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Syndicate (Xbox 360)

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Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Release Date: 2012-02-24 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    1 Review
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      04.04.2012 12:45
      Very helpful



      An action packed and very different to others first person shooter game!

      == SYNDICATE ==
      Syndicate is a first person science fiction game and is also a reboot of an old 1993 game with obviously the same name. The older game was more of a tactical shooter and is now a FPS (first person shooter) and to be honest it works really well. Starbreeze Studios developed the game and Electronic Arts are the publishers of the new game. The game is available on the PC, PS3 and the Xbox 360. Syndicate feels like a completely different game from the previous 1993 game but the game overall is actually surprisingly good. Syndicate is a little like Deus Ex Human Revolution and that is the only reason I gave this a chance and I am very glad i did. The main character looks very similar and the game has other little similarities. The main story of Syndicate is actually pretty good and the main setting for the game takes place in 2069.

      === STORY ===
      You are Agent Miles Kilo a new Eurocorp agent equipped with a sample DART 6 chip created by a scientist that goes by the name of Lily Drawl who works for Eurocorp. After realizing the DART chip has been successful, the CEO of Eurocorp gives Miles Kilo his first mission which is to eliminate an Aspari Corporation scientist called Gary Chang who has developed his very own DART 6 chip similar to the one Kilo uses. Agent Jules Merit helps Kilo on his mission and helps him with his new abilities. During the mission Kilo learns that Lily Drawl had helped Gary Chang develop the DART 6 chip. Now Miles Kilo must decide whether to carry on working with Eurocorp with the potential betrayal of Lily Drawl and must also face other complications throughout his story.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      Syndicate is now a first person science fiction game and one of my favourites. There is both a story mode and multiplayer mode available to play which is okay but I feel they should of concentrated on the story mode much more because if a game has a multiplayer mode with online play then its guaranteed to have a very short single player story mode. In story mode the game is your typical FPS (first person shooter) game but does have and feel different sometimes. The game is of course set in first person view and for games like this it works really well and the game is also set in the future. Its pretty simple as are many other FPS games in where to go and what you need to do because you are told. There is only one way you can actually go and that's forward but there are a few dead end roots that could lead to a few bits.

      Syndicate is more action based than most FPS games and at times you can find yourself up against several enemies over and over again. Enemies in the game are just human enemies with guns but there are many other enemies and bosses that are robotic and have data chips in them which if you defeat them you can acquire. A data chip gives you one point to use to upgrade Miles and he can learn a few new abilities by using his well earned points. In Syndicate there is a chart to spend your points on which can be accessed anytime in story mode and you can make Miles much stronger here and make him withstand more damage.

      The layout of the game looks great but most of the game actually takes place inside most of the time. Miles will find many items which can be collected by holding a button and he can also find many different types of weapons. You can pick up enemies weapons by simply pressing the same button. Miles can only carry two weapons at anyone time but can trade any of his weapons for a new one if you come across a new one. Most weapons have more than one attack as well which is fantastic and a lot of fun. An example of this is one gun is like a machine gun and very effective but even more effective if you are carrying grenades because you can turn the gun into a grenade launcher. Each weapon has two attacks a normal pistol has its normal fire rate but you can turn it into a burst round pistol as well. There are a lot of combinations with tons of fun available.

      The game looks and feels very similar to Deus Ex Human Revolution and the main character from that game looks like the main character in Syndicate. Miles has some abilities to use which he learns automatically and these include Persuade which persuades an enemy to fight for you for a limited time and if all enemies are killed the enemy you have persuaded commits suicide. There is also a Suicide move which Miles can use to automatically make an enemy explode which wipes out enemies close to the exploding enemy. Also available is Backfire which comes in very handy later in the game because it makes enemies guns backfire on them and sometimes kills them too.

      In the multiplayer online mode you can create your own group/Syndicate and call them what you want and do other bits to them. You can have up to 4 people in your Syndicate which includes you. You can get friends to join your syndicate or you can have random people join its entirely up to you. In the online modes you cant actually go against other online players and it is in fact your team vs the computer but it does work incredibly well. The computer is by far a harder opponent in this mode and there are Agents which can cause problems. When your health has depleted you must stagger around waiting for a partner to heal you but if nobody heals you in time then you must wait to be respawned. There are a lot of different missions in this mode and much more you can do which includes upgrading weapons and abilities to be even more powerful than what they are in story mode. Syndicate offers even more but its more suited for the online gamers because story mode alone can be finished in 5-6 hours which is disappointing.

      === GRAPHICS ===
      I was quite impressed with the look of Syndicate because it had that different look to regular FPS games and definitely felt different too. With the game taking place in the future I think it looked that little bit extra special at times. Design layouts for each level you play are fairly similar because the game takes place in one place but it rarely disappoints and at times looks unbelievably amazing. Enemies look really detailed as well and the bosses in the game are very impressive. Also characters in the game look really cool. I think the bosses are probably the better designed out of anything because they seem very similar to bosses from Deus Ex and to be honest that game is fantastic to me. The lighting in the game is pretty much perfect and the game rarely features any graphical dysfunctions or glitches. Overall I was fairly impressed with the graphics to the game.

      === SOUND EFFECTS ===
      The sound effects are equally as impressive as the graphics to the game. The music is actually really good and is the kind of music to keep you on edge and is serious music in the game. The music also seems to pop up at the right time in the game and fits in very well. The actual sound effects stand out very well in the game from action sound effects when you're in a battle against a group of enemies because all you can hear is the full on shooting effects and it sounds amazing. Even better with surround sound. Other bits in the games sound effects are also very good and definitely make the game much better with good sound effects. The games characters are voiced by various actors such as Michael Wincott as Jules Merit, Rosario Dawson as Lily Drawl, Brian Cox as Jack Denham and many more. All of which suit the game very well.

      The game really isn't that difficult even on the hardest setting it doesn't really propose a challenge to the everyday gamer. There are three different difficulty settings that start at easy and go upwards in difficulty but really doesn't matter which you pick because the game is quite easy overall. Online play is very different because it depends on your skill, your team mates skill and the computers skill because sometimes the computer can be a little tricky at times online. Its easy to find where to go with following maps and markers etc etc but sometimes it can be a bit weird because there are things like panels that you have to take off or do other bits to find the route where to go but other than that Syndicate was a very simple game to do. The controls are very easy to get the hang of as well. Overall easy game that many could do.

      The longevity of the game isn't the best in story mode and this is always the case when a game features an online multiplayer mode or modes. I was slightly disappointed because the main game lasted me only around 6 hours which is very poor for a game nowadays. Online play differs because its actually really addictive and quite fun to play but I just feel there isn't enough game time in the main mode.

      === ACHIEVEMENTS ===
      Syndicate has a total of a whopping 50 achievements for you to work at and I think the best thing about this is that the game must be completed numerous times in order to get some of them. The downside if you're not an Xbox Live gamer is that there are quite a few online achievements as well. Most achievements are simple and will come naturally as you playthrough the game and include doing things such as killing so many enemies in certain ways. There are also achievements that take time to achieve such as getting a certain rank on each level you play and getting the best score possible. The game does have those really annoying achievements such as killing bosses in certain ways or killing them after doing something that seems entirely pointless but overall there are 50 achievements which could improve the overall game time if you're lucky.

      === PROS ===
      *The game is full of action from start to finish.
      *Syndicate features some very interesting enemies and some brilliant bosses.
      *Good music, great sound effects and some delicious looking graphics are on offer in this game.
      *Online play is actually a lot of fun and you can create your own team and name them.
      *The aiming seems more accurate in this game than any other first person shooter.
      *Its a little similar to Deus Ex and fans of that will certainly love this.

      === CONS ===
      *The main game mode is disappointingly short and should be much bigger.
      *I think multiplayer mode should have a team vs team option as well as what it offers.
      *I feel the game is a little too easy at times and doesn't propose much of a threat.
      *Does get a little repetitive at times and can become annoying and frustrating.
      *Way too expensive for a short game and even worse if you don't play online at all.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      Syndicate was a game I wasn't going to get at first but after doing research on the newer game I thought I would take a chance and to be honest I am very glad I did because its a really good game. The story to the game isn't too bad, it has decent music, very good sound effects and looks superb in places. One of the main factors for me getting the game was the similarities it had with Deus Ex and the all out action it has to offer. Its not like other FPS games and definitely offers fans of FPS games a new experience.

      I would certainly recommend the game to a lot of gamers especially fans of games such as Call Of Duty and even Halo. If you like a good action shooter then this is it. The game doesn't feature a game manual inside but it does feature one on disc. EA have started doing this with most of their games and I think its ridiculous. Also the game has an age rating of 18+ because it has very strong language and violence and contains a lot of blood and guts.

      The price of the game is actually quite good now but when I first bought the game back on release day it cost me a ridiculous £37.97 and its not at all worth that. The game however has dropped in price and places such as Amazon and eBay have the game for around £20-£25 including packaging which is very good value for money in my opinion.

      Overall Syndicate is a fun and action filled game that I would recommend and I would give the game a very reasonable 7/10!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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