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Schizoid (Xbox 360)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Microsoft / Genre: Action / Release Date: 2008

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    2 Reviews
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      18.12.2008 17:59
      Very helpful



      Lots of fun if you have somebody to play it with!!

      One of my favourite passtimes is digging out unique and innovative games that may have fallen by the wayside. Schizoid is one of these games, and is in fact some of the most fun I've had on an Xbox Live Arcade game yet.

      The basic premise is very different to most games, which are typically focused on 1) single player or 2) competitive multiplayer. Schizoid, on the other hand, is essentialyl 100% co-operative multiplayer. Now, obviously, this could be a problem, in that it requires two people present to play. But beyond that simple logistical issue, there's a great little game here waiting to be played.

      Each level starts out with each player piloting a tiny spaceship in a maze - a red ship and a blue ship. In true Pac Man style, the maze is full of roaming baddies chasing you down and blocking your path. The solution? Teamwork!

      But try as you might, you can't simply gun down these baddies. See, the baddies are also split into red and blue, and they can only be destroyed by the ship of the appropriate colour. So, teamwork and co-ordination is required in the extreme, otherwise, you'll be seeing the game over screen very soon.

      Another interesting twist is that powerups, which are also distributed around the maze Pac Man style, cannot simply be collected. In true co-operative style, they must be carried over to the other player. I would be lying however if I said that during the game's 120 increasingly insanely tricky levels I didn't at points wish for a 'Power Pill' that'd let me indiscriminately chomp through all the enemies in my path!

      The graphics here are essentially 2D top down. There are lots of visual effects and it runs smoothly, however they're nothing to write home about. It IS an Xbox Live game though, so epic HD goodness a la Oblivion can't really be expected!

      As mentioned earlier, the logistical downsides of this game - having to have two people to play - are its main flaw. There is a single player option, but the accompaniment of an AI controlled partner seems pointless and is far too difficult as the game progresses. There is also a dual-stick control option, although this requires the co-ordination of a Ninja, and it was so difficult that it made my brain melt.

      Overall, Schizoid is a unique and brilliant game that is unfortunately let down by some unavoidable issues. I'm really quite glad that it exists though, and if you have somebody to play alongside I would heartily recommend giving it a shot!


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      10.11.2008 17:42
      Very helpful
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      Great multiplayer game for everyone

      The review I will be writing about today is schizoid.

      I got this game about a week after it came out for 800 Microsoft Points from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

      On with the review.
      This game is mainly for Co-Op play you and your partner have a ship which is blue or orange and you have to protect each other from the enemies but there's a twist the enemies are orange or blue which means that the blue ship can only kill the blue enemies and the orange ship can only kill the orange ships. Anyway that's the main thing about the game and how to play.

      There is over 200 levels as you progress through them they get harder and harder.

      Power Ups
      Through out the levels you can use different power ups which you pick up and then your partner has to touch you to activate it. Some of the power ups include Turbo, Explosion, Razor Wire

      Turbo - Speed up you and your partners ship
      Explosion - Clears some enemies around you
      Razor Wire - You and your partner have a wire between your ships and when any enemies touch that wire they explode(This does not work well when playing in Wingman Bot training as the computer all ways stays next to you).

      In every level you can earn a gold, silver, bronze or no medal.
      For gold you need to complete the level with out dieing.
      For silver you can die once.
      For Bronze you can die twice.
      Every 7 levels you get a checkpoint which gives you 10 lives

      Game Modes

      Local Co-Op
      You and a friend on your Xbox 360 help each other out

      Wingman Bot Training
      Instead of a friend helping you, you get a Bot to help you the only thing is when you pick up a power up they go straight to you to activate it which you don't all ways want.

      You control both ships. One in one thumb stick and the other in the other thumb stick this gets really complicated and gets hard when you need to move both ships to survive.

      Xbox Live Mode

      This is the same as local co-op except you play against players around the world

      Leader Boards
      This game supports leader boards which the more gold silver or bronze medals you get the higher in the ranking you are.

      All in all this is a great game to play with friends and family either on Xbox Live or locally on the same Xbox I would definitely recommend this game to everyone.
      Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you out!


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