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Street Fighter X Tekken (Xbox 360)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Fighting / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Release Date: 2012-03-09 / Published by Capcom

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    2 Reviews
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      26.11.2012 22:36
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      Worth a go for fans of either brand, but I don't hear the 'classic!' bell ringing.

      I got this for my birthday when it came out in the Summer this year.

      I am a Street Fighter fan through and through - can't do Tekken. To my mind it's overly complicated, difficult to control and not nearly as playable as Street Fighter. The graphics are always great and it's gorgeous to look at, but I think it sacrifices some of the fun for that.

      My wife is a fairly big Tekken fan. Despite not being much of a gamer, her brother is, and so when he needed someone to practice on he dragged her in as cannon-fodder, meaning she was schooled in the ways of Tekken and the console beat-em-up when I met her.

      With me as a Street Fighter fan and her as a Tekken fan, there was only one thing for it.... we bought a copy of the new Mortal Kombat game!

      I kid, of course, we ordered up a copy of this to see just which was best!

      The game is standard beat-em-up stuff. There are approximately 40 playable characters (some unlockable some only available through download) to choose from, you pick your players(s) and set about slapping each other about!
      There are ten different arenas to battle in, all in 2D but rendered beautifully.
      Your characters each have a health bar and when one is depleted that character is 'KO'd and has lost. The game is played on a best out of three basis, so the first player to win 2 bouts wins the game. (best of 3 can be changed in the menu).

      The twist here is that we actually have to choose 2 characters each from the menu and play a tag-team sort of game. You can only use one character at a time, but may swap them at any time during the fight if your main fighter becomes dangerously low on health or you fancy a change of tactics.
      It's an ok idea, but one which I really don't feel works. I struggle to see the point of it to be honest.

      Who's the boss?
      Street Fighter is a franchise owned by Japanese developer/publisher Capcom, an absolute giant in the arcade and gaming world.
      Tekken is owned by Namco, another well respected Japanese programmer.

      As Capcom were the production house sinking their money into this, the game is played in classic 2D rather than the 3D we're more used seeing on the next-gen consoles. The Tekken characters are all used on license so Namco had no input into the game.
      As it happens, Namco weren't happy with seeing their cutting edge 3D franchise taking a step down, and are working on a reverse crossover; Tekken X Street Fighter, which will be very similar to this game, but in 3D instead.

      Joysticks at the ready!
      Because of the old-school 2D layout, just about anyone who has picked up a joypad in the last 2 decades will soon be able to get to grips with the controls.
      The D-Pad moves us around the area - a very simple backwards, forwards, jump and crouch - and then six buttons (4 mains and two shoulder buttons) control punches and kicks. There are three different powers in each, with a variation of rapid but fairly weak shots or crushing but slow (easy to dodge) attacks.

      Of course, what made these games so popular were the over the top special moves. Whether your choice is throwing projectiles, performing acrobatic aerial attacks or building up devastating power punches, you'll find it all and more here!
      I do feel that there is an unfair advantage towards Street Fighter in this respect, as I find the Tekken moves much more difficult to perform and less varied. This is remedied by having a 'handicap', where new players and less experienced gamers can use a far less complex control system.

      Combo's are still easy enough to perform, but I must say I haven't had the patience to learn more than 4 or 5 hit combo's despite their being some huge numbers available to those nimble of finger!

      The swapping of players mid-game is easy enough to do, but utilising the tag-team attacks is a pain to master and not really rewarding even when you do.

      Flying solo?
      Beat-em-ups are legendarily one dimensional as a single player game.
      Very few offer much to hold a players interest as a lot miss the line of AI difficulty. They are either an absolute breeze and offer no resistance, clocked in a day, or have ridiculous jumps in AI whereby it gets near impossible somewhere in the middle rather than ratcheting up gradually.
      This one isn't awful as a one player game, although the back story is; a mysterious object lands in the Antarctic. Whichever tag-team you choose to play as have their own agenda for investigating, and obviously clash with other teams on the way to the truth. In between fights there are short cinematic scenes which pad out the story, adding a little more flesh until we reach conclusion.

      Anything new?
      Despite this being one of the more anticipated cross-over releases, the cross-over genre has been done to death now! Street Fighter X Tekken was hyped quite a lot a few months back but sadly soon slipped down the charts.
      The tag-team element is something a little different for this style of game, but in my opinion poorly executed.
      This game does have two new modes; Pandora and Gem.
      The Gem game is basically the same but with optional character boosts and upgrades. Six different skills (health, attack, defense, assist, cross gauge and speed) are available for upgrade during the game - a maximum of three allowed.
      Pandora is tied in to the 2 player theme. If one of your guys' health drops under 25%, they can be sacrificed and their remaining health piled onto your last remaining character.

      Downloadable content is limited, although there are a handful of characters to be purchased. 6 players for either franchise I believe. Despite fan-favourite Blanca being an option, it's nothing I'd fork out for to be fair, but it would certainly add longevity for a heavy-use player.
      The package costs a tenner or 1600 x-box points.

      Worth a look then?
      The game was released on the back of high ratings, with a solid 8.5-9/10 average on IGN.
      Gameplay is fun and frantic, but I soon got bored with the cross-over aspects of it and went back to the superb Street Fighter IV. As a multiplayer it's not bad, it certainly solves the argument of which is the better game for the fans - pick up your pads and battle it out!

      Obviously this review is but one mans opinion, but I struggle to see how 9/10 is justified on a fairly basic (if stunningly gorgeous) 2D fighting game.
      Yes, it looks very appealing, but this doesn't justify cutting back on none 3D gameplay. Given the capabilities of the X-Box 360 and PS3, this could still look incredible with multi dimensional gameplay and interactive scenery. Very strange given what Capcom did with SF IV.
      Personally I'd give it 9/10 on looks, but only 7/10 on gameplay.

      It's absolutely worth a play, for fans of either series or fans of neither!
      I enjoy dipping into it, but I must admit that my wife gets far more out of it than I do, so maybe this will be more fun for a Tekken player than a Street Fighter fan-boy like myself.

      As it's been out for a few months it can be found brand new for under £20 and in good pre-owned condition for as little as £10.
      Expect this to be a decent seller this Christmas I'd say, despite the newer Tekken Tag 2 game being out.

      Good fun and great value as a pre-owned game, but I'm hanging on for the Namco developed Tekken/Streetfighter crossover to see if they can make a classic out of two classics!



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        15.04.2012 20:20



        well rounded fun fighting game

        Been playing this game for over a month now and still cannot believe that nobody has reviewed this yet.

        This has got to be the second most anticipated crossover games ever involving video game characters(for those who are wondering first has got to be Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat)

        First of the game is similar to most fighting games where you have to attack the other player using your fists and special moves until their life bar reaches zero.
        The graphics are in 3d but plays in the style of 2d which basically means you can't run all over the place while fighting and just have the width of the screen.

        As I am use to playing Street Fighter games it took me quick to get use to all the new moves that can be used with your tag team partner and I never really had any problems finishing the game with the Street Fighter characters however when using the Tekken characters I found that they were harder to use, it might be where I am not really use to them as much as I am the Street Fighter characters but even after looking at there moveset the Tekken characters are mainly about combos which are quite hard to piece together. And they don't really have projectile attacks which leave them at a disadvantage.

        Unlike over crossover fighting games where you would have to knock out both partners, in this game you only have to beat one of them in order to win a round. I didn't like this at first mainly because I am use to games like Marvel vs Capcom 3 where you have to the whole team. But after awhile of playing it grew on me and I liked the idea, and this meant that you had to play strategic like switching your characters out at the right time to avoid loosing a round.

        You can also edit the characters stats with items called gems which will boost your characters strength or defense. If your a beginner and find it difficult to pull of the moves then you can also edit the character to have easy input controls which gives the players advantage. This is especially useful for those who are new to the game or those who are annoying and like to just spam Hadouken (you know who you are)

        This is one of those games that you need to own and is best to have when you have your friends come round for a night.


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