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Kinect Sports - Kinect Compatible (Xbox 360)

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11 Reviews

Genre: Sports - Football / Video Game for Xbox 360 / To Be Announced / Release Date: 2010-11-10 / Published by Microsoft

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    11 Reviews
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      06.02.2014 13:01
      Very helpful



      5 out of 5 stars

      THE GAME

      Today Im reviewing a game for the XBOX kinect. The game is Kinect sports 1 and is the first one in a 2 part series. It is a sports game where you use your body as the controller. It is only available on the XBOX and you need a kinect in order to use the game.
      You can buy this game and most game stores and even in supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda.

      It costs 11GBP on Amazon.co.uk today.


      I bought this game because I wanted something really active and something fun that you could play with many people. With this game it gives you a chance for 4 players to compete but also in the team mode you can play with as many as 12-15 players. I think the most we had was 14!
      It has 6 main games to play-

      TABLE TENNIS- This you can play against the computer or against each other with the screen split in two. Its a standard game of table tennis and the first one to 11 points is the winner.
      To play you use your hand as the racket and there are different techniques to be learnt, EG if you move your hand up it makes a fast fire ball. This adds great variation to the game and makes it more interesting and great to play against another player.

      The response time is very quick and accurate on this game and I do think this is the best game out of all 6.

      VOLLEY BALL- Again you can play against the computer or against another player. you play in a team of two.... one is you and one is the computer and again the screen is split into two.

      Its very easy to play this game, and the computer does prompt you on when to hit and jump, which while your learning is great. Its also very fast paced and sometimes hard to see the ball, so the prompts help you stay in the game.
      I like this one because you get to jump as well as to hit the ball, and its very realistic
      like your actually playing volleyball.

      BOWLING- You can play against each other in as many as four players, or again against the computer. This is the same as real bowling only you dont take a run up. Hold your arm back and swing it forward to release the ball.
      This game is quiet easy to play, even my 90 year old grandmother played it!!! Its not that responsive though, and I find once you find the middle its always a strike. Its a great one to play with kids as its very easy and realist for them.

      BOXING- This on is played against the computer or split screen against another player. To play you just start punching the air.
      I like this game as its great for fitness, its very fast and you get out of breathe very quickly!

      However, because the split screen is close together it can be a bit dangerous if you get over excited..... Iv been hit a few times by my other half!!! So because of this Im not sure its suitable for little people!
      FOOTBALL- I have played this game once and we didnt get on with it very well, so never played it again.I have however played the mini practice game for this one which I liked and will explain later.

      ATHLETICS- There is a lot to the part- 6 different mini games including long jump, javelin and hurdles and as many as 4 players can play at one time.
      Its great fun to play this one as a group and takes about 15mins to complete it all. Its very quick and responsive as well as being very realistic. I really like this one however its very tiring!!

      This one is great for all ages.
      So that is all the main games, however there are some more functions in the game. First of all for each main game it has 3 mini games. These are really training for the main game. For example The football has a penalty shoot out where you can be the goalie or the kicker, this really helps out for the main game. I love these mini games, they are much quicker than playing the main games and give more variety.

      Another function is team play.... this is where you can have as many people in the team as you want and you play a 7 mini game tournament. You get points every time you win and after the 7 mini games the team with the highest score wins.
      This is brilliant, especially if your having a party because it involves so many players and you can get some good banter going against each other. Its very funny to watch other people and its very enjoyable to cheer them on and shout in support.

      While all of this is going on, the kinect films everything and then at the end of each game plays back videos of you jumping and running and pulling funny faces! Its so funny!!!


      I love this games for so many reasons. I find it to be very accurate and realistic as well as having great graphics and videos. Iv never seen it get stuck and it always keeps up with how fast pace our movements are without getting jagged, or slow.
      There is so much variety in this one game that there is something for everyone that can be enjoyed by all ages and all levels of fitness. Its great to play in big groups and involves everyone.

      What I love about this game is it gets people up and moving and even exercising, without you even realising it as your having so much fun. It has a great soundtrack to go with it which as well adds to the atmosphere.
      I paid around 20 GBP when it first came out and I would say its well worth the money for the amount of hour we have played. Its a game we always go back to and never gets boring which means great value for money.

      I would highly recommend it to everyone... from small children to old grannies (like mine). 5 stars for sure and its my favourite game to play on the kinect.


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        15.12.2011 11:05
        Very helpful



        A great interactive game for entertaining :)

        Xbox 360 Kinect Sports

        We have had our Xbox 360 and kinect sensor now for about 6 months or more and this is the game that came with our Xbox 360/kinect bundle, which I think was purchased from Argos. This game can be bought separately though. This game was released in 2010 and it is only available on the Xbox 360/Kinect platform.

        - About the game

        This game is not one I would have bought on its own, but it came with the Xbox 360/Kinect bundle. I wouldn't have bought this separately as it is obviously a sport game, which I am not a fan of in game form at all (or any form really!). This game features six sporting activities, which I think is quite a good amount but I would have thought that there would be more than six! The sports are as follows: Soccer (you can tell this is an American game), Bowling, Beach volleyball, Boxing, Table tennis and Track and Field. There are seven different play options from a one on one mode, solo mode, player vs online opponent mode and many more! This game is rated for ages 12 and over by Pegi as it contains some 'mild cartoon violence' and it can be played online. You have to have a Kinect sensor for this game and you will be represented in the game as an avatar (a cartoon like character). The activity level of this game is described as "active". This game is also stated to be the number one best selling Kinect game - in the US (2010).

        - Setting up the game and game menus

        Setting up the game is really easy but you have to make sure that your Kinect sensor is set up correctly as with this game (as with all of the Kinect games) you use your whole body to play the games so if the Kinect sensor if not properly calibrated your on screen character will not accurately imitate your movements. So it is important to calibrate your sensor correctly, you would have done this in the Xbox 360/Kinect set up process before playing any game. There is also a Kinect sensor calibration card that comes with this game but we have never used this card, as we have already set up and calibrated the sensor.

        Once you have set up your Kinect sensor and calibrated it, if you hadn't already, you can then insert the disk and the first page you will see is the game mode selection page - this features three options. The first option is 'Party': which is for a minimum of two or more players and a maximum of up to eight players. Secondly there is 'Main event': this features all of the six games shown in the instruction booklet and this is the game play mode that we usually click on. Lastly there is the 'Mini game' mode: this mode contains all the mini games of which there are 13 in total, which is quite a lot in my opinion. To move around the cursor on the screen you just raise your hand so it is facing the kinect sensor and you move your hand until the cursor on the screen is positioned over the option you want to click on. Then you just keep your hand still and the sensor will recognize that you want to click on that option and it will take you to that option. We use the 'Main event' and 'Mini games' modes most often, we do not really use the party mode as we do not have enough room really for up to eight players. This main menu, as with the other menus with this game, is very simple to follow, it is brightly coloured and all of the menus are very easy to navigate through in my opinion. The navigating through the menus during this game is done only with your hands - you do not use a controller/keypad or any other device with Kinect games.

        - Playing the game - Main event

        Once you have picked a game play mode (either the party, main event or mini game mode) you can then start to play the game. For this section of my review I will focus on the 'Main event' game play mode as it is the main game play mode. The 'Main event' mode contains six sports - Soccer (football), Bowling, Boxing, Beach volleyball, Table tennis and Track and field. I don't really play the beach volleyball or bowling as I find these sports really boring in a game mode...and in real life. The Track and Field sport option is my favorite, along with football, so I will focus on these two sports. For all of the games you can either play as your Xbox character/avatar or your can play as a guest character.

        *Track and field

        Track and field contains the following events: Sprint, Javelin, Long jump, Discus and Hurdles. For each sport on the loading page there will be the name of the virtual arena/stadium in which you will be playing, which I think makes the game quite detailed and a little bit more realistic - for the track and field game the stadium is called 'Flame stadium'. There is a little video clip before each game which has some typical sporting commentary and a view of the stadium/spectators - this can not be skipped past but it is only for a few seconds. One tip that I would suggest before playing this game is to make sure you do not have really loose clothing on as I find that if I have loose clothing on then the cursor on the screen will not move as and when my hand is moving. The first event in Track and Field is 'Sprint': before you play any event you will be shown through how to play that event, which is good for the first couple of times you play the game, but you can skip this tutorial video if you want - which is what I do, as it is fairly self explanatory in my opinion. The sprint event is very easy all you have to do is run on the spot bringing your knees up high and your on screen character will move exactly as you do. Javelin is the second event in this game and it is also very easy, you just grab a javelin and throw it high - you have to indicate each time you throw a javelin which is your dominant hand (you have to do this with a few other events and sports too). The javelin event is good but it can be difficult to throw the javelin really far. The third event in the track and field game is: the long jump. The long jump is not the easiest event as if you don't jump at the right point you can get a foul and also if someone walks in front or behind you while playing the event they can interfere with your run up and jump. The fourth event in the track and field game is discus. The discus is fairly easy for the men, although on the whole when women play this in our household (and other family members/friends) it does not work out very well and the discus does not travel very far. I do not like to play this event as my virtual character can not throw the discus very far at all and I do not like losing. The last event in track and field is the one I am really quite good at but it is not the easiest for women to play - this event is the hurdles. All you have to do for this game is run on the spot and when the area around the hurdle turn green then you have to jump. I find this event surprisingly easy even though the distance between hurdles on this game is not very far apart. Although...note to self: buy a good sports bra!

        At the end of each event you get a results table with your score, the virtual opponents scores, a replay of your effort and a commentary of your/everyones results. This makes the game really quite realistic as it is like a real sporting event - especially with the large number of replays, it is like watching the BBC cover a sporting event! Overall, I think this is my favorite sport out of the six available to play on this game. I also like that with this game you get a mini workout, which is great. There are five events in this game and it is fairly easy to play - although obviously some events are easier than other. For example, I am not good at the discus and javelin but I am fairly good at the sprint and long jump - and especially the hurdles. The only thing I really don't like about this sport is that there is a large number of replay of your character after each event which you can not skip past!


        Soccer (or football if you are European) is another one of my favorite sports to play on this game which is very surprising as I hate football with a passion - I do not play football and I definitely do not watch football. But this game is really good and it is really easy too. As with the track and field game this one has various tutorials you can either watch or skip past at the beginning of the games - as always I just skip past the tutorials and in my opinion you really don't need a tutorial for this game. After you have skipped or watched the tutorials you can then play the game - although be aware that at points in the game tutorial videos can pop up which is a bit annoying but as with the other videos you can skip them. Once you start to play a countdown timer begins, you have about five minutes of game play and then it finishes. In the game the only things you really need to do is: keep moving side to side to block the ball when someone is passing it, kick the ball to another one of your players or to try to score a goal and headers as well (these are indicated with a image of a football in a circle when it is possible to do this move - as you can tell I am very technical when it come to sporting terminology!). This game is really easy which was surprising as I do not play sports but it is very easy to play and I do always end up winning with my latest winning score of 6-0, although it is very easy to score a goal on this game. There are also some really quite funny details and clips when playing this game for example, when your team wins the 'camera' will go to the manager of the opposing team and it shows his reaction, which I think makes this game very detailed. Also when your team wins at the end the characters will dance (in particular the classic robot) and of course the obligatory floor slide. Also when you score a goal and at the end of the football match there will be music - and it is not the annoying elevator music - it is Queen! To be more precise there is 'We are the champions' and also one of my favorites 'Another one bites the dust' (although I believe this song is supposed to be about HIV as Freddie Mercury had HIV, I think). Overall, I really like this game even though I hate football, it is very easy to play therefore I think it would be suitable for children to play. The little details of this game are great too such as the managers reaction to your goal, the characters dancing at the end and the crowd cheering/booing in the background.

        At the end of the every game there will be a montage of photographs that the camera in the Kinect sensor will have taken of you, the other players and your surroundings while you were playing the game. These photographs are not the best quality but they do have some comic value, although if you click on 'play again' or 'change game' options then the picture will be automatically deleted but you can share them too! There are four other main sporting events in this game including bowling, table tennis, beach volleyball and boxing. I focused on Track and Field and Soccer as they are the sports in the game that I like the most and also I think they would be the most popular sports in this game. The Table tennis game is really boring in my opinion so I do not play it, I also do not play the beach volleyball or bowling games that much as I am don't really like them - mainly as I don't win but other people who play this really like those sports. Overall, I would really like these games, although one annoying thing that can be found though out all of the six games is the numerous replays that can not be skipped past and sometimes the music is not the best (apart from the Queen songs which are great, obviously and the opening game music is fairly good and lively).

        - Mini games

        Now as well as the six main games you get with this, you also get 13 mini games, which is think is fantastic! You can play all of the track and field events as mini games and there are more mini games from the other sports. An example of one of the mini games is: Super Saver which is one of the football mini games. This mini game is really easy and as such it is very boring in my opinion. All you have to do for the Super Saver mini game is be the goal keeper and stop the balls from going in the net. Another example of one of the mini games is: One bowl roll which is, as you have probably guessed, a bowling mini game. This game is a little bit difficult, especially for me as I can not bowl at all. All you have to do for the one bowl roll mini game is knock down the pins, there are arrows on the lane and when a arrow lights up it indicates where along the lane the ball will roll. My favorite mini game is called target kick which is a football mini game and all you have to do is kick the ball and hit the bulls eye targets in the net. There can be up to six targets and in my opinion this game is really easy and entertaining (it is rather funny watching my dad play this particular mini game). Overall, I like the mini games, especially the track and field mini games but the bowling mini games are boring in my opinion but other people may like them.

        - Music/audio and graphics

        Overall, the music for this game is not very good. The majority of the music is that of cheesy elevator music but when the game is loading the opening music is fairly good and quite lively and it gets you up and moving around before the game even starts. The other music that is really good on this game is the 10-15 seconds of Queen that is played - the Queen songs are 'We are the champions' and 'Another one bites the dust'. The graphics for this game are fairly good but they are not fantastically amazing as they are only Mii avatars but the characters and backgrounds are really bright and colourful.

        - Would I recommend this game?

        I would definitely recommend this game as it is a great game for people who like sports and also for people who...don't like sports. I hate playing sports and the only sporting events I watch really is the olympics but I really like this game. I think this game is great for family and friends to play as it has some amazing multiplayer options - so you can either play a one player game (such as the mini games) or you can play with up to eight players (in party mode only). This game is also a great mini workout, especially the track and field events and also the football game.

        - Price and availability

        This game is available to obtain with a Kinect bundle which is how we received this game - I don't think I would have bought it though if it was not with this bundle but it is a really great game. This game can be bought from Argos: £30, Amazon for £22, Play.com: £34.99, HMV: £32.99 and it maybe able to be bought from eBay too. There is also a Kinect sports 2 for a similar price.



        *Easy to play, although some games are more difficult than others
        *Great selection of games and mini games
        *Fantastic multiplayer options
        *Good graphics and some good music but it is mostly cheesy music
        *Great active game that gets you and your family/friends moving around
        *6 sports to play including track and field and football which are my favorites but there are also 13 mini games too!
        *Good instruction booklet and useful tutorial videos before each game
        *A social, entertaining game that is great for a range of ages in my opinion
        *The makers of this game have really paid attention to detail with clips showing the football managers reaction to the opposite teams goal, naming the stadium/arena and the characters winning dance - which in this case is the robot
        *You also get a mini workout/exercise with these games too


        *You have a lot of replays to watch with each game that you can not skip past and some of the music for this game is very cheesy and annoying in my opinion
        *If someone walks in front or behind you while playing the event they can interfere with the game play

        Thank you for reading my review - this review is already posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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          14.12.2011 16:44
          Very helpful



          A great game to get the whole family moving

          I was very lucky in that when I decided to become an Xbox Live user, the membership deal meant that you would get a free game as part of the package of having Xbox Live for a year. The games you could choose from included Halo Reach and Kinect Sports - I can't remember the other two but I have a feeling it might have been something like Kinectimals and Assassin's Creed. You can tell which ones me and my fiancé went for can't you!

          So my choice was Kinect Sports, as I wanted another game that made use of my Kinect and that I could play with friends on social occasions, and as it came with the Xbox Live membership, it was effectively free.


          Kinect Sports was brought out by Microsoft in 2010, as a launch title for the Xbox 360 Kinect hardware. It was intended to not only be a family game but also to demonstrate the motion-sensing capabilities of the Kinect hardware. This was achieved through the six sports games based on Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Boxing and Track and Field.

          There is now a new sequel to the game which was released in October 2011, which is called Kinect Sports Season Two, and this includes six new sports games - Golf, Darts, Baseball, Skiing, Tennis and American Football.

          About the Game

          When the game loads your first menu sees you outside a sports stadium, and you are asked to pick who the main player will be. I believe if you want to play as two players you can both select your profiles, but this is a little bit further into the game.

          You choose options using your hands as you do with all Kinect-specific titles, and in Kinect Sports there are three game modes:
          *Main event - you choose a specific sport to play, either alone or with/against a friend (who can either be in the same room or on Xbox Live if they have a copy of the game for their own Xbox.
          *Party play - for large groups of players in a party situation where you can be in teams and take it in turns to compete against each other with mini games.
          *Mini games - shorter games based on the sports in the main events, including things like time trials and survival games. Up to four people can play these games.

          You can choose your opponents - these can be either friends and family in the same room as you, computer opponents (i.e. AI characters), or online opponents. This is a good feature as it means you don't have to play on your own all the time, though that is also an option if you don't fancy being competitive with anyone other than your own personal bests.

          There are also varying levels of difficulty if you choose to play against AI opponents. You can play against beginners, ameteurs, professionals, or champions. The aim is to increase your own champion status, and each time you play a game and do well you level up, and this allows you to work towards achievements.

          I'll go into a little more detail about each of the games and their associated mini games...


          Obviously this game is based on one of our nations most popular sports. To control the ball you can kick to pass and shoot (if you wait too long you will get tackled!), and you can defend by either sticking your foot in front of the ball as an opponent tries to put it past you, or by using your hands if you are in goal. You will be given free kicks or penalties if there is any foul play from the opposing team.

          In this game friends and family can't be both on your team and the opposing team, so this is more of a two player mode.

          The mini games associated with this are Super Saver (you have to block the striker's shots, and each goal conceded makes you lose a chance, and you only have three to use!) and Target Kick (you are now the striker and you have to hit targets).


          This game is controlled as you would imagine - you put your hand over the bowling ball to "pick it up", and you extend your arm towards the television to throw it. You can also put spin on your throw by bringing your arm across your body when you throw.

          This game is available to play with up to four players, and there are two mini games based on bowling. The first is One Bowl Roll, where you have to knock down specific pin patterns with just one bowling ball, and this is very similar to the football mini game as you have several chances before the game ends. The second game is Pin rush, where you pretty much throw bowling balls as quickly as possible to knock down as many pins as possible in the time allowed. You can earn bonus time by reaching certain numbers of knocked down pins.


          In this game based on beach volleyball you can serve the ball by throwing it up, and choose whether to hit it overhand, underhand or as a jump hit. The idea is to be the first to seven points, and you can play with another player in the room, or with more people online also, but not friends and family all in the same room.
          The mini games based on volleyball are Bump Bash, which is a game of avoiding the items the opposing team throw at you whilst hitting targets, and also the other game is Body Ball, where you have to hit the ball with you head, hands or feet according to the game's commands.


          The game is standalone - there are no associated mini games. You can control your character by punching high and low in front of you, blocking high and low, and by power punching, which is achieved by pulling your shoulder back before punching. This is obviously a one on one game, so you can play on your own, with someone else in the same room, or via Xbox Live.

          Table Tennis

          This game uses your hand as a table tennis paddle, and your other hand is used to serve the ball. You can also perform power slams by hitting the ball extra hard. You can play this game alone, with another person in the room, or with people on Xbox Live.

          The mini games associated with Table Tennis are Paddle Panic, which gives you two paddles and a time limit to return as many balls as possible, and Rally Tally, where the aim is to keep a rally going for as long as possible, until a shot slips through.

          Track & Field

          This is a bit different to the other games as you play a series of mini games to complete one complete athletic game. You do a sprint, throw a javelin, run a long jump, throw a discuss, and also jump hurdles. Each of these events can be played as mini games, rather than having different mini games associated with it as with the other sports.


          The game graphics are fairly good and are based on your avatar from your Xbox. The connection between your movements and the Kinect receiving them and putting them on the screen are fairly fluid so there is no real delay, which I know sometimes occurs on other games consoles and is incredibly frustrating!


          The sound makes the most of your television speakers, and there are some great clips of big hits in the games, such as "Celebration", "Monster" and other recent hits that many members of the family of all ages will recognise.

          My Opinion

          I really like this game as it gets me moving in a different way to my other favourite Kinect games, the Dance Central series. Admittedly some of the events do leave me out of breath, but then I haven't done serious physical activity since my P.E days at school!

          The opportunity to be able to play this game with others both in your own home and online make it more enjoyable as there are different outcomes every time when you play with a selection of people.

          There is also something like 70 achievements to be collected through getting to different stages of the game, which helps the longevity of the game if you are into collecting or are in anyway competitive.

          This game is good for both adults and children, as it's not difficult to get to grips with how to control the game, and it is good as an activity to be played with parents and children rather than having to spend a lot of money on a night out together - though it could never be an effective substitute to playing the real sports in the fresh air!

          The only negatives you might experience is that you have a lack of space to play as you have to kick, punch and swing your arms, and also if you're not a fan of seeing the competitive sides of your friends and family it might not be a good game to play.


          If you are looking to purchase this game it will be a lot cheaper now than when it was first released due to the fact it has now got a sequel that has been released. Using an app I have on my internet browser, the cheapest you can get this new from one of the more well known companies is £19.95 from Zavvi, though you may find it cheaper on Amazon Marketplace, Play Trade, or eBay.

          Also published on Ciao


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          16.10.2011 14:25
          Very helpful



          A great all around game delivering six sports that all play well

          Having gone out and purchased myself a lovely shiny new Kinect sensor I decided that I needed to pick up a few games to try this with and Kinect Sports was the one I had heard a lot about so decided to give a try to but is it worth all of the hype?

          Kinect Sports offers the gamer a chance to compete in six different sports (football/soccer, ten pin bowling, table tennis, beach volleyball, track & field and boxing) with each one having been worked on by the developers to deliver a good gaming experience which thankfully has been managed. With this game you truly feel they have picked a selection and have spent a large amount of time and money on each of the sports in turn rather than leaving any weak links in the chain.
          A well thought out menu system allows controller free access to your games in a quick and easy fashion so less mucking about menu screens and more game time are all able to be had with no fuss.
          This game allows multi-player options that work well and don't detract from the gaming experience which was something that concerned me with the Kinect but I needn't have worried as this game proves in a great way that it can be done and very well.
          Great value for money thanks to 6 sports being included and great replayability this is a game that you are not going to ditch after a short period of time.
          The game has a number of party modes as well as the standard game play so you can play your way any time.
          Kinect Sports takes a lovely video and pictures are available of your victorious moments as you celebrate your victories which you can delete or upload onto the Xbox Live servers.
          Excellent control systems allowing you to truly be the controller as promised by the Kinect in all its advertisements.


          This is an excellent game for the single player or the group as everyone can become involved and take part which for me was a major point to the Kinect itself. A great game with good graphics mean that this is a game I regularly play with my wife and would highly recommend all Kinect owners have in their collection.


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          06.03.2011 20:47



          Good fun but not recommended for pro-gamers

          The Kinect for XBox 360 has certainly revolutionised gaming. I'm sure there are some of us out there who still remember using a joystick on the old Amstrad (thank you Lord Sugar!). However, from those days we are now able to control everything just with our body movements and Kinect Sports is one of the first of its kind.

          First of all, don't get your hopes too high just yet. Although the fact you can use your hands and feet, feeling a little like a Jedi, to control everything, the Kinect games are still very new and therefore quite basic. At the moment, the Sports game only allows for relatively basic movements such as in the soccer game, moving from side to side to intercept a ball and just moving your foot to pass/shoot and not really allowing for any variation.

          The same applies to most of the sports games on there. The boxing is very much like the Nintendo Wii version but without a controller, it's not like you can just turn round and give your opponent an upper cut! The athletics is running and throwing which is quite self explanatory and the volleyball and table tennis also rely on relatively easy hand/arm movements.

          Although the games are very simple this doesn't mean that the are not fun. The sheer fact of having no controllers is enough. The music during the cut scenes is great too as is entertaining the crowd (they follow if you start clapping!). It is great for a party and definitely a step up from the Wii.

          For the avid gamers out there, I wouldn't recommend the Kinect Sports just yet. You need to wait until more advanced games come along (maybe COD for the Kinect!!). I'm sure that will happen in the not too distant future. It is also quite expensive for the lack of variety just at the moment.

          For Kinect Sports, you will need a reasonable amount of space in your room, I'd say 6 feet from the TV would suffice. With two or more players, there needs to be a fair distance between each of you otherwise you are asking for trouble.

          All in all, Kinect Sports is good fun but not a game you will play over and over again. The novelty factor of being controllerless wears off quite quickly and it may be better waiting until a more advanced sports game is released.


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          25.02.2011 22:47



          Great fun, great exercise and a real laugh to play with mates. Can also be played through Xbox Live

          When my partner and myself first tried the KInect Sports game we got instantly addicted to the track and field game! We played two player...laughed a lot at the playback and then played again and again and.....ached from head to toe the next day! We hadn't even realised we were exercising it was that much fun! Since we have bothered friends in to joining us and playing and some of these now own a Kinect themselves! Which is the best possible advert really!

          The boxing part of the game is also massive fun, as well as the volleyball. Personally I got quite bored with the teable tennis as I didnt think it was quite as involving as the other games but my partner has played this game through xbox Live and absolutely loves it. We haven't noticed any kind of lag with this game like we did with Kinect adventures and it follows your movements really well. The menu screen is really simple and easy to use also.

          The graphics are good and the soundtrack is lots of fun! The games require you to be the controller and you can't cheat and take it easy as you can with some of the otehr similar models out there.

          In short...Kinect Sports is in a league of its own and is really worth playing! If only to beat your partner in the boxing ring or race your best mate in track and field and then laugh hysterical at the playback footage!


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          09.01.2011 21:21
          Very helpful



          Wii Sports but 10 times better


          The arrival of Xbox Kinect in November 2010 was eagerly anticipated by gamesplayers around the globe. One of the initial release titles which most people were interested to play was Kinect Sports, purely out of curiosity to see how it matched up to the highly acclaimed and extremely addictive Wii Sports. If Kinect Sports was to prove a hit then it would need to match Wii Sports on enjoyment but surpass it in terms of gameplay.

          Kinect Sports allows you to participate in six disciplines, namely football, table tennis, beach volleyball, bowling, boxing and track and field which itself is broken down into five events. The first thing to note here is that Kinect Sports contains two events which have also appeared in Wii Sports plus the table tennis could also be compared to Wii Sports tennis so direct comparisons could be made between the two games. As with all Kinect games, control of the on-screen action is by player movements so if you want to hold all of the world records and beat your friend's scores, you are going to have to be fairly mobile.


          The football game is a nice introduction into Kinect Sports and is perfect for a warm up as it is not that physically demanding. You are required to swing your leg to pass the ball to a team mate and then shoot on goal. Occasionally when a high ball is played, you will need to head the ball by bending your back and thrusting your head forward. When defending, you just need to move either left or right to attempt to block the ball or when the opposition shoot you will need to throw your arms in a particular direction as well as jumping or crouching down for a low shot. You will not need to dive around so this game is perfectly safe for two players playing side by side.

          ==Table Tennis==

          Table tennis is one of the best events in Kinect Sports. To begin you need to toss the ball high into the air with one hand and hit the ball on its way down with the other. It is easy enough to hit the ball but timing is of the essence as if you catch it sweet then it makes it harder for your opponent to return the ball. Whereas with Wii Sports tennis you can stand in one position and swing your arm at the right time, with Kinect Sports you will actually need to move your feet in order to get across from one side of the table to the other as well as moving forwards and backwards. Although this is still not really a calorie burning event, you will start to get a sweat on during long rallies.

          ==Beach Volleyball==

          Beach volleyball is an interesting addition to Kinect Sports. It can be played as a 1 v 1 game or you can team up with a friend to take on the opposition. Due to the fast action in this event, guides are displayed above your player on the screen when you need to act. These guides will tell you what type of move you need to do, whether you need to set the ball or smash it over the net. This concept works fairly well and even if you are not familiar with the sport, it is still a very enjoyable event to play.


          Bowling was always a fun and easy game to play in Wii Sports and the Kinect Sports offering is no different. The gameplay here is pretty much identical to Wii Sports but with slightly more polished graphics. By moving from your starting position your on-screen bowler will move with you, allowing you to bowl down one side of the alley if you need to. Learning how to bowl a straight ball does take a bit of practise and turning of your technique but this will happen fairly quickly,

          ==Boxing ==

          Boxing in Kinect Sports is one of the most tiring video game events. Footwork is not so important in this event but throwing punches for 90 seconds each round really does take it out of you, both in terms of stamina and strength in your arms. All three punch styles are represented perfectly. The jab is the simplest punch to throw just by pushing your arm forward, the hook is accomplished by swinging your arm round from the side and back in to the middle while the uppercut involves punching upwards. If this game is to be played by two players, ensure that you have enough room so that nobody gets hurt with a stray punch.

          ==Track and Field==

          The athletics events are really where you will get the best cardio workout. The events have been well positioned within the the track and field section so that you will get a breather in the middle rather than doing all the running events one after the other. First up is the 100m dash. To move your athlete you have to run on the spot, the higher you get your knees, the faster he will run. You can start the race from a standing position but to get the fastest start it is best to crouch slightly and lean forward. At the end of the race, lean forward again to make your athlete reach for the line. If you are not out of breath after this event then either you are in top condition or you have not given it 100%.

          Next up is the javelin which involves a short run using the same technique as before and then launching the javelin as far as you can. When running, you need to have your throwing arm straight out behind you, just as you would do if you were actually holding the javelin. This is a fun event, especially if you can clear the main javelin field and land it on the track or in the discuss pen.

          Next up is the long jump. This is very similar to the javelin where you are required to do a short run to get your speed up but then jump before the board in order to launch your athlete. There is no need to land the athlete as this will be automatic. It takes a lot of practise to ensure you are jumping at the right time but again, this is a fun event to play.

          The discus event gives you the chance to take a breather. No running is required for this event. To launch the discuss you just need to swing your arm from behind you at the fastest speed possible to launch the discuss. This is probably the easiest track and field event to play as it requires very little technique.

          Finally it's on to the hurdles which is quite a tricky event to end with. By this stage you will probably have a serious sweat after working hard through the events and the hurdles combines the speed of the 100m with the timing of the long jump. If you mistime a jump you will either clip the hurdle or run straight through it, causing you to slow down or even stop, If you are to get a good time on the hurdles then you need to really concentrate hard as well as putting in all your physical effort. Using the same start and finish techniques as the 100m will shave considerable amounts off your time.

          ==Online play==

          Where Kinect Sports has a distinct advantage over Wii sports is that all these events can be played online. This adds an extra dimension to the game as the computer opponents will only provide competition upto a certain standard. Once you have beaten these you will need the extra challenges of online play in order to keep the game fun. You can elect to either play against a friend or a random person. If you choose a random person you can disable voice chat as a safety measure.

          ==Mini Games==

          If you do not feel like playing the full games, a series of mini games for each event are available, each with their own leaderboards so you can again challenge your online friends in these games.


          Overall Kinect Sports is a great way to showcase the capabilities of the Kinect sensor. The game is fun to play and will appeal to gamers of all ages. The game comes into its own when played with friends but because of the excellent online features, these friends now, no longer need to be in the same room as you. To get the best out of the game, ensure there is about 8ft of space between the sensor and the player and approximately 5ft to either side to allow for movement.


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            20.12.2010 18:23



            great game for anyone to play would recommend if inviting a few friends round or playing with family

            I recently brought this item after playing it at a friends house., it's great for some friendly fun, games include football, beach volley ball, boxing, bowling, track & field, table tennis (track & field is my favorite).,
            Playing against the console or a friend is easy & fun as the kinect detects players fast with it's face detection & you can also play online if you have a xbox gold subscription!
            with the kinect you are the controller so no holding anything or wires getting in the way etc.,
            oh & it's worth a mention that most kinect games have add-ons availbale from xbox market place (usually for around 400 points) but keeps the games more playable i think,
            Also this game records video of the players & has the option of being able to upload them to sites such as facebook etc.,

            I've not had chance to test the online features as yet as we usually play as a family or invite a few friends over, it's quite a crowd pleaser!

            Next game on the list is dance central which again was recommended so will hopefully get that one soon :)


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            19.12.2010 20:19
            Very helpful



            A brilliant game to play with the Kinect Periphial

            I recently bought a Kinect for my xbox 360, and I enjoyed playing the two games I had to start with, so I wanted to buy some more. One of the extra games I bought was Kinect Sports.

            Kinect sports is basically a game full of different sports that you can play, but with you as the games controller. No controller is needed as Kinect Sports is controlled by motion sensing, as long as you actually have the Kinect. If you do not have the Kinect, you will not be able to play this game.

            If you have ever played Wii Sports on the Nintendo Wii, then you will know the rough basics of Kinect Sports as they run along the same line. On Kinect Sports you can play Football, Boxing, Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Track & Field and Bowling.

            The first thing you will notice about this game when you are playing is that it really is not just an easy game to play, you do have to put some effort in to playing. I think this is great as it causes people to stand up and get some excersize whilst having fun and playing games.

            The graphics on the game are bright and colourful, with a surprising amount of detail. The colours are very precise with a good amount of concentration on the shading and shadows. You can use your own avatar from Xbox Live as your player character, which I think is quite cool, especially when you are playing against other people in your house who are registered on the same Xbox 360.

            The Table Tennis is one of my favorite sports to play on this game. You get to play in a proper stadium, with a crowd and a referee/umpire sitting at a table just off the side of the court. There is a proper table and net, and you can clearly see your opponent. As you get further up the levels in Kinect Sports, you get harder opponents to play against, so you have got a challenge on your hands rather than just a boring, easy to play game. The game is available to play left and right handed, you just pick your paddle for the game and away you go. The first person to reach the score of 11 wins the game. At first I found this game rather easy to play, but as I progressed, the skill level of my opponent increased as well. All you have to do is swing your arm at the correct time to return to ball to your opponent and not let it get past you.

            Boxing is the hardest game on Kinect Sports I think, as it really does take it out of you when you play. It really is as it sounds, you just have to box. Be careful though as it is easy to over do it, or to hurt yourself by punching too hard. My partner ached like mad after the first time he played the boxing on Kinect Sports, as he proper went for it! If you are looking to increased fitness, then the boxing game really is for you. I found it fun and challenging at the same time.

            Football is a game I didn't enjoy too much, but then I never have been a fan of playing football. It is interesting to play and it can get a little bit hard to play, but then my partner found it easy. If you have ever been good at scoring a goal in football, you will probably find this one easy enough to play. I found that I wasn't great at it, but I was impressed with the colour and details put into the aspects of this game. Requires a good amount of energy to play this one.

            Beach Volleyball is just as it sounds, playing Volleyball on the beach with teams Vs teams and a large net in the middle, just like in a real game of volleyball. I have never played Volleyball in real life, so it took me a little while to get used to playing this one, but once you get the hang of it, it really is good fun to play and you will find that you throw yourself around the room like an idiot! Its amazing how fun this was, and I found that I actually played this for quite a while, longer than I thought I was playing for. I was quite tired after playing Volleyball on the Kinect Sports, but I think this is a good one for those looking to increase fitness and lose weight.

            Track and Field will tire you out for sure. It really is athletic and involves sprinting and hurdles, among a few other things. If you are very unfit, this is not one for you to try but it is surprisingly fun if you can over come the athleticness needed to play it. I also think this is a good game for those looking to get in better shape. The details on this game are really quite amazing, and I think a lot of work and thought have gone into the making of this.

            The bowling on Kinect Sports is spectacular. The player character even gets wear cool bowling shoes and a bowling shirt. The game is really easy to play to start with, and I am not very good at bowling in real life, so a person who is a good bowler should find this game is quite easy to play. The dynamics of this game are really life like, and all the details are exactly the same as is in a real bowling alley. You can play against the computer, or against others. If you feel like it you can even just play alone, to practice your skills. I found that I actually did quite well in this game, and being a non bowler, I feel that most people will do well without too much effort.

            The Kinect camera takes small videos and photos throughout the game, so you can see at the end of the game what you looked like whilst playing. These usually make me laugh and cringe, as not many people do look exactly wonderful whilst playing lol. Some of the faces that get pulled during playing are quite hilarious to see!

            Everyone that has tried this in in my house loved playing it, and as a family we have had hours of fun on Kinect Sports. There is something for most people to play on here, and you can have fun at the same time. Think of Kinect Sports as the big brother of Wii sports, but a bit more evolved. I have found it to be great fun and I can not think of a single thing that I can fault it on.

            If you have a Kinect for your Xbox 360, then I totally recommend Kinect Sports to you. You can buy this in Game, Argos, Game Station, Amazon and many other stores online and on the hightstreet. Most places will sell this for £39.99 but you can buy it Amazon for £32.90, which is the best price I have found. 5 out of 5 stars from me.

            *This review is also on Ciao under the user name of Hailee*


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            19.12.2010 15:12



            A fun game that everyone can play in groups, I can see parents engaging with thier kids more

            I bought this game with my Kinect sensor. I was not sure what to expect.

            I had played Wii Sports on my cousins Wii. It was good, but you had to get used to using the Wii Remote, you have to acutally adjust yourself to the remote.

            I inserted Kinect Sports into my Xbox 360 and it went through some information on how to use the game, the best distance to stand etc. And I started by playing the Boxing Game.

            There are different modes, play online, play with another player or play against the Xbox as normal. There is a skills adjusting option so you can be a beginner or expert etc.

            So I played against the the Computer. The tracking of my hand movements seemed slower than on Kinect Adventures in the MENU. I must stress that I am talking about the menu system before starting the game. Once you are in the game, the controls are perfect. (This is compared to Kinect Adventures)

            This could be due to the space I have in my bedroom, it is very squashed, I only have just under 2m to play with.

            I have to play in the dark as I use my projector instead of a TV. So that could also be a problem.

            The instructions are clear for any age group to understand.

            I played my first match.

            The idea of the boxing game is similar to all fighting games, beat your apponent till their energy bar goes down.

            After a few punches I totally forgot I was using my body as a controller and it became very natural, I started having fun, and I won my match.

            I heard the celebratory song "Another one bites the dust" which made me smile. It has quite a few victory songs, mostly well known ones, and was a real treat.

            You can pose or do something funny after you have won and your character will perform it.
            All your actions will get played back in photo form, which is fun to see. And you can upload these to the kinect site/profile area and share with your friends.

            I then played Bowling, and Table Tennis. Both of these games were great too. Theres just so much to talk about on this game, but the best way to experience it is to play it.

            I hope this helps some of you thinking to buy this game. It is a must in my book if you own a Xbox 360 and Kinect Sensor.


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            29.11.2010 12:34
            Very helpful



            Just sperb enjoyment and fun for all the family

            == Intro ==

            Gaming on the consoles has taken massive leaps in recent years, both graphically and content wise. Games are far more sophisticated, far more real and I guess far more enjoyable being that you can get quite easily absorbed by the atmosphere and drawn in, and there to stay for hours on end oblivious to the real world. And who could blame you with the state the real world is in.

            Enter the Wii and motion sensor, and you have almost arrived at virtual experience, and here I thought that the only improvement could be in the actual software. A lot of Wii games are cartoony and seem to be more geared up for the younger generation. It couldn't get better, yet it did.

            == Kinect ==

            Kinect is very similar in basic function to the Wii in that a camera and sensor record your movement and transfer the data into the gameplay, making your movement very important especially if you are playing sports as in this game. With the Wii however you need a controller, with the Kinect you are the controller, you are in command and your actions are translated and interpreted to provide a very unique experience indeed. It is extraordinary that you can talk and instruct or intimate a gesture and it will obey you commands...................what next I ask you what next.

            Put your hand in the air to signify you are ready and hey presto you are playing football, track and field, boxing, table tennis, volleyball, or bowling. The avatars are cartoony as in the Wii but they have a bit more character and your avatar when on screen will in most cases perform a lot of the actions you do, therefore you can celebrate and your avatar will celebrate with you.

            At the end of playing a game of football I was bloody knackered, I won 4-2 after scoring a stupendous 3 goals in the last 30 seconds of the game, but to do so I had to put the effort in. Initially it all seems easy peasy, but as time passes you realise you are going to have to pace yourself or you simply wont last the pace. Onscreen indicators help in making decisions, but it is your precision movements which will decide if you win or lose. This is not perhaps so crucial in the football but in the track and field it is almost imperative.

            Right hand out and a javelin automatically pops into your hand, adjust the angle by moving your wrist, run on the spot being careful not to use all your energy, and when you get to the throw line simply pretend to throw as if your javelin was real, and hey presto Don gets a new record. The running is harder you really have to judge it quite well or you'll never finish the hundred meters. Yes first try and another world record, slightly different tactic with the hurdle, run on the spot and jump when the hurdle in view turns green. All sounds so simple but it is very tiring, and extremely good fun. Plus I only got the records since I was one of the first to play, and hardly any records were currently saved so that does make it sound far easier that it actually is.

            The boxing is again super fun, and again after a few tries you will be able to get better control as you appreciate what it takes to be world champ. It is a similar story with all the games practice and an awareness of the skills required to beat your opponent. Each event has a comprehensive instruction at the beginning, which can be skipped once you are aware of the elements required to perform the task efficiently. The bowling is exceptional and I could play this for hours on end no problem, I was not so keen on the volleyball, but there had to be a negative in such a positive experience. And so volleyball gets the minus vote, not all the way to negative, but not as absorbing as the other five games.

            == Summary ==

            My son paid £129.99 for the Kinect sensor addition to his Xbox collection, and he was awarded this game free as a consequence, this would appear to be a pretty standard deal at the moment and indeed a very good one if you are inclined this way. The game on its own can be purchased for around £39.99 and that too is a pretty standard price for an Xbox game. I personally think the prices are extortionate, but cannot deny the immense entertainment value of this pack. I simply loved the football, I felt like I was actually playing and participating in the game, and when I scored my celebration was echoed by my avatar, it all seemed so real with the exception of the slightly cartoony graphics.

            We had a Wii and the initial excitement soon wore off since a lot of it became boring, I simply can't see this entering the boring league, not just because of its intuitive (without controller) interface or indeed the pleasure each game gave, but for it's overall ability to make you feel part of the game, which is something the Wii lacks in my opinion. If I was rating the Wii would probably be in the 5-6 region which really isn't that bad, but the Kinect and in particular the Kinect Sports game get a massive 9, I love it and I can't see me not being in love with it for some time to come. I was absorbed from the first kick of the football until getting knocked out at the boxing, and then I rose to fight again and loved every blinkin minute of it. Fairs dos I was totally knackered, but that falls into insignificance in comparison to the enjoyment I obtained from a simple plastic box and a DVD.


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