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Sniper Elite V2 (Xbox 360)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Release Date: 2012-05-04 / Published by 505 Games

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    3 Reviews
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      16.09.2012 21:49



      a must buy for any stealth loving shooter fan

      before this game was released i played the demo all the time thats how great this game is.
      The game is set during world war 2 and you play an american sniper this is a 3rd person shooting game and is based on stealth, The game is so realistic that you have to take your heart rate BPM and wind into account which adds to the fun for me, This is an 18 game as when you kill an enemy you get an xray view of where the bullet hits them.
      The game isnt very long but its really fun, so far i think ive picked up 2 or 3 different guns from the standard 3 you are given at the start which is a sniper rifle a machine gun and a silenced pistol. You can also play online on this game which i cannot comment on as i havnt played that portion of the game yet and there is currently DLC available. There are also some very detailed features on this game like if you shoot someones grenade on them they will blow up and if you shoot the cap of a fuel tank on a APC it will blow up to.

      Overall this game is really fun but if your not a gory type person it might not be for you because of the xray kill cams, a must buy for the stealth shooter lovers out there.


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      31.08.2012 23:15



      It's an average game with few cool features. Story isn't good but it's not the worst I've seen.

      Between the eyes

      Back in 2005 Sniper Elite was mocked by its bad story and gameplay.
      Now, in 2012 Rebellion tries again. But unfortunately fails again.
      The whole game looks like scripted to me. There isn't anything to discover... It's just
      straight line forward. I really wanted to love this game, graphics are amazing, x-ray looked awesome
      and the trailers gave me good first impressions but in the reality it is not that great.
      First few times you headshot an enemy you are probably going like "OOOOWWW GODDD
      THAT LOOKS PAINFULLL UUGGGHHH" But after first two missions you don't think it's that awesome anymore.

      AI will find you... always...

      One of the bad things about this game is the A.I
      It's too realistic. Enemies can see you from miles away and they will react every shot you take.
      I'd love to be a sniper who takes enemies down silently one by one. But you can't do that.

      Still a fun game

      Still I am happy that I bought this game. I love inviting friends over and shooting Hitler
      in the ball sack(s). Story wasn't great but who cares about the story!?! In this game
      you are supposed to be a killing machine. I would recommend this game to every 3rd person shooter
      game fan.


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      12.06.2012 21:12



      A good game and fun to play with some mates showing of your skills.

      Sniper elite 2 has certainly come on since sniper elite 1.
      The game play is very similar to the first with the added benefit of better graphics and sound, but with an added 'cool...I LIKE THAT!!!' touch.
      They have added a very unique camera style. Like all slow mo bullet time games, the camera generally follows the bullet spinning until it reaches its target. However, in Sniper Elite 2, there's a cool twist.
      The bullet goes into slow mo, and upon hitting its target the camera goes into an X-ray mode. You see the round penetrating its unlucky target, crunching the bones and splicing the lungs/muscles as its goes, only to fly out the other side tossing through the air due to the impact of the target. A bonus shot being that it is entirely possible to hit multiple targets in one shot providing the second target stands near behind.

      Other good features of the game:
      Having to shoot at time intervals when loud noises occur to cover the sound of the shot.
      Laying mines next to corpses to booby trap bodies.
      Laying trip wires and throwing rocks to lure the enemy into walking into them.

      The online multiplayer system is something to improve on. It's a starting base for Sniper Elite 3 but don't hold hopes for this version being great online.
      If you buy the promotional version you can redemption codes to downloading the hitter addition.

      Overall, a good game and fun to play with some mates showing of your skills. My tip. TURN THE SOUND UP. makes the shot all that much better.

      Hope this little review helps.
      Enjoy the game!


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