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Nier (Xbox 360)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / PEGI Age Rating: 15+ / Release date: 2010-04-23 / Published by Square Enix

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2011 14:38
      Very helpful
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      One of the best hacking slash role playing games for the Xbox 360 that has a great story line!

      == Nier ==
      Nier is an action role playing game that has been published by Square Enix, who are better known for their brilliant role playing games like the Final fantasy series. Nier is another JRPG and is very different to a lot of role playing games. Nier was originally supposed to be an Xbox 360 only but has been since released also for the PS3. The basic story is a very different one to many games and you take the role as a character by the name of Nier, he is an older man than what you usually play in role playing games. The start of the game starts in the year 2049 and is the summertime, however it is actually snowing at this time which is very strange. In an abandoned town there is a guy that resembles Nier and he is fending off countless enemies whilst trying to protect his daughter Yonah in a bakery store. After defeating the horde of monsters the strange looking man checks on Yonah and realizes she is getting much worse (shes got a nasty disease) with constant coughing. Yonah has activated a mysterious book that they had found previous to whats happening and the man that resembles Nier is seen shouting out for help because he thinks this is a danger to Yonah.

      The game then suddenly shoots 1,312 years later into the future. Where you then see two characters that actually resemble Yonah and the mysterious guy and the guy is in fact Nier this time. The two now have a place in a small village that is being co-owned by Popula and Devola and they are in fact twins. Yonah is Nier's daughter and she is very ill with a deadly disease thats eating her life away and Nier goes in search for an answer for a cure in a nearby tower, whilst in the tower he meets a talking magical book called Grimoire Weiss and he suggests to Nier they team up as he can help find a cure for his daughter. Now Nier must find the answers he so deeply requires, can he save his daughter Yonah from perishing to this disease and also will he save the village he lives in from the creatures that plan on invading and destroying the village? The game itself can be very emotional pretty much like a movie. The story to the game is really good and very interesting, at all times it dragged me in wanting to find the answers to everything.

      === Gameplay ===
      The gameplay in Nier is very fascinating and is in some parts very similar to a lot of role playing games, whilst at other times its very different in many ways. The character you play is Nier and he is very different to what we usually see in RPG's and this is because usually you play a younger character and in this one he is somewhat older but more mature. The story is very gripping throughout the game. There are multiple endings to be discovered but be warned some aren't for the faint hearted as some are really sad endings it all depends if you do the right things in the game itself. Also as well as the main quest there are a lot of side quests to do, most are fairly easy but some can become really annoying. i found myself getting annoyed with the delivering packages quests and this is due to me always rolling around because it seems to get me there quicker, and the fact these packages are fragile, every time I roll they break meaning I have to start again. Other quests can be silly like finding where chickens are hiding their eggs from the villagers. There are also some that require you to go to other towns and collect items or even fishing for what they want. Throughout the game Grimoire Weiss is basically a talking book that casts your magic when you need to use it. There are a lot of different spells on the game and it is actually full of variety. Also throughout the game you may find special treasures or new weapons or even some useful items to make new weapons. The gameplay has much to offer, another good thing is that when you've completed the game once you will need to do it again for some of the achievements and if your lucky different things can happen the second time through it.

      === Characters ===
      The characters in the game are some of the best and better designed I have seen in many games. Nier is by far one of the best lead characters I have played in a game, he looks mean, evil and very strong where as in many games the lead characters has tendency to look weak and very wimpy. His daughter Yonah is basically the second lead character in the game, you don't play as her she doesn't help you but your always going back to see her to make sure she is okay and to do some errands for her. Grimoire Weiss is another of the main characters but he is a talking book that helps you all the way through the game, he is a different character than you usually see in games, he does have a bit of a posh side to him which in all due respect is actually rather good. Kaine is one of my favourite characters, you meet her in the game and help her, she joins after helping and she is incredibly fast and very talented. She is also Nier's love interest in the game even though at first the pair don't get along until they go on missions together and start to get closer. Emil is a very interesting character as he has a curse that gives him the ability to petrify everything and anything he sees. He is a poor troublesome boy that requires help from Nier after he petrifies Kaine. These are the basic characters of the game you do meet many others such as the twins of the village but they only give you your basic quests and hints as the way to go if you get stuck throughout playing it. All in all the characters do actually make the game better.

      === Graphics & Sound ===
      Something special about the game that I fell in love with instantly was the graphics to it. They were simply breathtaking. The design of the whole world in Nier is great, although there isn't exactly a whole range of places to visit the ones on the game are detailed really well from all kinds of aspects. The sky, weather effects and also the design of the annoying monsters are brilliant, they all look amazing. Also the main character you play as looks like a guy on a mission that shouldn't be messed with. All in all the graphics are flawless. Now the sound to the game is almost as good as the graphics, most of the characters on the game are voiced activated which is always a bonus to any role playing game so you don't have to worry about reading the writing. Also the sound effects from things such as footsteps, attacking, jumping and many other aspects is really good and unlike most role playing games doesn't sound at all hollow. Also the music in the game is really good and somewhat different to any role playing game I have played. It is something special.

      === Difficulty & Longevity ===
      Nier is very different like I said in many ways to other role playing games. The difficulty of the game itself is actually really simple and would suit most gamers. the main story is particularly easy and the side quests, although annoying at times are quite simple but can be repetitive. If you wander off to far then the game can be really difficult but to be fair you don't really do to much wandering around. There are a whole wide range of different size and skilled bosses but soon as your used to the game they're all fairly easy and shouldn't cause a problem. Now as for the longevity of the game, it basically only takes tops 20 hours to complete, however you probably wont get the best ending upon first completion and also the second time going through is much more interesting as the story can be slightly different if you choose different options. Basically Square Enix have done this game so it takes more than one play through which is definitely worth it in the end.

      === Other Bits ===
      Nier is a very intriguing role playing game where you can play through three or four times and find new bits and different story lines along with new endings and also some secret achievements. The game is rated a surprising 18+ for a role playing game but when you play it you will know why its an 18. It is basically due to violence, some strong language and the slaughtering of animals with absolutely bucket loads of blood and guts, certainly not for anyone who doesn't like the sight of blood. I would recommend the game itself to any role playing fans or to anyone who likes the hack and slash games because the fights themselves aren't turn based and are in actual fact fight as you go along which is also very different because they don't make to many like that nowadays. I am a huge fan of this game, a great plot, some very intriguing side quests, some awesome endings and some very sad endings, which is based about you and Yonah your daughter in the game. There are no multiplayer options throughout the game or any multiplayer modes, there is just the story mode which isn't really a surprise. Also a thing that I adored about the game was the characters you meet that join you and help you fight and save your daughter, I just feel it would benefit more if you could swap between the characters you acquire. Overall the game is really impressive and I would recommend it, I would have to give it a very solid and almost perfect 9/10 they're aren't many role playing games as good as this!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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