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World Snooker Championship 2007 (Xbox 360)

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Published by: Sega / Genre: Sports / Release date: 2007-01-12

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    1 Review
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      21.07.2007 10:50
      Very helpful
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      Good snooker game well worth checking out.

      When it comes to watching snooker on the TV apart from checking out the players bums I have no interest in the game at all however when it comes to playing World Snooker Championship 2007 then that is a different matter.

      In addition to playing snooker you can also opt for pool tournaments as well and this feature has probably be included to try and appeal to as wide a game playing audience as possible.

      When starting out there is a tutorialfrom which you can get advice on how to make shots and build breaks, the secret to snooker is not just potting the ball but also ensuring you are in the right position to get the next one as after potting a red you need to pot one of the other colours and then back to red.

      Mastering the controls is pretty easy and the targetting engine on the basic settings will show you not only the direction of the ball you are going to hit but also the route of the white after impact. Combined with the ability to apply spin to the white you will soon begin compiling breaks and scoring some points.

      As you get more skilled you can switch of some of the targetting features to make the game more challenging and evn with the targetting facility the longer more difficult shots have a very low margin for error making the game more realistic.

      One thin that does make the game difficult is that your computer oponents are rather good and make very few mistakes especially in the pool version where one miss may not see you back for another, in snokker as well if you leave an opening you will get to sit back and watch them rack up the points.

      Visually the game is competent although the player creation tool when you design how you want to look is not good, commentary is provided by John Virgo and Steve Davis and is ok.

      Overall this is a pretty good effort with lots of tournament game play although I do find in multi player mode it is a bit slow moving as it takes time to line up shots whereas playing against the computer it is a lot quicker.

      It is available on Amazon for £39.98 new or from £19.95 in the new and used section.


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    • Product Details

      lthough itÆs hard to make snooker seem terribly sexy (Sega try their best by making everyone on the box cover scowl like theyÆre in a Steven Segal movie) the fact is it has an enormous fan base and it actually works really well as a video game. As with any yearly update this isnÆt massively different to the last game in the series: it features plenty of celebrity snooker players, (rubbish) commentary from John Parrot and John Virgo, plenty of game modes and online play on the Xbox. Although there is a tutorial mode, the game is intuitive enough for you to pick and play from the off, especially if you start the career mode and begin to slowly work your way up the ranks with your own custom character. The biggest challenge in the game though is having the will power to turn off all the control assists which initially help to make the game so easy to play. A new cue ball position zone marker makes things a lot easier than previous games, as does helpful aiming arrows indicating when and how hard you should hit a ball. Lining up shots still isnÆt quite as easy as it should be though and altering the strength of the shot on the right analogue stick also feels less accurate than it should do. There are a few bugs and glitches too, particularly around foul balls. Graphically the game wonÆt win any awards, with poor animation and zombie like players, but thatÆs really not what the game is about. Until next year at least this is the best, and only, next gen snooker game around.

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