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Toy Story 3: The Video Game (Xbox 360)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Family & Entertainment / Video Game for Xbox 360 / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2010-07-16 / Published by Disney Interactive

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    2 Reviews
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      15.05.2011 10:53
      Very helpful



      A fantastic game for almost the whole family!

      In our household it's fair to say that we are firm fans of the Xbox 360 with it being played most days, on average, for at least an hour or two. My other half was thrilled when he realised that there was a Toy Story 3 game for the Xbox that went along with the film. This was promptly rented from Lovefilm but can be purchased from Amazon for around £20-£25 at present with the price varying from seller to seller just slightly.

      There are two modes to this game, story mode & toy box mode. Story mode contains eight levels during which you will play as Woody, Buzz or Jessie. Sometimes a combination of these characters will be needed in order to get through the level. It's easy to change through the characters and for the most part the story mode is quite simple, for an adult, as you are pretty much guided through what you need to do. Some of the levels are similar to things that happen in the film, some not at all. This does add something extra to the game as it's not just following a storyline that you already know about entirely. The best level we played was one where you are Buzz Lightyear and you are in space, you get to use all of the features of Buzz such as his laser and you have to kill Zurg and lots of other aliens. This was my favourite and my partners also as it was something different to the other levels as you were not sticking to a platform, also, Buzz is definitely our favourite character and I know it's been my partners favourite since the very first Tory Story movie.

      Each of the three characters that you can use can be interchanged during the game, at times, and this is very useful, also, it adds another dimension to the game play as you need to think quite strategically in order to get through the levels. Whether it's using Woody's drawstring as a lasso, Jessie's jump and ability to balance on the smallest objects or Buzz's laser beam or jet pack there really is always a way to get through the level and it's just a case of working it out.

      The toy box mode is a bit of a free for all as you are able to roam free chatting to other characters, taking photographs, buying toys, buying objects to customise your play area and compete in missions. Competing in missions is the main way to purchase new objects but you can also take part in a whole host of other things such as placing criminals in jail, throwing balls at objects and collecting up boxes full of surprise items and sometimes tokens. You are able to split screen this mode to play it two player but we both preferred to work on this game separately which gave us both fun and meant we were able to customise things just the way we wanted to.

      We ended up keeping this game for around 3 weeks as it was quite fun, also it had fantastic longevity. The main thing that springs to mind when thinking of this game was that there were times when one of us got stuck or had to do a mission continually for 30 minutes just to be able to complete it and I can imagine that a young child would get very frustrated with this game. In terms of playability for children I'd say it's a little difficult but it's a good clean fun game. The only time it's possible to 'meet your maker' is if you drop off in to water but the game just restarts from the ledge you were on with no mention of dying or anything like that. Also, there is a good message in being able to catch criminals and throw them in to jail. The only thing I can think of that a child may find difficult is just some of the gameplay, it can be a little tricky in places. This game does take a fair while to work through, particularly in toy box mode, that's if you want to unlock all of the achievements of course.

      There are 38 achievements for 1,000 gamer points with some of them being very fast to unlock, right at the beginning of the game, and some of them being unlocked for basically doing everything on the game. This adds to the longevity of a game for us as we like to try and get as many gamer points as possible, to beat our friends, and therefore we usually end up playing a game right through to the end, even if it means going over a mission several times to ensure we get the gamer points.

      We really enjoyed this game, it was fantastic. Some of the achievements were quite difficult to unlock but by the time we returned this game back to love film we had completed the game and earnt pretty much the 1,000 gamer points. I was just two achievements short and my other half had completed the 1,000 points and was very pleased with himself. There is so much to this game to keep you playing for hours and hours and even if you have a young child who isn't bothered about his gamer points they will find plenty to keep themselves occupied, even if it's just running around riding on a horse or using Buzz's laser! I've given this 4/5 as some of the missions will just be a little too hard for young children to work out and as this is a game based on a children's movie it should be a little easier.


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      24.11.2010 17:09
      Very helpful



      Would recommend for a family or someone who isn't too into gaming

      The Toy Story 3 Xbox 360 is a game which represents the movie, Toy Story 3. Which is a fantastic movie and I would highly recommend that you should watch it. I am not a gamer myself so therefore this review is not portrayed in a gamer's view but a person who might occasionally like to play on a game for fun.
      The Xbox belongs to my partner who likes to spend hours on the console completing various different games. When we bought the Xbox we got the Toy Story 3 game with it and having seen the movie I thought I would give it a try. With just moving down to the other end of the country and having no TV channels, internet or a job I had plenty of spare time on my hands and took to playing this game.

      Toy Story 3 is split into two game modes. The first game mode is story mode, this mode is set up on a series of levels based or stimulated by sections of the film. The story mode has eight levels within each level you meet and greet the toys inspired by Toy Story 3. Within the Story mode you play as one of the three favourite Toy Story characters. The levels don't rigidly follow the narrative of the story and incorporate a variety of different things to make the level more interesting and challenging. The level in particular that I like is the level which takes place inside Bonnie's house. At the beginning of the level you have to work your way through various obstacles that are trapping you inside the house the aim is to get out of the house. However it is not made easy and is not just a leisurely walk through the house you are on a timescale which is set up by the house flooding with coffee and a having to escape from Dolly the "evil" witch. After escaping from the house, by jumping out of the window, you land in a space location. In this part of the level you must grind along rails and return batteries back to the main station. You have to jump from rail to rail and dodge various objects that may get in your way. Most of the levels are based around platforming but there is a level where you are Buzz Lightyear as though the toys are playing a videogame and you get to use the features of Buzz, in particular his laser, and fly to Zurg. Throughout the levels you can collect collectable items which are hidden in a range of different places making the task slightly more difficult.

      Within the levels you get to use three favourite Toy Story characters. Each character has different and unique abilities to them. You can swap control between the characters at anytime and use their unique abilities to your advantage to help you complete the task. You can also perform cooperative moves between the characters that give you enhanced actions; these actions are boosts or launches. However cooperating characters together is not used very often during the game but is very useful when you are able to do so. The three characters are Woody, Buzz and Jessie:

      Woody- This character allows you to use your lasso drawstring to reach places that other characters are unable to do.

      Buzz - This character is stronger than the rest and when you are able to use characters together Buzz comes in handy for launching other characters to places that they cannot reach. Buzz also comes with a jetpack and laser beam.

      Jessie- This character has a jump with super balancing power to get to the toughest spots.

      I really enjoyed playing this game mode and completing the various different levels. When my family came to visit we found ourselves sitting and playing this game as it is an uncomplicated game and most of all fun. The only problem that I found with the story mode is that if you were half way through a level you were unable to save it and had to go back to the beginning again if you were to turn off the game.

      The other game mode of the Toy Story 3 game is Toy Box Mode. Toy Box Mode is very different to the Story Mode, you are placed in an environment and are free to explore and do whatever you wish. In this mode you can complete missions, buy new toys and customise a variety of different things.

      Missions - You will find different kinds of missions plotted all around the world. By completing missions you'll earn various rewards including gold and new customisations.

      New Toys - You can add your own unique personality to the world. As you complete missions and earn gold you can buy new toys.

      Customisation - You can customise your play in different ways. You can customise the buildings by adding different ones, changing how the building looks, adding things to the building. You can also customise Townspeople by changing the look of them this can be done by changing their hairstyles and outfits.

      This mode can be played as two player and you can work together to complete tasks. By making the game into two players in means that the screen is split into two horizontally.

      As I expressed earlier I am not a dedicated gamer but I like to play on adventurous games from time to time. I really enjoyed playing this game, not only just alone but i also enjoyed playing it as a two player game. I found the levels of the Story Mode intriguing and well planned out not knowing what was coming next. I would recommend this game for a family or someone like myself who likes to have a go on a games console from time to time but doesn't like the high tech games.

      You can purchase this game from all the game stores and it is also available on Amazon for £29.99.


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