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NBA Street Homecourt (Xbox 360)

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Genre: Sports / Rating: E - (Everyone),up to 4 players / published by: EA - Electronic Arts

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2008 14:18



      Must have if you play for gamerscore


      Homecourt is a twist on ordinary NBA games. The gameplay is good with the ability to do tricks with the ball, including passing off opposing players' heads, and the infamous double-dunk.


      Homecourt is played as a three-a-side game on a conventional court. You get 1 point for a dunk or a shot inside the 3-pointer zone. You gain 2 points for shots outside the 3-pointer zone, or for a double dunk, which is gained by holding B, sthe shoot button, for a certain amount of time. Too little, and you only get a single dunk. Too much, and the player fails the dunk completely and is momentarily out of the game. The "trick-remixer" buttons, which are the Right and Left Bumper buttons add flexibility to the game. This prevents the game becoming boring. The ability to do different moves also depends on the player's build and body-type. This means the game can be completed a few times without becoming boring. After doing so many tricks, you gain the ability to initiate the 'Gamebreaker' mode in which the player can gain more points then a conventional shot/dunk by preceeding it with trick moves. In my opinion, this is a cool twist to the game which you wouldn't see on a normal NBA game.

      A feature of this game is the easy ability to gain Gamerscore. Players who play for gamerpoints should buy this game as completing the game can get a player 900G without even playing online.


      The graphics for this game are fairly average. When the gamebreaker is initiated, the entire screen is covered in a weird, yet epic, effect of black and white with dashes of red and blue. This is quite a nice effect, in my opinion.


      The soundtrack for this game is really good and catchy, including the awesome remix of I Want You Back by the jackson 5, mixed by DJ Z-Trip. The sound effects of the actual game, however, are quite disappointing. The NPCs speech effects seem varied at first, but become annoying and repetative after playing the game a lot.


      The game can become slightly repetative whilst playing through the game, and even online games can be boring or one-side dominated. Overall, it is a good game, however it won't last you particularly long. If you play for gamerpoints, then by all means buy this game. But if you're looking for a realistic NBA experience, then this probably isn't the game to you.


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  • Product Details

    next-gen entry in EA''s rim-rockin'', arcade-style street ball game. This entry in the franchise still allows you to throw down and go to town on others like any other NBA Street meet, but its focus is all about basketball giving hope to the streets that the sport is known in. Downtown streets are dangerous, and cities aren''t always safe. There''re villains, sure. But also, we''ve got heroes. And this game is about the heroes, the ballers whose skills on the court inspire those not sure which way to turn in life. In 3-on-3 basketball play, you battle to earn respect for your hometown. The ultimate goal is to beat NBA superstars from their hometown courts to the legendary parks across the land, finally putting your neighborhood on the map. Become a streetball legend, 90 feet at a time.

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