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Stuntman Ignition (Xbox 360)

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3 Reviews

Developer: THQ / Genre: Driving & Racing

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    3 Reviews
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      23.12.2009 23:56
      Very helpful
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      Try it

      Stuntman Ignition is a racing game for the Xbox 360 but the difference between this and most racing games is here you are a stuntman and must perform stunts for various movies.

      To complete the scene you must follow the director's instructions. For example you may be told to do a U turn, crash into a car, go over a ramp and swerve round a car while in a chase scene trying to keep up with another car. You get a number of strikes and if you fail all of these you will have to do the whole scene again. I really like this idea and find it enjoyable to play a different type of racing game. The films are quite clever as well and are very different! If you want to get really high scores you have to try and "string" stunts together. You do this by doing all the stunts but while doing this use a drift or go close to a car to keep the stunt going!

      You can also make your own sort of stunt park and choose what objects you want where. However this mode is not very good as there are not many different objects and you have a small limit to what you can do. You can also play multiplayer online and offline multiplayer. However online there is about 1 player playing the game at a time so that is basically useless! However offline is pretty good and there are two modes. On where you try and do the best stunts and one is a race.

      The graphics are quite good and the different cars and bikes e.t.c. are quite good and there is nothing wrong with them. The sound is also quite good.

      Overall this is a good game and a little bit different!

      I got this for about £5 a while back and it is available quite cheap on the internet.

      This review may also appear on other websites under the names ns1209 and mariofan123.


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        24.08.2008 04:22
        Very helpful



        Good game.

        Stunt Man Ignition is been racing title for the Microsoft Xbox 360 games console.

        In this game you play as a stunt man, you get hired for various films which obviously involve lots of car and bike chases.

        The way the game works is quite different from a standard racing game, you get told what to do by the director and then you must do it. For example the director might tell you to crash into the side of the car, power slide round the corner, tailgate the car, do a U turn and so on you will then have to do what he says.

        You get a number of strikes, if you get too many strikes the director will cancel that take and you will have to start over. This is a really interesting way to play a racing game and I enjoy it.

        You can purchase this game for 10 to 20 pounds, any one looking for an innovative racing game should pick this one up.


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        23.09.2007 22:10
        Very helpful



        A great next-gen sequel.

        I’ve managed to make the jump to next-generation! Basically, I decided it was time to trade in my Xbox along with a majority of its games to put toward my 360. Didn’t think it could pay for the whole thing (though there were 60 games and a console!), so I nabbed one with this, NFS: Carbon, Command and Conquer 3 and Ghost Recon: AW. Anyways, I’m so glad I decided to go with the sequel to Atari’s mission based racing game. So, there’s a new developer here, new designs and new graphics (well, it has gone from PS2 to 360!). Does it make the game better? Yes! The game is more accessible, looks better and has more content than the original. Such a great start to the next-generation!

        -(The Controls)-
        The controls are pretty much standard for you’re racing game. You brake with the right trigger and brake/reverse with the left trigger. You can e-brake with the B button and do an action with the Y button. There’s a couple of buttons exclusive to the backlot mode. These include nitrous (X button), resetting your vehicle (Right button) and looking at the scoreboards (Left Button). You can also switch song by pressing left or right on the D-Pad. Overall, the controls are responsive and easy to learn. It’s a great game to get used to the controls for the Xbox 360.

        -(The Gameplay)-
        The gameplay is pretty much the same as the original. You take the role of a Stuntman as he tries to get big by doing stunts for directors of big budget movies. The vibe of the game is great, making the game really enjoyable. The movies are hilarious rip-offs of big movies like Batman, Dukes of Hazzard, James Bond and Dante’s Peak. While I was doing a film called Aftershock where it was about a volcanic eruption in a small town, I was amused when I heard the Stunt Director say ‘Now you’ll take the role of a teenager who is desperately trying to reach his grandmother’s house on top of a mountain’. Considering I had only just seen the film it just ripped off, I was very amused. Plus, there’s some fun touches, like the stereotypical directors. The director for a spy film Never Kill Me again speaks in a sort of German tone, as well as many references to ‘American Pigs’. When you work on the sequel to a film from the original ‘Whoopin’ and Hollerin’, the director (as well as his rowdy buddies) sound like he’s from Jackass or Dirty Sanchez. It’s pretty funny when he says ‘If you nail this stunt, I’ll give you my sister’s number’. Other touches like the trailers you see when you finish all the stunts for a movie really make the game more fun and have some personality.

        The main mode of play is the career mode where you’ll work on six movies (some of which I mentioned earlier), each movie have six scenes. Scenes work like this, when you begin you start with simple stunts like dodging cars, jumping small gaps and other things like that. There’s usually one big stunt right at the end. This could be smashing into a plane, doing a huge explosion or other huge stunts like that. You’re stunts are marked by yellow images and it’s pretty easy to see them, plus the director can tell you them as well. At some moments, you’ll need to use the action button to do things like use nitrous, cause explosions, or slide your motorbike under objects. Each stunts lasts around seven minutes, so it can be hard not to screw up at the last minute. Plus, it’s sometimes hard to see exactly what’s going on. Scenes have tons of explosions, other stuntmen and other distractions. This can be evil, considering there’s little room for error. The game is quite hard, though it’s slightly less punishing than the original. Rather than a single screw up, you fail after about five mistakes.

        You can still fail instantly if you go out of the shooting area or if your car plunges into an area like water or lava, but it’s still less punishing than the original. Aside from the main movie scenes, you can also participate in other jobs like commercials and arena stunts. These aren’t as long as the movie scenes, but they’re much harder. Rather than allowing you to make a few mistakes, screw up once and you fail. Considering these are also harder in general, only allowing one mistake is punishing, especially when you’re driving on something like ice. These odd jobs can help you gain more popularity, which is needed to unlock more movies. Each scene you do is rated on five stars. To get five stars, you need to do stunt string the whole scene. For every star you get, you get one point of popularity.

        A new thing is the Stunt Strings. Stunt Strings are basically when you do stunts in short succession. Basically every time you do something dangerous like, say, drive close next to an object, you start a chain. If you keep doing things like this, the chain will keep going. If you do stunts the director wants to you do, you get more points and continue the string. If you don’t do anything quick enough, the string will break and you get your points. If you can keep it throughout the whole stunt, you get 5 stars. It’s certainly easier to do a Stunt String throughout than score, say, 700,000. But it can be a frustrating process at times, simply because it’s so easy to brake. For example, on the very first scene I was about to get five stars, but then I didn’t manage to do the final stunt so I had to settle with four stars, even though I had way more than needed.

        A mode that returns this time around is the Stunt Constructor mode. Basically, this mode is like the create-a-park mode from sport games like the Tony Hawk games. You can use many set pieces like ramps and blockades and place them in a big arena to create your own scene. But, there are also some missions that come with the mode this time around. Basically, there are three sets of challenges with different difficulty levels. The challenge is to create a stunt that scores an amount of points. The thing is, though, is that you have to do certain stunts like jumps or getting through small gaps, so you have to set it up to suit them. It’s a good idea, but it’s left cold considering it’s almost impossible to create a decent stunt to suit these stunts, thanks to stingy placing. It is fun to create your own stunts rather than doing the challenges though, so the mode isn’t entirely useless. Just don’t expect much fun from the challenges.

        Perhaps the biggest addition to the series is the addition of online and offline multiplayer. It’s what fans have been praying for since the original was released without it. There are two modes here. The first is Backlot Battle. The rules for this mode are that you have to perform the most stunts in a set number of laps. The other mode is Backlot race where you simply race and you earn boost (nitrous) by doing stunts. Both modes are great fun, though it’s a shame there isn’t a mode where you take it in turns to play in the career mode scenes and whoever gets the most points wins. That would have been a test of your stunt abilities. Still, the game was a blast offline, so the online play should be great too (well, at least if there’s no lag).

        It’s a shame there’s still some ‘love-it-or-hate-it’ things about the game, as this won’t appeal to everyone. So long as you’re not looking for too much new, fans of the original will get what they want. But anyone else will be put off by a number of things by the game, aside from the challenging difficulty. The game has a lot of trial-and-error found in games like Crash Bandicoot. This means you’ll be repeating a lot of things again and again. It’s like you’re about to finish the scene, barely, but you screw up on the last stunt so you have to restart again. If you hate that kind of things, you won’t be changed here. Plus, it’s probably made worse because the director is yelling the same thing in your ear hole. Plus, if you hated the original, you won’t have your mind changed here. There’s not a whole lot different to it, aside from it being more accessible and the graphics are prettier.

        The game is rated 12+, which is about the same as the original (the original got a 11+). Yet, I certainly wouldn’t mind letting anyone younger play it. It does have a lot of cars smashing, huge explosions and other booming stuff like that, but there are other games that have that, but they’re rated 3+. Ratchet and Clank, Burnout and other games have booms, but they’re only 3+. So, I would say it should have a 7+ rating. They probably won’t understand the humour though, considering most kids haven’t even seen Dante’s Peak. They might find some of the cut scenes amusing though, so that’s suitable. There wasn’t use of language, sex or drugs as far as I’m aware of, so if you can handle explosions you could get away with playing this.

        -(The Graphics)-
        Graphically, Stuntman Ignition looks excellent. It really does benefit from the power of the 360. The draw distance is spectacular. You can see from miles away! It means you can see oncoming traffic before they hit you, which is good. The textures are surprisingly detailed, which make the environments look more realistic. Plus, the levels are well designed as you play through a volcanically erupting town, the outlands, country town, dark cities and an icy hideout. They’re all great to play through and look stunning. The game has the same realistic physics as the original-the faster you drive, the more your car crumbles. And boy, they crumble beautifully. The car models look very nice, with a huge monster truck as my favourite. Sadly, the frame rate can get a little choppy at very specific moments, so it can make precision a bit harder. Luckily, it doesn’t happen too much to make the game broken, and luckily the frame rate is very smooth when there’s no choppiness. And, like before, cutscenes look drop dead gorgeous, especially in next-gen graphics!

        -(The Sound)-
        The sound is great. Well, as long as you don’t mind a lot of ‘smash the boxes’ and ‘drift left’ shouts from the director. Yes, he will be with you throughout the whole thing, directing you where to go and what to do. Is he annoying? I didn’t think so. If he wasn’t there, how would you know where to go? Anyways, everything else is stellar too. The music has a vibe of a great action movie. The music also suits the movie. For example, if you’re in the hillbilly movie, you’ll hear some good old country music. Yet, if you’re playing the Spy movie, you’ll hear a James Bond style music play in the background. It all feels appropriate and suits the tone of the game. The explosions sound spectacular! Everything really sounds loud, and you feel a whoosh as you drive by explosions. Plus, if you have speakers you’ll feel a rush!

        -(The Replay Value)-
        Stuntman Ignition also has much better value for money than the original. The original lacked any kind of multiplayer, so it was a little weak in terms of its value. But now, there’s online play and split-screen multiplayer. Plus, this version benefits from unlockable achievements. These achievements include doing one of the films with at least a one star rating, earning an amount of points in the scenes by doing a certain move, e.g. the drift move, or even going into a pit of death thirty times (what an achievement!). Still, the career mode will only take a couple of hours to finish without trying to get a certain amount of stars in the level. But, you can come back and try to get all the Taurus awards, which are basically awards that are given when you manage to nail three specific stunts in a row. There’s one for each scene. Plus, there are the stunt constructor challenges, which could add a couple of hours to your playtime. Plus, there’s split-screen and online multiplayer to keep you busy. Would you get as much value as if you had no Xbox Live? Yes, but you’d still get great value anyways, thanks to achievements.

        Controls- 10
        Gameplay- 8
        Graphics- 9
        Sound- 8
        Replay Value- 8
        Overall Score- 8.6

        -(The Ending Comments)-
        The original will always be the most satisfying game I’ve played. Sure, it was punishing, annoying at times and lacked value, but it was still a heck of a lot of fun. The next-gen sequel is better in many ways. Not only because it looks better (thanks to next-gen power!), but it’s also more accessible, lasts longer and is overall more fun than the original. It’s not for everyone; if you hate trial-and-error, hard games, precision or anything like that you won’t like this. Also, if you hated or even mildly disliked the original, this won’t change your mind. But fans of the original, mission-based driving, stuntmen, and movies, or just need something to try out for a weekend or two-Stuntman Ignition is your game!

        -(The Extra Info)-
        This was published by THQ and developed by Paradigm Entertainment
        This was released on August 31st, 2007 and is also on PS2. PS3 version coming September 28th
        You can buy this from Amazon for £24.98 or used and new from £21.99

        Thanks for reading. Stunt 101


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