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Over G Fighters (Xbox 360)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Simulation, Rating: T - (Teen), 1 player, Manufacturer: Ubi Soft

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    2 Reviews
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      27.04.2007 04:31
      Very helpful



      To many game ruining flaws.

      I bought over g fighters thinking xbox live dog fighting what could be better! How wrong i was,my friend and i both bought the game,picturing formation flying and topgun-esque dogfights.

      Going through the single player game i was encouraged by the first 3 levels,the graphics were nice if not perfect and with the control settings on advanced it was quite fun doing loops and rolls etc,but the next 3 levels showed the game for what it really is,a cheaply made cash in with little or no real originality or thought put into it.

      The missions are all exactly the same,you fly for 5 to 10 minutes,get to your target,drop your bombs before you see the target itself and get shot down by an invisible missile you never saw coming,then start all over again!

      I got to level 6 and decided to see if the online play was any better,you get a choice of 2 types of game,versus,where 2 pilots fly head to head,and arena,where 4 pilots fly and attempt to destroy each others base.

      The online play was the biggest dissapointment ive had in game in my 16 years of gaming,the versus game type has 2 major flaws,the first being both pilots lock onto each other at the same time and shoot a the same time meaning you both just blow up resulting in a draw.

      This means the whole game lasts around 16 seconds!

      The second flaw is that once the game is over thats it,theres no option just to restart the versus match,you have to fuly resetup the match and invite your friend in again for another 16 second dogfight.

      The arena game is the other extreme,You have a choice of 90 minute and 120 minute matches,in this time you attempt to blow up your opponents base before yours is destroyed,the problem is it takes around 8 minutes to fly to your opponents base and drop your bomb,and so even the 120 minute match isnt long enough to destroy the base and win the match,resulting in every match ending a draw.

      To make this worse,during online play you cant talk to anyone over xbox live,meaning you spend 2 hours of bored silence just to draw.

      Both my friend and i have sold the game on over ebay,to be honest the game is so bad i felt guilty even selling it to someone,i assume theyll play the first 6 missions and sell it on again!

      In conclusion i urge you not only not to buy thi game but warn people of its mere presence.


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        26.03.2007 17:38
        1 Comment



        Not the best flight sim thats been released, however its the only 1 for xbox 360

        Over G Figthers, the only flight sim on the Xbox 360 as far as I am aware. I had be looking at this game for a while trying to decide if I should get it. I did eventually!

        The graphics look ok, but that is perhaps the only good thing to say about this game. The gameplay is not that good and gets very tedious to play as it is the same missions all the time, which means after playing a few missions your ready to play a different game all togehter. The controls are average to say the least and the whole game is covered with music that sounds like its just trying to copy the music from the film Top Gun.

        So in other words I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone unless you are desperate for a flight sim, and even then I would only buy it if you can get it at a very good price.


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