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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Xbox 360)

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9 Reviews

Genre: Racing / Driving, Rating: T - (Teen),up to 2 players, Manufacturer: EA - Electronic Arts

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    9 Reviews
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      22.02.2012 16:57
      Very helpful



      One of the best thrill-based race games out there.

      Need For Speed - Most Wanted Xbox 360

      Released by Electronic Arts in it's original form in 2005 on Xbox, Nintendo Game Cube, PC and Playstation 2. Developed by EA Black Box.
      Upgraded for the Xbox 360 in 2006. Mobile phone variations of the game have also been introduced.

      Why I purchased

      Not really one for race or car games, unless they are done properly and feel realistic, I was not that enthusiastic or concerned about playing Need for Speed - Most Wanted. As many people know I like a bargain and numerous times I've picked up cheap games that I ordinarily wouldn't buy and they've turned out to be great games as well as bargains. Need for Speed -Most Wanted is one of those games. I only paid four ninety-nine for it and it was well worth it. I think it is one of the games that you actually would get value for money for even if you paid full price.
      I tried a quick race to see what it was like. It seemed Ok and the handling felt good. I then decided to go straight into the 'Career Mode' section of the game. Yes a career and I use the term loosely, of a street racer.

      Career Mode

      The career mode is quite well put together and can be really exhilarating and so much fun to play.
      It comes in the form of a blacklist of most wanted drivers. The blacklist has fifteen drivers on it and your aim is to work your way to the top of the list by beating each driver in turn starting at the bottom of the list. As you would expect, each driver is harder to beat than the next.
      To earn the right to a drive off against a blacklist member you must complete a number of tasks. These tasks come in the form of races, milestones, which are like mini-achievements, and a bounty, which is the price on your head for damaging public property, speeding, evading the police and all manner of car related crimes.
      As example; to beat a driver you might first need to win five races, gain three milestones and get a bounty of one hundred thousand. Then you earn the right to take on that driver. If you beat him you move up to the next driver on the list and take the place of the driver you beat. You can also gain a chance to obtain a pink slip to take the driver's car into your possession.
      Milestones can be varied and are an integral part of the game. Examples of milestones are: 'Scratch the paint off 20 police cruisers' or 'get clocked on a speed camera at over one hundred and sixty miles an hour. 'Get involved in a police chase lasting nine minutes or longer and evade the police to complete'.
      While you are racing you can raise attention from the police and as the race finished you can get involved in a chase and gain milestones in this way. This in turn helps raise your bounty, provided you escape the police. Police chases can be extremely hair-raising. You start off at level one which is, basically, local police searching you out. The more damage you cause or the more time you spend evading them the higher the wanted level becomes. At level three it starts to get more difficult as the police send in more reinforcements. Level four and police helicopters join in the chase, making it more difficult to escape. Level five is the top wanted level and sees the big boys get involved in customized police cruiser built for chasing racers.
      There is also a really great 'game moment' camera that you can use in police chases. If you see a road block coming up ahead on the map you can ready yourself and as you approach press the 'X' button to enable the game moment camera, which sends everything into slow motion. This gives you a chance to see where the police have laid stingers across the road or for you to find the weak spot in the roadblock. You can also turn quite quickly or change position in game moment mode, even though everything else is slowed to the max.
      Get caught three times in any one car and the car is impounded by the police. You can buy it out but will have to wait a while or sometimes you get to use a free card that enables you to get the car out instantly.
      When you have won the five races, completed the three milestones and earned the specific amount of bounty the rival racer becomes available to take on. To begin with, the earlier drivers on the blacklist are raced against in two races outright. Beat one and he gets scratched off the list and you go after your next rival, starting over with fresh races, milestones and bounty.
      Within the career mode game you can also opt to choose 'free roam' and travel around at your leisure. Here you can still find race options and visit the garage or safe house or take on milestone challenges. You can still incur the wrath of the local police in free roam and gain some milestones from the impending chases that occur.

      Challenge Series

      The 'Challenge Series' is exactly what it states, a series of challenges for you to try and complete. You get no achievements by doing this as all the achievements are earned by beating the drivers on the blacklist in 'Career Mode'.
      As I mentioned earlier when describing milestones, the challenges races also come in the form of tasks. It could be an all out race, damaging police cars, lap races, sprint races, circuit races or a 'Speed trap' or 'Tollbooth' race.
      A speed trap race is a more a race of keeping your head than putting the proverbial foot down. In these races is doesn't matter if your first or last across the line, as long as you accumulate the highest speed overall when passing through the designated speed cameras along the race course.
      Toll booth races are like timed races or time trials. You start from tollbooth one and have to reach a series of them before the time runs out on each one. You could have ten seconds, twenty, fifty or two minutes to the next toll booth, but if you don't make it then its game over.

      Rap Sheet

      If you click on the 'Rap Sheet' tab the game brings up a police computer onto your screen and this enables you to view all your stats from the game, such as amount of police cars damaged or disabled, damage to property, speeding fines, length of chases, cost to the state, existing warrants and much more. All these attributes go towards your street cred and are recognized by other drivers on the blacklist. You can compare your scores or stats with other drivers on the leader boards.

      Game play

      Need For Speed - Most Wanted handles like a dream and in my opinion is one of the smoothest and most realistic driving games out there. The cars handle so well and you feel like you are in total control. Some of the speeds you hit are amazing and it really is exhilarating to say the least.
      The police chases can be really fun and exciting and some of the milestones can be hard to achieve, giving you that real sense of victory when you do finally get them.
      You can buy different cars and then take them to the work shop and spend the money you earn from winning races to customize them. There are some great add-ons for cars, including new engines, suspension, nitro boosters, wheels, trims, spoilers and a whole lot more. You can also give you vehicles custom paint jobs in an endless variety of colours. Decals can be added, such as tribal designs and the like. You can add numbers to the bonnet, doors or roof and sponsors virtually all over the car.
      The races are realistic and the controls are easy to pick up.
      In a chase it is great to listen in to the police radio channel to know what they're planning and to get a heads up on any blockades coming your way.


      The graphics are superb and the cars look the business. Once you've customized a car you really feel like it's yours with your own design stamp on it and it looks exactly like you wanted it to. There are a variety of colours and combinations of colours for cars that really give the game and its look a lot of depth.
      The roads are realistic as are the towns. The buildings are really well drawn and the damage looks realistic.
      Even at tremendous speed the graphics manage to maintain a certain degree of skill. When the sun comes up or goes down it really does look great shining off the roads and vehicles.
      At random points throughout the game, it rains and the graphics stand up pretty well. It gets slippy and the overall look and feel make you feel like it is raining.
      You can go to an on screen map to navigate your way around and the map is drawn quite well and easy to follow.
      The option menus are all set up nicely too and are pleasing to the eye.


      The sound is realistic in the fact that the revs and engine sounds are believable. The in-game music is mostly hip hop and rap but even if you don't like that sort of music it fits in well with the game and somehow makes the racing and chasing more exciting.
      The crashing scaffolding, boats or bus shelters coming down or being smashed also sound like the real thing as do the collisions.


      The achievements are quite unique to this game as there are only fifteen in all. There is an achievement for beating each of the drivers on the blacklist. They start out at 10 and move to 25, 85, 100, 200 and the last driver is worth a staggering 350 points. It gives that little edge to trying to beat each driver. Hearing that satisfying chime for the achievement is superb after a hard fought win.

      Game play Options

      There are a number of different options on the dashboard which include the following:
      Autosave - on or off
      Game Moment camera - On or off
      Car Damage - on or off
      Rear View Mirror - on or off
      Units (money) - pounds, dollars etc
      Free Roam Map Mode - Static or rotate
      Race Map Road - Static or rotate

      Player Options

      Transmission - Auto or manual
      Camera - Distance
      Gauges - on or off
      Race Information - Split time on or off
      Score - Leaderboard

      Control Options

      Joy pad and button configuration - You can tailor the buttons to best suit you and change back to the default at anytime.
      Credits - Game credits from the makers
      Alias Manager - To load, delete, create and save new character profiles.
      Then you get the standard headings to enable a quick race, career mode or the challenge series

      Audio Option

      Here you can change the audio for in-game sound and EA Trax. You can tailor each of the twenty six tracks to either play on menus, in racing mode or in all modes. Pretty useful if you have a favourite track that you want playing while in a chase.

      Xbox Live

      The multiplayer online facility enabled you to race against up to four other online players but has been disabled as newer versions and sequels of the game are now available.

      The Black Edition

      The Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition is a special edition of the game launched to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Need for Speed franchise. You get eight specialist cars to drive and two extra special black cars. The game has extra races and more ferocious police chases in addition to the usual game contents.
      You get to drive the 67 Camaro and the BMW M3 GTR Street Machine. The eight customized cars have their own signature in the way of decals and body kits.
      The special police chases contain higher profile police cruisers and stronger police tactics and present a tougher challenge than normal.
      There are specialized body kits and designs not available on the standard game.
      There are three new races and loads of extra content.
      This special edition includes a DVD with behind the scenes and making of documentaries, detailing the graphics and how they built the game. This includes no fewer than ten special Need For Speed movies and a gallery showing the brilliant artwork on the cars from the artists who contributed to the game. All this is presented by Josie Moran who appears in the original game. She also gives a warning against street racing at the start of the game and advises wearing a seat belt at all times, which is a nice touch.

      My thoughts

      I must admit that I had never even contemplated buying any of the Need For Speed games but having seen this one cheap and giving it a go, I am really glad that I did. Playing it has made me think about trying the sequels and other versions.
      The game looks good, feels good to play and is as exciting as I imagine any race game could be. I think race games can become a little boring after a while but Need For Speed Most Wanted has something different. There are other goals instead of just winning a race.
      I had a lot of fun playing this game. At times it can become frustrating with the later drivers as some of the milestones can be hard to get and some of the races hard to win but that is what makes it even better because it is challenging and you definitely get value for your money.
      I would recommend this game to anyone who likes a thrilling, action-packed, fast-paced game with a good longevity.
      Need For Speed Most Wanted is definitely a game to check out if you haven't already.

      Since I initialy wrote this review I have completed the game, and what a game it is!

      The last two levels were hard to get to but then not as hard as I thought to complete. When you defeat the final driver and get the three hundred and fifty achievement points on offer to complete the one thousand points overall, you get an immense feeling of....well achievement and great satisfaction.

      This game now proudly sits in the completed section of my Xbox live profile. I have completed another game for one thousand points but it doesn´t show as completed because its add ons make it more than one thousand, but this game sits proudly, locked in position, as completed. Well worth the money.

      ©Lee Billingham


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        07.01.2010 14:14
        Very helpful



        No other car game like it

        Most wanted, for me is the best need for speed game they have ever made, even beating the ones that have been released since.
        Its very impressive in the story mode, where you actually play through a movie type story beating other racers on the blacklist of illegal street racers.

        I found this game to a great challenge but total excitement, and I don't usually play racing games, so for me to like this was an achievement on its own.

        I love the fact that I didn't just have to race people, but there were challenges to complete like bounty amounts along the way.
        I also like the fact that it gets progressivly harder as you climb up the blacklist. After each set of races you win, you get to fight the blacklist member, and where this was easy at first, I soon got angry at the fact I wasn't winning so easily! It was at this point I realised as you got higher up the blacklist, you got add more to your car like turbo, nos, better wheels etc.

        I also love the fact that you personalise your car, with paints, vinyls etc. I made mine purple :D
        Best plan is to avoid the police as much as possible, save it for when you need to use them for challenges, as you need to keep your heat as low as possible to make it easy to escape the police, trust me this gets difficult throughout the game!

        Personally I think this game actually beats the newer released games in the need for speed series, as the newer ones tend to be mostly the same as each other, with not much in the way of decent challenges.

        For anyone who loves to play a good challenge based racing game, this is the need for speed you want to buy, not the newer ones.


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        13.06.2009 11:20
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        good racing game

        Need for speed most wanted is a game of a big series, need for speed series dates back to "the need for speed in the 90's, my favourite part of the series is need for speed underground 2, although there are 3 sequels, need for speed prostreet, undercover and shift.

        The story is basically when racing the cops your car is impounded, you must win races to gain respect to race the blacklist members, there are 15 and you must beat them to earn new car upgrades.

        The graphics on this game are pretty good for a racing game, i must say though the sparks get get when you hit a park bench are a bit over the top. But the scecnery is quite good, The buildings could do with a bit of work but the cars are smooth, the cars still look fab when you put body mods on them!

        The game play is really good, i love the way that the cops think like you, its so hard to evade them when you have been in a chase for over 5 minutes, my favourite bit of the game play is the part that if a cop car is right on your tail you can knock something off its stilts of collapse a tower on them.

        The sound is pretty could as every car has a unique sound and he sound even changes when you get an engine upgrade, the sound effects i must say are lame in some cases, it makes a really loud screeching sound when you run into a bench, when you crash into a chair it sounds like you have just run into a lorry!

        The controls are just really simple basic racing game, RT accelerate LT brake the more challenging controls are B to use nitrous and the d-pad to use the SMS and blacklist system.


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          22.08.2008 20:49
          Very helpful



          Love it.

          Need for speed most wanted is a racing title for the Microsoft Xbox 360 games console.

          At the start of the game you have it all, the great car and reputation. A street racer called Razor Callaghan challenges you to a race but it is fixed and you lose your car to the police. You make it out of jail, from here you have to work your way up back to the top.

          But you must now work your way up the blacklist and become the best of street racer, you do this by entering races and challenges to increase your bounty which will let you challenge an area boss once you have reached a certain level of bounty

          The best thing about this game is the police chases, they are really fun as the computer controlled police are tough and skilful it takes real guts to get away from them.

          Racing is fun and arcade like; you can customize your vehicles with many aftermarket parts.

          You can get this game for around 10 to 20 pounds and it is well worth it.


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          13.08.2008 12:35



          Overall, a good product

          I ahve had this game for quite a while now and i have always liked to have some competitive play between friends or over Xbox Live and Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a ver competitive game. The campaingn mode is a big sucess with the storyline and the car MOD's you can have. Change your car from stock to a supreme machine within minits. this feature is great to customise your car to how you want it to look to stand out from the rest. This feature is faily easy to use but can take quite a whhile to do your graphics. This game also has really good online play which is really easy to use and is great fun to race with freinds or people you dont know from all over the world. Overall this is a great game and would mak an exelent presant for anyone aged around 10-40


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          08.08.2008 20:42



          A great Driving game most people should own

          Need for Speed Most Wanted is proberly the best NFS in the series. With many types of cars, customizations, tracks and a brilliant sound track to boot. Makes this not only a good NFS but high in the rankings with all types of Driving games. You play as yourself arriving in the city of Rockport city with a heavily tuned up BMW. It isnt long before your attempting to take down the local Black list, The areas most toughest and fastest racers, You face the racer "Razor" who sabotages your vechicle and wins the race winning your car. This leaves you car-less and determined for revenge.

          With the help of Mia Townsend you get a new car and start to race again against the blacklist trying to reach Razor who is now in the top spot having won his way up with your old car.

          Overall a brillian racing game that will keep you entertained for a long time as you try to reach the top of the blacklist and not get caught by the police.


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          07.08.2008 13:27
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A good addition to the NFS Series

          I 've always been a huge fan of driving games, but could never bring myself to complete due to the fact that they were usually had set tracks, and quite frankly it bored me. BUt then the need for speed series came out and i was instantly hooked, but after the dissapointment i found in NFS underground 2, I was naturally a bit hesitant about getting this. But i think it's fantastic, it's got great graphics, free roam and cool police chases. I love the fact that it's in the day time as well because, although it can be annoying when you are trying to get away from about ten cop cars, there are times when you can be going round a corner, full speed ahead knowing that if you pull off this one move that you can lose at least three or four of them and then you are suddenly blinded by sunlight - DOH!!! But i love those little quirks that are throughout the game it makes it more interesting and more of a challenge, it makes it more realistic aswell!!! I do find it annoying that you have to go through the trouble of getting a certain amount of milestones, races and bounty etc - and to be honest i think these parts are more difficult than most of the bosses - but it doesn't completely put you off as there is so much to do on it.
          It's definatley a great challenge and a must for any NFS fans out there - the extra bonus of course is that to you achievement addicts out there this is an easy way to get the full 1000 :-)


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            19.06.2008 20:58



            A great racing game, with a solid IGN rating and impressive AI

            Need For Speed: Most Wanted was my personal favourite of the series. The main aim of the game is to get to the top of the Black list and prove yourself as the number one street racer.

            This challenge is very enjoyable and the achievements on the 360 are for beating each person in the rankings. With the gamerscore becoming higher as you beat higher ranked racers on the Black List.

            Scoring a pretty impressive 8 from IGN, this was around what other successful racing games recieved (Forza 2 got an 8.7 and PGR4 got an 8.2) and shows that this is deserving for your game collection.

            Expect stylish graphics throughout the game, and a vast improvement from the earlier games in the series. The game is still very much an arcade racer, so fans of this will enjoy Most Wanted just as much.

            An important aspect of Most Wanted are the police. You will have to earn bounty in the game and this is done by successfully evading the police and completing challenges. The police are not easy to evade and can be very clever when blocking your path and you will have to learn the roads well and plan escape routes, to successfully complete this game.


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            29.11.2006 09:08



            good game, not as good as the others tho. most wanted is to repetative. and i found got boring.you ccan always tell what was goin to happen next. graphics and gameplay are very good. but what can you say its the xbox 360. pure class


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