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Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)

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4 Reviews

Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Published by Square Enix / Release date: 2013-03-05

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    4 Reviews
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      18.07.2013 19:15
      Very helpful



      Brilliantly good, buy buy buy !

      Wow oh wow, now dont think that im a tomb raider ut, because im really not, other then wathcing my mates play the first two on PS1 all those years ago, I had neither played nor bought any tomb raider game before....I actually thought they were too hard to control her and to work out some of the puzzles, but I had to get this one onceI had seen the trailer.

      This game is a prequal - Lara has just graduated from Uni and she is on her first real big adventure - she knows allot about the subject matter but your job is to get her through the game and on the way learn the skills and techniques that make her into the gun-toting, punching, climbing lara in the first ever game. This means you get survival points and XP points to buy different skills and learn how to make fire arrows, reload guns faster, kill a bloke or a boar with your bare hands and how to develop that tomb raider intuition into finding secret passageways, unpick locks and see things other people cannot...in this game you tap the button the screen goes grey and the waypoint is lit up in gold, or any other thing of interest like an animal, an enemy or a secret passageway etc.

      First of all Graphics
      Unbelievably good, smooth and rendered with othing short of top quality in mind. Eidos must have set hugely high standards for their developers here because eveything in this game is just top notch. The enviroments look and sound great, from glacial mountain sides to tropical lagoons and monsoons, everything looks top notch. Lara looks good, she looks young, buxom and a good size 4 i`d sy, much for the blokes to salivate over and for the girls to laugh at...actually shes pretty strong for a girl that ust way all of 8 stone !

      Sound and Sound casting.
      Whether your walking on sand, in water, on metal plates the sound engineers have done a great job, the jumps sound like they hurt, getting hit sounds like it hurts and the sound acting is great...the actress who plays lara played kate middleton in that hideous US drama series- but she soudns good in this, her buckinghamshire accent works well for lara. The other actors, especially the one with the glaswegian accent who plays Grim are birlliant. There is swearing and all sorts so its all very grown up.

      Gameplay- is great, apart from the moving and firing mechanism, which can be hard to master, she rest , climbing, jumping, running, swimming and fighting are almost perfect to play...my favourite parts are the long Indiana Jones style run-at-you sequences where you fall down a mine shaft or off of an airplane and you have to guide lara through all the things flying at you...one slip and watch her get implaled on a spike or tree etc.

      Storyline - corny but mysterious...trapped on a tropical island, no way off, survivalist stuff, your with some mates and you lose quite a few trying to helpself out. But apart from some corny dialogue it enough to keep me entertained for 8 hours.

      All in all a great buy for 2013 !


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        19.06.2013 14:19
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        If you want a new, exciting game. Buy this!

        I recently brought this after seeing it on offer on Amazon. I heard many good things about it and was excited to see how it plays.
        I paid around £19.99 for it, including free p&p. I was surprised to see that it also came with a free 14 day xbox live gold trial and some exclusive downloadable content.

        -- Game Case --
        The case shows a young Lara Croft with a crossbow and a background of a ship wrecked on an island.
        It's an 18 certificate, but I get onto that later on in the review.
        On the back of the case, there are three large images. One shows a surprised Lara holding a gun. Another shows her holding a fire torch and the last image shows her struggling with an angry wolf.
        There are also three short sentences on the back of the case telling you what the game is actually about.
        The first sentence says:

        A TURNING POINT - Experience Lara Croft's intense origin story from a young woman to hardened survivor.

        All ALL- NEW RAIDING EXPERIENCE - Explore a mysterious island filled with environmental puzzles.

        FIGHT TO LIVE - Salvage resources, gain experience and upgrade Lara's weapons and tools to survive Yamatai's hostile inhabitants.

        -- Single Player --
        For this section I'm going to talk about the single player campaign.
        I played previous Tomb Raiders before. But, I just couldn't get into them. So I was pretty wary about this certain game. When it first starts there is a small cutscene which shows a boat crashing into a mysterious island. Then the game starts straight away.
        The first hour of the gameplay is a mix between a tutorial and a story. Every 10 minutes you learn something new you can do in the game. For example, after the first five minutes it shows you how to create fires and explosions which help you escape tricky situations. These skills can also be used later on in the game too. If I had to describe it as a genre, I would say it's like a RPG / movie / action / stealth sort of game. It has everything a game should have.
        The reason I said it has RPG elements about it is because it has an experience level system where you can unlock new skills and weapon parts by picking up salvage or taking down an enemy.
        I think what makes this so good from other games, it's the choices you can make. If you don't fancy a gun battle, you don't have to have one. Instead you may sneak around enemies or take them out silently.
        No two peoples game experiences are the same.

        Lara is very young in this compared to her other games. I would say she is about early - mid twenties. The story telling is superb. It shows how she went from an innocent woman to a hardened survivor.
        The game is an 18 rating and you know why. The violence is pretty brutal throughout. There's also lots of bad language all the way through the single player story. So, don't buy this your kids for their birthday!
        Overall the single player campaign (with out doing any of the side quests) takes around 10-15 hours. This may seem short, but with around 10 hours of side quests and different tombs to explore there's easily around 30 hours of gameplay. The one thing I love about this game is the pick up and play style it has. A lot of adventure games take a good half to get back into. This as an instant action after five minutes. It's very good.

        -- Multiplayer --
        I must admit, I didn't even now it had a multiplayer mode. I only noticed after a few days going through the menus that it was there.
        The multiplayer has around 4 game modes. I have only played the team death match so far.
        I don't think the online is anywhere as good as the single player mode. Yes, it is enjoyable but I just can't really get into it. It's not one of those multiplayer type games in my opinion.
        But, it's still a good addition to the game.

        -- Overall --
        Overall, If you enjoyed Uncharted on the Playstation or just want a fresh new adventure game. Then I can't recommend this enough. It is one of the best and most original games I've played within the past 4 years. Everything from the graphics to the story line is excellent.
        A must for any gamer - 10/10


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          08.05.2013 15:49
          Very helpful



          This tired series has got a more than satisfying reboot here in Tomb Raider (2013).

          Lara Croft has been dominating our screens ever since the original game was released back in 1996. Ever since then, Lara has become something of a gaming icon, spawning not only a successful game series, but two films (starring Angelina Jolie as Lara), advertising deals (who can forget those Lucosade adverts?), merchandise, comics and more.

          As much as I love the Tomb Raider games, there was no denying that the series was close to becoming a little tired. Thankfully, the news of a reboot came along and fixed this.

          Released in March 2013, Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raider takes us back to the beginning, showing us how Lara becomes the archaeologist adventurer we know and love, whilst also changing her history that we have grown to learn from the previous games.

          In Tomb Raider, we are introduced to a 21 year old Lara Croft, a University graduate who is on board a great ship called Endurance, for an archaeological expedition led by Captain Conrad Roth. When a sudden storm destroys the research vessel, a young and inexperienced Lara finds herself stranded on a mysterious and remote island hidden off the shores of Japan.

          On first glance the island appears to be deserted, but soon enough Lara not only comes up against dangerous animals, but human enemies too. Shipwrecked, stranded and alone, Lara begins to re-discover her fellow crew mates, but the only way off of this island is by resolving the secrets within alone. Tomb Raider sees Lara not only battle the elements, animals and enemies, but uncover secret tombs, whilst all the while fighting to look for a way off of the island and back to safety.

          Many people have compared the gameplay of Tomb Raider with the Uncharted series, which is a fair point-it does indeed have a lot in common in relation to the action sequences at least. However, do not let this put you off. This origin story is great blend of exploration and high-octane action, enough to keep you playing until the end. Both forms of gameplay-the exploration and action sequences, are definitely fun to play, especially when using Lara's bow and arrow. As you level up, all the weapons you have collected can be improved to create brand new attacks-the napalm arrows are by far one of the most enjoyable.

          How you play the game is entirely up to you. If you enjoy stealth play, there's plenty of opportunities for this.I never was a fan of stealth gameplay before Tomb Raider, but I ended up adopting it at every opportunity. The fact is, it really works in this game, particularly if you can pick off enemies at a great distance with the bow and arrow-it's rather satisfying. The other way of playing this is to make your presence known to the enemies whenever possible. This often warrants a much larger fight, with enemies throwing molitovs, and closing in on you to create a more personal, tougher fight.

          Through the course of the game, we see Lara turn from a scared, inexperienced but intelligent history buff into a much stronger, agile and battle-worn woman. This transition is an interesting one to experience. You will find yourself wincing every time Lara is beaten, attacked, sent hurtling down large cliffs,slamming into structures, to cheering as she learns the motions of becoming a full blown survivor.

          Emerging as a strong, confident, agile survivor, it has been a real pleasure getting to know this new Lara, and you will be yearning to see what lies in store in the future for her.

          Also worth mentioning is how fitting the soundtrack is-a blend of feudal Japanese style tracks, with a jungle flourish. Lara's new theme is constantly referred back to in most of the tracks, creating a true heroic score. Whilst the gameplay is satisfying, the game also boasts impressive visuals, which you can see via the textures on the scenery, and on Lara's increasingly battle-worn body and clothing.

          However, not every game is perfect. Tomb Raider unfortunately suffers from some slight repetitive moments of gameplay (still rather enjoyable though), but the biggest disappointment is the multiplayer mode. Really, the multiplayer feels rather unnecessary as this game has a strong enough single player mode on it's own. The multiplayer modes are in fact a little forgettable, offering us game types we have seen time and time again, such as a variant on Capture the Flag. Whilst this may be enjoyable for plenty, I personally just got a little bored of it, turning my attentions to Lara's main story instead. Another slightly disappointing aspect is that it feels like the game bows out lightly. I was expecting a full-on boss battle, but it never fully comes.

          Still, despite those criticisms, Tomb Raider is a brilliant game. Crystal Dynamics have successfully rebooted the series with an enthralling origin story that firmly places Lara back in the limelight after what feels like forever. Bring on the sequel.

          Originally posted here: http://8-bitgirl.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/review-great-game-day-tomb-raider.html


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            10.04.2013 20:51
            Very helpful



            Ideal way to pass a weekend.

            I first played Tomb Raider 1 on the Playstation many years ago, but it managed to keep me engrossed for hours, and I have been a fan ever since, through good and bad releases. When I first saw the video's and screenshots of the new game I was a bit wary, thinking it looked too cinematic and wondered if there would be a trade-off with game-play. Despite that, it was immediately added to my Amazon wishlist and sat there for many months awaiting release. Finally I got around to buying it last week.

            Obviously the first thing you notice is the remodeled and younger Lara - not as top-heavy as previous incarnations, but a lot more believable as a character now. And the graphics, not just of Lara but of the environment, are stunning (Lara has been ship-wrecked on an island off the coast of Japan). For a closed-ended environment it is very immersive. The designer must have just discovered fire effects though, as everything is on fire (or that's how it felt) - it looks impressive but really started to bug my eyes after a few hours (maybe that's just me though).

            Game-play is very fluid, and some movements are now automatic - like crouching down, or getting into cover. It was annoying to begin with but you quickly get used to it. For me, Tomb Raider was always about solving puzzles, but this game is more just about killing. There are a few puzzle sections, but seriously, it's a gore-fest. Some of the most amusing parts are the ways in which you yourself get killed - fall off a ledge and get your head impaled on a bamboo stake, repeatedly, again and again, because you can't quite believe you saw what you just saw, so end up committing suicide just to see it again.

            An RPG system has been introduced, allowing you to upgrade your weapons and kit - to be honest I rarely used it, which is unusual as I like RPG's, but it just seemed pointless in this game. Most of the enemies are basic cannon-fodder anyway and don't need any specialized weapons to kill, just lots and lots of ammo.

            So the story isn't brilliant, and the RPG thing seems a waste, but if you just want to switch off, escape reality, and kill a lot of mobs, Tomb Raider is up for the challenge. It took me about 20ish hours to complete, and I'll be going back to some levels just for the fun of it. What lets this game down, compared to previous TR releases is the limited puzzle solving opportunities.


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