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The Amazing Spider-Man (Xbox 360)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Release Date: 2012-06-29 / Published by Activision

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2013 17:34
      Very helpful



      A fun action/adventure game with everyone's friendly neighbourhood Spiderman!

      The Amazing Spider-Man is an action/adventure game set in a third-person open world. The game was developed by Beenox and published by Activision and is available for the PC, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox 360 and many more. I have never really been a massive fan of the Spider-Man games but I have to say this game certainly altered my feeling on them because its actually quite good and offers a wide range of gameplay features. One of the only flaws is the fact that the only playable mode is single player. There isn't any sort of multiplayer which is a real shame because that would of been fun. The game was directed by Gerard Lehiany and also written by Seamus Kevin Fahey and to be honest they've done a fantastic job.

      === STORY ===
      The game is set several months after the events of the movie. Peter Parker and his girlfriend Gwen have sneaked into a restricted part of the Oscorp center. Gwen reveals that she thinks they might be carrying on with where Curt Connors left off with his experiment on the cross species. Gwen and Peter are caught by Alistair Smythe who does reveal that some special scientists are continuing with Curt Connors experiments. Alistair escorts them but suddenly something goes wrong and the cross species start to attack as they notice something with Peter. Peter himself is a cross species after the incidents of the spider bite. Gwen and the scientists are attacked and must stay behind to do what they can. Peter goes in search of answers but the only thing left to do is go and get help from the man that started this, Curt Connors.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      The highlight of the gameplay is the open world you are allowed to explore using your amazing web. You have the ability to swing around the whole of New York exploring many places. There are comic book pieces scattered throughout the game and almost one on every building in the game. Some are floating in midair as well from the wind. Spidey can use his web for many things including the swinging or even shooting down numerous enemies that stand in his way. The game is shot from a third person perspective and I have to say this is the best Spider-Man game for camera angles because many of the other Spidey games have awful cameras. The games only mode is story mode but there are a lot of side missions and more in this mode to keep you entertained.

      Some side missions include taking out enemies that are threatening civilians and these are very repetitive but also very easy. Doing these earns EXP (experience) to buy new skills and abilities. There are also side missions that include taking photos of certain things, time trials in which you race to each checkpoint within a time limit, helping the police bring down enemies in a car by catching up to them and using your web plus many other side missions. The main story missions are a lot longer than a simple side mission. Most side missions can be done in seconds and more time is spent going to your objective rather than doing them. Spidey can fight as well as swing and use his web to take enemies down. He fights like Batman does in the Batman Arkham games and in my opinion it works tremendously well. He doesn't have an awful lot of moves to start with.

      Spider-Man can learn new moves or make older moves more powerful by earning EXP from doing side missions or other bits. EXP can be spent as a type of currency to buy new moves and skills. You can make things such as Spider-Man's web shoot quicker, make his attacks more powerful or even his defense even stronger. This Spider-Man game isn't just based on action, it also requires stealth in some areas because some of the enemies he takes on include enemies with guns and Spidey cant dodge every bullet coming his way. There are quite a lot of different enemies in the game and also a few bosses you will come up against. Enemies include flying machines, lizard creatures which are the cross species and also normal people in gangs and such.

      In the city there are a lot of places you can explore and a good thing about this is that you can barely die at all doing the city exploring or even the side missions. If you do die you are automatically brought back to where you really need to be. You don't have a certain amount of lives but you do have a health meter that you must keep a close eye on. The Amazing Spider-Man does have a lot to offer in terms of gameplay and is definitely the best Spider-Man game out there so far to date. Its fun, addictive and has a lot of action. More importantly kids will love this because its based on their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

      Okay so the graphics to the game aren't spectacular to say the least and in fact they look a little cartoon like but that's not at all surprising for a game like this. I do however love some of the view points in the game from some of the highest buildings as it does look amazing at times. Spider-Man does look new and improved from the previous games but that's as far as the graphics are in terms of really good. Buildings look average and pretty much all the same, scenery isn't the best but does have stand out bits and also the characters facial expressions don't seem to change at all through the game. Other bits such as enemy design, how the cars look and some of the other settings such as Oscorp or the sewers look okay but not exciting.

      The sound effects are pretty much in the same league as the graphics with nothing much standing out. Music is plain and rarely changes through the game unless you're up against a boss or something exciting has happened. Voice acting is probably the highlight with the actors from the film also doing the voices for the game including Andrew Garfield and the beautiful Emma Stone. Fighting sound effects are okay but not amazing but I did like the way Spidey screams out loud when hes web swinging through the city. It sounds great and gives a great feeling on how the game is. Overall the sound effects and the graphics could of been a little better but its still a great game to play.

      The game can be difficult in some places and could be more difficult for the younger gamers. Especially with the stealth bits the game has because if they spot you then you must move really quickly and hide somewhere for a while before retrying what you were doing. Also the combat is a little more advanced than what it used to be because now you must press certain buttons to counter or do certain things to take out the enemy which include using trash cans and dumpsters or even other items laying around. Side missions are very easy and suitable for absolutely anyone, they are also quite a lot of fun even though they are a little repetitive. The controls are simple, but getting used to learning new skills can be quite tricky if you are a newcomer to this sort of thing.

      Now the length of the game is an interesting subject and depends on if you plan on getting all the achievements and also doing all side missions available. If you just want to do the main quest line then you are looking at around 10 hours of gameplay. However with all of the comic book pieces to collect, side missions to do and exploring to do in the city then you can be looking at around 30 hours. Also if you want to go through the game again because you missed bits and bobs then you are looking at maybe a tops of 50 hours which is fantastic and the main reason for this is the lack of multiplayer modes. Overall not a difficult game for the experienced gamers and also quite good in terms of length.

      === PROS ===
      *Its Spider-Man and who doesn't like Spider-Man?
      *A massive city to explore and go swinging through with your web.
      *A variety of different side missions available including saving people and time trials.
      *Lots of different enemies and quite a few bosses too.
      *Learn new skills and abilities or even strengthen your defense and more with the new upgrade system.
      *Pretty good in terms of length and gameplay features.

      === CONS ===
      *Not an overly massive main story.
      *Also side missions can become very repetitive as there are a lot of the same type of mission.
      *The graphics and sound effects could have been a bit better in my opinion.
      *Kids might find this a little difficult and need help because of the stealth and new combat system.
      *No multiplayer options at all.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      So Spider-Man games have been around for many years now and kids love them. I have to say after playing this game my opinion changed quite a lot about them too because this one is definitely the best one out there. Its fun to play, has a pretty good story and offers a lot to fans of the movies and more.

      Although the graphics and sound effects aren't the best ever don't let this put you off because the game does have many aspects that take the bad stuff away. I would definitely recommend the game to people with kids or to fans of Spider-Man. Its new and improved combat system is definitely worth checking out if you've never played the batman games.

      I have always preferred Spidey to Batman for many reasons. Exploring the city is great, fighting is great and even the stealth bits for me are great. Its not as easy as it should be. The game has an age rating of 16+ because of the fighting but other than that its perfectly fine for kids to play. The price of the game is reasonable as you can find it on Amazon for around £15.

      A great game with a great character and I would give the game a reasonable 7/10!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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