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The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout -Kinect Compatible (Xbox 360)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Sports / Video Game for Xbox 360 / To Be Announced / Release Date: 2010-11-10 / Published by THQ

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    2 Reviews
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      06.11.2011 15:14



      A Brilliant Buy


      After having to quit the gym due to increased costs, I decided to borrow my brothers Kinect and purchase the Biggest Loser Game (I'm a long time fan of the show).

      The game is excellent! Before starting, a profile and analysis is taken of your body by the kinect sensor - it's not flattering, but it's essential.

      You can tailor make every part of your workout, from the trainer you use, to the amount of time / days you work out, to areas you focus on.

      You can upload your results to on-line forums to compare with others, and you can adjust your workouts every day.

      Don't think for a second its easy - the warm up alone had me almost crying! You need to make sure you have plenty of space around you, as some of the exercises are floor based. You can stop for water breaks, and if you seem to be lacking behind the voice activation system will ask if you want to stop.

      As well as giving you the exercises to do, the kinect monitors you to check they are being done correctly. If they're not, then they don't count.

      A constant score is kept of how well you're doing, so that you can track your progress.

      Other parts of the game include dietry tips to run alongside your exercise regime.

      I would recommend this game to anyone wanting to lose weight, and get fitter - it's certainly helped me !

      Good Luck !


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      04.02.2011 17:15
      Very helpful



      A fantastic game, shame about the 'kinect'ability with this particular game.

      I purchased The Biggest Loser after hearing several people talk about the franchise of products, so when I spotted it, pre-owned, in HMV, for £22.99 it was too much of a bargain not to try, especially as the game had only been out for a few weeks at the time.

      The game comes provided in a box with the usual instruction manual and there is nothing particularly amazing about this product. It states on the box that this works with Kinect so obviously you'd know straight away that you need Kinect to be able to play this game. There are two people on the front of the box whom I presume to be something to do with The Biggest Loser TV Show but as I seldom watch these I'm not certain.

      When you plug the game in it will use the face recognition feature on Kinect to sign you in and get some of your vital information ready for the game to start. You will then start the game off by recording a video diary, which I found a little silly, but I am sure it would be motivating for some people to see what they looked like then and what their aims and goals were. Also, you may find a little motivational speaking is just what you need to step your game up & seeing yourself shown back on the TV may be just the motivation you need to put a little more effort in, often needed hey?! After the video diary section you will go through a fitness test which will help to familiarise you with some aspects of this game as well as finding out how fit you are. The game will take lots of photos of you with Kinect as well as estimating, quite accurately for me, your total weight, measurements & it will broadcast back to you a 3D version of yourself. I did find that the tummy of my person was a lot more rounded than my tummy actually else but other than this it was about the right amount of fat on my 3D person.

      While you are performing various exercises & challenges Kinect will be using it's images to update your 3D person and it will show you on screen performing the exercise. This is especially useful in telling you where you are going wrong and rather than just repeating the same two or three generic phrases the game will be telling you how to improve and get the most out of your workout at all times. This is especially useful if you are doing an exercise you haven't done before as rather than just leaving you to do it wrong and potentially injure yourself it will help to correct you and it shows your body on the screen with various features telling you where you are going wrong or what you are doing correctly. I have found that while playing the fitness test I will be performing an exercise accurately, in my opinion, and it will show me as doing something wrong, if it's not corrected immediately, which I obviously can't, then it will count as a fail and end the fitness test there. This was quite disappointing for me and I found myself getting more and more frustrated with the game.

      This game is fantastic in the respect that you can play challenges against other 'people' which will help to motivate you as they creep closer and closer towards beating you. Also, you can choose to target a specific area or just generally to lose a set amount of weight. You are set against the computer players in the same style of the TV show where you get weighed each week 'live' and it will tell you whether you have lost more weight than other players & if you find yourself in the bottom you may end up becoming eliminated from the game. It is also possible to play over Xbox Live with up to three friends meaning you can make the workout that little bit more personal but as I don't know anyone with this game at present I haven't tested out this feature.

      In addition to exercise you can also access lots of recipes and nutritional information which is designed to aid you in your goal of becoming the biggest loser. This area is full of lots of useful information and while I'm yet to try out any of the recipes some of them do look very pleasing and certainly interesting.

      The menu is the main bug bear on this game for me as by the time you have read what the description of something is, by hovering over it with your hand, it will have selected the option, usually one you don't want, and I think this could be vastly improved by having more text freely shown rather than pictures which I found quite difficult to understand. This was a bit of a frustration for me and on the first two occasions I played this game I ended up turning off my Xbox in pure frustration just because I could not find the offer that I wanted and I sulked like a small child!

      The achievements for this game are a mixture of easy to achieve and more long term ones meaning if you are a game completion addict it may just motivate you to play that little bit more in order to survive right through to week 12!

      I must say that this game does give you a fantastic workout. On each occasion that I have used this I have ended up sweating quite a lot and needing to drink a lot of water. I love how the game allows you to speak to it at various points so you can ask for a break to drink some water and it's very pleasing to know that I am actually burning some calories while playing this game. I am not sure how accurate the calorie counter is while playing but I'm not so worried about calories and more about increasing my heart rate and burning some fat. While I find the menus frustrating to navigate I am quite a fan of the game overall, there are lots of different workouts that can be done meaning there is lots of variety and if you are on Xbox Live, like me, then it's possible to download more content to stop the game becoming stale and boring. I will say that you need quite a bit of space to use this game, as with any Kinect game a minimum of 6 foot, as you will be moving around working on the floor, on foot and generally just moving around a lot as you would expect with an exercise game. I have noticed some change in my body shape since losing this game and while I have not been losing tons of weight, mainly due to other health problems, it's fair to say that I have noticed more difference using this game than I did with the likes of Wii Fit. The game allows you to select what you want and just power on through your workout for as long as you can manage. There should be something on here for everyone and I like it so much I actually find myself looking forward to playing it! Infact, I'm off for a session now!


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