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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 (Xbox 360)

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5 Reviews

Manufacturer: EA Sports / Genre: Sports / ESRB Rating: E - (Everyone) / Audio Support: Dolby Digital 5.1 / Online: Online Gaming Support

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    5 Reviews
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      10.09.2012 17:48
      Very helpful



      A good family game

      This is one of many golf games named after Tiger Woods which are released and updated on a yearly basis.
      This game was only £2.99 in a used game shop and was very good value for money at this price as there is so much to do on it that it lasts a long time, as well as the fact that over 3's can play it so it is one that everybody can play.

      I've had lots of fun with this game over the last couple of years, paying with friends, in the 4 player mode where the 4 of us can compete on the same course.
      My 4 year old niece always asks for me to turn it on when she comes around, since she had a go one day when I was playing it and now she loves it and gets really excited when the crowd applaud when she gets the ball in the hole or takes a good shot.

      There is a choice of 16 different courses on this game and a choice of 21 golfers to play as. One feature we had a great time using was the 'photo game face' which allows you to import a picture of yourself onto the game and a character will be made to look just like you! Most of these came out really well and looked similar to the player but some of them were a bit unflattering and absolutely hilarious!

      You can play alone in challenges, cups or just playing for fun. You can change the angle of your shot, the point at which you hit the ball, which club you use, the strength which you hit the ball and lots of other technical things which I take no notice of.

      The controls do take a little while to get used to, at first I found myself hitting the wrong buttons and changing a club instead of trying to zoom into the flag but after a couple of days you should have the hang of it.

      The direction and speed of the wind is displayed on the screen which is helpful as you may need to adjust your shot depending on the weather conditions. The distance you are from the pin is also displayed on the screen which you will need to know when selecting your club.
      When it comes to putting you can line up your shot and then use one putt preview to see where the ball is going to end up. I know on some of the other versions of this game you can use the putt preview more than once, this makes putting a little more tricky on this game.

      For good shots, winning challenges and trophies you will earn cash and skill points which you can use to improve your skills and to spend on new equipment including clubs, balls and clothing.

      The challenges are fun as they are shorter than playing a tournament, some are 9 holes, others you may have 9 or 10 shots to complete 3 holes in so you can easily have a quick game without having to do a full 18 hole tournament.
      On one of the challenges you are to play against Wayne Rooney and his character is very good it looks just like him (poor fellow)!

      A good enjoyable game for all ages.
      Can play alone or with others.
      Good range of characters and courses.

      Some challenges are difficult and you may have to complete them to unlock levels and upgrade skills.
      The18 hole tournaments can be time consuming (especially when you don't win and have to do it over again).

      I really enjoy this game and think it's one which everyone can have a go at. I had the 2010 version of this game which ended up getting damaged and I have to say that this game has some features which are better and some which are worse but I have played it on and off for a couple of years and now I'm going to play it again! The new games are quite expensive, so for those that aren't dedicated Tiger Woods game fans I would recommend getting one of these older copies as it has all of the fun of a golfing game at a much lower price!


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        22.08.2008 18:32
        Very helpful



        An enjoyable, realistic and challenging game that can be enjoyed by everyone.

        Another in the long line of EA sports games but does it have real quality or just a way to cash in using the name of arguably the greatest player to ever hit a golf ball?

        Well, on the Xbox 360 it has to be said that both the gameplay and graphics are solid enough. The platform and way you interact with the golfing environment is very realistic, as any qualified golfer will tell you. When taking shots you have to account for the kind of surface you are hitting out of (for example if in a bunker you may only be able to achieve a maximum of around 60% of maximum power), couple this with accounting for wind and having to keep a dead straight line when using the left analogue stick to control the swing - it takes you into the world of a more tactical and well thought out sports game. Do you crack out the driver, power boost and risk a wayward drive that could cost you more than the one stroke you tried to save, or play it safe hit a shorter and unspectacular shot. It all depends on the circumstances really. Lose your head in this game and you will drift further from that elusive perfect game.

        The fact that you can make your own player makes this game a lot more personal and gives it that enjoyable human aspect, playing side by side with Tiger Woods. The created characters, incidentally use technology that can be used when you upload a picture onto the game to make a character with an uncanny likeness to the creator.

        The multiplayer option on this game is also great fun, pairing up to play match play, playing for money (virtual of course) adds some spice to this enjoyable multiplayer game that both young and old alike can enjoy.

        The game is available from most games retailers and the cheapest I could find it for was £12.99 off Ebay and £14.99 off softuk.com


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        05.08.2008 15:27
        Very helpful



        All round solid sports sim

        EA Sports continues to improve on the previous games in the long running Tiger Woods series.

        The graphics are excellent, with lifelike trees and fantastic player animation. This is in stark contrast to the Wii version which features muddy looking visuals and jerky play.

        There are many customization options for creating your own character in the game - this is where EA Sports really shines - you can tweak the most minute details of the face and body of your avatar to create a real likeness to yourself or others.

        There are many gameplay modes available, ranging from the ridiculous, to the classics - e.g Strokeplay & Matchplay. I
        n the single player mode you can work your way through the tour, whilst unlocking new courses and various golfing accessories.

        The controls are fairly easy to get to grips with - pulling down on the control stick makes your character perform a backswing, and pushing up will result in a completed downswing. For the more advanced player, there are options to increase the difficulty of the swing system. Here, the smallest of thumb movement in the wrong direction will send your ball soaring off line due to a hook or slice.

        Tiger Woods' 2008 offering is a great continuation of the series - the large tour mode will keep golfing and non-golfing enthusiasts occupied for a long time, whilst the multi player modes can provide a quick fix of golfing fun.

        Highly recommended


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        13.07.2008 22:50
        Very helpful



        A great golf game that is certainly worth a try!

        Each year Tiger Woods PGA tour has always been the best golf game available for the xbox 360 and once again it holds this title. It is, in my view, a very good sports game and one to rank up highly with other available sports games such as the football ones of Pro Evo 7 and Fifa 08.
        This game has also had several changes and has improved quite a lot from last year's version.

        There are a great variety of modes to play and if you fancy just playing a single game on your own or against your friends then you can choose from a whole variety:
        - Stroke play (every stroke counts, lowest score wins)
        - Match play (point per hole, whoever wins most holes wins)
        - Skins (money pot per hole whoever wins hole wins the pot, if tie carries over)
        - Bingo, Bango, Bongo (new mode this year and a very fun one. points for first on green, closest to pin and best score)
        - Stableford (points system based upon getting under par)
        - Alternate shot (two on two mode. both take turns in hitting same ball - very amusing mode)
        - Best ball (4 player 2 teams of 2, best ball from each team counts)
        - Four ball ( just normal stroke play with four players, 2 teams)
        - Greensome (both drive and then choose best drive from your team and alternate from there)
        - Bloodsome (same as above except the toher team chooses which ball you play)

        Other Arcade Modes:
        - Battle Golf (has to be the best mode in the game - after you win a hole you can choose to remove a club from the opponents bag, except the putter or you can return one to your bag if need be. Great fun when you start to run out of clubs and can't hit it properly.)
        - One ball (4 players and you alternate shots and must get within a circle or face missing a turn - first player to get the ball in the hole wins)

        - Twenty one (earn21 pints by getting closer to pin)
        - Seven (same as above but 7 points)
        - Target (earn money by hitting targets with 20 balls)
        - Target to target (hit targets in set order)
        - T-I-G-E-R (make a shot then friend has to make it or get a letter, lose when you spell tiger)
        - And a few others such as longest drive and putt, etc.

        You can also start your own career and create your own golfer or use an existing golfer. You can then use your golfer and compete in the PGA tour season by competing in tournament and increasing your skill levels and gaining money from doing well. If you do really well then you can compete in the FedEx cup - a very prestigious cup.
        You can also compete in Tiger challenge in which you complete a variety of different challenges and build up in order to play against Tiger and become the ultimate golfer. The challenges range from any of the mode i discussed earlier to driving and putting challenges against different golfers. Throughout this mode you will gain money rewards and unlock more courses and players who can be used in all the other modes.
        With the money you win in the career mode, you can visit the pro shop and buy items from clubs and balls to glasses, watches shirts and trousers. These will also contribute to your player's skills and greatly improve your game. As you progress through the game you will also unlock more gear which you can buy.

        This game also includes a wide variety of new clubs and golfers. You can even play against Wayne Rooney! This years game includes 21 new professional golfers and several new courses which are all of stunning quality and realism to their real counterparts.

        Actually playing the game is very realistic and you face many decisions from which club to use to the angle of elevation of the club. You can also adjust power, power boost and spin on the ball which all contribute to the great quality of this game. You hit the ball by either using the analog stick, or the more traditional 3 click system to choose power and accuracy.
        Another new feature this year is confidence in which your shots will also depend on how you did last time you played a certain course, hole or type of shot.

        Online play has greatly change with the all new Gamernet where you can save and post you shots, or whole rounds and set them as challenges for other gamers to try and beat. For example you can save that hole in one you got and see if others can do the same. You also gain points for the more challenges you complete and you post. You can however just play a traditional online game against up to 3 other gamers and choose one of the many game modes I mentioned earlier.

        Game Face is one of the final new features in which you can use the xbox vision camera, or download a photo from the internet and upload it. The game face will then use the picture to create a character of yourself which you can then use in the game - how cool is that!

        New features summary:

        * All-new EA SPORTS GamerNet: Online interaction has been taken to the next level. Record everything from your greatest rounds to crazy, awe-inspiring shots, then post each challenge on EA SPORTS GamerNet for the world to beat. Earn points--and bragging rights--when players set their sights on you, or when you one-up challenges set by others.
        * Put on your best photo game face: Put yourself in the game like never before. Use real-life photographs of yourself, friends, and family to create in-game characters that look just like the real thing. No artistic skill required!
        * Confidence is a factor: All-new Shot Confidence tracks your performance on every hole. Analyze past performance with the Confidence Meter to identify strengths and weaknesses before every shot.
        * FedEx Cup playoff courses: Experience the all-new FedExCup championship format by playing dream rounds at Westchester Country Club, TPC Boston, Cog Hill, and East Lake.
        * Take on the most professional golfers ever:Featuring the greatest PGA and LPGA Tour pros, including Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh.

        Price:£28.99 (play.com)


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          06.03.2008 22:32




          A swing in the right direction! Tiger has outdone himself yet again producing another EA great. This game porvides all the technical skills required in a real game of golf with the flair and tennancity of a console game. The great thing about the game has to be the create your own character mode. You take on thhe world of golf, starting from an ameteur and slowly moving up the ranks until your as good as tiger. However this is not the only way of playing as you are able to play with the masters of the real game, such as erni els, vijay singh, colin montgomerie and many more... It is a fun game for the golfing enthuisiast although if you do not enjoy golf that much it can becom tiresome and boring. So overall a great game if you can live with palying golf on the Xbox 360.


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      • Product Details

        Take on the world in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08. For the first time, every portion of your game is recorded?from your opening drive on the first hole in Play Now mode to your final putt in the FedEx Cup Championship. Post your most amazing performances on EA SPORTS? GamerNet, a revolutionary interactive gaming hub that hosts user-created content online. Set the bar high by posting your top moments, and take on challenges set by others, to determine the world's greatest golfer.

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