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Kinectimals - Kinect Compatible (Xbox 360)

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Genre: Family & Entertainment / Video Game for Xbox 360 / To Be Announced / Release Date: 2010-11-10 / Published by Microsoft

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2011 16:06
      Very helpful



      Gets very boring very quickly, there are only so many times throwing balls can be fun.

      Product description
      Kinectimals in a game for the Xbox 360 using its Kinect technology. As I have in previous reviews I will explain a little about the Kinect sensor for those that are nor familiar with it. Kinect it is a "controller-free gaming and entertainment experience" The Kinect sensor attaches to your Xbox 360 and can be used with any Kinect games. It is sleek black in colour and contains a VGA( Video Graphics Array ) camera with 640x480 pixel resolution @30FPS which allows for facial and body recognition so the sensor can automatically sense which user is playing at any one time. It also include a depth sensor allowing it to see the room in 3D and four microphones allowing you to talk to the sensor.
      The Kinect allows the player to be the remote, to change menu screens with one swipe of the hand and to play games effortlessly, using every part of their body in the action.

      Kinectimals is a game designed for the kinect system. Kinectimals can be played with up to four players, is voice enabled, meaning you can 'tell' the kinect what you want it to do. Is suitable for HD and non HD TV's and takes up to 6MB to save. The Xbox live feature can be used with this game for any achievements earned. It has a pegi rating of 3. It retails at between £15.99 and £24.99. I paid over £30 when I bought it.

      Kinectimals comes in a box with a wooded background with a cute little tiger cubs face smiling in the foreground. The box states that Kinectimals allows you to play with animals in a new way.
      Kinectimals is set in a fictional island called Lemuria, and you have a animal sprite called bumble to help you on your way. One of the main control actions you will need in the game is the hand swipe ( move hand from left to right)to manoeuvre your way through the menus and different areas. The player has a choice of five different big cat cubs to start the adventure with. One of the first things you will learn to do is to teach your cub to do tricks by using both hand action such as the roll over ( hold one hand in front of you and then move it in small circles), sit ( squat down and put your hands on your knees)and body movements such as the jump (jump up and down), play dead( lie on the floor with your feet facing forward) and voice commandments such as come here and go to sleep.
      Throughout the different mini games such as throw and fetch and teaching new tricks and adventures you can track your progress using the on screen information such as looking in your 'toy box' which contains all the food and toys you have collected for your animals and looking at the discovery bar which shows how many points you have earned and the next environment you will unlock.
      The game consists of different elements such as looking after your cub, different challenges, exploring the island, contests, meeting up to 20 different cubs and finding treasure.

      My experiences of the game
      I bought Kinectimals as my four year old boy after being recommended it by a friend. The games itself is a little sickly sweet and seems to be aimed at the younger end of the market, as to be honest it isn't very demanding or taxing and the mini games such as a throwing the ball to knock down some skittles does get quite boring, very quickly, saying that my son adores this game and quickly got the hang of the swipe action and the different voice commands for the cubs. The graphics are very good and lifelike and the animals do look very cute but looking past that it quickly looses its charm and bores very easily. My four year old is the only one in the house who will ask to play the game as my 12 year old daughter thinks it is just too boring to bother with.
      So to sum up, would I go out and pay full price for the game knowing what I know now? No, I don't think I would, I think I'd wait until it was half price or buy it pre-owned. It is alright for the young ones but be prepared to doze off whilst they play.


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