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Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (Xbox 360)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Xbox 360 / To Be Announced / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2009-11-20 / Published by Activision

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    3 Reviews
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      31.08.2011 01:21
      Very helpful
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      Well worth purchasing for kids and adults alike.

      Get ready for some adventurous journeys with Indy and the world of Lego. Build and battle through all four of the Indiana films and embark on a voyage just like a real explorer like Doctor Jones himself. Its humorous, problem solving, action packed and will entertain all ages!

      So Xbox have brought us Indiana Jones 2. Its 1-2 player game that can connect to Xbox live and is suitable for age 7+(www.pegi.info) retails at about £20 but you can get some better deals if you bargain hunt.

      The game objective is to collect lots of coins (by destruction and constructions), to buy extras and follow Indy's journey through the map completing lots of little missions on each separate section. These are usually accompanied by one final larger mission at the end of each section. The game has lots of rewards to collect along the way which gains you bonus features.

      The game includes lots of the characters from the film which you switch between to complete tasks (certain characters have special features and tools) The game also includes lots of new transport modes and new characters that aren't present in the 1st Lego Indiana Jones. It has an extra self build section where you can make your own levels and add all the entertaining extras which will amuse you for hours after you completed the game (which will also take a long time) .

      The Lego characters themselves are great, they resemble the films characters very well without any affect on still being the little Lego men we all played with as children. The game is very user friendly and easy to get the hang of and although there is a small amount of reading to be done they usually show what you need to do in pictures so the kids aren't confused which is great.

      My opinion:

      Brilliant fun for Indy fans of any age. My five year old loves this game,I play it regularly with her and we both giggle about it. Although there is a little violence its all done in good humor and I think the rating of 7+ is a bit OTT... its only Lego. It's problem solving and gets your mind working, addictive and leaves you wanting to do lots more once you start. Whip your way through this adventure and enjoy the quirky humor throughout.

      My verdict:

      I would suggest this as a great family game and you get lots of game for your money. This is why I rate this as 10/10 for a family game.


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        18.03.2010 15:54
        Very helpful



        The best Lego game yet

        For the past few years the Lego games franchise has blossomed faster than a nuclear cloud. The games include two Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones. For all the difference that the themes bring, the games are all very similar. With the announcement of a Lego Harry Potter and yet another Lego Star Wars (this time the Clone Wars ilk), it won't be long until you have a Lego Lego game. This game would be based on the popular building block phenomenon, but in electronic form! Before this particular barrel is scraped, Traveller's Tales (TT) launched a sequel to their Indiana Jones themed game. Would a new Lego game have enough impact to impress someone who has played all the previous outings?


        Since 'Lego Star Wars' on the Xbox, the TT Lego games have not expanded much on the tried and tested gameplay. Once again, two players can join forces to undertake a series of fun levels based on a popular film franchise, but in Lego. In the case of 'Lego Indiana Jones 2' there are a few changes that enhance the game over its predecessors. Each of the four Indy films is represented by a hub world. Within each world there are several levels that represent the main story points, but also several bonus levels that are designed just for fun. To complete the game fully you need to go through all the levels with different characters to unlock and see everything.

        It has been this sense of discovery that has always made the Lego games fun. An apparently linear level may hide a hidden disco full of Star Wars characters if you look close enough. The two player mechanism is also a highlight as always. Many of the characters from the films are represented in Lego form and have individual skills e.g. Indy has a whip, his dad can read ancient text, whilst the ladies can jump higher. You and an AI pal, who can also be played by a co-op partner, must work together to solve every puzzle. TT have become increasingly adept at working the cooperative angle; this is only enhanced by the new splitscreen system that allows the two players to move away from one another. It works brilliantly and really opens the game up.

        'Lego Indy 2' has the same tried and tested gameplay as all the other games in the series, but the improved hub levels and splitscreen means that I found it the best yet. Having played the first Indy game in the series I was worried that the same levels would be used. This is not the case as TT have created all new levels based on the older films. (4 out of 5)


        As a set of games Lego relies on the player having a good understanding of the film or characters they are lampooning. With the case of Indy or Star Wars this is not an issue as most people know all the films well. With no dialogue some of the most famous scenes from the movies are replayed with a sly mocking tone similar to Gromit from the 'Wallace and Gromit' films. I think that they work well, but rely perhaps a little too heavily on a prior knowledge of the films. Small children would probably not have to worry though, as the cutscenes are entertaining enough even if they are not aware of what is happening. (3 out of 5)


        With so many bonus areas to unlock and so many things to collect 'Lego Indy 2' is probably the biggest game in the series yet. Each film has its own hub, and there is an added level creator that can be played with for hours. If you just played the story, the game would be perhaps 5 hours long, but this would not make sense as a lot of the fun is gained from returning to old levels and unveiling new things. There are also achievements and trophies to consider if you have the game in HD format. To get a full set you will need to invest a good 15 hours, all of which will be fun as you can unlock legitimate cheats that speed up the process. (5 out of 5)


        Usually if a game has no online features I leave out this section as an irrelevance. However, in the case of 'Lego Indy 2' I think the inability to go online and play co-op is a massive problem. The game is great fun with a friend on the couch, but would also work over the internet. The lack of this functionality is made worse by the fact that some of the earlier games had it. (1 out of 5)


        One of the obvious benefits for a developer of using Lego as an art source is that the blocky nature makes developing the graphics simpler. Therefore, the lower res look of the Wii version of 'Indy 2' would not be far off the 360 version. Saying that, the 360 does look good and the bold use of colour makes it a fun game to play. It is not something that you would use to prove the power of the console, but the graphics are easily good enough to do the job. (3 out of 5)

        Level Design

        The introduction of the hub system means that the level design of 'Indy 2' is significantly different from earlier efforts. The same situation arises with the ability for the two players to split up, no longer are puzzles forced to be right next to each other, but can be further apart. That being said there is no major difference between what is on offer here than before. The hubs act as a fun addition, but the basic level design has not really moved on. Perhaps in later titles come additional flourishes will need to be added, but for now it is a case of it not being broken. (4 out of 5)


        As an official Lucasart product all the music from the film is present and accounted for. There is a lot that can be said for the swell of the Indy theme once in a while. However, with a mute cast the rest of the sound is pretty quiet. There is not much in terms of explosions etc that really stand out. (3 out of 5)


        Having played all the Lego games so far I was starting to feel that the series was becoming stale. However, with just a couple of innovations Traveller's Tunes has managed to reinvigorate the franchise and make their best game to date. Throw in a hub system and the ability to split up, into an already well loved movie franchise and you are onto a winner. The sense of adventure, fun and exploration are as present as ever and there is enough entertainment here to please both youngsters and veteran gamers. As before, the game is best played alongside someone else, and the inability to do this online is perhaps the games only major flaw. All new levels set in all four Indiana Jones movies makes this a great game for all the family. (4 out of 5)

        Maker: Traveller's Tales RRP £40
        Amazon uk £27.03
        Play.com £29.99


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          31.12.2009 15:59
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Fab game fo Lego or Indy fans

          Lego Indiana Jones 2 - The adventure continues is a great follow on game to lego Indiana The original adventures.
          More of the fantastic puzzles that where in the original and a great addition of the Creation mode which enables you to build and play through your very own levels, this is one of the games greatest features as far as my 7 year old son is concerned.

          Work your way through levels playing as Indie, Willie, The masked bandit and many more. Characters become available as you progress through each level, each character having one of several different abilities for example

          Excavate: owns a Shovel, can dig in glowing areas of the ground.
          Repair: Has a Wrench, can fix things throughout the level.
          Whip: All of the different Indianas have them, they are used on glowing pallets to swing or pull things.
          Jump: All females have this ability, they can jump higher to gain access to certain areas.

          All characters you control during Story Mode become playable in Free Play Mode, once you've completed the level.

          In conclusion - A great game for Indiana or Lego fans which can go on and on.


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