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Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360)

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45 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Xbox 360 / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2009-03-13 / Published by Capcom

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    45 Reviews
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      14.09.2012 20:50
      Very helpful



      A good game

      I used to be a big fan of the early Resident Evil games on the playstation 1 and 2 which now seem so old and the graphics so poor, but the games are still very enjoyable.
      When I saw this one for the XBox 360 I just had to have it but couldn't bring myself to part with over £40, so I waited and waited and eventually got a used copy for £10.
      The game is for over 18's, I think this is a bit high and younger gamers could play it. There rating is due to bloody gore and violence but a lot of games have the same and are only 12 or 15+.

      You play agent Chris Redfield, who is also in the previous games, and your partner is a new character, a woman named Sheva.
      You can play this game alone, or with another player being Sheva. You can also play 2 player online.
      You start the game in a village in Africa where the residents have turned into zombies and you and Sheva are to clear the way by shooting enemies and make your way out of the village. You have various weapons and can collect more along the way. You can collect herbs and first aid spray to use when you health is low, you can also use this to heal your partner when she is dying.
      If your inventory is full you can order your partner to pick up items. Other items to collect include coins which can be used to buy first aid sprays, weapons and ammo, you can also collect ammo and weapons and information.

      As you progress through the levels the game saves regularly and there are regular checkpoints which means you don't have to start the entire level again if you die.
      There are lots of locations and environments in the game, the graphics are excellent but some scenes are a bit dark.
      There is a good range of enemy types, some are easy enough to kill and some much harder ones which may require a certain method to kill them.

      The game lasted a long time in story mod so kept me going for quite a while, although it kpt me interested and I kept playing to the end, the one thing I thought was missing was the puzzle aspect that was in the earlier games, it is much more of a shooting game now than it used to be. I used to really enjoy the puzzles. There are a couple but I don't think there's nearly enough. In other games you would really have to think about things, investigate lots of areas and move objects to find items and this game just didn't have enough of it.
      One puzzle they do have is to unlock a door and you have to rotate pillars so the light reflects onto the door, I have to admit I had to look online for the solution to this one as I was baffled by it for ages.

      The game makes you jump in places which is quite funny. Enemies jump out when you least expect it and no matter how many times you've jumped you won't learn!

      This is a game that I have played more than once, it is one that I enjoy although I was a little disappointed that it wasn't more like the earlier games.

      The game is by Capcom and can be bought online for from £4 new or £17 new. I would recommend this game as it has good longevity and graphics as well as an interesting storyline.


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      27.06.2012 16:38
      Very helpful



      Only buy this if you're planning to play the co-op. Otherwise, get Resident Evil 4 now. NOW.

      Here's a fun idea. Why don't you take a shot every time I point out how this game is inferior to Resident Evil 4? Actually don't do that. You're liver can't handle it.

      You play Chris Redfield, investigating a mysterious virus in Africa. You enter a village only to be attacked by the infected citizens and the game begins. The shooting is satisfying, the core gameplay is terrific but it's the same terrific gameplay from Resident Evil 4 (easily a five star game). The graphics are great but the aesthetics aren't nearly as inspired as Resident Evil 4. Some bosses are literally just bigger versions of bosses from Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4. Can you see what I'm getting at here?

      Because it's a Capcom game, the writing is terrible. Lock a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters and eventually they would write a line of Shakespeare. Lock a bunch of Capcom writers with a thousand typewriters and they'd just make 'ook ook' noises and throw their faeces everywhere. Resident Evil 4 wasn't Shakespeare, but it wasn't nearly as grating as some of the dialogue you have to listen too in this game.

      What stops the game from being completely pointless, as you'll find nothing in it that wasn't done better in you-know-what, is the multiplayer. The co-op campaign is great fun, feeling nothing like a Resident Evil game, this is just you and a friend, working together to defeat enemies and blasting through the campaign. It's a great addition, and something Resident Evil 4 never had. It exposes Resident Evil 5 as just an action game, but not a bad action game at that. If you're looking for a solo experience then Resident Evil 4 is the game to buy, but if you're looking for a decent co-op game to play with a friend, you'll find a lot of fun here. It's just that considering its predecessor, this should have been so much better.


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      11.06.2012 22:27
      Very helpful



      6 billion cries of agony will give birth a new balance. Unfortunately you won't live to see the dawn

      Loyal gamers old enough to have played the original Resident Evil and its two successors on the first Sony Playstation console will be surprised to find the new setting for the ever popular series, spanning across the world into far stranger environments. The first of the series set up the story inside a massive creaking mansion, the second saw two protagonists find attempt to find refuge in an infected, overrun Raccoon City (the third included the almighty 'Nemesis') and No.4 outreached to a rural area of Europe (possibly near Spain). Now the franchise takes us to somewhere far less developed, a dusty, desolate Africa. Initially there were half-hearted complaints over the setting and what that entailed - An American, white, male shooting the, albeit infected, black natives. Frankly there seemed no way around this because one way or another, because questions would arise if the 'natives' weren't black, someone would get offended and tragically, the game had some small detest growing for it. Regardless of the content and false accusations of racism, RE5 manages to raise the bar when it comes to action/shooters, thanks to vivid scenery, strong graphics, addictive gameplay and achievements.

      "The right to be a god... that right is now mine."
      Whilst the films spawned from the series takes things way to far with a mary sue character (Alice played by Milla Jovovich), pathetic performances and ridiculous 'mind powers' - the games tend to keep a slight bit of class. Chris Redfield, formally of S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics And Rescue Service) finds himself working for the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) after events that saw Chris lose his former partner Jill Valentine. Reassigned and offered a new partner in Sheva Alomar, he must investigate suspicious activity in the motherland. Something is clearly up in the area and things quickly turn nasty as a furious dictating man screams down a megaphone. The locals are infected. Before you can find your bearings, your unknown guide is captured and beheaded before your eyes by giant beast wielding a massive axe. The infected spectators cheer his untimely death and draw their attentions to you. After ploughing through endless waves of zombies, hitching rides from teammates and encountering menacing 'creatures', theres the inkling this is no mere outbreak of the fabled T-Virus. This is Uroboros. A new biological weapon that turns those 'unworthy' into mindless, blood thirsty zombs, but more worryingly makes those with some worthy attributes, morph into vine-twisting monsters and abstract demons capable of even greater destruction. Trekking through the desert, marshlands, villages and Umbrella corps industrial buildings, you experience all Africa has to offer, including mines, forgotten ruins and ritualistic tribes. And to top it all of, the one behind it all is your former colleague..

      Locked & Loaded
      Like the game before it, RE5 is from a 3rd person view with fairly advanced controls to aim, fire and reload. Melee is included as is a 9 item inventory to store weapons, ammo, grenades and medical equipment. Being unable to fire when moving is a bit outdated but a realistic throwback to the older games. Strutting around as a man with arms twice the width of his head, you can alternate to your own style of fighting - equipping close range weaponry like shotguns, multipurpose machine guns or long range sniper rifles. Go for the headshot and save time and ammo or take out limbs to disable your opponents. The addition of an ai or friend in Sheva, is a handy aid to brush of grappling buggers or revive you in times of desperation - this aid is a doubled edged sword though - not only do you have to take equally good care of her (or him if you wish to play as Sheva) if either of you should die - its game over. This also makes for some interesting mix ups in moving around, launching your lighter partner across gaps to venture fourth and find different routes, combining attacks to take down foes (this uses clips of attacks which require you to press the correct button, exciting!). The cutscenes themselves are just as punishing as the enemy on professional mode (V.Hard) so you need to pay attention to whats happening even when you think a level is over because you need to hit all the right buttons in order and in time to proceed. This particular feature really made for edge of the seat action as the first time surprises you while the other times keep you on edge. Menus are really addictive with a merchant to buy ammo and other goods from (selling precious gems and ancient relics for currency) and upgrading you weapons for larger clips, better ammo, damage and reload speed.

      Welcome to Africa
      A bright and sunshine bathed Africa may not seem the setting for a suspenseful zombie game but despite the daytime light, the walking, rotting corpses still make a disgusting impact. Some Zombies wield glass bottles, shovels and even guns whilst some are mere hosts to even more sinister origins - acidic flying beasts, spiked caterpillar heads, rock solid cloisters and rabid jaw-busting mongrels. The pair traverse through eerie villages, hostile tribe land, pitch black mines, chemical spattered experimental quarantine zones... Thats right, its a perfect place thats out of the way for the evil Umbrella Corporation to experiment further, who knows what abominations dwell in the abandoned facility... Things get a bit 'Indiana Jones' too when the couple explore a dank underground ruin that's home to a long forgotten tribe - resurrected thanks to Uroboros, and determined to repel any foreign trespassers. Expect flaming boulders, collapsing stairways, forbidden treasures and other deadly traps, lurking amongst the vicious inhabitants. Being brutally honest, the background score is rather tame and unmemorable - possibly because of the engrossing gameplay that holds your attention. Voice acting is surprisingly strong most of the time even with embarrassingly simplified accounts of the situations at hand and eccentric lines that downplay the seriousness as future boss yells "I just had an extreme makeover!" when evolving into a humongous tentacle swinging marsh mammoth. One thing that amazed me was that for once, a game has 4 difficulties (Casual, Normal, Veteran & Professional) that are fairly done - enemies don't pull of unrealistic moves, survive rocket propelled grenades to face or appear infinitely - they make it legitimate with one bite deaths (as an infection would inevitably mean your demise) fatal gunshot wounds and faster 'bleeding out'. The balance being you can unlock infinite ammo for a price..

      "Sheva, HUUUUURRY!"
      I am always on the lookout for decent games with well made cooperative modes and RE5 was definitely a wild ride for me and many of my friends. The game boast 16 levels (scattered in 6 chapters) to survive which truth be told can be completed nonchalantly over the weekend, making it a superb choice for a rental. The game rewards teamwork too, making sure you stick together being paramount and ganging up on bosses with complimentary tactics. However the single-player modes are full of secrets and little nicknacks' to acquire that the fun can go on for a good few months. The Multiplayer though is a disappointment as you not only take on hordes of enemies but are forced to search out additional 'time' points to continue. The versus mode isn't much to brag about either as you just take on others around the world which doesn't seem to fit the style of the gameplay (plus you have to pay for the privilege of Versus Mode). Not much matches putting a shotgun barrel to the temple of an aggressor, pulling the trigger and celebrating with your comrades in brain chunk raindrops excepts for.. "Ooh look, A Diamond!"

      Lost In Nightmares Verses Desperate Escape
      Should you find the gold edition of the game (or be willing to download via Xbox Live) you'll find 2 new episodes to experience - 1 'Lost in Nightmares' reveals what happened when Chris loses Jill as they take on an old advisory in a monster plagued mansion.. nice touch using Beethovens 'Moonlight Sonata'.. and 2 'Desperate Escape' which takes place during the game when two of your chums must navigate an escape route out of a dangerous facility, tying up loose ends that didn't necessarily need explaining. Lasting slightly longer than the average levels in the whole game, they aren't much cop compared to the real thing, or at least not worth the 1600 MS points they went for upon release. Still, they are a nice touch to add to your many extras thrown into the game, along with the 'records' and 'leaderboards' which detail your in-game accuracy, favoured firearms, kill-count and display your times online.. plus you can find all the hidden emblems and items, dress up your characters in unlockable outfits (safari, zulu, business, little red riding-hood..) and collect action figures!


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        09.03.2012 10:36
        Very helpful



        Zombie mashing mayhem Resident style!

        Resident Evil 5 for Xbox 360

        Decision to buy

        If you've read one of my game reviews before you will know that I am more prone to waiting for a game to drop in price or hit the 'used games' shelf than I am to paying full price for one. You can pick up some bargains on the used shelf after Mr 'I need to buy it before anyone else and finish it in one sitting without food or water' has finished with it.

        Some might argue that I will miss out on online play because everyone will have moved on to the 'next big thing' and they may be right but I like to enjoy a game and explore it fully and for the cheap prices I pick them up for I certainly get value for money.

        It was no exception with 'Resident Evil 5'. I had just traded in eight games and made enough money off them to buy another six (only a true gamer knows how good that feels). I saw Resident Evil 5 'Gold Edition' for about fifteen pounds and thought why not. I was a big fan of 'Resident Evil 'Code Veronica'' on the Dreamcast console and remember loving the game play and storyline.

        I wasn't really expecting anything from Resident Evil 5 and I played some of my other old, 'new' games first.
        When I did finally pick it up I remembered why I had put it on the back burner for so long. I played a demo, which was a clip of the first level and it was incredibly hard. I also remember a lot of people saying it was a difficult game to master. Don't get me wrong, I actually prefer hard games because you get your monies worth and it is a more satisfying experience than an easier game. The lad who served me at the shop saw this game in my purchases and said 'ooh, great game but stick with it as it seems hard at first. If you stick with it is an amazing game. I'm glad I did.

        The Premise

        You play Chris Redfield once again as fans of the previous Resident Evil games will recall.

        As Chris Redfield you arrive in Africa and you are greeted by a female freedom fighter named Sheva Alomar. She works for the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance or the BSAA just like Redfield. She explains that she will be Redfield's partner as they try to track down a man named Irving, who is responsible for the outbreak of a mutagenic virus.

        Irving and his company originally put the virus up for sale to be used in the creation of super soldiers. The mutant virus was syringed into the patient and it took a hold of the host's central nervous system, eventually giving control to the person who administered the virus. Would be buyers complained that the method was not quick enough and wanted a more effective serum created before they would commit to buying.

        Irving's scientists found that if the mutant carrying the gene virus was orally inserted into the patients mouth or more specifically, rammed down their throats, it would grasp the esophagus and the top of the spinal cord, eventually attaching itself to the brain, thus giving the owner full control in under ten seconds.

        Irving's discovery became a highly sought after, marketable weapon but before it could be sold it had to be tested. To test it Irving chose random small villages in remote parts of Africa, where he could find needy and willing participants without alerting too much attention. Irving wasn't satisfied and decided to play the Devil's advocate by tipping of the BSAA in order to see how the mutations and mutagenic 'soldiers' would stand up against his most fierce enemies.

        It would be up to Redfield and Alomar to put a stop to this crime against humanity and to stop Irving before he could spread the virus elsewhere.

        What Irving didn't realise was that the mutations were growing in ways even his scientists didn't expect. They were changing and multiplying in numbers and some weird and horrifying things were starting to happen all over Africa.

        Chris Redfield had also come to Africa for another reason. His long lost, and presumed dead, partner 'Jill', who fans of the franchise will remember from past games, was reported to still be alive and in Africa. He had to find her.

        First Impressions

        My first impressions of Resident Evil 5 were that it was a well made game which flowed smoothly and looked good. The only missing thing for me, initially, was the old problem solving parts of the game from the earlier stories in the series. This would soon change as the game progressed and the puzzles began to appear, much to my delight. After the first few levels I could not stop playing it and that is always a promising sign of a good game. I looked forward to having an hour of a night (simply for distressing purposes you understand) or more as the game sucked me in.

        Game play

        As I mentioned earlier, the movement is very smooth and you really feel in control of Chris Redfield. The buttons you need to use and the combinations of them are not too complicated and easy to pick up. Once you complete the game you can change characters or buy new ones from Xbox live. With my Gold Edition all this came with the game.

        Each level contains numerous chapters and some of them are pretty long and engaging and require a certain degree of patience to complete. After some chapters you get video cut scenes, which are enjoyable and move the story along. In some of them you are required to press a certain button at a specific time to enable the story to progress, so keep your eyes peeled on the cut scenes. You have to be right on the mark or Redfield, Sheva or both will die.

        The view mode is pretty good and follows the same route as most games as in using the right analogue stick to look around and steady the camera to your preferred view. The X and Y axis can be inverted if you prefer the up for down and down for up movement as I do. If you have your X-box set to this default it will automatically change it for you.

        The load sequences between levels and chapters aren't too long and the game moves along at a brisk pace, ensuring that you are always solving something or fighting for your life and Shevas.


        The graphics are quite sleek and very sharp and look amazing, especially in High Definition. Whether it is a desert scene, the jungle, deepest Africa or an underground biochemical facility, the graphics adapt to it and the artists who worked on this game deserve all the plaudits they receive. If you like blood and killing zombies or mutations then you can see it all in vivid red and the realism is quite good.

        I like a game that sometimes makes you stop playing and just look around admiring the graphics. Resident Evil 5 made me do that numerous times. It really is a well crafted game.

        All the levels are well constructed and the territory believable. One of my favourite parts of the game is a Tomb Raideresqe medieval ruin and the graphics along with the puzzle solving make it a real treat to play.


        The sound is well done too and adds even more to the games realism. Nothing like a noisy chainsaw jumping out at you and sending shivers down your spinal column. All the weapon fire, wood splintering and player movement sound realistic.

        The game music is also well put together and can sound rather eerie at times. The subtle change in background music gives you that feeling of 'Something bad is going to happen', which also adds to the overall tone of the game.


        The aim of the game is to make your way through the levels in order to stop Irving and find Jill. You can make good use of your partner Sheva to carry extra equipment and help out with puzzle solving tasks. You can command her to follow you or come to your present location. Sometimes you will need her to simultaneously press a button or lever with you to open a door or drop a drawbridge. Sometimes she is needed to help you kick in a particular sturdy door.

        Throughout the game you will come across different weapons and ammunition for them. By breaking barrels and boxes open you will find ammunition or gold. Killing an enemy will also cause them to leave something nine times out of ten.

        On your inventory screen you will see both your and Sheva and what you are carrying and how many slots left you have for new stuff. In the middle is a sort of safe box where you can store doubles or extra goods for later. They can only be used however when placed in your personal inventory or Sheva's.
        Clicking the right button will bring up a treasure inventory. Any treasure you find will be saved here and you can trade it for money.

        With the money or gold you can then go to the shop, which is accessible through your inventory to buy new weapons or ammunition.

        It really does make a difference to know what to carry and for each level it can be different.
        You can get Sheva to carry extra ammunition for your guns so when you run out she will replenish you or you can ask her to give you a weapon or healing spray.

        Healing sprays can be purchased at the shop or found in the game in the form of spray cans or potted herbs. These can be indispensible when it comes to staying alive through a hard level.

        I was going to run through the different levels but I wouldn't want to spoil it for people who want to play. Rest assured there are some amazing levels with some heavy duty bosses to beat. There are also some great puzzles to solve and work out before moving forward.

        When you do die, the game will restart from the last saved checkpoint. Thankfully the checkpoints occur quite regularly as some of the levels can be quite hard.
        The storyline as a whole is good and will appease fans of the series.


        The weapons in Resident Evil 5 are pretty cool and quite varied and realistic.

        You start off with a standard M13R handgun, which will hold a clip of ten bullets. Each weapon can be upgraded in the inventory for a price, which gets more expensive the higher the upgrade becomes. You can upgrade your weapons capacity in order to hold more bullets, which is useful when fighting bosses or many enemies as you don't want to be reloading every ten seconds.

        There are other pistols available, including the Magnum L Hawk, the Magnum S&W M29 and the Magnum S&W M500.

        Rifles with telescopic scopes are available and are always my favourites in any game and these are no exception. There is an S75, a Dragnov SVD and an H&K P56-1. They are really cool for picking off enemies from distance. Nothing more satisfying than watching a zombie guard's head explode from two hundred yards away in your rifle scope.

        There are various powerful shotguns available, such as the Ithaca M37, the Hydra M3 and a gut buster called 'The Jail breaker'.

        There are five machine guns available, including an AK47. The automatic fire on these beauties comes in handy when faced with multiple enemies, which you are on numerous occasions.

        The Gatling gun is used on the back of jeeps to mow down other vehicles and its occupants.

        There is a stun rod which releases a blast of electrical current for close combat.

        A grenade launcher and rocket launcher, which speak for themselves and are fun to use and can cause devastating damage.

        There are normal hand grenades and Incendiary and flash grenades, which can all be used in the launcher. There is a long bow, which can, again, come in handy, like the rifles, for picking off enemies at a distance.
        One of my favourite weapons is the proximity bomb. You can lay them down as you run from an enemy and detonate it as the enemy crosses the bombs path. Boom! Fatal.

        BSAA Emblems and Achievements

        There are thirty BSAA emblem plaques situated around the game. They can be shot, which causes them to shatter thus giving you points. You get an achievement if you collect all thirty. They are in difficult places to find and are usually above head height and easy to miss. You can use these emblems to collect special figures of characters.

        There are a lot of varied achievements on Resident Evil 5 and some are hard to get. After one play through I got about Five hundred achievement points which is around a third in the Gold Edition, which has 1400. I haven't played the extra added content yet though.

        Extras and Add-ons

        There are some good add-ons available for Resident Evil 5 that can be purchased with Microsoft points on Xbox Live. Or if you have the 'Gold' Edition like me then they are all free with the game.
        The add-ons include....

        'Lost in Nightmares' - an extra game of levels which retraces your quest with Jill and what happens to her.
        'Desperate Escape' - Another cracking extra, which enables you and a friend to go live and play through the game together. I did this in Holland with my friend in England and it's superb. You can play on live normally in the original game by hosting or joining someone else's game.

        Versus - another multiplayer online feature.

        'The Mercenaries Reunion' - which you have to last as long as possible through levels on against the clock and make it to a helicopter.

        Extra Figures - helps towards completing your figure collection.

        Costume Pack One and Costume Pack Two - enables you to change your characters clothing.

        Final thoughts

        Resident Evil 5 is a joy to play. It's exciting, involving, interesting and fun. At the price you can buy it for now, which can range from six pounds to twenty pounds, it is definitely worth a dabble.

        With all the extras and the large storyline it is also a game that can keep you busy for quite a time.

        I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good gaming experience and especially to fans of past Resident Evil games and games similar in genre.

        I can safely say that I love this game.

        ©Lee Billingham


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          04.11.2011 10:36
          Very helpful



          Great game if you don't mind action emphasis over horror

          Resident Evil 5 is purportedly survival-horror, but there is a very strong slant towards action, even more so than Resident Evil 4.

          You take control of Chris Redfield as he investigates parts of Africa where a viral outbreak has turned the population into monsters.

          If you've played Resident Evil 4 you can expect more of the same in a different setting, which is no bad thing. You play in third person, and most of the gameplay involves walking around weird locations and shooting people.
          The game engine has been improved since RE4, many of the environments are beautiful, being soaked in equatorial sun, or lit by flickering striplights. The standard 'zombies but not really zombies' from RE4 are back, along with some surprising and scary additions to the monster pantheon and they are all well designed and believable. During the course of your adventure you'll meet a lot of familiar faces and some new ones.

          As in all RE games the dialogue is terrible, but thankfully there isn't too much of it.

          You are accompanied by Sheva, your partner. You can equip her with good guns and equipment so she can assist you in a fight, or use her as a packhorse and keep all the good stuff for yourself.

          The atmosphere suffers because of this I felt. In all other RE games I got the feeling of loneliness and isolation, in RE5 you have your super best friend trailing you and you get more of a buddy-cop movie vibe rather than desperate survival. Another reason is the large amounts of ammo left lying around. If you can pull off a headshot you won't find yourself running out of ammo.

          There is a co-op mode where the second player takes over the role of Sheva. I completed this game once on single player, then again with my fiance playing as Sheva. I was able to turn on infinite ammo for her and she really enjoyed herself, blasting bravely away at a wall, the sky or her own feet when enemies appeared.

          The infinite ammo cheats are unlocked when you upgrade weapons that you find or buy. There are quite a lot, and everyone seems to get attached to a particular shotgun or SMG.

          Also when you complete the game you unlock The Mercenaries - a minigame introduced in RE3 where you try and survive for a set amount of time. You can unlock characters and extend your time by stringing combos together and collecting clock objects, this allows you to unlock more levels.


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          07.09.2011 15:10
          Very helpful



          A survival horror game that continues the series but has no zombies!

          == RESIDENT EVIL 5 ==
          The Resident Evil games have been one of my all time favourite game series. They have been very successful and films have been made because of this but I feel that most of the films are not even like the games. Resident Evil 5 is of course developed and published by Capcom. Capcom are also one of my favourite game companies and they have released many top notch games. Resident Evil 5 is available on a wide range of systems including the Xbox 360. There are also other editions of the game available including Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition for the Xbox 360. The game has a lot to offer but in my eyes it was never going to be the best especially with the fact that it was going to be a zombie free game. Resident Evil games have been made famous for many reasons and one of these is the inclusion of zombies in every game that has been made except for Resident Evil 4 & 5. I did like Resident Evil 4 but it was definitely one of the worst and now it has competition from Resident Evil 5. The story to Resident Evil 5 isn't really as good as what Capcom have done in the past but in all fairness its not entirely bad.

          === STORY ===
          Chris Redfield is back for Resident Evil 5 and he means business. Chris Redfield is a former S.T.A.R.S member who is now part of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) and has been sent to Kijuju in Africa to work with Sheva Alomar to apprehend a guy that goes by the name of Ricardo Irving who is trying to sell a bio-organic weapon on the black market. After they arrive to town they shortly learn that the people of Africa are being turned by parasites into Majini. Now I'm not entirely sure what a Majini is but its not human and it certainly isn't a zombie. Chris and Sheva team up with a DELTA team to try and bring down Irving but little do they know that Albert Wesker is back with a few tricks up his sleeve along with someone Chris knows very well that has been forced to work with him. The story isn't bad but its really predictable and the outcome is so obvious. I would say that it does have a couple of surprises in but nothing like previous Resident Evil games have had.

          === GAMEPLAY ===
          In Resident Evil 5 you can only play as Chris Redfield in the main story mode at first but after completing it or going into online multiplayer or co-op offline you can actually be Sheva. This is all great but Sheva isn't even as good as Chris and I would sooner be him because hes quicker, stronger and definitely looks the better character. The game is shot from a third person perspective and the camera is shot over your characters right hand shoulder which is becoming increasingly more popular with the modern day games and to be fair I actually think it works really well. The whole game is set in Africa but you do explore different facilities and other bits whilst you are there so it gives a bit of variety. As you play through the game Chris will walk unless you use a button to make him run and running in this game is a must at the best of times. In previous Resident Evil games especially back on the Playstation one there were a lot of puzzles to solve but just lately in Resident Evil 4 & 5 there has hardly been any and its a huge disappointment.

          One good thing is there are lots of collectibles such as items, weapons, jewelry and even gold but one thing I hate about this is the fact they have put a beam of light where the items are so you can spot them from a mile off. Back in the day you had to search and click every where for items and sometimes they would have the faintest of flashes to give a clue but now its a massive coloured beam of light and its just too easy that way. You can also upgrade your weapons and when they're fully upgraded you can earn new special weapons. Chris can use the Gatling gun where as Sheva uses a Bow. There are quite a few different types of Majini on the game. There are biker Majini, normal Majini, Majini's that head splits in half and can only take damage in their tentacles. There are literally loads but as I said they're not zombies. There are also quite a few boss fights which are quite similar to previous Resident Evil games which does give a feeling that its actually a really good game at times. The biggest let down of story mode is the fact its obvious where you have to go and its obvious what you have to do.

          New to Resident Evil is a co-op story mode so you can play with a friend via split screen or you can play with someone over Xbox Live providing you have your Xbox 360 connected to Xbox Live. This is much more fun and a lot more challenging when your with someone else. There is also a Mercenaries mode which is fantastic but only really any good over Xbox Live. You can play alone but your scores wont be uploaded to the Xbox Live leaderboards. The aim of this mode is to score as many points as possible and achieve the best rank. The better the rank the bigger the rewards. You have to survive the onslaught of Manjini and kill as many as you can until the time is out. However you do also have to collect time bonuses to add time on which makes it slightly harder because you have to survive for longer but doing this will get you a better rank. You can unlock new characters, new levels and more in this mode. All the levels are taken from parts in the story mode but this mode is a lot of fun to play but can get increasingly frustrating overall.

          === GRAPHICS ===
          One thing that has always impressed me with the Resident Evil games is the graphics. The characters are fantastically designed in most of the games and in this one its no different. Chris looks a brilliant a main character and is detailed really well. Like Leon from Resident Evil 4, Chris has also be changed but you can still tell its him. Other main characters look great but I was slightly disappointed with Sheva. Wesker still looks fantastic and has always been one of the best bad guys to a game ever. The facial expressions are really good as well. The design of the levels is also pretty good and I do like the fact its set in Africa because its different. The scenery to the game is really good at times and I love the way the weather changes now and again. I'm a little disappointed in how the Majini's are designed but that might be because I prefer zombies. I'm a massive zombie fan. Overall the graphics to the game are really detailed in every aspect of the game and are definitely one of the high points.

          === SOUND EFFECTS ===
          Resident Evil games have also been famous for the sound effects they offer but Resident Evil 5 in a slight letdown in my opinion. The music is nothing like Resident Evil music except for one the boss fights are taking place. There also isn't many different soundtracks in the game. The characters are voiced fairly well Roger Craig Smith is the voice of Chris Redfield and plays his part tremendously well and he also does the voice to Ezio from Assassins Creed. When your running around you can hear the footsteps on different soils and surfaces but it all sounds the same and sounds plain. When firing weapons at the Majini the sound effects really do come to life with the gun fights and everything. Other than that the sound effects are pretty plain and not really that special. Its a shame really because it does have promise.

          === DIFFICULTY ===
          Resident Evil has always been a fairly simple game to me but that's because I am a HUGE fan of these games and can play them over and over again. It could be seen as difficult though especially when you get surrounded or when you've got the game on a harder difficulty setting. There are 3 difficulty settings available amateur, normal and veteran in which ranges from easy to extremely hard. Veteran mode is almost impossible at times because most things will kill you in two hits. The other two settings should be quite easy. The boss fights can be tricky because it usually involves doing one thing and its not all out relentless assault. You have to bide your time and suss out what needs to be done. The controls for Resident Evil 5 are very easy to master and remember and are also very similar to every other Resident Evil game. Overall the game can prove somewhat difficult but it all depends on what setting you choose and how you choose to play. Online play could be more difficult depending on what your opponents skill level is.

          === LONGEVITY ===
          Ever since Resident Evil 4 the Resident Evil games have been really terrible in length especially the main story mode. I think Resident Evil 4 lasted me 12 hours at most and number 5 is no different. The story mode is very weak and lasts at best 12 hours again. This is worse if you don't play Xbox Live because the other modes are pretty much pointless otherwise. However if you do play on Live then with Mercenaries mode and the add-on available on Xbox Live the game can actually last you months on end. Mercenaries mode alone is really good fun and can be played over and over again and it will always have variety in it. The add on available for download is just new levels and new games that can be played on Xbox Live. If you have Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition then you get everything free with that version. Overall I would say its mixed but definitely benefits the online gamer more.

          === ACHIEVEMENTS ===
          Resident Evil 5 is one of the best games for achievements. There are a whopping 70 achievements to get on the game but that's only really relevant if you have the Gold Edition or add-on because a lot of those are from there. Normal game has 50 but with the add-on its 70 so its pretty good. You can get a total of 1400g from the game but some of the achievements take time or are really challenging. Some are for completing the chapters in the game and some are for completing the game on different difficulty settings. By far the hardest achievement is completing the game on the hardest difficulty setting. There are also time consuming achievements which include upgrading all weapons fully which does require a lot of gold. Overall there is a great mix of achievements that will keep you on your toes for ages.

          === PROS ===
          *A great cast of characters as always.
          *Some superb graphics are on display all the way throughout the game.
          *There is downloadable content available and has a lot of variety to offer gamers.
          *Lots of different weapons, costumes, collectibles, items and much more to find.
          *Play a co-op story mode with a friend or someone on Xbox Live.
          *Mercenaries mode is brilliant and can last a long time and is also a lot of fun.

          === CONS ===
          *There is not one single zombie in the whole game!
          *The story is a little weak compared to other Resident Evil games.
          *Some of the sound effects are a little weak and none of the best music is on the game.
          *At times it just doesn't feel like a Resident Evil game at all.
          *Poor in length for the story mode and for a non-online gamer.
          *Could be difficult for some people especially on the hardest setting available.

          === FINAL THOUGHT ===
          Resident Evil 5 is a direct sequel from Resident Evil 4 and carries on the series but with a different character. Being a massive Resident Evil fan made me enjoy this game even though its lacking numerous things. One of the biggest letdowns is the fact there are no zombies and instead we have Majini's. These are okay enemies but Resident Evil cannot be successful without zombies. The game runs and plays smoothly thought. Even with numerous enemies on screen at once it plays really well.

          I would recommend the game but only because its a Resident Evil game. The game is much better than the film and I feel the film is way off being anything like the game. If you've played the others and want to try something new this is it because it seems different to a Resident Evil game. It does have certain qualities in which you know instantly that its a Resident Evil game and Chris Redfield is one of them. If you like survival horror games then this is for you because its jam packed with action and you must do what you can to survive. Plus new to Resident Evil games is the co0op story mode and the new and improved Mercenaries mode which has been changed from Resident Evil 3.

          The game has an age rating of 18+ because it contains excessive violence and gore throughout and really strong language. The game manual is okay and lists all relevant information. I bought the game a while back from my local Game shop and it only cost me £19.99 which was really good value for an Xbox Live gamer. I have however been meaning to upgrade to Gold Edition and would recommend you get that version because it offers more. This version is selling now for as little as £6 and is definitely worth every penny even though its not the best game ever. Gold Edition isn't much more to be honest and can be picked up for about £12 and has everything you will need and more.

          I love the franchise and long may it continue but I just feel this isn't half as good because there are no ZOMBIES!!! I would give the game a reasonable 6/10 but would recommend it!

          Review also posted on Ciao under username: MrBrightside1987!


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            30.08.2011 22:24



            resident evil top game

            I bought this game and i really think that its an amazing game. Even though it's been out for a while, it is still loads better than a lot of the new stuff on the market

            The gold edition is best for value money. It contains resident evil 5 game plus ALL the downloadable content all for a few quid more. It would cost more to download the extra levels included in the gold edition. That's before you look at, versus mode,costumes and other add ons. So great value. It does cost a lot more now though to download than buy. Although it is very easy just downloaded it at home. With a decent enough broadband connection it only takes about 20-30 mins to download the entire game.

            Something that i did find very strange with this edition is that all of the add ons are given in a code format and you have to then download the same rather than just having maybe an extra disc and getting all the info of that.

            One of the best parts of this game though i feel is the multi player campaign. Top stuff and it is not over in a few hours like a lot of games in these genres are.

            All in all top game and difinately worth a purchase.


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            29.07.2011 23:43
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            One of my favourites.

            The resident evil 5 on xbox 360 is the only version of the resident evil games I have actually played, so I can't comment on its differences between the series or how well the game has been improved.
            This game, along with call of duty has to be my most favourite of all time.

            ***About the game***

            The game can be played in two player on one screen or online using Xbox live.
            I play this game on one huge TV with two player and although the screen usage drops dramatically, I still find it OK to play. However I probably wouldn't recommend using two player on a small TV as it may be harder to see and concentrate.
            I have played using both the one and two player mode and find the two player mode is a lot easier. When playing together, you can use your teamwork and communication skills to get around and share items as well as discuss how you are each going to work together to complete the level. I also enjoy the competitive side to the two player mode as the scores are showed after each level showing how each player did, it is always fun to compare accuracy and enemies killed.

            The game consists of two characters, Sheva and Chris. The two travel through the village which has been infected by a virus turning the residents into what I call zombies. The Zombies are mostly all the same strength in terms of how hard they are defeat although there are the odd few 'big baddies' which take a few more beatings to kill.
            The objective of each level is to destroy the larger enemy to succeed onto the next level to eventually come face to face with the master of the virus and destroy him.

            The levels differ in terms of their settings, the first level includes a lot of fighting and killing and is one of my favourite levels to return to. Whereas there are other levels which includes using your brain and picking up gems with not many killing to be done.
            There are various gems and items to collect throughout the game which can be kept or sold for money. Gold can be picked up by shooting or stabbing to smash open various objects such as crates, the gold is automatically stored into your inventory and turned into money for you to spend.
            The great thing about this game is that when you are playing in two player mode, all of the gold is spread between the two players. For example is Chris picks up a 100G pack, each player receives 100 gold to spend.

            The weapons are great, there's a wide selection most of which can be updated at a price. The amount of bullets a gun can hold at one time can be expanded along with the impact a bullet makes. Once a gun of your choice has been updated to its maximum, you can go back to the menu and unlock the unlimited ammo for that gun.
            To do this, you need to buy to unlock the unlimited ammo using points you receive after completing each level. The amount of points you receive depends on how well you did after each level. This is dependant upon your accuracy whilst shooting, the amount of enemies you killed, the amount of deaths you had and the length of time it took to complete the game.

            Throughout the game, ammo can be picked up and is widely available. You find the ammo generally randomly sat around or in boxes which you break open.
            Health sticks and health spray can also be found and kept for when needed.
            Health sticks can be found as herbs and are found in either red or green. A red cannot be used alone and must be combined with a green herb stick which gives a larger healing effect. Two greens can also be combined together which also gives a larger healing, although a single green can be used alone.

            When using health sticks or health spray, if you are within a close range of the other player when in two player mode, the healing with be shared between the two characters although I have found this doesn't change the amount of health you receive.
            If a player becomes low on health through an attack or being hurt in some way, the other player usually has a chance to revive the other. If the person reviving has a health stick or spray on them, this will be used at this time. If there isn't any health item available to use, the player will be revived but will be low on health until they use a health item.

            The levels can be played in three different ways;

            I have completed the game in Normal mode with my partner and found it the best mode to play in when new to the game. It provides a challenge without being impossible or too easy.
            Once you have unlocked unlimited ammo on a gun or a few guns, the game becomes a lot easier as you will be using an updated gun without having to keep stopping to collect or put ammo into your gun.
            I now have unlimited ammo on my updated magnum gun which is fantastic, every enemy dies with one shot and the 'big baddies' which used to take what seems like hundreds of bullets now go down with a few shots.

            This game is marked an 18 as it contains blood and gore, however I personally don't think the game is all that 'gory'. The blood doesn't come in huge masses and doesn't 'squirt' out dramatically or exaggerated as I have seen on other games.

            The graphics on this game are fantastic. Even on a 50 inch TV which I play it on, the image is fantastic and there is quality and effort put into every bit of detail on every level. I tend to wander around randomly when playing and find all sorts of fasinating features such as spides crawling up walls and chickens, rats and snakes on the ground.

            The sound quality is also fantastic. We like to play the game with the volume up loud and even without any sort of surround sound speakers, the sound effects from the game draw you in. Each gun has a different sound from it and so it is easy to tell which sound is being made by each character.
            Without the gun sounds, its easy to hear the sounds of the footsteps, snake's whisper and the sound of the birds in the sky.
            The music appearing when danger is around really puts you into the game and gets your heart racing.


            This game can now be found very cheap. I bought the game myself after playing it for months at my partners house and found it for a fantastic price of £5 from Cex- a second hand store.
            To buy the game new now, it can be found for ;
            £11 at play.com
            £12 from Amazon
            £11.98 from Game
            £14.91 from Asda
            £17 from Tesco (Online)

            I would recommend buying this game second hand as I have seen it is a lot cheaper, and you don't loose anything buying it second hand.

            Overall, this is a great game! It has provided hours of entertainment for me and my partner. We have completed the game many times over and are still playing it now.

            Thankyou for reading, I also post on Ciao


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              13.08.2010 21:20
              Very helpful



              10/10 absolute winner!

              Cracking game, about as good as they get, weapon upgrades, over 15 different guns for different uses, different ammo varieties. play a campaign as single player or 2 player. First played this the week it first came out and it was like an addiction, played it for hours, i was Chris and my brother Sheva and worked together in co-op mode to complete the game. After 6 cans of red bull each we finally completed the game 16 hours later. As far as action shootout games go, you will have to look hard to beat it. the graphics are absolutely on top form. 2 player co-op mode is much easier than 1 player as the computer isnt as responsive as having u and a mate or brother next to you to dictate to each other. It's a long game but that is a bonus as you get so engrossed that you dont want the game to finish. I always recommend this game to people and can play it over and over. As well as campaign mode there is a mode where you get a set time limit and you kill as many Zombies as possible, you can pick up time throughout the given level, then at the end of the level when time has run out you will receive a score. I have yet to play this game on xbox live so will look forward to hearing/reading reviews on that. 10/10


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              05.08.2010 22:39
              Very helpful



              This is a very good, all rounded game, enough to make people scared but also really intrigued!!

              I bought this game on the release date and it was the best choice I made. The game is seriously addictive, first of all the graphics are really good for when it was released, they went into great detail with the characters and the bosses are look extremly good and are not too difficult to kill, untill you get to level professional. The game has 4 difficulties and are fun to play over and over again. The amount of weapons you can get in this game is unreal and you can upgrade them which becomes really fun. Also with the weapons is that you can unlock them and make them have unlimited ammo which helps you to defeat the harder bosses!!

              The best thing about this game is the fact that you can play 2 players offline and online and the makers give you a wide range of chapters to play and you can choose the difficulty. There is so many great things about this game and it even has a Mercenaries mode which is the same as Resident Evil 4's one but updated maps and it has online.

              Overall I think this game has many great features and is unlike other horror games and is definitely a jumper. It is filled with so many highlights that will make you love this game as much as I do.

              Please rate and comment this review if it is helpful.


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              21.07.2010 18:46
              Very helpful



              A fun casual game that ultimately lacks substance

              The Resident Evil series has been around for years now and they have been the absolute gold standard of the survival horror genre. The predecessors to RE5 were incredibly tense, clever and frightening - you really got a kick from playing them. Sadly, the newest installment to the series is more style over substance, taking something great and churning it out for profit, like they did to poor Indiana Jones.

              Graphically speaking this game is beautiful, one of the best looking games currently available. If you enjoy gratuitous gore, then there's plenty of that too! Unfortunately that's about all the positive I can think of. The gameplay, sadly, is essentially a third person over the shoulder view of Chris Redfield (from the old games) shoot-em up. It's more an action game now with little of the originals signature thriller feel.

              Originally the format was refreshing and the first hour I truly enjoyed watching zombie's heads pop off. Then I realised that this was how the next 15 hours were going to be. Go from zone to zone, with different looking zombies and minibosses and kill them, gradually getting better weapons. The originals had great stories but writing this review now it's really difficult to recall what it was all really about. In short, Chris goes to Africa to make some weapon deal and meets Sheva (she'll be dealt with soon) and the deal goes bad, zombies come and you start killing them. Then a meaty guy with an axe jumps into the fight. Honestly, it's done so crudely that I don't feel like dressing it up.

              The biggest downfall by far is your women partner, Sheva. She's pretty attractive but that's it really (is it still wrong to think computer characters are attractive?). Her purpose is to support you in the fight against all these brain eating zombified africans, but most of the time she's an incredible annoyance. The AI could not have made her any more irritating and idiotic, often getting stuck or using up vital resources when you really don't want them used! Additionally she has to be with you when you leave each area, which brings back terrible memories of trying to progress from a zone (by walking through a door) but couldn't because she had got stuck behind a crate.... It took half an hour! I came to play a game not babysit a bot through it.

              In conclusion, I am a resident evil fanboy so this game was a huge let down for me as I'm sure it was for the other keen players of the series. However, for the more casual gamer who has never heard of any of it's predecessors, you'll probably love it because it's the sort of pickup and play game that works well co-operative play with a mate and some beer. Sadly that's all it is really, so pick it up cheaply rather than paying full retail price. For me however, I've chosen to completely deny the existence of this game, much like the fourth installment to Indiana Jones (that doesn't exist), but if it did, it's about as unecessary as this game is.


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              03.06.2010 15:33



              Alright I suppose.

              The trailer for Resident Evil 5 persuaded me to buy it, it looked fun and gory .... my type of game. Upon arrival back to my house i shoved it in my Xbox 360 only to be dissapointed, i found the controls funny the storyline boring and the action to not really be found.

              The controls for this game are annoying and if you've got an itchy trigger finger you wont be satisfied, you have to aim down the sights carefully and you better not miss as there's hardly any ammo. Ah but you can knife, if you hold down two buttons and press another thats hard to control after playing another game.

              The setting of this game is mainly in Africa and mostly looks the same throughout unless playing in a few missions.

              The bosses in this game are hard to kill and you have to think hard about how to kill them, trust me it's not a simple shotgun blast to the head you may find yourself heating one up in a forge?

              To me this game felt a bit arcade like and didn't appeal to me though perhaps it may to you either way i suggest trying it out.


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              31.03.2010 16:37
              Very helpful



              Fantastic game with a great storyline

              Resident Evil 5 is the 5th game in the incredibly popular Resident Evil series (actually, if you count all the spin - off games it is the 11th game in the series, but who's counting...), that started life in Japan as Biohazard. There have been loads of other related goodies such as toys, board games and movies.

              The main thread in the Resident Evil games has been Zombies. They started off as the shambling "Night of the living dead" type in the first Resident Evil, and have gotten faster and smarter as the games went on.

              RE5 as it will be known for the rest of the review starts off in an African Shanty town, and features 2 main characters, Chris Renfield who has appeared in previous RE games, and a new character, Sheva Alomar. They are there to investigate Bio - Weapon dealing, and soon stumble across people being infected by the bio weapons.

              I won't go into any more of the storyline as it may spoil the game for you, needless to say that there is an involved, well written, if not slightly predictable (regular players will work out the main twist at the end within the first 30 minutes of playing) tale of horror to enjoy.

              The Graphics are incredible, especially in HD, bringing to life the varied zombies and creatures that you need to fight. The only stumbling block is the cut and paste zombies and the fact that you can get a few chasing you that look identical. A bit of variety would have been helpful and easy to implement. The scenery is stunning, creating beautiful African Vistas for players to enjoy.

              The audio really helps bring the story and tension alive. When something is about to happen, the background music sets in, becoming more and more menacing as the threat becomes greater. This sets your heart pounding, especially when you can here the music, but not sees the beasties! Stick the stereo of for a truly frightening experience!

              The game play is a usual 3rd person type event. Unfortunately the camera sometimes sticks behind your character, blocking your view from the nasties, but this is very few and far between. It is a very tense game, true horror style, and there are parts that will really make you jump out of your skin, so it is not for the faint - hearted!

              With 3 difficulty levels, hidden missions Down - loadable content and multi-player capabilities, this is a great game that has just been released as a Platinum game, so for around £15, it is a bargain


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              29.03.2010 03:31
              Very helpful



              If you're looking for a cheap co-op 3rd person shooter, Resident Evil 5 is worth checking out.

              Resident Evil 5 is a 3rd person shooter from Capcom and, unfortunately, is a fairly mediocre one. Now that's not to say that RE 5 isn't worth playing - it just falls over (quite noticeably) in a lot of places. I've played through the campaign three times now, collecting all the achievements, weapons and other collectables in the game and have clocked many hours playing time.

              --- STORY ---
              Like every other Resident Evil, the story is simple. There's a lab filled with test subjects, pretty much everyone you meet is infected with the T-virus and wants to kill you - the only difference being the main characters and the setting: Africa.

              --- CONTROLS ---
              The controls threw a lot of people off, and I can think of many who refused to go near the game because of the clunky controls. The main issue with it is the fact that you can't move and aim your gun/shoot at the same time. This is totally unnecessary and slows the game down a lot. On top of this, the run speed is ridiculously slow, and the walk speed... well, let's just say I'm not even sure you move when 'walking'. This means you're constantly holding the run button while playing, which is annoying and slows the pace of the game further.

              --- Graphics/Sound ---
              No issues here - the graphics look great and although most of the missions are set inside bland buildings and tombs the visuals tend to be nice to look at. Sound wise the game excels, if gun and ambient sounds alike are well composed. The game lacking a real score is disappointing, however.

              --- Gameplay ---
              As mentioned before, the clunky controls and running system slows the page of the game a lot - so if you're expecting to be scared a lot or even feel your heart race than you're mistaken. If however you are looking for a basic point and shoot game than you're in for a treat, providing you don't mind doing a whole lot of running.

              --- Longevity ---
              The 2 player co op is the saviour of this game. Working together with a friend to navigate the linear gameplay and collect all of the treasures is a major redeeming quality of Resident Evil. There are numerous collectibles, such as: Blue emblems to shoot down, Different treasures, Guns and viewable action figures which are worth collecting.


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              24.02.2010 00:23
              Very helpful



              £15 for a game that will keep you entertained for weeks on end!

              This has to be one of the best third person shooter games I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

              As a one player game, it can tend to get a little boring, however playing split screen with another person adds life to the length of the game, making it more enjoyable and more fun completing the different levels.

              Through the different levels you can collect vast amount of gems, the only downside is that the gems are always in the same place; if you happen to repeat the level a few times you get familiar with the places the gems are hidden which takes away a little of the fun in searching for them.

              Another great aspect to this game is being able to upgrade all your guns maybe a dozen times each.
              Once a gun has been fully upgraded you are given the opportunity to purchase a special weapon designed specifically for your character.

              Great game, perfect quality and amazing storyline.


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