or maybe a timed mode is unlocked or a living statue (video clip) can be added to kinectshare.com.

      Free Play

      This allows you to play the same levels that are available in adventure mode, only you don't have to work your way up to them, from easy to difficult. This is better for people who don't have time to commit to adventure mode, or the patience!

      Timed Play

      This mode is unlocked by playing through adventure mode, and is for more competitive players. Instead of collecting adventure pins you collect time pins, so that you gain more time to complete the challenge. This mode is only available for Reflex Ridge, Rally Ball and River Rush, due to them being timed games anyway.


      Unlike other reviews where I have listed each achievement, I won't do so this time as there are 32 and you've probably all got better things to do with your time! The achievements can earn you a total of 1000 gamerpoints, and they are fairly easy to get, though some may take a bit of perseverance and time, if you can be bothered to spend that time on them that is!

      My Opinion

      When I first bought my Xbox and Kinect (both at the same time), I got this game with the Kinect as all consumers do, and I bought Dance Central as well as part of a deal on HMV. Having spent so much in one go, when Dance Central failed to turn up at the same time as the other products I spent a lot of time playing Kinect Adventures as it was my only option.

      It took a fair while to work my way through the story mode, and I did it with my fiancé as well so I'm not entirely sure if that made it easier or harder! The gamerpoints and achievements started stacking up fairly quickly, and there's just a few left to get, though I don't choose to finish this game off when I have other newer games to play.

      What I guess I'm saying is that the novelty wore off fairly quickly from this game, and although it started off being somewhat popular with my friends that came to try it out, they now much prefer Kinect sports mini games.

      Also when my copy of Dance Central finally did arrive, I quickly switched to that and played it over and over, only bringing Kinect Adventures out every so often.


      The great thing about this is that it does come free, so you haven't had to spend any money to try it out. I've seen it in CEX and gamestation once or twice for about £7, but that's totally unnecessary unless you bought your Kinect second-hand and want to try it out. I'd suggest you stick to Kinect Sports as it has far better longevity.

      Also published on Ciao


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        14.11.2011 18:43
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A ok game but I would not buy it - it would only be good for children in my opinion

        Kinect Adventures

        I have had a xbox with the kinect sensor for about 6/7 months now and I really like it, especially as it is very interactive - a lot more than the wii. I received this game as part of a xbox 360 and kinect bundle I think but you can obviously buy it individually.

        - Main features of the game

        *As it is an Xbox kinect specific game, you have to have the kinect sensor to play this game
        *It is rated 3 (but it does contain some content that is rated 12)
        *It can be a single player game or a two player game
        *The game has an activity level of: standing - active
        *Contains five games in which you can choose from various difficulty levels
        *This game can be played on Xbox live too
        *Comes with a helpful booklet and also a kinect sensor calibration card

        - Setting up and starting up the game

        The game uses the kinect sensor to track your movements so that your character moves when and how you do - so you have to make sure the sensor is properly calibrated, this should be correct when you set up your sensor before playing the game (during the xbox/kinect set up process). In the booklet that comes with this game there are various tips about the sensor including: direct sunlight may interfere with the sensor, fully face the sensor while playing the game, leave room between the sensor and the players (eight feet away from the sensor is suggested in the booklet to be the best distance) and make sure nothing other than the players is in front of the sensor. The game comes with a kinect sensor calibration card but I did not use this and during the game set up I don't think it even mentioned the calibration card.

        Once the sensor is set up and it is positioned correctly then you can set up the game, the game is quick and easy to set up. The navigation during this game is done only with your hands - you do not use a controller/keypad or any other device. When you are on the main menu of the game you will be presented with various options including: show off and share, adventures, free play, play online and timed play. To move around the cursor on the screen you just raise you hand so it is facing the sensor and move you hand until the cursor on the screen is located over the option you want to click on. Then you just keep your hand still and the game will recognize that you want to click on that option and it is take you to that option.

        Before you can start to play any of the five games you have to pick an avatar, which for me is always a fun (but long) process as I want the cutest avatar and on this game all of the avatars looked weird and crazy with ginger afros, bright 70's style clothes and awful lycra sports clothing! Once the avatar is picked then you can move onto picking the game and then a difficulty level for that game (I always pick easy!).

        - The five mini games

        *River rush
        *Reflex ridge
        *Space pop
        *20,000 leaks

        All of the games can be played in the single player mode or in the co-op mode (which is just two people, you can not have any more than two players with this game). In the instruction booklet that comes with the game there are two pages for each game in which it shows you using simple diagrams how to use the game and it also has information and game screenshots too. The booklet also has tips on some of the pages for the game play as well - I find the instruction booklet very easy to read and follow and it is quite useful in my opinion.

        - Game one: RallyBall, aka: the worst mini game ever in my opinion!

        Rallyball is the first game in the series and in my opinion it is the least entertaining and the most boring game - although my sister quite likes this game but that is probably because she beats me at it every time! The aim of this particular game is to hit the balls that come flying at your avatar character - it sounds boring and for me it is. The game is just like dodge ball, you have to hit the balls away from your character using your hands and also you can use your legs, knees and head...this particular game does not appeal to me at all really as I have a zero interest in playing sports but someone who likes volley ball or dodge ball may like this particular mini game. When you manage to hit one of the balls (which does not happen very often in my case!) you collect points. One problem I find with this game is that if you are playing it with someone else you should stand quite far away from each other (I think you can see where I am going with this!) Yes, as with the wii when it first came out there have been some incidents of me and my sister hitting each other instead of the virtual balls! Overall, I do not like this game mainly as I am not good at it, secondly as I hate sports of any kind and thirdly as I find this particular game really boring! But others who like sports may like this mini game.

        In my opinion the Rallyball game has a rating of 1/5.

        - Game two: River Rush

        This game is quite a fun although you have to have two players for the game to be interesting - otherwise the game is really boring. The aim of this game is to navigate your way down a river while on a raft that it controlled by both players (in the co-op mode). The raft is controlled by the players moving from left to right and also by jumping - for the two player mode you have to move together and jump at the same time, which is a lot more difficult than it sounds - maybe because I move one way and my sister moves the other way! While floating down the river you have to slide up ramps and skim across clouds and cliffs to collect the pins (floating circles with the letter A on them) as this increases your points score. The game is not very easy as it is difficult to keep the raft in the air when skimming clouds to get points and it is also difficult to get your team partner to cooperate and go the way you think the raft should go! This game in co-op mode is really quite entertaining, even though it is a little bit difficult and a bit tiring too because of all of the jumping you have to do. This game is my second favorite although after a few times of playing this game at one time, it can get a bit boring but overall I like this game as it a bit of exercise, it is really interactive and quite different to other interactive games.

        In my opinion the River Rush game has a rating of 4/5.

        - Game three: Reflex Ridge

        Firstly my sister and I always play these games together, I have not played this game in the single player mode, only in the co-op mode. The basic explanation of this game is: you and your teammate are on a moving platform and there are various obstacles that get in your way as you move along a track - the obstacles include, barriers (of which there are two types: an arm like barrier and a half wall in front of you). Your aim in this game is just to dodge the barriers and collect the pins. The pins are small floating circles with the letter A on them, collecting these pins adds to your score. I find this game fairly good, although my avatar always gets hit in the head as the character does not move as quickly as me and bangs into a barrier! The sensor can sometimes be a bit slow with this game I find but on all of the other games it seems to be fine. This maybe because with this game you have to be really quite active, as you have to move to the left/right to dodge barriers, you have to duck to dodge barriers and you have to jump to get over obstacles or to speed up the platform. In co-op mode you and your team mate are on separate platforms on either side of the screen so while my character is getting hit in the head or failing to collect the pins, my sisters character is dodging the obstacles and collecting the pins! Therefore I do not really like this game as even on the easy setting it is a little bit difficult due to the slow sensor response and it is a little bit tiring - even for me at 19! Although it was a very amusing sight watching my dad and my 16 year old sister play this game in which my sister obviously won and my dad was left out of breath!

        In my opinion the reflex ridge game has a rating of 3/5.

        - Game four: Space Pop!

        The aim of this game is to pop bubbles - sounds easy and it is! But you look like an absolute idiot while playing this game! The object of the game is easy and the more bubbles you pop the more points you get but nothing is ever this easy. The bubbles fill the screen and you have to pop them with your little avatar body and to do this you have to act like a bird - you have to face the sensor and flap your arms up and down! When you flap your arms it raises your character and you can pop the bubbles and then you can step to the left/right to pop the bubbles either side of your character. This is a very easy game although it does make you look like an idiot, if you are over the age of ten. Once you have popped the bubbles you can hold your arms out to hover or you can put your arms by your sides to descend. The game is a bit silly but fun too, especially if your parents are playing or if friends/family have come over. I do like this game but at the old age of 19, it gets boring very quickly (as does the reflex ridge game). Therefore I would say that this game is only going to be fun for children or if you have had a few glasses of wine!

        In my opinion the Space Pop game has a rating of 3/5.

        - My favorite game, game five...20,000 leaks!

        I think this game should have been called 20,000 leaks under the sea, but never mind as this game is the best game out of the five available to play, in my opinion. The aim of this game is to stop the water leaking in from various small holes in the glass panes of your submarine! The game objective is really easy and it is a really easy game but it is quite fun and it is a great multiplayer game - and it gains curious looks from people watching...and then wanting to play it. The leaks come from different areas on the screen and in the multiplayer mode you both have to have all of the leaks covered before you can continue to the next level. To plug the leaks you use your hands by holding your hands in front of you and your character will take on what ever your pose is and cover the leaks, if you are in the right position. As well as using your hands to cover the leaks you also need to use your feet - so you have to actually move your foot and step on the leak - which makes the game really interactive and more realistic as you are actually moving the character with your movements - not with a controller. I think the really interactive nature of these games, this one in particular, makes them quite fun to play and also because they are more realistic than other games, including games for the nintendo wii. This game is my favorite out of all of the five, even though it is really simplistic and it is a good co-op two player game.

        In my opinion the 20,000 leaks game has a rating of 5/5.

        - The camera...(show off and share)

        You may be wondering why there is a sub heading of "the camera" on a game review but you will be surprised! While playing the five mini games the kinect sensor will actually take a picture of you and or your team mate playing the game! The sensor will take four/five photographs of you and yes, they will be embarrassing and do not know know when you are playing the game when it will be taking the photograph! I did not know about this feature of the game before playing it so I was really surprised at the end of one of the mini games to see some very embarrassing photographs of me and my sister with our arms flying everywhere in a ninja pose - the worst ninja pose ever! The photographs are a very fun and entertaining feature of this game that makes it really quite unique in my opinion and it shows you the photos taken at the end of each mini game (each mini game lasts for a maximum of five minutes or so - for the easy setting/mode). You can chose to delete all of the photos taken or you can save them - it is safe to say that all of the photos taken were deleted promptly!

        - Graphics and Audio

        The graphics for this game are quite good, although it is just brightly coloured avatars so they do not look realistic or true to life but the backgrounds are nice - such as on the river rush mini game. The characters themselves do not look life like at all - they are like cartoon characters. The best demonstration of the really good graphics is on the river rush game as the moving water does look pretty and quite true to life.

        The audio/sounds for this game is quite basic but good. The background noise is just like elevator music, it is not very special and it is a bit annoying after a while. The sounds for the individual games is quite good and also fairly realistic. For example, the sound of the glass cracking in the 20,000 leaks game is quite realistic, the sound of the water in the river rush game and also the bubbles popping in the space pop game is quite a cartoon like sound but of a good quality.

        - Overall positives

        The overall positives in my opinion are as follows: the instruction booklet is very easy to follow, the five games themselves are easy so it would be a good game to buy for children. The graphics are good as are the sounds/audio. The best game in my opinion is 20,000 leaks and river rush is also really good. The game is very interactive due to the kinect sensor as you have to use your hands, legs, knees, head and feet to play the game. Multiplayer, a mode that actually makes the game quite fun. The game is also at a really good price now.

        - Overall negatives

        The overall negatives in my opinion are as follows: there are actually only five separate mini games in this game and they have different levels of difficulty for each one. The games can be boring after a while - especially the reflex ridge and rallyball games. The games can also be very boring if you are just playing on your own. The rallyball in my opinion is really not a good game at all.

        Overall, I would recommend this game only for children - not adults or teenagers! I would say that anyone over the ages of 10,11,12 would find this game quite boring. But for children I think it would make a good stocking filler - especially at the price it is at now!

        - Price and availability

        This game came with our kinect/xbox bundle quite a few months ago but it can be bought from: play.com for £10.99 with free delivery and it can also be bought as part of a bundle from tesco, pc world, asda and HMV.



        *Easy to play...a little bit too easy for 4 out of the 5 games
        *The graphics and sounds are very good
        *Suitable for the whole family
        *Very interactive - as you have to use your hands instead of a controller
        *Very good price
        *The best game in my opinion is 20,000 leaks and river rush
        *Multiplayer mode is great - and the only way to play this game in a way that is fun and entertaining


        *The games can be repetitive and boring
        *The games can be too easy or a little bit too difficult (as with the river rush game)
        *There are actually only five games! there are quite a few difficulty levels
        *Single player mode is very boring and not very entertaining at all

        Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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          07.10.2011 14:18
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Get fit and have fun with Kinect Adventures......

          Kinect Adventures is the game that most people will get when they buy their Kinect and is a good example of what the Kinect is capable of whilst still managing to be a great deal of fun!

          The idea is basically that you are one of several Treasure Hunters seeking Treasure Pins all across the world and that you are given several different forms of challenge to complete in order to win Trophies, Achievments and Living Statues. These last are perhaps the most amusing as you are given the chance to animate your awards, lending them your voice whilst busting some moves! And if you are not happy with them , you can re-record them at any time you like!!

          The challenges you have to play consist of several different types of game that require different levels of energy. These are alternated during gameplay so that you don't end up exhausting yourself tooo quickly and if you play for too long, a message appears reminding you to take a break or stop if you are sore! Your character in the game is represented by your Microsoft Avatar but you can change this if you like.......also you can win clothing items and accessories to use on your Avatar; something I have only seen previously on Left4Dead 2!

          The first game you will probably encounter places you on a rubber dinghy which you have to jump up in the air to activate. This sets you off down a path of winding, rushing rapids with either Treasure Pins or Clock Symbols that you have to collect depending on the challenge. Along the way are ramps that lead you to secret areas and hidden stashes of booty and when you travel up the ramps, you often have to jump in the air again to ride up amongst the clouds and collect your rewards. Steering around obstacles in the river is done by either stepping to the left or the right and this is a constant theme of the games so it is important that you leave yourself plenty of room!

          The next game you will encounter is a variation on Dodgeball. A wall of blocks appears at the far end of the screen and a ball drops down that you have to hit with your body to smash the blocks. This is lots of fun but requires a lot of swinging your arms around the room in order to stop the balls from disappearing off-screen!

          Next up is perhaps one of the most exhausting and certainly the hardest of the games! You travel along a pre-designated track on a small cart that is started by pulling a couple of bars in front of you at the beginning. Jumping up and down makes the cart go faster but along the way you have to duck under red barriers, jump over blue barriers and step left and right to avoid pink crash pads. There are also more bars along the way that you can pull to speed up your progress to what feels like super speed!

          The third game sees you in a glass cage far beneath the ocean. Several different types of fish and a very annoying shark smash into the glass at increasing intervals and you have to put your feet and hands over the gaps to fix them!

          The last type of game you encounter is set in space. You are this time seconded in some kind of air-lock in a Space Station and as bubbles are released from vents in the wall, you have to burst them by flapping your arms and rising in the zero gravity to reach them! This is by far one of the easiest of the games and much more relaxing than any of the others though it can get a bit manic!

          I love the Kinect~ it is like a vastly improved version of Sony's EyeToy but with better games, graphics and much more that you can do with it ~ and Adventures is a great little game to help you keep fit at the same time as having fun. A half hour session on here soon leaves me sweating and has the advantage of also earning me Achievments easily and hence more Gamer Points for my profile!

          The only thing I have noticed is that if you move too far out of view for too long, either by sitting down or by stepping too far to your left or right, then you have to wait for the Kinect Sensor to find you again! That said, if you walk too close or are only out of shot for a few seconds, the system DOES tell you to step backward or step left.

          Also there are only a limited number of challenges and once these are complete, the only real options you have are playing On-line which may not be to everyone's tastes. I have not gone On-line with this yet though so cannot comment on how good that paticular feature is....

          Overall, I really like this game even if, at times, it feels like a bit too much hard work for a simple piece of fun! Still, it is better than my experience on the Wii and would highly recommend it especially if you have a family! I can well imagine playing this could become highly competitive!


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