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Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Release Date: 2012-11-20 / Published by Capcom

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    3 Reviews
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      25.05.2013 11:28
      Very helpful



      A fun action packed game with 7 playable characters and a great story line!

      == RESIDENT EVIL 6 ==
      Resident Evil games have always been one of my favourite series even though they have gone from being a survival horror to a more action based and story driven series. Resident Evil 6 is a third person action game and the first Resident Evil game to feature a total of seven different playable characters with four different stories. Resident Evil 6 is available on the PS3 and PC as well as this Xbox 360 version. The game was published and developed by Capcom who are also the creators of games such as the Street Fighter series and the Dead Rising series. Resident Evil 6 for the Xbox 360 comes with two discs. Disc one is the game disc and disc two is a voice over disc full of different languages for the game.

      === STORY ===
      Resident Evil 6 features a quality and easy to follow storyline. The game features four different stories, one for each character. Each characters story ends up clashing with the other characters throughout the game and this leads to the story becoming a little surprising with a few surprises. The game has a few new characters. Jake Muller one of the new characters is a mercenary and the son of the late bio-terrorist Albert Wesker (who was killed in Resident Evil 5 by Chris Redfield).

      Jake teams up with Sherry Birkin who's mission is to bring back Jake because his blood contains anti-bodies for the C-Virus. Elsewhere Chris Redfield makes his return with another newcomer Piers Nivans. Piers persuades Chris to rejoin the BSAA as their captain again. However, they are attacked by a Neo Umbrella agent known as Ada Wong but this is a clone of the actual Ada Wong. Leon Kennedy returns with another newcomer in Helena Harper and their mission revolves around rescuing Helena's sister and uncovering the truth behind the presidents death. Ada Wong's story is played alone and involves uncovering the truth behind the clone and also her story interacts with all of the other characters.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      Resident Evil has moved away from the survival horror features of the game and now features a more hands on approach with almost non stop action. This has upset a lot of fans but for me, I feel the game has taken a turn for the better. I loved the survival horror of the early versions of the Resident Evil series but I have to say I am slightly glad they decided to try something different. One of the better things about Resident Evil 6 is the four different stories with a total of seven playable characters. Leon, Chris and Jake all have a character each with them which are also playable in their respected stories. However Ada Wong is alone and is only a single player story.

      For example if you wanted to play through Leon's story, you wouldn't have to necessarily play as him because you can in fact play as his partner Helena and the same goes with Jake's story and Chris Redfield's. The game is a third person game in which the camera is basically shot over the shoulder of the main characters. You can alter the angle to be shot from either the left shoulder or right shoulder depending on which suits you better. Killing zombies and other enemies can lead to items such as herbs, bullets or even skill points to be dropped. Ammo can be hard to find in the game and its always best to keep your eyes open. There are many ways to kill enemies which include using several different guns, different grenades or even melee attacks can do the job.

      There are numerous types of enemies in the game with zombies and J'avo being the main threats. There are also many different bosses and a wide variety of places you will visit through your adventures. You also get the chance to drive a car, ride a motorcycle and even use a jet in the main story. One thing I loved about this Resident Evil was the fact if you was connected to Xbox Live it would find someone for you to co-op with in the main story (if you so wished). Or you could just play alone its entirely up to you. Story mode isn't the only game mode available to fans of the game but to play some of the other modes an Xbox Live membership is required and possibly Microsoft Points for game add-ons.

      Mercenaries mode is one of my favourite game modes and has featured in the last few Resident Evil games. Basically its a mixture of going on a killing spree against zombies whilst waiting for time to expire and racking up points on the side. You go around killing anything that moves such as zombies, zombie dogs and more. Killing these give you a little extra time but scattered throughout each level are time bonuses. You can also play this mode with a friend or over Xbox Live. Mercenaries mode is free to play to some extent but for a better experience it is recommended that you buy the map packs for more fun on different levels. Other game modes include Predator, Onslaught and Survivors with each having a different goal and involves a lot of fun.

      === GRAPHICS ===
      Resident Evil 6 is a beautifully designed game in my opinion and certainly looks the part. The characters have always looked fantastic in the Resident Evil franchise and its no different in this installment. The new characters look equally as impressive as the old returning characters and to be honest they fit in the game perfectly and definitely have the Resident Evil look and feel. The places you visit in the game are all designed fantastically. Some of my favourite places to visit were in Chris Redfield's story because sometimes it felt like something new and different. Leon's places in his story seemed a little like some of the places in Resident Evil 2. Overall the graphics are fantastic and a real plus about the game!

      === SOUND EFFECTS ===
      Resident Evil has always had really impressive sound effects and music in their games and Resident Evil 6 is no different. Firstly the music is original and just how a real Resident Evil game should be. Also the voice overs are fantastic and the acting is top notch. Something else that impressed me was the fact Capcom has made a voice over disc in multiple languages. The overall sound effects really shine when the all out action starts as it sound phenomenal. Some features such as footsteps from enemies can be heard and sound very real at times.

      Resident Evil 6 story mode features multiple difficulties including easy, normal, hard, veteran , pro and no hope. So it basically suits everyone. Online play difficulty usually varies depending on who you are playing with or against. Mercenaries difficulty setting is basically normal but it gets harder as your score gets better. Overall I feel the difficulty of the game is spot on by Capcom but I wouldn't recommend no hope until you get fully used to the ins and outs of the game.

      I do feel the length of the game is fantastic considering its about ten times longer than Resident Evil 5. The game features four different stories and each one is roughly between 8-12 hours in length but has lots of replay value. I have been through the game numerous times with friends and people over Xbox Live and the game has lasted me well over 6 months. Also with the variety of game modes online I do feel this game is good in length.

      === PROS ===
      *A total of four different stories and a total of seven playable characters to play as!
      *Lots of enemies, upgrades, weapons and more all at your disposal.
      *An intriguing and easy to follow story full of surprises.
      *Mercenaries mode is a lot of fun with friends or on your own.
      *The graphics are fantastic, sound effects are great and the difficulty of the game varies.

      === CONS ===
      *Fans of survival horror might be a little disappointed.
      *Other online game modes are good but its hard to find players online.
      *Lots of movies and talking might annoy some gamers.
      *Little bit glitchy at times but nothing too serious.
      *DLC is a little expensive and costs more than the actual game.

      === OVERALL ===
      Overall I feel Resident Evil 6 isn't too far off the pace and excitement of Resident Evil 4. The game is definitely better than Resident Evil 5 in my opinion and I do think its wrong to put this with the first three games because they are totally different in many ways. I do feel number 6 has a tiny bit in Leon's story where it does feel like a survival horror game again but that is quickly diverted back into the action packed game that it is.

      I think the game being made into an action shooter is actually a good idea and I believe it works but I would like to see survival horror return one day. Silent Hill games seem to have taken over the Resident Evil games now for survival horror but hopefully one day Resident Evil will make a return.

      I do love this game for many reasons and some of which include the fantastic characters, thrilling storyline, great graphics and sound effects. It has a lot to offer fans and has tons of replay value to keep you very busy for months on end. I bought the game for £39.97 on release day but it has now dropped considerably and can be picked up for around £10! I think for what you get £10 is an absolute steal!

      Overall a fantastic game that I would give a rating of 8/10.

      Review also posted on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987


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        05.11.2012 23:28
        Very helpful



        A Saddening Sixth Installment to a Seemingly Stagnant Series..... Shame.

        2009's Resident Evil 5's premise was first seen as questionable - swapping the dark and murky streets of Raccoon city, the grim n' grey surroundings of 4, - in favour of the scorching terrain of africa. Despite the lack of horror and thrills, its action was unrivalled and was a blockbuster title - punching boulders into volcanos and all. Yet no.6 tries to go one further... or 3 further, as this time there are initially 3 campaigns to scour through, each one consisting of 5 chapters that are far longer than the average level time of 5's. The 3 campaigns also have intertwining stories to tie up loose ends and offer up different situations that probably could have been crammed into one anyway. Despite the many changes, 6 is unlikely to appease the fans of the series, be it from day one with 3 playstation releases, spin offs or the latest offerings. Although... if you're morose enough to hold the resident evil film franchise in high regard, you'll likely have your little mind blown away...

        To start, you get to limp through a fairly eventful tutorial - based at the end of the story. This 5 minute tidbit is enough to prepare you for what's in store in jerky controls, scarce ammo and at times, inappropriate button bashing. The likes of 4 & 5 managed to pull this off well, keeping players focused during cutscenes and desperately mashing controllers to take down big bad bosses and even speed up the fights. 6 however, would rather you frantically search for a set of car keys, hopelessly put them in the ignition slot and start the engine with jittery hands as if cutting the correct wire on an explosive device. Fair enough, that was the most pointless and annoying moments of this button sequence thing but there are some satisfactory button sequences. Combat may seem a step in the right direction as now you can move whilst shooting, strafing about all over the place, firing on your back or front for unnecessary bad-assery. The games cover system though is, put simply, broken. You'll find yourself unwillingly snuggled up to a wall or pillar thats still in plain sight of enemies fire away as you frantically try to figure out 1. how to free yourself from said wall an 2. how you took 'cover' in the first place. Of course, when it comes to weaponry... '''forgeddabowdit!'''

        Resident Evil's haven't exactly been groundbreaking when it comes to storyline, evil company makes virus, virus breaks out, zombies ensue (Capcom can add as many backlog extras and insights to plot as they want but its still a bit of a joke). Instead of pushing another lame story, 6 is geared towards the happenings of the games main characters. Leon (from 4) prances about, brushing his hair out his eyes, accompanied by some angry lady called Helena (no not Helena - HELAYNAR..???). Chris (from 5) is drinking his troubles away in mega cliche fashion, getting shot down by barmaids, zombies and disgustingly offensive camera angles. Anything said about this new guy Jake's campaign would be a spoiler. Thanks to the differing campaigns, players can journey through burning urban concrete jungles, mirky underground subways and tombs.

        What they kept, what they changed, what the hell

        Like its predecessor, 6 features cooperative gameplay for 2, utilizing teamwork slightly more efficiently and in more original and even realistic ways (such as providing support from long distance). However for every answer lies another question - why add gestures and signals? 5 let you press a button to respond to your partner - 6 lets you swagger a thumb about proclaiming "Thanks!" and several other pointless schmaltz - there is zero benefit to these actions other than general politeness - something long dead when there's a zombie apocalypse going on ya dig?

        The Res series has never had a decent set of controls - ever - and this is dating back to the original. The need to hold buttons or use combinations to perform basic tasks commonplace in similar games were a chore but worth overlooking back then. Now in an age that boasts far greater capabilities, 6 is expected to be slightly better than those of its past - it aint. No pause menu, an obscuring jostled menu, 3 button basic moves and the option to use melee - something you could probably get away with using throughout instead of firing a single bullet.

        By far the biggest atrocity committed by Capcom and their sixth installment in a once loved franchise is the blatant attempt at acquiring a new, larger audience, the kind of folk who're amazed by the special effects, dazzled by explosions and care little for fun and engaging gameplay. The shaky camera, abundance of firearms and cover system impart influences from Gears of War & Call of Duty. The dog tag and special abilities at the end of chapters are just forgettable and generally not worth bothering with.

        I unfortunately pre-ordered this game, paying full RRP, expecting a quality gaming experience. When I got home after work, I headed straight for my mates who is equally into the RES series and played through the first chapter in Leon's campaign. It took us a good few hours each weekend to get it done, but by the end I was all by my lonesome on the final chapter as my friend had given up all hope of finding any enjoyment in the game. I wish I had called it quits also as I had to trudge through a long, drawn out uninteresting conclusion to a severely disappointing game... one that should of and could of met its lofty hype and expectations.


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          17.10.2012 14:30
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Excellent Game

          I couldn't wait for the release of this game on October 2nd. I had been a little disappointed in the previous 2 installments of this game so decided to rent this one out before deciding whether to buy it.
          I think as soon as the price comes down a little it will be one to go into the collection.

          From the start the game is difficult and the graphics are fantastic. The only problem I found was that when starting the game it tells you to set the brightness by moving a slider along until you can barely see the number 6 displayed on the screen. I did this and for the first level of the game could see nothing but darkness so I had to ajdust the brightness which was easy and continue (now able to see the excellent images).

          The story is similar to that of other Resident Evil games, revolving around people who turn into strange creatures and zombies after coming into contact with the T Virus through the umbrella company. This game sees the return of some old characters going back to the first ever resident evil and for those who have played the early games you will find the story very interesting and enjoyable.

          There is a good range of locations and weapons but at first I find it very slow to reload the ammo in the weapons. Collecting skill points as you go through the game you can use these to improve your whichever skills you wish including strengthening your melee attacks, your defense and improving the speed of reloading.

          There are plenty of checkpoints in the game which means when you die you o not have to go too far back. There is a good range of actions in this game including driving, riding a motorbike, flying a plane and swimming.

          As with all of the resident evil games I don't find the writing on the screen very clear to read at all. Also it doesn't stay on the screen very long and this can be an issue at first as a lot of the actions require you to tap the sequence of buttons shown on the screen. It didn't take too long to get used to this but I don't understand why this part of the game hasn't improved in all these years.

          I was playing the game and thought it had finished when credits came on the screen, I was starting to get a bit moody as there was no end to the story and I'd only been playing it for a few hours and then I realised that this was just the end for the character Leon who I was playing. You can then play the story of other characters, these are completely new levels, the weapons and layout of the screen are different for each character and it's like a new game for each character. There are four in total.

          By the time I'd played all of the characters I thought the longevity was good. I didn't try the xbox live feature which allows you to play online against others across the world but would be interested in giving it a go when I pick up my own copy.

          I thought this game was a big improvement on both Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil Raccoon City. The game is difficult and requires some thinking, there are a few puzzles and you will need to use a good range of weapons, the grenades come in useful as I seem to run out of ammo a lot.

          You can choose the difficulty of the game that you would like to play, the harder the difficulty the less ammo is available to pick up and the more damage your enemies inflict upon your health.

          I really enjoyed this game and it is one I will be getting. I do find new games a bit too expensive, this one is between £35-£40 new.


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