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Too Human (Xbox 360)

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11 Reviews

Genre: Adventure, Manufacturer: Microsoft

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    11 Reviews
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      04.03.2012 11:50
      Very helpful



      Fight for or against the Gods in an epic storyline.

      Too Human for Xbox 360

      Too Human was produced for Xbox 360 only by Microsoft Game Studios in 2008 after a stop/start creative process that would last almost ten years; more about that later in the review.
      The game was developed by Silicon Knights.
      The back of the game box states 'In the hands of one God rests the fate of all mankind'. Cool, I thought. I had heard of Too Human in the past and as is usual with me, I saw it for Five Euros and ninety-eight cents (around seven pounds) and thought, why not?
      After reading more of the blurb on the back and seeing that it was a science fiction epic in the time of the Norse Gods I was intrigued.

      The Premise

      The earth is being overrun by machines and mankind is under threat. Loki and his daughter have rebelled against the Aesir and are creating havoc. Under the watchful eye of Odin, the most powerful of the Aesir, you play Baldur, the most loved of Gods by the humans and a favourite of Odin with mutual respect from other Gods.

      You are the youngest of the Aesir. Many humans are fearful or distrustful of the Gods but you are seen in a different light; a veritable champion of humankind.

      As a seasoned warrior you must fight against the machines and bring back calm and peace to Asgard and its once prosperous cities.

      Before the time of even the Gods, the machines wandered and stalked the earth. They had one thing in mind....crush mankind. As the war came to a head nuclear and anti-matter weapons came to the fore and the world was destroyed as it was known. A winter that would last a thousand years devastated the lands.

      Now mankind is under threat of being wiped out completely. The few million that remain are protected by the walls of Midgard. The machines trundled on through the epic winter but mankind did not fare so well. The humans pray to the mighty Gods of the Aesir and worship Odin. Now it is time for the Gods of Asgard to intervene and to send help. You are that help and a huge responsibility rests upon your shoulders.

      You and your men have cybernetically enhanced bodies and minds and are much better equipped to take on the vile children of Ymir, the machines that now seek total destruction.

      The Aesir

      * Baldur
      You play Baldur, who has already mentioned is the youngest and favourite of Odin. You are the people's choice to rid Midgard of the menace of the machines. It will be your job to take the fight to them and lead your men accordingly.

      * Odin
      The most powerful of the Aesir, Odin or 'Organically Distributed Intelligence Network', created everyone from flesh and cybernetics. He then infused then with the power of runes and saved mankind from extinction. Odin watches over all of Asgard through the eyes of two ravens, Hugin and Munin.

      * Heimdall
      The 'Watchman' of the Aesir. Is this guy stressed or what? It is Heimdall's job to ensure that all the missions are properly coordinated and supplied correctly.

      * Freya
      Freya is a spiritualistic entity who can appear in solid form in our world and it the spirit world of cyberspace. She uses the 'World Tree' and is full of knowledge that can help you greatly.

      * Thor
      Thor is your older brother and the most revered warrior of the Aesir. Along with his hammer, Mjolnir he is the deadliest foe of the machines and is even feared by them. Ninety-five percent of his body has been replaced by cybernetics.

      * Idunn
      Idunn is the cog in the wheel of the Aesir and is an expert in cybernetics and nanotechnology. It is down to Idunn that the Aesir are immortal and superhuman. If Idunn did not exist then the Gods would simply be 'Too Human'.

      * Tyr
      Tyr is the weaponry master of the Aesir. He is responsible for the hundreds of weapons and weapon combinations that are available to the Aesirs soldiers. Tyr has fought some tough battles and emerged victorious over centuries and is known for his valour.


      Each enemy race poses a different threat to Baldur and does a specific type of damage to him. You are able to build up a resistance to each enemy the more you fight them.

      * Loki
      Loki has become more of an enemy than a friend to the Aesir because of his alliance with the machines. He is heavily armed and made from 'Giant' cybernetics, making him a strong and dangerous adversary.

      * Hel
      Hel is the daughter of Loki. She is a gifted scientist, but is dying from an incurable wasting disease. She leaves in the wastelands and outer regions of Helheim with all the other dishonorable scum.

      * Goblins
      Goblins make up the majority of the enemy forces. They are able to withstand great damage and can fall from great heights without suffering any damage at all. They are robotic war machines built specifically for the fight and can also scale and climb walls like a spider.

      * Dark Elves
      Dark Elves are mainly located in the ice forest. They are deadly in melee combat and are experts with ranged weapons and attacks. They hunt in packs and tend to use Goblins as they group soldiers.

      * Trolls
      Huge beasts that are capable of wielding huge weapons such as clubs and hammers. They are not very intelligent but what they lack upstairs they more than make up for downstairs as they bodies are tough and their armour strong. To defeat a troll the armor must be broken down in parts to get to the flesh.

      Game play

      I found the game play on Too Human to be mixed. Some of it is very good and some is quite irritating. The movement is pretty smooth but very slow and you find yourself walking around the game a hell of a lot and need some patience to do so.

      The camera on most games is usually moved using the right analogue, but on Too Human the right analogue is used for combat. So you basically navigate your surrounding area with a motion camera that follows you around. Because your movement, as mentioned, is quite slow it can sometimes take the camera a while to catch up and it can be mildly annoying but doesn't detract from the game play too much. You can hold down the left bumper button and then use the right analogue to check out the area within you periphery.

      Until you get used to the movement and camera it can be a little tricky because you find yourself naturally going for the right analogue stick to look, only to draw your sword instead.

      The game is pretty much a third person shooter and is quite enjoyable. I like the fact that you can travel through portals to the spiritual side and find special bonus powers and open gates that open corresponding gates in the real world. Pretty cool.

      I was enjoying the game, it was nothing specially stimulating but still fun to play, but then I defeated the boss at the end of the first level and the game took on a totally different element that I felt was just like 'Mass Effect' and 'Mass Effect 2'. I found myself at an underground base with a thriving city metropolis inside it and there was lots of information available on different aspects of the game.

      It's one of those games that you can really get into and follow a story. I much prefer this than just hooting at everything that moves in order to find my way to the end of the level. I like a game that is more involving, makes you think and surprises you from time to time. Too Human definitely did that for me.


      The Norns are three mysterious beings who exercise dominion over the world of Cyberspace. As Baldur you can visit this realm via active access points known as 'wells'. When close to a well you just press the 'A' button and you are whisked into the dimension known as cyberspace.

      When in Cyberspace the Norns will grant you access to sealed doors in the real world and access to treasure caches otherwise unseen. Sometimes you will need a greater power to access the bonus or secret that they give you and you will have to go away to obtain the ability before going back to gain their wisdom.


      One of the nice touches to the game occurs when your character dies. You see an angel appear from a bright light above you and he comes down to take you in his arms and flies up to Asgard so you can be at home with the true Gods and your family.

      Warrior Classes

      When you initially start the game up you hear the voice of a woman and she asks you to pick which class you would like to enter the game as. Scrolling over each option causes her to give you a run down on that class. There are five different classes to choose from. Each warrior has a certain set of skills and different strengths and weaknesses.

      * Berserker
      Master of Melee damage. Able to extend to an extra combo level (explained later in the review). Able to use two melee weapons simultaneously. Health is pretty low.

      * Champion
      A well rounded fighter who is adept at air attacks and the best at critical strikes.

      * Defender
      A defender has increased protection through better armor and a better health count. Can use a shield and is resistant to knock downs. He has a slower and diminished missile damage/range.

      * Commando
      A commando is a master of ranged weapons such as a bow or sighted gun. Is also an expert with explosives and ammunition capacity is higher. Diminished melee damage.

      * Bio Engineer
      Can heal self and other team mates. Diminished melee and missile damage.

      Skills Tree

      When I started out at level two it became apparent that each new experience level that I gained I could use to improve my special powers. To assign skill points you press the start button and select 'Skills', to access the Skills Tree. You have to meet certain requirements in order to earn a new skill or press the corresponding button on the tree. You can heighten or improve you cybernetic powers but this comes at the cost of lessening your humanity. There is an extra skill tree, which is accessed by pressing the right trigger. This second tree is used to specifically heighten your human powers.

      You can reset the whole Skill Tree at any time for a cost, so you can reassign you attributes in a different way. Spider powers for instance are used by activating them and pressing the 'Y' button. You can assign different skills to different buttons. It takes some getting used to as there is a lot of information to take in, but it is worth taking the time to learn it in the long run.

      Charm Quests

      Charm quests include Boldur completing a small side quest in order to gain a charm that can be applied directly to his character. They can be used along with runes and fused together to unlock their potential. Charm quests can be found all over the game levels.


      You will also find runes throughout the levels of the game. Runes can be used to attach to other items like weapons or armor. The runes are fused into the weapon and once you do this they cannot be removed afterwards; so choose wisely. Coloured runes can be used to change the colour of weapons and armor to enable you to customize your character and equipment.

      Combo Meter

      When you attack, inflict damage or kill an enemy you will add points to the combo meter. Once your combo level is filled up a new level will start. At the start of the game you get three combo levels as a maximum. Each combo level adds bonuses, such as faster rates of firing, extra damage and better protection. It is possible to increase the combo levels to more than three as the game progresses. Each time you use a special power such as 'Battle Cry' or 'Ruiner Attack', you combo meter will decrease, so it is best to choose the right moments to use it. Once it has decreased it will fill back up again as you kill enemies and advance through the levels.


      There are a lot of controls in Too Human. It is best to see them as different categories to be used at certain times otherwise they can be quite overwhelming.

      * Game Controls

      Back Button - Equipment screen
      Left Trigger - Fire left pistol. Secondary fire for ranged weapons
      Right Trigger - Fire right pistol. Primary fire for ranged weapons
      Right Button - Ruiner
      Left Analogue - Move Baldur
      Right Analogue - Melee attack/Aim ranged attack. Click to manually reload ranged weapons
      Left on D-Pad - Turn HUD on/off
      Right on D-pad - Turn damage meter on/off
      Left and right analogue together - Pushed together or pulled apart Fierce/Finisher Click for Sentient weapon
      Y button - Deploy Spider
      X button - Battle Cry
      B button Combat Roll/Skip Cinematic
      A button - Jump
      Start button - Pause game/Game menus
      Pressing the B button in combat will cause Baldur to roll in the direction you aim. It can be really useful when fighting a boss. It is particularly useful in avoiding explosions from grenades or rockets.

      * Sliding
      You can quickly close the distance between you and an enemy by sliding. When fighting an enemy, if you are able to slide to that enemy it will show as a green light beneath it. You can then push the right analogue in that direction and slide to him, thus enabling you to attack him hands on. This is also a good way to build up your combo meter as you can easily link attacks together.

      * Juggling
      When fighting with an opponent you can flick the right analogue to throw the enemy into the air. While the enemy is in the air you can press 'a' to jump and then revert to the right analogue stick to attack the airborne target. You can also use the right trigger to shoot at the enemy while they are airborne. Hitting an enemy while they are airborne fills up your combo meter even quicker.

      * 2-in-1's

      2-in-1's are two moves which are performed simultaneously in a much faster way than they would be if activated on their own. A 2-in-1 also fills up your combo meter a lot faster, so this move benefits you in two ways.


      * Melee
      To attack a nearby enemy, move the right analogue towards that enemy

      * Shoot
      Right or left triggers. Move the right analogue while shooting to lock onto different targets.

      * Slides
      Press and hold the right analogue towards a distant enemy. This will cause you to rush and smash that enemy with a powerful blow.

      * Juggle
      To juggle you tap the right analogue twice towards a nearby target to launch him into the air. You can follow this with an air combat attack.

      * Air Combat Attack
      Press 'A' and then the right analogue to attack.

      * Ruiners
      To execute a Ruiner press 'LB'. This unleashes a powerful Radial attack. Ruiners require at least one full combo level and deplete your combo level by one with each use.

      * Fierce Attacks
      To perform a fierce attack you move both left and right analogue stick towards the enemy outside of the melee range. This will unleash a ranged attack with your melee weapon that will damage and knock down the enemy.

      * Finishers
      Move both the right and left analogues toward an enemy in melee range to unleash a devastating multi hit Ruiner attack.

      Advanced Combat

      You can change the combat moves by linking them or as soon as you have pressed the control for one attack then press another. These are combination moves. You can slide into an enemy and press the attack button and then immediately slide to the next and so on to link together a combination and build up your combo level much faster.

      They can be built together to create a 2 in 1 juggle, a 2 in 1 Ruiner, a 2 in 1 Finisher or an air attack.


      As well as the normal weapons that you carry in your inventory or buy you can pick up weapons and armor on dead bodies of the enemies you kill. You can also pick up bonus equipment from special obelisks and caches placed around the levels. These can all be managed on your inventory screen, accessed by pressing the back button on the joy pad.

      * Armor
      Armor is available in different sectors such as Helm, Torso, Shoulder, Gauntlets, and leg and boot pieces. Armor and weapons can fail due to excessive use or damage, which is indicated by the item glowing red. It is best to replace or repair them as soon as possible. You can do this by visiting the repair shop in the city.

      * Charms
      To unlock the power of charms you must equip them first. To do this the special Charm Quest must be completed and the proper runes inserted into the charm. Charms can provide you with the most special and really rare abilities and it is well worth you seeking them out and taking the time to activate them.

      * Blueprints
      Blueprints are technical documents that can be found and allow you to craft new weapons and some of the most powerful weapons in the game. You will need to pay to get them built or crafted so will need sufficient bounty.


      There are literally hundreds of combinations of weapons on Too Human and you can build and customize until you heart's content. For that I must say kudos to the games makers as it really can get technical and you could quite easily spend hours finding out about and building new weapons if you were that way inclined.

      * Salvaging
      As mentioned earlier the weapons get depleted or break with damage and use and have to be repaired. You can set the game up to automatically salvage your weapons, armor and equipment. On auto salvage when your inventory becomes full it will automatically remove the least expensive item to make space for a newer one. This is called 'Smart mode'.

      Multi-player online play

      You can play co-op with a friend online in three ways.
      Create a match, Quick match and custom match.

      In custom or create you can make up a private match and invite your friends so no one else will be able to enter.

      By moving close to another online player you can press the back button and trade equipment and weapons. Once you are both on your inventory screen you can pick a vacant space and then press right on the D-pad to bring up the trade button on the centre of the screen. Then you just press 'A' to accept the trade.


      The graphics on Too Human are quite good and I would say excellent on the cut scenes. Some of the places created, especially in the cyberspace section of the game are very realistic and quite beautiful to navigate. Seeing as you spend a lot of time walking in the game, you get a great deal of time to look at the graphics so it is good that they are pleasing to the eye. The colours used are very true to a Nordic, cold climate type of hue and they adapt well to the games futuristic feel as well.


      I think the sound in the game is excellent. With the Nordic, science fiction mixes it fits really well. You get angelic voices or monks singing in a haunting tone akin to the Old Spice adverts mixed in with futuristic beats that resonate around a battle scene.

      The weapon discharges and explosions are pretty realistic and the sounds and battle cries of you, your men and the enemies are very true to life; not that I have ever witnessed a goblin speeding at me screaming at the top of its lungs you'll understand.

      Overall though I think the in-game sound is one of the best aspects of this offering.


      The games original concept was taken up by Sony for the Playstation in 1999. It went through a few changes and hit a few stumbling blocks before switching to The Game Cube makers and then disappearing for a few years. It was eventually taken up by Microsoft in 2005 and they developed it solely for the Xbox 360. So it is a game nearly ten years in the making and worth checking out for just that reason. The game as actually kept all three ideas from the Playstation, The Game Cube and the Xbox 360. It was originally going to be a trilogy but they decided to bring it out as one game, which is why I probably felt the difference from level one to level two. Well, at least they got there in the end.

      My thoughts

      I like the idea and love the concept. The graphics are quite good, as mentioned, and I love the sound. The overall feel of the game is one that that leaves you feeling that you hope they make a sequel and improve the camera angles and movement and enable you to move a bit quicker between places in the levels.

      The game didn't get rave reviews but for the money, and you can pick it up for less than a tenner now, I think it is definitely worth a dabble. I am enjoying it at the moment. I can't really comment on the longevity of the game as I haven't finished it yet but I will say that I am still playing it and it's holding my interest so it can't be all that bad.

      If a game was instantly playable then to me its longevity would be very low. A lot of gamers give up on games like Too Human because it seems to hard or the controls are hard to master. Once you do master the controls however, then it becomes a much better game and the further you get in the game the more respect you gain for the people who made it. A lot of effort went into making this game and I hope the effort I have put into my review does them and the game justice.

      ©Lee Billingham


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        14.07.2010 16:02
        Very helpful




        For a start action role playing games - think Diablo 2 etc - are never found on the consoles. And those that are tend to emphasise the hack and slash action over the deeper character development stuff. Human has skill trees, levelling, looting, large guns, coop. it should be really good, Sadly not. Repetitive action, bland graphics, dodgy controls, technical glitches - for a game that has been in development for years this is unforgivable. Or perhaps the protracted birth explains the game's flaws? The clumsy stock and general lack of interface polish are possibly symptomatic of an excessively inward looking development method. Or perhaps I have been spoilt by the likes of WoW? But with the amount of stock management that Human requires you'll wish there was a more elegant solution.

        Gameplay? - If you have played the demo then you have got a lovely suggestion. Fundamentally enter area, take out long-range enemies before ploughing in to the melee combat. Don't expect much help from your computer controlled buddies, who appear to be there to take a break as much as anything. Kill all the painfully generic monsters and you can pick up the conveniently dropped weapons, armour and money and spend four minutes rearranging your stock. Then it is on to the next area and repeat, with occasional breaks for one off "boss" battles. Cut-scenes break up the levels - the plot mixes Norse mythology with generic sci-fi to no great effect - and there is a Phantasy Star-style hub area (sadly only with you and not the remainder of the Human community). But otherwise that is much it.

        Again in the event you have played the demo you'll know what the controls are like. If not think spongy, imprecise - you use the right hand stick, than a button, to assault - and frustrating. Fortunately you do get used to things after some time - the frequency of combat means subtlety is never necessary - but I found ranged weapons usually more satisfying. That is assuming the auto lock-on worked - often it picked up dead enemies or incoming missiles and ignored the annoyed robogoblin coming straight for me.

        And then there was the unskippable death sequence that delays your return to the fray for around 30 seconds at a time. Mildly annoying at the beginning this play delay becomes excruciating later in the game. At one point I died four times in about two minutes - I was annoyed, it was the finish of a level. On the fifth go the game appeared to take pity on me and dumped me straight back in to play. But that only happened once and i have no idea why.

        But despite all this Human does have its moments. No . There were times, early on, when the combat and leveling felt hypnotic. And you cannot deny that primal gambling urge to get a better tiny bit of kit, whether it is a weapon, some armour or a pile of money. This is helped by a rapid levelling pace which keeps the hits coming. And there is always that nagging desire to see what is next, even if it usually means another generic sci-fi locale.
        But the game staggers in to life when played online and it is here where the actual long-term play will be found. Team up with a mate and there is a least a modicum of strategy involved - ie one of you stand back and shoot while the other gets stuck in. But the fact you are both playing the same character will be a killer for lots of. Yes, you can play as different classes - though don't expect a *huge* difference - and given the immense amount of gear in the game you are unlikely to be wearing the same armour. But you are still both playing as the main character, Baldur. And regrettably the armour looks so similar that you soon loose the urge to chase the next drop. This may modify at the high levels but Human seems to lack loot variety. Bad news, as kitting out your character is a key part of the game. Not that there is any actual chance to show off your Large Helm of Power or Stupidly Large Plamsa Rifle anyway. Yes, you can show and trade with one other player in the coop mode but Human could do with a lobby.

        Although i did have a lot of stronge disagreements with this game i am interested in the second installment usually because the sequels are a lot better and the developers learn from their mistakes in the first game, lets hope they do or they will soon find their new improved game getting mass bad reviews or sloppy sales.


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        13.05.2009 20:10
        Very helpful



        This game is just not fun - the potential was there, but it's ruined by fundamental gameplay flaws.

        The hype for this game was immense before its release - it was long in development, had a whole bunch of promises from the developers, but after completing it I have to say the whole experience was probably the most disappointing I have experienced.

        The game is a 3rd person hack and slash adventure which sees you take control of the character Baldur, a genetically enhanced 'god' in an advanced human civilisation set many years ago. The 'gods' are based off the Norse mythology, but the potential for a decent storyline is wasted with terrible cut scenes and an incredibly stale script. Seriously, the animation in some of the scenes are shockingly bad, and I am surprised this game made it to gold status! This perhaps would not be so bad if the game had a multiplayer component, but as the singly player is the only element of the game (apart from a co-op, which I will come to later), I was left very disappointed in this department.

        The controls are another sticking point. Too Human tries to mix things up by using the right analogue stick to map combat moves, with the left for movement. Therefore the computer takes control of the camera, which does its best to handle the combat but you can't help but wish Silicon Knights let the player control the camera like in most third person games. There are many occurances where the camera makes things harder for you in combat, and considering the games way of challenging the player is to launch wave after wave of generic enemies, it only leads to frustrate the player.

        Which is where I then bring on to Too Human's worst sticking point - it's repetive!!! I was so glad to finish the game, because I got bored of attacking countless waves of standard looking enemies each level, hoping something new was going to turn up for the next level - but again the game was lacking. There is also no sense of urgency from death, because you are instantly resurrected without any penalty whatsoever - how about some damage to our armour guys?!? This only made worsened matters for me, as I felt no emotional connection throughout it's length.

        There is a huge amount of tinkering you can do to your character. There are numerous classes to choose from, and during your travels you can pick up new weapons, armour, runes and upgrades. You can also spend talent points when you level up, allowing you to tailor your character to your play style and class. This does help add some much needed variety to the game, but it is all a bit in vain because all you end up doing is the same move against a swarm of enemies over and over again.

        Probably one of the better points of the game is the co-op works rather well, where you can tackle the single player arenas with a buddy. You both level up too, which is a nice touch and you can share any wargear each other picks up. I didn't notice any lag with this, and getting into a game was relatively straightforward. Unfortunately I then had to play the thing....

        This is a game I cannot recommend. Despite the long development time, Silicon Knights have failed in delivering the epic game they promised.


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        16.04.2009 10:23
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Fast action packed game, and should not be missed. Esp now its so cheap!

        Too Human is a fast paced Action-RPG exclusively for the Xbox 360. Also this is part one to a planned trilogy. Part 2 is rumored for a 2010 release.
        This game is developed by the Canadian team, Silicon Knights and published by Mircrosoft game studios.

        This game has a MAJOR budget of 80 Million Dollars and was 10 years in the making!

        Game Story :

        This game is a story of futuristic science fiction / Norse Mythology. The Norse Gods are futuristic computer enhanced humans protecting the threat of mankind from the attack of a army of machines.
        You control the Norse God names Baldur, who is more human than other Gods in this game. He is "Too Human"

        This game is mainly a hack and slash romp with alot of RPG elements with upgradeable elements throughout. You gather items, choose character alignments and upgrade weapons / armor throughout. This does add more depth to the game and is great fun.

        At the start of the game you are given a choice of which class you want your player to be. You can choose from :
        Berserker, Champion, Defender, Commando and Bio Engineer
        Each having advantages and disadvantages over eachother. These are shown on a ratings system next to each profile.

        You have many weapons throughout the game and these can be upgraded also as mentioned before. Weapons range from two handed combat weapons, pistols and lasers.

        You also gain more points for the better combos you achieve throughout the battles, this can be added to your leveling up score and give you extra bonuses.

        Graphics :

        The visuals for this game are fantastic, massive buildings, large ladscapes and good detail to the characters. Large bosses and awesome cinematic cut screens that give it a great movie feel.
        There is alot going on sometimes on the screen and slow down doesn't occur which is great.
        The only downside to the graphics is that the areas are a little samey after a while. Im hoping that there will be more of a range of areas in the following two games.

        Sound :

        The sound is epic in this game, esp if you are playing with a surround sound HDTV. Really makes you feel that the game is more like a movie and really pulls you in with the drama.
        The voice acting is very fluid also. Nothing bad to report here.

        Multiplayer :

        Too Human also features a co op mode which can be played over xbox live. The game mode is "drop in drop out" This adds alot of replay value to the game, and is alot of fun. Not to be missed
        You get to play levels you have already played so no spoilers of the advanced levels is revealed. Also you can get to earn more experience which you can use to level up in single player mode.

        Conclusion :

        I LOVE this game, I am about 10 hours in and I feel that I am nowhere near completing it, the gameplay is very unique esp with the controls which I never found easier in a game of this style. I feel very pulled in to this story and look forward to seeing in unfold throughout the game.
        I would recommend this to anyone that likes action/RPG games and likes to play a good strong story. Esp if you are into the sci fi world.
        This will not disappoint.

        You can get this game SO cheap now at GAME. For just £7.99 so it really is a must for your collection. Alot of replay value also as mentioned above with the multiplayer mode which is alot of fun.


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          29.01.2009 22:26
          Very helpful



          A good game if you want something different to play.

          A very interesting game, mixing the future with fantasy. A kind of futuristic Final Fantasy type game, just less indepth with the storyline.
          The story line won't have you grabbing end edge of your seat to see what happens next, but it also at the same time won't bore you.
          How to change my equipment and find out what equipment was better took me a while to figure out since everything seemed to be just in one jumbled mess.
          While playing the game you will have to go in to a different cyberspace world to advance in the game. Such as if a door is locked, you will need to find a near by well and go to the cyberspace world and do something there to alter the current day to open the door.
          Everytime you die you have to watch a clipscene of a god coming down from the sky, picking up your body and taking back up into the sky before you are respawned, this can be very annoying if your in the middle of a fight and want to kick the guys ass who just killed you.
          The game is generally easy and its just a fact of smacking and banging your way through the levels, and since the enemies seem to drop so much new advance armour and weapons you never have to get your current equipment repaired.

          I picked this game up new in a sale for £10, never heared of it before, don't feel like I have wasted my money, but would of felt the opposite if I had payed the £40 full price.


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          25.01.2009 01:42
          Very helpful



          If you really want to play it anyway, rent it, its not worth much money at all.

          This, is not a good game. Set in some poorly described and created world of norse mythology, magic, and machinary, this game does not deliver. The begining revolves around finding this robot that consumes human flesh for sustinance. I honestly didn't play the game past this point, it was too painful. Not only are the levels bland and uninteresting in design, what little plot there is, is boring and fairly unoriginal. Most of the plot devices being based around standard fantasy game structure and ancient myths. Combat is very buggy and hard to understand completely and your uncontrollable army of 10 at your back does most of the work, atleast to the extent that I played. The inventory and gear system is kind of annoying but managable. Leveling up provides you with a couple points to put into a sort of talent tree reminiscent of World of Warcraft. Doesn't really matter because all abilities and maneuvers are near impossible to use correctly due to poor combat mechanics. Maybe it gets better halfway through the game but it was just too painful for me to continue.


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          02.11.2008 13:30
          Very helpful



          Spend your money elsewhere.

          I was quite excited for this game, and I had it pre-ordered, which meant I also got the exclusive armor sets... which I never even saw? I wasn't sure where to get them! Concerning the game itself, I was sorely disappointed.

          Too Human is an action RPG set across a few levels and each level is very long. The combat in this game is very boring, it basically felt like all I was doing was constantly fighting hords of the same little creatures and trying to get good combo's. Alot of the time you are very outnumbered and it gets a bit too much. When you die you have to watch the same cutscene everytime without a way of skipping it, another very annoying feature to this game!

          I just could not get into the storyline and it just got too boring for me to continue, I only did the first 2-3 missions I think before I ended up trading this one in!

          I did like the fact there are character classes and each have their own strengths or weaknesses. There is a champion, beserker, bio engineer, defender and the commando.
          During the game you can collect armor and weapons, and compare stats and bump up your character's levels and use the skill tree. But this was the only fun part for me, for the actual game itself was just repetitive.

          I would spend your money elsewhere unless the kind if game you like is constantly fighting huge mobs and trying to get good combo's, as it feels that this is all the game is about.


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            07.10.2008 16:16
            Very helpful



            Ten years of development and hype for an average game.

            Rarely have I seen a game been developed for ten years nearly. Games nowadays take two years at the most to be completed and released to the public, which isn't close to ten years. A decade is a long time in development if you think about it. Seeing as even the Playstation 2 wasn't available ten years ago, gaming was a lot different back then. The games with too much horsepower required multiple disks (i.e. Final Fantasy VII), graphics weren't as close as today's graphics and franchises like Ratchet and Clank, Halo and Gears of War weren't existent. It's safe to say then those ten years of development which Too Human was in development a lot of things have changed. Has Silicon Knights made good use of their ten years with Too Human, or does it fall flat on its hyped-face?

            -(The Story)-
            Too Human is a blend of Norse mythology with science fiction. This means you get elements of Vikings, swords and hammers as well as Orcs and Goblins mixed with robots, futuristic technology and flying vehicles. It is a very weird mix, however it is very unique and I personally was charmed by the setting. The plot however isn't the greatest in gaming. You are Baldur, a Cybernetically enhanced God who is on a quest to discover his past, find out why he is in the state he is in and eliminate the evil threats of the machines. It's an okay set up, but it doesn't introduce this world properly, including why suddenly Norse mythology is so advanced. It's weaved into the game pretty well, but really doesn't get enticing until the very end. And, considering it's already been stated that Too Human will be a trilogy, the ending cliff-hangs. Dang it.

            -(The Controls)-
            Too Human has a unique, yet completely useless, control scheme at work here. Instead of the typical control scheme that actually works in action games-left analog stick to move and right analog stick to control the camera-the game instead maps the combat to the right analog stick and forgoes camera control. You move the right analog stick in the direction of the enemy to pull a swing at them with your weapon, and hold it down to have Baldur constantly swing. This is an inaccurate way of attacking, simply because the precision isn't there. Also, the lock-on for shooting is inaccurate and locks on too many targets who you didn't want to lock onto. Because of the lack of camera control, the game never ever gives you a good view of the action and constantly gets stuck behind walls. The controls in Too Human are, sadly, near broken if it wasn't for the rest of the solid mapping.

            -(The Gameplay)-
            Too Human is an action RPG set across four long levels. The game is quite linear, with rare straying paths leading to extra special items. Each level usually has a few hours of combat against standard enemies, with a boss right at the end of each level. The pacing in Too Human, to say the least, is a bit weird. Rather than having eight smaller levels, the game opts for four incredibly long levels each of which takes hours at a time. Baldur moves really slowly meaning travelling from one location to another is boring. It's also jarring, because whenever you die (and you'll die a lot), you have to watch one of the most beautiful twenty second cut scenes on the system, again and again. It's pretty to watch as a Beautiful create called the Valkyrie picks up your body and takes you up to Valhalla. Unfortunately, this cut scene gets frustrating as you die again and again, watching this same unskippable cut scene again. It incredibly chops up the pace.

            Unfortunately, pacing is just the start of Too Human's many gameplay issues. The combat in Too Human, which should be the best in the genre, is totally mundane and boring. You only have one attack, which is in all directions. You simply push the stick in the direction of an enemy and attack-it's as simple as that. You also have firearms which you can shoot at enemies using a stodgy lock-on system that usually targets the nearby crate or explosive barrel. It's frustrating, and adjusting to a different target is even worse thanks to a sensitive aiming system. Also, several times in the campaign, you'll find that you are using attacks, but they aren't hitting anyone, thanks to iffy collision detection. You can have three types of melee weapons-swords, hammers and staves which don't differ too much from each other really. The firearms you can acquire are pistols, assault rifles and cannons. The latter requires multiple upgrades.

            Unfortunately combat is just a bore. You're essential doing the same thing throughout with very little change in the character models, except one is red, one is blue and one is green. The colour changes however result in frustration too. Basically, when an enemy is a certain colour, killing them can have a status effect on you. For example, killing a red enemy causes a ring of fire which burns Baldur, whereas killing a Blue enemy causes Baldur to freeze. Some are more frustrating than others. Being frozen has little consequence because as soon as an enemy attacks you Baldur can attack again. Whereas being burnt results in Baldur constantly losing health until eventually he dies. Combat status has been poorly implemented here unfortunately.

            Where Too Human's combat succeeds is in throwing tons of enemies at you. You'll constantly be outnumbered, with the scale being something like you against twenty enemies. Wiping them all out can be immensely satisfying, that is until the issues with the controls and aiming crop up then it's just another battle won. Unfortunately, this can be quite overwhelming, especially when the enemy types are mixed up. You get your standard grunts which can be taken out with a few hits, enemies with force fields, larger enemies like giant robots and giant robot spiders and more. If you are surrounded by multiple enemy types prepare to die. It's hard to focus on an enemy which does most damage, like the giant robots, and frustration crops up. It's so annoying trying to target one enemy but instead you're hitting another enemy.

            Of course, Too Human is an action-RPG meaning there are some RPG elements available, and there are some decent, if light, choices to make. First are the five classes, each of which has their own strength and weaknesses. The Berserker is brilliant at melee, can reach higher combo levels and duel wield melee weapons, but has lower health. The champion is the most well rounded fighter, which is also great with air attacks and critical strikes. Defender is what the name suggests, as this class has increased health/armour, can use shields, is resistant to being knocked down but has weaker missile range. The commando is the guns-a-blazing class and the bio-engineer can heal themselves and team mates. These five classes look different and play quite differently, but some classes are prone to death more than others which is a shame.

            Where Too Human never lets up is the many, many pickups and items you can collect in Too Human. Killing enemies drops items, breaking objects gives items and activating special supply points gives you items. There are lots of choices when it comes to changing your character. You're constantly picking up different looking armour, weapons and assisting items which can help you greatly. These include charms and runes. Charms give you quests to complete, as well as an appropriate rune to be placed inside. Then you can use the power from the charms. When you add runes to items like armour and weapons they upgrade them with certain abilities but cannot be removed after they have been used. You can also pick up Blueprints to build new weapons and armour. However, this collect-a-thon also results in Too Humans biggest issue. You're spending a good 60% of the twelve hours of gameplay in the main menus, which is quite a lot of the time. It's boring.

            There are some other things to gameplay. The enemies scale as long as you are levelling up and equipping new weapons, meaning the game never really increases in challenge. It's really quite lame, forcing you to spend more time in the menus because if you aren't then you'll die. The other gameplay feature is Cyberspace. Throughout the game you'll come across wells, which lead you into another world where no enemies prevail and your weapons are taken and all you have are special powers to solve very light puzzles which affect the world you have left. You gain powers to push objects using a force power, lift up objects and set objects on fire. The puzzles are very easy to figure out and there is very little point in these levels, aside from breaking up the repetitive action.

            There is also two player online co-op, which ditches the story and puts in more enemies. It scales only to one player though, meaning either one person will be playing it at their level while the higher level player is bored, or the higher level player plays at his level while the weaker player is owned. It's odd why they cut it down to two players as well as cut out the story as four player co-op like they promised would have been freaking awesome. However, as it stands, it's a nice diversion from the campaign and adds some more content, and if you hated the story, this means you can play through it without the story sequences. It's also slightly more fun to play with a friend, if not by much.

            This game is rated 16+ for violence. There is some mild violence which isn't too over the top, but enough to warrant attention to kids. There isn't much else offensive really.

            -(The Graphics)-
            Graphically, Too Human looks pretty good. Despite ditching the Unreal Engine, with a huge lawsuit too, the game has a decent look to it. Some of the characters look exquisitely detailed, such as the many enemies you'll encounter, some of the lead characters and plenty more. However, some characters look downright ugly, with weird edges and blurry textures. Environments can look flashy, if barren, and they feel similar as you plough through them. There's very little to destroy in environments too, which is a shame. Cutscenes have some decent animation, but suffer texture pop-in and slowdown. Usually the game runs smoothly during gameplay, but it's not exactly a powerhouse game. The game has some other good qualities like a decent draw-distance, very little loading times and nicely designed menus. It's not striking, but it gets the job done.

            -(The Sound)-
            The sound is definitely the games high point. The acting is sublime, with most of the actors always delivering the right emotions when needed, never being overly dramatic and always putting 100% into their lines. It's a sublime voice work production, though the dialogue read isn't always on par. Mixing two disparate styles of gaming worlds into one mean you get dialogue that sounds like it was taken from Norse mythology mixed with typical sci-fi dialogue and it can be quite jarring to go from a man talking about technology to then have a man yell like a Viking. Then again, that's what makes Too Human unique-it just doesn't mesh perfectly all the time. The music is more focused on orchestral scores to suit the Norse setting, which is great throughout. The effects are okay, though the pistols and assault rifles sound criminally underpowered.

            -(The Replay Value)-
            Despite ten years of development, Too Human is one of the most criminally short RPGS available on the Xbox 360. You could breeze through the game in around 10 hours, which might sound like an okay length for most games, but for an RPG is unacceptable. With games like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata taking upwards of 30 hours to finish, Too Human falls flat with 10 hours of gameplay. The value is somewhat expanded by letting you carry over your levelled up character from your previous campaign, as well as a decent co-op feature, but when the game is so shallow and repetitive, why would you want to play it more? The game also has 50 achievements, ranging from levelling up your character to certain levels (10, 20, 30 etc.), killing a number of certain enemies and completing the game's four levels. You could earn most of them on your first play through, and the rest require grinding through more of the grind.

            -(The Score)-
            Controls: 5
            Gameplay: 5
            Graphics: 7
            Sound: 8
            Value: 4
            Overall: 5.8

            -(The Conclusion)-
            When I played the Too Human demo on Xbox Live, I had some decent fun in the game's long test drive of Too Human. What I didn't realise is that one level on the demo is basically the game in a nutshell, repeated four times. Does Too Human live up to its hype? Not at all; ten years of development only highlight how mediocre this RPG is. This game could have been successful, with its decent visuals, impressive sound, interesting setting and co-op, but unfortunately the game slips up at every other corner. The game is mind-numbingly repetitive, with combat shallower than a puddle. The RPG elements have little impact on the mindless monotony, and this isn't helped by a poor control scheme. It's also criminally short for an RPG, with around 10 hours of gameplay. I suppose the monotony couldn't have ended quicker, but it's still a terrible length for such a long development. In the end, it comes off as a disappointing game that's disappointment is only rivalled by this years Alone in the Dark.

            -(The Extra Info)-
            This was published by Microsoft and developed by Silicon Knights.
            This was released exclusively for the Xbox 360 on August 29th, 2008.
            This is available from Game.co.uk for £39.99


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              06.09.2008 19:10



              Good but should be much, much, much better.

              Too Human is what i consider more an action game which includes RPG elements like leveling up, a certain home town as such where you may improve armour, weapons etc.
              Other RPG elements include a talent tree and different style characters to begin with.

              Overall Too Human is a linear game which just sends hordes of enemies to you, wave after wave which does get very boring.
              However the combat system does keep things slightly interesting. It works in a way where you push the stick into the direction of the enemies and you slide between the enemies attacking them all. Again like i said once you get into a "rhythm" as such its quite entertaining but otherwise the waves of enemies are boring. There is also very little variety between the enemies throughout the game.

              The story is the main thing that will make you want you to complete the game and overall it is good but if you dont know much on norse mythology you will find yourself a bit confused. Overall the story wasnt quite as powerful as you'd hope but it does set up for Too Human 2


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              25.08.2008 20:24
              Very helpful




              Too Human is a role playing game for the Microsoft Xbox 360 games console.

              The story in this game is an interesting mix between science fiction and Viking myth and legend. For an RPG the story is not particularly compelling but it is still decent enough to hold your interest.

              The combat in this game is totally action based, you can use either guns and ranged weaponry or melee weapons. The guns are not bat satisfying to shoot as your enemies do not seem to be hurt at all by them. The only indication is the health bar going down, the targeting system is also very tricky to use as it will target anything.

              The melee combat is much more interesting you use the analogue stick, by pushing it towards the direction of an enemy your character will swing the weapon in that direction. It feels good.

              Although there is quite a lot of combat, there is a lot of managing your character and he's ever evolving abilities, you to spend an awful lot of time in the game menu customising things.

              This is a decent role playing game for the console and fans of this type of game should pick it up. You can buy this game for about £40.00.


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              23.08.2008 23:03
              Very helpful



              Worth it, if your into the genre. If not then atleast rent it!

              Have you ever had a friend tell you how great a movie was only to be let down cause of your high expectation? Doesn't matter that the movie was decent or even good, it just failed to meet your expectations. Well, I think that's the problem with Too Human. It'd been in development for many many many years and all the reviewers expected greatness. What they got was something lower than their expectations and thus low reviews.

              On the other hand, after reading all the reviews I didn't expect much out of this game. But I was pleasantly surprised. I'm a HUGE fan of Action RPG games (D2, Dungeon Siege... etc) and this game, while not great, is a perfect game to hold me over until the next best game comes out (Fable 2 anybody?).

              The gameplay feels a bit dry at first. But after an hour of learning how to do finishing moves, aerial attacks and collecting loot I am certainly have a lot of fun. It definitely has the "one more level" appeal that other good Action RPGs have. I played a little too long last night just trying to reach the next level so I could equip my new sword.

              Anyway, the game is good but not great. The camera has some issues but you learn to live with it. The skills don't greatly alter game play like in other great Action RPGs. But all in all, it's a good game and worth a look if you enjoy other games of its type.


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