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WSC Real 11 (Xbox 360)

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Genre: Sports / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Release Date: 2011-04-15 / Published by Blade Sports

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    1 Review
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      26.08.2011 15:34
      Very helpful
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      Possibly the best and most realistic snooker game so far to date!

      == WSC REAL 11 ==
      WSC (World Snooker Championship) Real 11 is a new and improved version of the popular video game. WSC Real 11 is a snooker based game and is based on the professional sport. The game is by far the best of its genre and to be honest there hasn't been any competition for the best snooker game since way back when Jimmy Whites Cueball was released and even then WSC still took pole position. WSC Real 11 is a fun and addictive game and it features all the worlds best snooker players with their own unique skills and abilities. One of the best parts about the game is the fact you can actually achieve a 147 break in the game as I finally did it just recently. Previous games have been solid to achieve this but its a little easier on this game. Along with this comes a new and proved Aiming Aid and other lines that help you aim where you want the ball. Also there a a lot of new modes and features. The game is also available on the PC, PS3 as well as the Xbox 360.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      At the start of the game you have to create your own unique snooker player. You have to create your snooker player from a set number of options. Choose your hair style, face structure and waistcoat and colour of the waistcoat. I think the creation options are okay but there just isn't enough things to choose from. There are a total of 8 different game modes which is pretty impressive for any game in my opinion. Although most game modes in this game are just things like Quick Play or Free Play its still good to have more options available. The new and improved Aiming Aid and other Aids are fantastic. Now you can see roughly where the ball your hitting and the white ball are going to end up. I say roughly because it all depends on the skill points you have. At the start of the game your given so many points to spend on your snooker skills. Skills like potting, positioning, pressure, spin and many more can be improved. Each one does different things. For example if you increase your spin skill your character will become a lot more accurate and have a better chance of putting more spin on his shots to get that all important position on the next ball. Also increasing your potting skill gives your character a longer Aiming Aid which improves your accuracy for longer shots. There are many improvements available and in order to be able to spend skill points you first need to earn them by winning matches.

      There are numerous shots you can play in snooker and all of them can be played in this game. My only wish is to be able to play how I do in the game but in real life. There are numerous ways to play the game and approach it but it all depends on how you want to play and how your opponents play. You can play shots with spin, you can screw back which is improved considerably from previous WSC games. In older games you could screw back to just about any position you wanted and it felt very unrealistic but in this new game its improved and looks amazing. You can also do swerve shots which are actually rather tricky at first and hard to master. There are lots of different shots in the game which definitely helps in variety of play. All the official major tournaments of the 2010/2011 snooker season are playable in season play which is a bonus because previous games didn't have half of them on but now its improved considerably in this department. Rewind time and replay your shots from any angle, over and over again. I think the rewind time thing is a bit ridiculous to be fair because you can do it when you want and how ever many times you want. So if you bodge a shot in a massive break and your on for the 147 you can actually retake the shot you messed up. I don't see this as a good idea and I feel its more challenging when its not used.

      Obviously the aim of snooker is to finish a frame with more points than your opponents. Frames are like games. If you win a frame that's best of 3 that means you still need to win one more. The rules are simple and the aim is to pot a red then a colour, then another red then a colour. The colours come back on the table after one is potted until there are no reds left. After the reds have gone there is a specific order in which the colours must be potted but the game tells you all this anyway. You can save an entire match you have played and watch it in the Replay Movie mode on the main menu. Along with snooker on the game is 8-ball pool which is great because it gives a different feel and variety to the game. I like the game and I think its the best in the series by a million miles. Its fun and very addictive and also features a lot of game modes which others didn't. Also the game has a world ranking system which you have to make your way to the very top of.

      === GAME MODES ===
      PROFILE - Profile is where you create everything about your snooker player. You have to choose how he looks, what he wears and the skill points he has. Here is where you can also spend any skill points you have gained over the course of the game. You can set your players name here and also check your stats such as highest break. Also view trophies that you have won in season play here.

      SEASON - Season mode is probably the main mode on the game and also probably the best as well. In this mode you start off in the lowest ranks of snooker and your main aim is to qualify for a tournament. Doing so leads to all the major tournaments popping up. Then you have to take your character and try and become world champion as well as world number one. This mode is good but it can get boring after a long time.

      8 BALL SEASON - 8 Ball Season is another of the best game modes. In this mode you take your snooker player and try out for pool championships and also make your way to the top. This mode is good and very addictive and I found myself not as bored when playing this more than snooker.

      VERSUS - Versus is mainly for you and a friend or friends to compete against each other. This mode is an offline game mode but its fun if your playing against friends. You can play both snooker and 8 Ball depending on which you and your opponent decide.

      FREE PLAY - Free Play is a little boring. The aim of this is just to pot the balls basically. You cant foul or anything like that. Its just you on a practice table to help you get the hang of the game. You can move the white ball where ever you like and take what ever shot you like as well. It can be fun for a little while but its nothing major.

      XBOX LIVE - This is where the game gets very interesting. You can play online against the worlds best and I don't mean Ronnie O'Sullivan. You can play people on the overall world leaderboards. On this mode you can play a player match which is for fun against someone. You can also play a ranked match which is to get yourself on the world leaderboard or you can play online tournaments against so many different competitors. Overall the Xbox Live features are brilliant and its the first snooker game I have played that features this.

      This is another part of the game I am very impressed with. The graphics are lush in every aspect of the game. The worlds top snooker players like Ronnie O'Sullivan are perfectly recreated using ultra realistic graphics and they all look stunning. Also the venues in which you play your tournaments at look exactly how they do in real life and are perfectly detailed. The lighting in the game is also spot on and the overall graphics run very smoothly with the gameplay. The sound effects are really good as well. John Virgo is back in this new game as the commentator and to be honest this was a little disappointing because he still uses the same phrases as he did in the very first WSC game. Other parts of the sound effects are good though. Things like the sound the balls make upon contact with one another is really well produced. The music is the famous World Championship Snooker soundtrack which does get a little annoying after a short time. The crowd are better on this game than any other snooker game. They actually get really excited when you hit the big century break and even more so on a 147. Overall both aspects were really good for this game.

      The game can be difficult but it depends on your skill as a gamer. With the Aiming Aids I found the game to be extremely easy but I still loved it. Along with your skill the game can be difficult if your up against a well known opponent such as Ronnie O'Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Mark Williams, Shaun Murphy or many more. These characters have been designed to play how they do in real life and I have to say one mistake and they just about clear up. The controls are very simple. That is one part of the game that is perfect because even if you forget all you need to do is press one button and they appear for you to see. The length of the game in my eyes is brilliant. These type of games can be played 10 years down the line and you could still have fun. Season play isn't the biggest mode ever and nor is 8 Ball Season but with the online features this makes the game incredibly fun and will make it last a long time.

      === ACHIEVEMENTS ===
      The achievements are actually spot on this time round for this game. Previous games they were either way too easy or far too hard. WSC Real 11 features the perfect amount and the perfect difficulty with achieving them. There are a total of 49 achievements in the game to get and most are got from doing certain things like a plant shot. Plant shot is by hitting the white ball onto a red that in turn hits another red and goes in. There is also an achievement for a 147 break which I recently got and am very proud of. Other achievements include winning certain match types like qualifying matches and others. There is a good mix of variety in the achievements overall.

      === GOOD BITS ===
      *Lots of different game modes and options available for you.
      *The game features all the major tournaments from the 2010/2011 season.
      *Ultra realistic graphics and sound effects in the game.
      *Online modes are fantastic and fairly addictive.
      *The game also features leaderboards and all the well known snooker players.

      === BAD BITS ===
      *If you constantly keep playing snooker it can become very boring.
      *The music is annoying and lacks variety in it.
      *There are a few pointless game modes on the game.
      *The game can also get very frustrating at the best of times.
      *Could be tricky for newbies.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      I love snooker and I think its a talented sport. To be able to do what the professionals do but in a game is really appealing and it actually works tremendously well as a video game. I like the fact that you can do things in the game that you cant do in real life and one being to skip the A.I shots. I love the video game because it does pass the time and it is a lot of fun. I'm not that keen on some of the game modes because they're pointless. Free Play could of been changed into another playable and fun mode and same goes for Versus mode in my opinion.

      The game has an age rating of 3+ but I couldn't imagine any 3 year old playing this because its a game that is hard to understand if you don't like snooker. Also the game manual is an absolute joke. Okay so there isn't much you can put in a game manual about snooker but 8 pages is a complete and utter joke. There is literally no information or anything about the game.

      I would seriously recommend the game. Its the best snooker game available and probably the easiest. Its by far the most fun and addictive one. If you love watching snooker then have a dabble at playing the video game because I have no doubt you will be pleasantly surprised. The game is great value for money. Its the latest game in the franchise and is retailing at around the £20 mark. I bought mine from Amazon for £17.98 and I am really chuffed with it.

      Its a fantastic game that I would give a solid 8/10 for!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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