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Timeshift (Xbox 360)

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9 Reviews

Manufacturer: Sierra / Genre: Action & Adventure

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    9 Reviews
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      01.12.2013 13:34
      Very helpful



      An overall fun game I would recommend you try.

      Timeshift is an FPS developed by Saber interactive and published by sierra entertainment.


      in the near future scientists perfect a form of time travel, in the form of two suits: the Alpha suit and the Beta suit. the Alpha suit is only capable of time travel, while the Beta suit is the So-called military grade model that has more capabilities including: combat related Timeshifting abilities and artificial intelligence to stop the user of the suit causing any major paradoxes.

      one day, doctor Aiden Krone steals the alpha suit and tries to blow up the science facility these suits were made in, you take the Beta suit and follow Krone back in time to see he has gone back to the year 1939 and taken over the world, turning where you are into a dystopia, making it up to you, the Nameless and speechless protagonist to save the world not just in this time, but in the future also...

      the storyline's basis seems pretty awesome, but was unfortunately not executed very well, causing the story to feel like a drag and not be a redeeming factor in the game, you wont be playing the game for the story, more for the game play...


      This game is your average FPS with a rather unique twist, as-well as being able to shoot your enemies, you can also manipulate time, reversing time to undo any mistakes or try something differently, slowing down time to kill your enemies before they even realise your there, and the ability to stop time completely, allowing you to run over to the enemy, steal the weapon straight out of their hand, and kill them with it, which is awesomely executed.

      as well as the combat, the game also has puzzles which involve the use of manipulating time, these are usually rather simple though and while being enjoyable, I would rather have not needed to do them as they just seemed to be a waste of time.

      The Main campaign takes around 8-10 hours to complete and doesn't have too much going for it in terms of re-playability...


      This game does have a multiplayer mode, but at the time of playing the servers were empty, but i did get into a game after a while and the multiplayer was decent, I wouldn't play it for more than a few hours admittedly but it helped make the game last longer, and it was really fun to use my time manipulation abilities against other time suits.

      so overall it is a fun game, and i would recommend you buy this game, especially at the price this game usually goes for now on the Xbox 360, as it will bring you a good 8-10 hours of enjoyment...


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      03.11.2009 20:43
      Very helpful



      If you are fans of first person shooters then buy it.

      Timeshift is a first person shooter with a twist. The twist is that you get to have powers to use that is the best part of the game for me these powers I have explained them in detail within this review just so you know what you can do with them and such. The first power and the best one is to control time to a certain extent. All you can do is slow everything down. You have to use this power tactically because the AI is cleaver and they can kill you. You can also freeze time this was such a fun feature to use. The last feature there is to use is to rewind time but this has its uses I have only used It little so I would not think that this is very useful and do not know why they even but it in but it's there and has some uses. Timeshift does its job as a first person shooter and that is all I can say really.

      This review is also on Ciao, Dooyoo and many other reviewing sites


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      20.10.2009 17:38
      Very helpful



      A good one to buy for cheap, for a quick play through, but don't expect a lot of playtime from it.

      I bought this game second hand, after playing the demo, for a game to play through quickly, then resell to hopefully minimise the money spent on it. For this purpose it was quite a good choice.

      The plot is pretty basic and unoriginal: Two suits with the ability to manipulate time are being developed, but are not quite perfected. One of the scientists working on the suits, Dr. Krone, steals one of them, and goes back in time, altering the course of history and effectively using his suit to "take over the world" (you get the point). It is your job to go after him, and take him down.So, at the start of the game, you get ditched in an alternate reality, where a small resistance to Dr. Krone's tyranny find you, and decide that you'll make a good addition their ranks.

      As this is an alternate reality, it has given the makers of the game a good scope to add in some strange weapons, or something a little different... However, this isn't exactly what has been done. The first few weapons you get are a bog standard pistol, a strange looking, but uninteresting sub machinegun, and a run of the mill shotgun. Something extra is added by the alternate fire functions that all the weapons have, but these still aren't particularly exciting (the shotgun fires twice at the same time, the sub machinegun has a grenade launcher... The usual). I must admit, this does get a lot better as you progress into the game, finding more exotic weapons, like lasers, all sporting a secondary fire.

      Now, the selling point of this game: you get to manipulate time. There are three different ways of doing this - stopping time, reversing time, and slowing down time. These are selected by pushing the RB, which will automatically select the most appropriate power for the situation (the power to be selected is highlighted at the top of the screen). Alternatively, you can choose yourself by holding the RB, and pressing X, Y or B. There is a bar which runs out when using your time powers, and will slowly replenish itself. Your health also recovers at an accelerated rate whilst controlling time. These powers do work well, and definitely add something that little bit different to the game, yet can make some points a little easy.

      The storyline of Timeshift does vary quite a bit throughout, but can often get a bit repetitive, with very few different kinds of enemies (generally just hordes of standard grunts wielding sub machineguns). However, there are quite a few little puzzles which require use of your time-powers, and different enemies, like those which can manipulate time themselves, just to keep you on your feet.

      In my opinion, this game is just the right length to keep you occupied for a while, but won't let you get too bored in the middle. The difficulty seems pretty much right, but it can be changed in the menu if you're struggling, or if it's all beginning to seem a little too easy.

      Overall, Timeshift served me well for something to do for a week, before being resold (I actually got more for it than what I paid), but I wouldn't buy it expecting to get months of playtime, or a game that can be played over and over again.


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      04.08.2009 23:51
      Very helpful



      a good game that can be played by most.

      A very good and challeging game that can consume most of your day if you are not careful. This game draws you in with it's time stopping, slowing and reversing abilities. Well i know it got me good. This is an extremely good shoot em up game and i would strongly recommend it to anyone.

      This game takes concentration and skill not only with weapon handling but also with knowing what power to use when.

      Time is of the essence in this game and if you muck it up your life could depend on it. Make sure you are quite logical though because many of the times when you need to use time power are not immediately obvious.

      The graphics in this game were very impressive. Every little detail was uniquely made and i did not fall through any glitches while playing the game. This game felt extremely realistic when i was playing it and like i said this game really draws you in with every amazing part of it!

      Overall i believe this is a good game that can be played by most people. Just remember in your mind this game isn't all about killing people you need to think about what you are doing too. This is no ordinary Shoot 'em up.


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      15.07.2009 10:21
      Very helpful



      8 out of 10.

      None of my friends will give this classic game a chance mainly because it seems too easy because of your time powers, but these are what make things fun. You can stop, slow or rewind time which makes for a lot of amusing kills. You can run up to people while time has stopped and take the enemies weapons leaving them begging for their lives.

      It's a FPS action game that does have a few puzzles to solve as well. The weapons are good, making use of all the classics, machine gun, sniper rifle but the best weapon for me was the crossbow with exploding arrows which were great against other time shifting enemies. There are a few driving section but with only one vehicle which is a let down.

      The story was confusing and the end was disappointing, online it quite inventive with all of the diffrent time weapons so defiantly worth buying especially now you can get it cheap.


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      15.11.2008 17:08
      Very helpful



      Thanks for reading

      Timeshift was released during the amazing Christmas line up last year and thanks to a pretty kick-ass demo available on Xbox live, the game made its way on to a lot of peoples Christmas lists featuring some pretty cool time control moves and the classic FPS format.

      -----The story-----

      It begins in the future at a research laboratory. This facility has been developing time controlling suits and has almost perfected them. Unfortunately a member of the team (Dr Aiden Krone) hijacks one of the suits, sets up a bomb and goes back in time so that with his futuristic armour and weaponry he will beable to control the world. You are able to grab the alternate suit just in time in an attempt to follow him, but when you find where you are, you are too late and Dr Krone is already all powerful and has turned the streets into a living nightmare under his dictatorship control, with huge screens on the walls playing his orders and police lining the streets.
      So the story line is very good, its Sci-fi and it's interesting, just wasn't implemented brillianty.


      The game uses fairly standard First-person-shooter controls with the addition of the time control abilities.
      Right trigger is fire, X is reload, A is jump so it is very easy for any gamer to pick up and immediately know what to do.
      The sensitivity of the controls is a bit rubbish when starting so I would suggest changing them in the options menu to make them react quicker.


      Timeshift has fairly standard gameplay in which you shoot an enemy he dies, you move on to the next one, except the whole thing is a lot more over the top with enemies bodies exploding under the gunfire in certain cases and blood flying over the place.
      The rare instances in which you obtain a vehicle are very disappointing as the handling on all vehicles is appalling and very unrealistic, plus while driving you are stuck in first person mode which is very uncomfortable to drive in.
      However the addition of time control makes the game more enjoyable. To use abilities you need to have enough energy which recharges fairly quickly but some moves drain power a lot more than others. The abilities on offer are:

      -Time slow - Allows you to continue at normal speed while everyone else slows, this is probably the least demanding on power so can be maintained for a fair amount of time.

      -Time Stop - Probably one of the coolest moves to use. This completely freezes time, which is obviously a lot more power demanding but does mean you can fire rounds into frozen enemies, what makes this so cool is that the damage only becomes apparent once time starts again, so as soon as time restarts all the shot enemies will just explode into a bullet massacred mess.

      -Time Reverse - Probably one of the most disappointing of the 3. Using this you can continue to run at enemies while everything else is reversing in time and kill them before they've even shot at you. Weird concept to think of, but works well. What makes it disappointing is that all your allies who died can't be saved by time reverse, as it would "damage the space time continuum" so it makes you feel pretty useless and also what the hell?! As if Aiden Krone hasn't damaged it enough already.

      Time control also comes in handy for some sections of missions which involve little puzzles, such as a beam that tilts when you walk on it, so you freeze time and walk across it so you can jump across the fence. Whether the development team was just too lazy or expected the audience to be imbeciles is unknown but it would of been nice to see some more complex puzzles.

      The game does however have a nice variety of weapons but you can't help but feel you've used them before *Coff* Gears of War. The only thing they didn't rip off was the lancer's chainsaw.
      There are quite a lot of missions to play through that have a wide variety of locations but yet again it feels like you've done it before *Coff* Half-Life.

      In fact the whole game seems to be just a lot of other really good games thrown together in a really bad way and by the time you come across more advanced enemies your feeling of god like power is just ruined by about 50 other people having much better suits and you having to use your suits power so you could kill them in the same way as normal enemies without using your suits power, if that makes any sense?


      Considering the time of release that graphics were terrible. Timeshift came out in the same month as games like Assassins Creed and mass effect, yet had graphics worthy of the Xbox original (which it was initially designed for). It becomes extremely difficult to get involved in its story line when during cut scenes NPCs mouths don't even attempt to open when speaking and it just looks bad.

      Levels also become very repetitive with the same texture being used on every object and everything having the same dark, rubbish, last-gen look to it.


      The initial menu music is very impressive but as soon as you enter the game it becomes non-existent and there's not really much to say about sound effects and voice acting as it's just all not worthy of the Xbox 360.

      -----Replay Value-----

      The storyline will take you quite a while to complete, but not because its long, but because there's nothing to keep you playing to the next level that's at all interesting, so do not expect this to be a game you'll be trying to complete on all difficulties over and over.


      Timeshift has got a brilliant story line and some neat ideas on it, but should of been released for the first Xbox.

      2 Stars

      -----Game Specification-----

      Players 1
      4mb to save
      HDTV 720p/1080i/1080p support
      Supports dolby digital
      Rating - 18
      Price: £9.99 on www.shopto.net


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        23.08.2008 21:01
        Very helpful



        Its nothing special

        Timeshift is a first person shooter for the Microsoft Xbox 360 console.

        The story is a corporation create a suit that is able to travel through time, but the organisation gets attacked and you wearing the suit was sent through time. There is nothing really amazing about the games story.

        The gameplay is rather underwhelming compared to recent first person shooters, though Timeshift has a trick up its sleeve. You can use your time suit to control time, you can pause time this is extremely fun as you can pause time and disarm your enemies, unfreeze time and watch them panic. You can also slowdown time, and rewind time.

        You can use your time powers to solve puzzles which are very easy and there is even an automatic function which will pick the correct power which brings the challenge down.

        This is a reasonable game and you can get it for around 20 to 30 pounds which is a decent price but only get it if you have played games like Call Of Duty Four already.


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        01.07.2008 15:31
        Very helpful



        The best of the average FPS on the 360

        If there is one genre that is oversubscribed on the 360 it is the First Person Shooter. I have literally played around 20 or 30 of this type of game since purchasing the console a couple of years ago. The quality has ranged from the sublime (Call of Duty 4, Bioshock) to the ridiculous (Hour of Victory). However, despite the varying quality the majority of the games sit somewhere between these two camps. I advise most people who play only a few games to concentrate on only the very cream of the crop. However, for an avid gamer like me I am always looking for my next gaming fix. Luckily then that I can play generic FPSs till the cows come home. Speaking of which here is my review of 'Timeshift'.


        As mentioned in my initial opening 'Timeshift' is a FPS. You play as a scientist who whilst wearing an experimental time shifting suit is forced into an alternative future. This is a future that will happen if you can not stop a bad guy from capturing your scientific research. Therefore, with the aid of your powerful time manipulating suit you revert to the alternative past to change things back! Confusing I know but the story actually has little impact on the game.

        What does have impact is the special skills that your suit gives you. The suit gives you the ability to slow time, reverse time, speed up time etc. When using these powers your suit's power supply will drop until you are no longer able to use them. Over a brief period of time your suit's power will return and you can begin manipulation again. From a FPS point of view this mechanic makes fighting hoards of enemies easier as you can slow time and sneak up behind them for an easy kill, or steal their weapon. Despite its unique sounding premise the idea of time slowing is not new to FPSs with 'FEAR' having already done it and 'HAZE' doing it since. It would take more than simple time slowing for this game to stand out.

        Thankfully then that 'Timeshift' introduces some interesting puzzles that require the use of all the suit's powers. The vast majority of the game is a generic shoot out against lots of enemies, but on occasion you stumble across something that needs brain power. I really rated these sections as the answer took some lateral thinking, not a skill often needed in this genre. If the puzzle aspect of the gameplay had dominated the game I probably would have enjoyed myself more than I did. As it is the game felt like many other FPS with decent enough shooting mechanics and perhaps some weaker AI. (3 out of 5)


        Character and story are very rarely treated well in the FPS genre and I am afraid that that is the case here again. Unfortunately, it seems that Sierra, the makers of 'Timeshift'; actually think they have done a good job. However, the real facts are that I had no clue what was going on apart from that I was aiding some sort of rebellion. The use of flashbacks did little more than confuse me. I also felt that I had no relationship with the main hero at all - I can't even recall his name. (2 out of 5)


        I was pleasantly surprised with the decent length of 'Timeshift' as the single campaign weighs in at well over 10 hours - a good length for a FPS. Added to this is an online mode, but unfortunately it is pretty much empty nowadays. The achievements available on the 360 version of the game are mostly earned for playing the game on the various difficulty levels and therefore create a fake reason to replay the game. It is unfortunate that a large number of achievements are for the online mode when no one will ever get them. Overall though a very satisfactory lifespan with just the single player mode alone. (4 out of 5)


        As with a growing trend of FPS games 'Timeshift' comes with an added bonus online mode. In essence this allows you to play classic game types like death match and capture the flag - but with the added abilities of your time suit. This should be a fantastic concept, but unfortunately the servers are empty and when people do go on you require a set amount before a game launches. This means that you never get a game as 8 people are never playing at once. I believe that companies should concentrate on better single player and online co-op modes and allow the likes of 'CoD4' to take up peoples online thrills. (1 out of 5)


        Graphics are another area that 'Timeshift' achieved moderate success without ever being brilliant. The overall look and feel is good with nice colours giving it a slightly cartoonish feel. The one area that does look a little odd is the character models. The allies and enemies all seemed a little boxy to me as if the people of the future take steroids as a course of action from a young age. (3 out of 5)

        Level Design

        The level design of 'Timeshift' is split between generic FPS corridor style, with puzzles thrown in for good measure every once in a while. I thought that some of the locations were well done e.g. the arms factory; whilst others were a little dull e.g. the forest. What you end up with is another set of levels that never excels or offends. It's the puzzle designs that are the best element in the game as you have to really think your way out of some situations and their presence is a nice balance against the shooting elements. (3 out of 5)


        Not much to say about sound and music. It did the job amiably. (3 out of 5)


        For me a game like 'Timeshift' is worth getting on a couple of conditions. It should be bought cheaply by a person who has played nearly every top game on the 360 and wants something new. If both of these conditions are met then I believe that any player will have a good enough time with 'Timeshift' to have make it a worthwhile purchase. There is a solid title here with good gameplay, graphics and level design. Added to this is a nice interpretation of time manipulation. I would put this game down as the one to buy first, after you have played all the top FPS games out there. . (3 out of 5)

        Maker: Sierra RRP £50
        Amazon uk £20.86


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          12.11.2007 16:41
          Very helpful



          An excellent FPS that's well worth your time and money.

          In case you didn’t know, TimeShift has been in development for over half a decade. It started life on the original Xbox, but the system was going dead so they moved it to the powerful next-gen console Xbox 360. Now, to follow in the huge November line-up with games like Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Kane and Lynch, Guitar Hero III and Call of Duty 4, TimeShift joins the pack. It may seem like a very foolish move to release a first-person shooter only a few months after the colossal Halo 3, but TimeShift holds it’s own, thanks to excellent weapons, intense fire fights, cool time shifting abilities and terrific multiplayer make it a top notch shooter. It will certainly tide you over until Midway eventually release Unreal Tournament III on the 360, and it’s pretty great for a Christmas present.

          -(The Story)-
          An evil Dr. Aiden Krone has stolen a suit which lets the user in control travel back in time. Krone has done just that, with bad consequences. This has created an alternate world in the city of Alpha District which is bad as huge spider robots are destroying everything! Now, you must take a Beta Suit and try to take out this bad guy. You will get the help of a group who are against Krone, as well as the help of time itself as you can stop, slow and rewind time itself. The story is probably the weakest part of TimeShift. It’s, to be brash, a jumbled mess. You won’t get a whole lot from the plot by just playing the game as if you want more details about the story then you actually have to take a look in the manual and the back of the box. And, it’s not particularly interesting anyways. The ending is poor, and you really won’t be satisfied with the game’s plot. It doesn’t really matter though, thankfully, as plots aren’t a key thing to enjoy shooters.

          -(The Controls)-
          TimeShift controls like your standard first-person shooter. You shoot with the right trigger and do a secondary attack with the left trigger. You throw a grenade with the right bumper and call up the Time Control menu by holding the left bumper. Once in the menu, you can choose your ability with one of the face buttons. If you just press it, you’ll use the ability recommended for the current situation, which saves time but can be annoying if you’re trying to select a specific one. If you’re not in the Time Control menu, the face buttons are used for jumping, reloading, moving onto the next weapon and doing a melee attack. The D-pad is used for changing weapons. When in a vehicle you accelerate with the right trigger, brake/reverse with the left trigger, boost by holding down the A button and steering is done with the left analog stick. The vehicles handle well for the most part, but if you crash and are in a desperate situation, it’s hard to get out. Aside from that, the controls are responsive and easy to learn.

          -(The Gameplay)-
          What TimeShift adds to the FPS genre is the ability to manipulate time to your advantage. You can do three things with time itself. You can slow down, reverse or pause time. Each does what the name suggests. It’s easy to use abilities, as you simply call up a menu and press a button. This opens up a ton of ways to dispose of enemies, as you can use abilities to kill them. You could freeze time and kill them, pause time and throw a grenade into a group of enemies to get ride of them quicker, rewind time before a grenade explodes on you and more. It definitely adds variety to the game, as there is now a number of ways to kill them. But you don’t just need to use time abilities to help you in combat. Throughout the game there are a number of puzzles in the game. Sometimes they are simple, like pausing time so you can go through a door before it closes, but sometimes it gets more complicated, like figuring out how you’re going to get through a room with wind turbines before you get sucked in and chopped up. The complicated puzzles are obviously better than the simpler ones, but they’re all good and add more variety to the action.

          But the game wouldn’t need variety, as the game is incredibly fun anyways. This is due to a number of things. One, the weapons are excellent. The basic arsenal is a futuristic assault rifle, shotgun and rocket launcher. There’s also other weapons like one which fires explosive arrows which blow enemies up into pieces, one that shows thunderbolts and comes into the most use on the final act of the game and more. All these weapons are excellent to use, thanks to the satisfying gunfire sounds which make them sound powerful. Plus, combining the powerful weapons and the Time shifting powers make it even more satisfying. For example, when you use the fire arrow gun I mentioned earlier, pause and fire the gun at them and just see them explode into pieces of limbs after a brief pause is very satisfying. Even the basic weapons are satisfying, with the machine gun being very powerful, the shotgun great for exploding heads and the rocket launcher for exploding people into smithereens.

          While these things combine to make a unique game, the core gameplay is actually quite generic at heart. Mission objectives are relatively simple like find the switch to open the door so your team mates can come through or kill all the enemies in one room. While travelling to your objective, you’ll get into tons of explosive, intense gunfights, making the trip much more fun. But, if you cut out the time shifting abilities, you could mistake this for a repetitive, better than average shooter. But it’s not repetitive and it’s not generic thanks to the cool abilities and exciting gunplay. Also, the game is quite linear, meaning there’s no alternate routes or chance of getting lost during the game. There’s also a mini-map which alerts you enemies, friends and where the objective is. The map is good for telling where enemies are so you can plan before killing them, but it’s not particularly useful for finding the objective. It doesn’t show whether it’s up on higher/lower ground, meaning you could follow it, only to have it a floor above you. Still, it’s good for giving you a decent idea where to find the objective.

          You’d think the game would be easier with time shifting abilities, but it’s actually not. This is probably due to the simple fact that you can rewind time when you die, like Prince of Persia. If you die, there’s no coming back to life otherwise that would mess up the fabric of Time even more than it already is. This would be fine if enemies weren’t so aggressive, but they are. The enemies seem to get the high powered guns, meaning staying out of cover for too long means that you will get blown away. It might sound easy to just pause time and recharge your health, but because battles are so intense and the time shifting meter recharges slowly, you may sometimes find yourself getting blown away and not realising it. Time shifting abilities do help you kill enemies quicker, but that’s not what is hard about the game. The game has the same kind of health as Halo, where if you get hurt it recharges. This can be tough to handle when there are about 15 enemies shooting at you with assault rifles. But, if you figure out a tactic and use that in the midst of battle, the game might not punish you so much.

          The game also has multiplayer for system link or Xbox Live. After recently going Gold with my Xbox 360 and now being able to do online multiplayer, I thought this would be perfect to test out the membership. To be honest, it was a blast, though no Gears of War killer. The modes in multiplayer are your standard deathmatch/team deathmatch as well as capture the flag, and some unique modes. One-on-one is what it says on the tin-two people fight against each other until one wins. There aren’t a lot of games that let you do that unless you set it up by yourself. King of Time has you trying to get this sphere which makes you invincible to the power of time, meaning you can get some good kills. That said, if you’re not careful, you could get killed and lose it, and in turn, cost yourself the match. Meltdown madness is an interesting mode. Basically, each team has a machine to guard. They count down, and to stop the other team from countdown you throw special grenades at them. It’s a great team based mode, and had me sucked in for hours.

          A cool thing about multiplayer is the modifiers you can use. Basically, there’s a number of things you can preset some parts of the match, for example, you could make it sniper rifles only in the match, or have increased running and jumping. You can also have one shot kills, no friendly fire and set many other things to the match. It’s a great amount of fun to do this, as having one shot kill with everyone running fast with rocket launchers is a blast. If allowed, you can pick up items like heavy damage which doubles the power of your weapons, Time resistance which stops the effects of time powers. One thing you may be asking is ‘are powers the same in multiplayer as they are in single player’ where you bring up a menu and slow everything down? No, as that would be the lamest thing ever. Basically, you throw the grenades I mentioned earlier. You can throw the grenades and they will bring up a huge ball that when someone steps into will be affected by the power. It adds something, but some people get carried away and throw them as soon as they get close to you. Overall, the multiplayer is fantastic and was a great deal of fun. I've spent dozens of hours with it, and am definitely planning on spending many, many more.

          TimeShift gets a full adult rating as the game is 18+. This is understandable, considering the game is quite gruesome. If you remember FEAR where blood was splashed across the walls, you’ll see that here too. Plus, when you shoot enemies, blood goes all over them, showing off the carnage. When you use explosives, limbs fly everywhere and it’s quite sick. Also, there are some minor F bombs here and there. Plus youngsters would struggle with the challenging difficulty of the game, as it’s sometimes very hard. They may get frustrated with this easily. Yet there is nothing here that really makes it worth the full 18+ rating. It would have been justified with a 15+ or 16+ rating as believe anyone who is 15 or over would be fine with this game.

          -(The Graphics)-
          TimeShift has been in development on the original Xbox, and been moved to the 360, so I didn’t expect much from the visuals. While not stunning, I was pleasantly surprised at the visuals. The game made a good first impression with the visuals thanks to two things. One, the weather effects were spectacular and two, the game had great environments. This is a grim future, and the environments followed that tone. The environments were completely run down, with low colour palettes as well as destroyed backgrounds, like smashed brick walls and destroyed buildings. Yep, I was impressed with the environments, and the other environments were decent too with big, open forest areas, huge factories and other slightly futuristic settings. It’s also a good looking game from a technical standpoint, with great textures, a smooth frame rate and nice character models. There are also some fantastic effects, like the explosion and particle effects. When explosions happen, crate splinters will fly, blown up barrels will speed into the distance and enemies’ limbs will explode, causing some really satisfying carnage. Though at times it’s Xbox roots show, this is an excellent looking game.

          -(The Sound)-
          When I started the game, the menu played a good orchestral score, which made me assume the game would have orchestral music throughout. Unfortunately, it was not quite to be. The music is super absent, with music barely noteworthy in the background. The voice acting is okay, but nothing noteworthy. It’s sometimes macho, but it’s sometimes hammy. The effects, however, are excellent. The loud gunfire makes the weapons fun to use, and giving TimeShift an edge. Other effects are good too, like the blood splatter on the floor and the explosions sound excellent too. It’s just a shame the rest of the sound is so unremarkable and absent, as this could have been a fantastic sounding game had the other sound aspects been improved.

          -(The Replay Value)-
          The value in TimeShift is high. While the game may be missing co-op or split-screen multiplayer, there is a still lot of content here. The single-player will take you about 12 hours, maybe more depending on your skill level. The replay value is high. There are three different skill levels here, and considering the single player is very fun, you’ll probably replay the campaign once or twice. Plus, there’s the excellent multiplayer too, which could keep Timeshift in your 360 for a long time. The achievements are good, which about half of them being for completing the acts in the single-player campaign, as well as achievements for doing things in the single-player like snatching guns off people ten times. The rest are for multiplayer, ranging from playing one ranked match to playing 100 matches as well as winning 100 matches.

          -(The Score)-
          Controls- 10
          Gameplay- 9
          Graphics- 8
          Sound- 7
          Replay Value- 9
          Overall Score- 8.6

          -(The Ending Comments)-
          TimeShift is facing a lot of competition on the 360. Halo 3, The Orange Box, Bioshock and Perfect Dark Zero plus lots more are TimeShift’s adversaries on the platform, but, while it doesn’t quite overthrow Bioshock, it puts up one hell of a fight. Maybe it’s the long development time, or maybe it’s because Saber Interactive did a fantastic job, but TimeShift really does satisfy. Excellent weapons, bloody gunfights, cool time shifting abilities and outstanding multiplayer make this one of the best 360 shooters yet. It’s got some flaws, like the mediocre story and lacking sound, but the high amount of content, as well as fun, mean these flaws are easy to forgive. If you have a remote interest in first-person shooters, do not hesitate to go out and buy this, and if you just want to see how this turned out, or just want some excellent multiplayer, then this is worth it.

          -(The Extra Info)-
          This was published by Sierra Entertainment and developed by Saber Interactive
          This was released on November 2nd, and is also on PC
          This is available for £37.98 from Amazon or £39.99 from Play.com

          Thanks for reading. Stunt 101


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        • Product Details

          It’s never obvious what to make of delays in video games. Sometimes it’s simply an indication of a problem production that ends up looking out of date before it’s even released. Other times though it’s simply evidence of ruthless perfection: thankfully TimeShift seems to be the latter. At first glance it seems like any other first person shoot ‘em-up, with some technically impressive but artistically ordinary visuals. What makes it unique though is the gameplay, with the best use of time travel in a game since Prince of Persia.

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