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Legendary (Xbox 360)

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Atari / Genre: Action & Adventure / Release Date: 2008

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    4 Reviews
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      09.06.2011 22:09
      Very helpful



      The best underrated game I have played with lots of mythological creatures and lots of variety!

      == LEGENDARY ==
      Legendary is a first person fantasy shooter developed by Spark Unlimited and had been published by Atari. Legendary was released back in 2008 and is available for the PS3, PC and the Xbox 360. When I first laid eyes on the game I was at a friends house and I think he had rented it from Blockbuster. After watching him and having a few goes myself I was very impressed with the game. Legendary is one of those games that doesn't get the credit it deserves. The story to the game is a very interesting and mysterious one. Legendary is also set in New York City and London and the best features of each city can be seen in the game but not how they are seen in real life. In the game you play as Charles Deckard a professional thief.

      The game starts with Charles in a New York Museum because he has been hired by a mysterious group known as the Black Order to steal an ancient artifact. The artifact turns out to be the legendary Pandora's Box. Charles is unaware of the box's nature and he accidentally opens it unleashing all different mythological creatures and demons that start terrorizing and destroying the world. However the box doesn't just unleash all these ferocious beasts, it also grants Charles with the legendary power of the Signet. Charles believes the Signet's power is the only solution to resolving the crisis. Now Charles must has to set things right because he feels its all his fault and he also has to stop the Black Order from acquiring the box as they intend on using it to control the mythological creatures to take over the world.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      Legendary is very similar to most first person shooter game but it does offer a couple of things that most don't. The first is mythological creatures and to be fair at first I wasn't a big fan but it certainly grew on me as the game got further. The first level is brilliant and you can see many different mythological creatures on it but the couple after that are a little disappointing in terms of variety in the creatures but all the levels are action packed and filled with excitement. There are a total of 8 fulfilled action packed levels in the game. In legendary there are lots of different mythological creatures that stand in your way and some of these include griffins, minotaurs, werewolves, dragons and many more. Each creatures has different attacks and they also have their own weaknesses. Every time you defeat a creature you can use your Signet to absorb a mysterious orb to help rejuvenate your health.

      The game is like most first person shooter games with just the gamer seeing the gun/weapon and the cross air and only seeing the main character in the movies to the game. Whilst progressing through the game using your Signet's power to absorb orbs the creatures leave you learn new techniques. My personal favourite is a little bit of telekinesis and the force push ability. There isn't a whole lot of abilities to learn but most of them do come in handy and they look equally as good. In Legendary you will come across lots of different weapons. The first weapon you acquire is an Axe and the Axe is great for power but not so good against flying creatures or even mercenaries with guns. However there are lots of different guns available in the game and some of these include a pistol in which I only use if i'm low on ammo for everything else because its really weak. There is also a machine gun which is great but it uses up ammo so quickly. I tend to use the shotgun a lot because of its power but it does have a short range.

      The surroundings in Legendary like the buildings, skyscrapers and other objects can be destroyed by constant shooting and also constant attacks from mythological creatures. On screen when your playing is your health meter and every time your hit by something it deteriorates and the only way to heal yourself is with the Signet's power. Collect the orbs and you'll be fine. Charles also has the ability to sprint for a certain amount of time and when his stamina runs out it slowly regenerates as you play. Charles also has a PDA and it can be accessed at anytime by pressing the back button. The PDA contains information to help you on your quest with current missions, text messages and also info on the creatures and how to kill them. Overall Legendary has some superb gameplay features that make this a top quality game.

      === GAME MODES ===
      SINGLE PLAYER - Single player mode is where you go to start a new game and is the main mode with the fantastic story. In this mode you take on endless amounts of mythological creatures and other enemies whilst trying to find a solution to the problem. You can only play as Charles in this mode but it doesn't really make a difference because you only see him in the movies. Note: this mode cannot be played in multiplayer mode and it also cannot be played with any online members but its still a fun and interesting game mode to play. The only disappointment is that there are only 8 levels to beat on this mode but it can be very challenging. Also in the single player option after completing each mission you can go back on that mission via the load episode tab. You can also view your PDA here and a prologue sideshow.

      MULTIPLAYER - Multiplayer mode is for online play and as stated doesn't feature a co-op story mode. In multiplayer mode you get the option of choosing a ranked match or just a normal player match. Ranked matches give you points for the overall leaderboard and player matches are there purely just for fun. When you've picked the mode that suits you the game will start. The aim of the game is to be the last team standing. Three teams battle it out against each other and the team remaining is victorious. Black-ops soldiers, a group of rebels and a group of mythological creatures battle to the death. However this game mode does have a couple of downsides to it and one is the fact you cant be on the mythological creatures team and that is because the computer controls them. You can persuade the creatures to help you though. The other downside to this mode is that it is extremely hard to find anyone online playing the game. Without the online players this mode is pretty much pointless. Although if you do somehow find people online playing then this game is completely different to most first person shooter games online and offers something new.

      Both the graphics and sound effects to Legendary are really good. Starting with the graphics and I would have to say that most of them do stand out really well and most of the game is beautifully designed to every detail. I was very impressed with the design of each level and the detail that had been put into each level. Especially the first couple of levels in which buildings are being torn down, destroyed and you get to watch the whole show. Also the detail and design of most of the mythological creatures is brilliant. My personal favourites are the werewolves and griffins because they stand out. Another good thing in terms of graphics for this game is the actual lighting effects and they do make the game better. I was also impressed with how quick the weather changes in this unrealistic game and the graphics really stood out for me.

      The sound effects to the game are what makes this game brilliant in my opinion. I was really impressed with the music to the game. The main menu music is brilliant and I feel it suits the game really well. The game music is a mixture of rocky and mysterious music and it fits perfectly well into the game. I also think the overall sound effects are really good especially when all the action comes into play which is pretty much straight away. It sounds much better on surround sound which the game does support. The creatures in the game have their own unique sound effects and they certainly bring the game to life more. Overall the graphics to Legendary are really good but the sound effects are what steals the show and in my eyes I probably wouldn't of enjoyed the game as much if the sound effects were a little weak.

      Legendary can be an awkward game at times. The game offers three difficulty settings and I advise you start on easy because if your new to this game you will possibly struggle on the normal and hard difficulty settings. The controls to the game are simple and very easy to remember, they are also very similar to most FPS (first person shooting) games. I did find that in some places the game doesn't offer hints except an arrow telling you where to go. For example an arrow could be pointing up to a ledge you cant reach and the only way you can do it is if you think long and hard because the answer of how to do it is always stupid. Also whilst going through the levels I found myself always getting ambushed by countless creatures and enemies and the only way I could get further is if I take my time. It is a difficult game but it makes it that more challenging.

      The length of the game varies. While there are only 8 levels on the game and some of them are finished quickly you will need to go through the game on 3 separate occasions because of achievements. If the multiplayer options were still playable then this game would last a long time. Legendary took me a total of 15 hours which is a little disappointing but I seriously like the game and could play it over and over again.

      === ACHIEVEMENTS ===
      A lot of people buy Xbox 360 games for a little fun and some buy the games for the achievements. Legendary has a total of 50 achievements to get and that includes so many secret achievements. Most of the achievements can be attained from doing certain bits in the single player story mode and some can be acquired through the online multiplayer mode which is almost dead. Most of the achievements are fairly simple to get and shouldn't cause a problem. The only iffy achievements are online and completing the game on the hardest difficulty setting. Overall the achievements to an Xbox 360 game are becoming more and more important to a gamer and the achievements in Legendary are met with mixed reviews.

      === GOOD BITS ===
      *Legendary is a FPS with lots of different mythological creatures in.
      *The game features some brilliant sound effects and the music makes the game stand out for me.
      *Also the game is action packed with lots of gun play and slashing action.
      *Certain graphics in the game stand out, especially when the buildings are falling down or being smashed into a million pieces.
      *You have to play through the game on more than one occasion.

      === BAD BITS ===
      *The game has a couple of glitches here and there but its nothing important.
      *With only just 8 levels this is far the games biggest disappointment.
      *The game can be quite difficult at first until you get the hang of the game.
      *Multiplayer option is almost dead and there is never anyone online to play with.
      *The game is very underrated in my opinion.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      Legendary has to be one of the most underrated games I have ever played. I simply cannot understand why its so underrated because its a wonderful game with lots of variety. Okay there are a whole bunch of different FPS games available but there aren't many with mythological beasts in them and there is certainly very few with a decent storyline. The game is purely built on non-stop action and it certainly delivers that. Its a challenging game but also a fun game to play. I do however feel the game would of been more popular if there was a co-op story mode and a few more decent online modes but there simply isn't.

      Legendary has a mediocre gamer manual with only 18 pages of pretty much nothing. It does offer very little information about the game and it doesn't offer much in terms of help and support. The game also has a game rating of 15+ and this is because the game features very strong violence within a fantasy setting.

      I recently purchased my copy of Legendary from Amazon for a very reasonable price of just over the £5 mark but my copy was bought as used but it did come in immaculate condition without a single mark on the disc and with the case in perfect condition. I was very happy because the seller had it on as just good condition and I think the seller could of had the game down as 'like new'. Legendary is retailing on Amazon for £11.99 for a brand new copy or around the £5 mark for a used copy.

      I would seriously recommend the game to fans of the FPS genre and to gamers who like certain things such as mythological creatures. I'm a big werewolf fan and that has to be another reason why I love this game. Its different and offers a lot to a gamer. Overall Legendary is one of the best FPS games in my eyes and I would give the game a very solid 8/10. A must play for all fans of these games!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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        08.08.2009 12:37
        Very helpful



        A decent shooter.

        Legendary, for the Xbox 360, is a shooter that has a lot to live up to, given its very ambitious name!

        This game has you playing as Charles Deckard who is a master theif. He is assigned a mission by someone to steal Pandoras Box, and surprise of surprises it opens!

        All hell is let loose with the likes of werewolves and minotaurs running around New York City along with our hero gaining the powers of the animus. The concept of the story is pretty interesting but is hindered at times by some clunky dialogue.

        The gameplay here is in the first person perspective; you have a nice variety of weapons ranging from regular 9MM pistols to missile launchers. The games fantastical enemies are pretty fun to battle and some have their own quirks for you to figure out but once you have done so it begins to get old as the game recycles the same enemies for the entirety of the game. The boss battles are surprisingly epic in scale and are some of the most fun moments in the game especially the Golem battle.

        To add to the variety you can use the powers of your animus though these are limited to a healing ability and one to repulse enemies and objects away from you, handy to have but they could have easily been alot more adventurous with the powers you receive!

        The game suffers from lack of development time and overall level of polish, I encountered numerous bugs and glitches while playing. Ranging from getting stuck on objects to poor hit detection with enemies that just wouldn't die this game does have its problems.

        The graphics on show here are surprisingly strong, not the best on the system but above average. Environments and characters are reasonably detailed though the game does suffer from some textures suddenly popping in akin to Mass Effect.

        The story is reasonably entertaining and the game is reasonably enjoyable overall, just don't expect to much and you should have some fun here.


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        16.07.2009 10:51
        Very helpful



        Worth a play if you can find it cheap.

        Legendary is an interesting game. It's an FPS in a 'real' world setting, that has been invaded by mythical creatures which have been unleashed from Pandora's box. It's a pretty neat concept that doesn't really play as good as it sounds. That's not to say Legendary is a bad game, because it really isn't. It's just really, really average and does nothing that hasn't been done a million times before.

        The main feature of Legendary is the array of creatures you can fight. Sadly, these are almost entirely limited to Werewolves, with little lava demons and evil pixies making an occasional appearance, and gryphons and minotaurs featuring only as boss characters. The rest of the enemies are standard special forces type humans, which, rather depressingly, are more scary than any of the monsters you'll fight. Boss fights however, are good, and never feel unfair, which is vitally important and seems to be somewhat lacking these days.

        The rest of the game, you've played before. Kill humans, collect their weapons and use them against them. The main weapons aree the usual shotguns, machine guns, pistols and RPGs, with molotovs and grenades making an appearance too.

        The voice acting is appalling, and the graphics are just flat out poor. In summary, if you have nothing else to play and want to play an FPS, there are better choices, but if you've played everything else, this will see you through. It's not out-and-out bad, just run of the mill.


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        08.05.2009 16:37
        Very helpful



        Send mythical creatures back from whence they came!

        In Liverpool there is a building near the River Mersey that has on top the famous Liver Birds. As legend has it these birds were originally meant to be Griffins, but unfortunately the artist had no idea what a Griffin looked like so he knocked up something he thought was right. I have driven past the Liver Birds many times and often wondered what they would be like if real - scary that's what. Imagine visiting Liverpool having to not only avoid the local youths, but also 6 foot lion-bird things with giant beaks. Thankfully, to my knowledge the Liver Birds have yet to come to life, but according to the game 'Legendary' if anyone opens Pandora's Box this is exactly what would happen.


        'Legendary' is a FPS from the team that brought you the awful 'Turning Point: Fall of Liberty' (or Turding Point: Fall of Lavatory as I call it). Thankfully, they have improved on this game, just. You play as a master thief who has been tricked into opening Pandora's Box and have unleashed mythical creatures into the world including Griffins, Minotaurs and Fairies. Engraved into your hand is a symbol that can close the box. You must use guns and the powers now held in your hand to save the world.

        In terms of gameplay 'Legendary' holds up reasonably well. It is a very generic FPS, but benefits from some interesting enemies and set pieces. You fight your average humans, but also mythical creatures. It is when you are up against creatures such as against a Golem that the game is at its best. Unfortunately, these elements are not as often as fighting humans. These sections are pretty poor as the controls feel floaty and the shooting slightly light. This is certainly in the lower spectrum of FPS quality. (3 out of 5)


        At least you can saw that they tried with the story in this game. I was not impressed with the characters as they were all a little bland and forgettable. The story itself works as a concept, but the narrative is pretty poor. The plot is only there to push the characters to a new location and does not explore the rich ideas that the game could have produced. Essentially, the idea was to have an excuse to allow a player to shoot a Griffin in the face with a shotgun. (3 out of 5)


        Unlike 'Turding Point', 'Legendary' is a game that you will actually want to complete as it is not completely broken. However, it's a completion that may come about a little faster than you would expect. At around 8 hours the game is over before it gets tiresome. This is probably a good thing, but not great value at full RRP. There are achievements to get, but most are doable in one playthru. As I will mention in a minute the online adds nothing to the experience. (2 out of 5)


        I have given up counting how many times I have mentioned rubbish online elements to games this generation. I would much prefer a longer and more polished single player game than a tacked on multiplayer that no one wants. This is the case here as 'Legendary' has a poor online versus mode similar to team death match. When you get a game there is either only one other player, or it jerks around too much. Multiplayer elements should now be left to big budget games or multiplayer specific games. The era of whacking on some poor death match is over. (1 out of 5)


        Graphically, the game suffers from its obvious lack of budget. The vast majority of the games this generation look good enough and that is the case here. Spark does a respectful job in recreating giant beast of mythology. However, the modelling feels cheap and a little wobbly. A higher budget would have also allowed them to improve the characters modelling of the main characters. (2 out of 5)

        Level Design

        To go along with the slightly cheaper feel of the game the level design is generic to a fault. The game looks like it is open world, but pushed you through virtual corridors all the time. The one of two open segments make a refreshing change, but they are too rare to be impressive. (2 out of 5)


        The voice acting on show was of a decent enough standard. The negatives must go to the music. It was annoying and did not fit in with the feel I wanted from the game. (3 out of 5)


        Unlike its predecessor 'Legendary' is not a game without some charm. The core idea of a FPS against mythical creatures is a good one and in a couple of epic set pieces against Golems and Krakens the game is good. However, nearly every other element of the game is hampered by a lack of originality, vision or budget. Level design, graphics and sounds are pretty poor and will put some people off playing. I would not advise picking up this game for any more than £10 and only to those people who have played the majority of FPSs on the 360 and are in need of a fix. Compared to the greats such as 'Bioshock', 'Call of Duty' or 'Halo 3', this game seems like from an older era. (2 out of 5)

        Maker: Spark RRP £50
        Amazon uk £12.95
        Play.com £10.25


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      • Product Details

        Legendary tells the story of Charles Deckard, an art thief who is duped into stealing Pandora's Box. When he inadvertently opens it, he releases hordes of beasts thought to be fictional - such as werewolves and gryphons - into an unprepared modern world. A full scale war between man and myth begins, and it is quickly complicated by the actions of powerful secret societies. As the person responsible for releasing this terror, Deckard's unwittingly become the only person capable of containing it once more and saving civilization from being destroyed by the terrifying creatures.

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