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X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Xbox 360)

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13 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Suitable for 18 years and over / Release Date: 2009-05-01 / Published by Activision

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    13 Reviews
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      06.03.2012 12:19
      Very helpful



      Cut, slash and dice with Wolverine:Uncaged Edition for X-Box 360

      X-Men Origins - Wolverine - Uncaged Edition

      Produced and manufactured by Activision in association with Marvel and 20th Century Fox. Developed by Raven Software.

      The Purchase

      When it comes to buying games for my X-box 360 Elite I don't usually tend to buy them on the day they come out or even the first few months; unless I really want the game and have been waiting for it to come out or looking forward to it. I tend to buy the game when it has come down in price or buy it second hand.
      In Holland we have a record shop that sells games and they often have a game sale. So when I saw Wolverine for four Euros ninety-nine, brand new, I thought 'must be worth a dabble'. That's about four pounds in English money. Keep in mind that the price of the game on its launch was sixty Euros or fifty pounds.

      I'm glad that I did see this game in the bargain bin because I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was hooked when I started playing.

      The Story

      Wolverine, who most of you will know as one of the X-men was the member of a special tactics team within the military, named 'Team X'. The team was led by Col. William Stryker and included other mutant members; notably Wolverine's half-brother Victor Creed. Wolverine left Team X after Stryker ordered him to do something he was not at all comfortable with and couldn't bring himself to do. He wanted nothing more than to lead a normal life and he sought solace in the Canadian wilderness with his sweetheart, Kayla.
      Wolverine spent the next three years in a calm state and enjoyed some of the best times in his life. Then his brother Victor found them and killed Kayla. Col. Stryker offered Wolverine the chance to find and kill Victor. He was hell-bent on revenge but did not realize that Stryker was leading him into a trap. Stryker had promised to give him the weapons and tools to defeat Victor. Wolverine's whole skeleton was coated in Adamantium, which is an indestructible metal alloy. He also gained the famous adamantium claws, which protrude from each set of knuckles. Now he was ready to face Victor Creed.
      Let the games begin!

      I would just like to point out that a lot of reviews have loads on the storyline and not a lot in way of what buttons to use and how to execute moves, while other reviews have all the button work and game play but not much back story. Therefore I would like to cover both to try and satisfy everyone. If this makes the review long, then so be it.

      Game play

      I thought Wolverine would just be a straight up and at em slice and dice affair. I wasn't expecting anything to be honest and at four pounds I wasn't too bothered if it turned out to be a lame game. Don't get me wrong, the main element of the game is pretty much slice em and dice em, literally. It is full of violence, bloodshed and fighting, but to my surprise it is also loaded with platform modes and puzzle solving. It is a lot like the Lara Croft games, with more violence and less cleavage (although, Wolverine is quite endowed in the chest area for a bloke). The game offers different tasks and new levels of play the further you progress and it really kept my attention. The more I played this game, the more I liked it.

      The game is split into five chapters. Each chapter has numerous sub chapters and some of the levels are quite huge. Chapter One has six sub chapters, Chapter Two has six, Chapter Three has eleven sub chapters, Chapter Four - five and Chapter Five has four.

      One of the things that kept me playing is the fact that it kept me interested with the storyline, which is quite engaging, especially for a fan of super heroes and a long time comic collector like myself. I mean, it's no Lord of the Rings but it is engaging enough to keep you curious and wanting to find out what happens.

      The environments are quite diverse, with a good variety of terrains to play through, such as mountains, jungles, arctic conditions and snow, medical facilities, medieval ruins and rooftop scenes. I loved the rooftop scene as you had to scale massive skyscrapers to get to the mission point and some of the moves required were quite scary at those heights.

      The old ruins are particularly engaging for me as I am a fan of the Tomb Raider games. Wolverine is asked to solve various puzzles, such as opening doors and locks and working contraptions.

      The movement of Wolverine is quite smooth and realistic and you actually do feel like you are maneuvering the character about the field of play. Some games are very slow and methodical and the characters are almost stiff in that they move to the eight fundamental angles of the d-pad or analogue stick. Wolverine's movement system is pretty cool and you can strike fast and escape enemies quickly if need be.

      The one downside to the movement is the camera. The camera is moved with the right analogue stick. For the most part, and I mean ninety percent, the camera is great and you get some real good views from atop mountains and buildings. The problem occurs when you are cornered by an enemy, usually a large one. It can be hard to get out at the same time as moving the camera around to the apt third person position. This can be a little tedious. It is not a massive problem though as it doesn't occur too often and can be resolved. This is the only real fault I can mention about this game and it is not, like I said, a major one as it is a problem inherent in most third person games. On the whole the camera moves smoothly and rapidly.

      Wolverines abilities and special moves

      Moving Wolverine

      Wolverine can perform the following basic movements:

      Move - Left analogue

      Dash - Left bumper

      Lunge - Right bumper

      Block - left trigger

      Special Powers - right trigger

      Light Attack - X button

      Heavy Attack - Y button

      Jump - A button

      Grab - B button

      Pause Game - start button

      Character Traits - back button

      Feral Senses - up on D-pad

      Claws - down on D-pad

      Look - right analogue

      Special Moves

      As you progress through the game you can pick up special abilities which are gained by pressing and holding the right trigger in conjunction with the relevant button; A, B , X or Y to implement the special ability attached to that particular button.

      The special moves are as follows:

      Right trigger and A - This causes Wolverine to go into 'Claw Cyclone' and repeatedly pressing A while keeping the right trigger held will prolong the attack. Wolverine spins in a sideways roll sort of like a horizontal crucifix position with his claws out.

      Right trigger and X - is a 'Claw Spin', which is more of an upright crucifix spin with claws out. This is one of my favourite moves and you can kill a lot of enemies at once with this move.

      Right trigger and Y - is the 'Claw Drill'. This causes Wolverine to fly at his enemies while he is spinning headfirst in corkscrew fashion, like a drill; very effective for taking out one stubborn enemy.

      Right trigger and B - causes Wolverine to go into 'Berserk' mode. In this mode all of his attacks and blows are more damaging and much stronger and combined with the button combinations can be devastating.
      Each special move can be given boosts and upgrades by spending skill points. Skill points are awarded for leveling up throughout the game. You collect experience points for killing enemies and progressing. Each time you reach a certain amount of points you 'level up' and are awarded skill points to spend on the character screen. The upgrade costs vary and get more expensive the more you upgrade a certain move or skill.
      You can also hold down B and then press Y quickly to grab an opponent and move into quick kill mode. You will then have to press a button repeatedly in order to carry out the kill to some stunning effects.

      Throughout the game there are dog tags to collect from dead soldiers. These give you experience points towards leveling up. Collecting them all also earns an achievement.


      On top of the special moves you can also get special bonuses called 'Mutagens'. These are dotted around the game areas and all you do to gain them is walk Wolverine over them. There are eight mutagens in all, and each has three levels.

      They are as follows:

      Healing Factor, Samurai, Art of War, Rampage, Blood Rage, Vitality, Savage and Shredder.

      Healing Factor

      When Wolverine's health is too low you need to avoid being hit while he regenerates his health. Healing factor reduces the healing time before regeneration starts.


      Builds up Wolverine's combat reflexes quicker.

      Art of War

      This creates a damage boost from combat reflexes.


      Increases Wolverine's maximum rage on top of special moves.

      Blood Rage

      This increases the damage Wolverine does when he is near death, thus enabling you to defeat a particularly tricky enemy before they defeat you.


      Increases Wolverine's maximum health.


      Each time Wolverine kills or damages an enemy or opponent, a small amount of health is gained.


      This increases the damage caused by fury attacks.

      Of the eight mutagens, Wolverine can only carry three at any given time. This is only once you are on a higher level. At the start of the game, Wolverine is only allowed one mutagen and you unlock the other two as the game progresses and your level gets higher. Once you find a mutagen it is on level one and there are two other levels to find for that mutagen. Each level makes the mutagen more powerful.


      There are also five reflexes which Wolverine builds up during battles. These are Machete, Machine Gunner, Jungle Mutants, Robots and Specialized Military Units.

      There are also three levels for each reflex and each reflex increases damage toward that particular opponent or opponents from any given group.

      Feral Senses

      Pressing up on the D-pad causes the screen to go bright as it is bathed in a yellow and white glow. This is Wolverine's feral sense. Any object that is useful or can be moved, manipulated or throw will so up in bright green on the screen in contrast to the bright background. This is a good ability to have and to use when you're stuck at a tricky spot in the game, as it can often reveal something that you have missed on the normal game screen.


      Lunging to an enemy is a great way to kill them. By pressing the right bumper and then jump Wolverine can leap amazing lengths to land on an enemy. Sometimes this is the only way to reach an out of the way level. You may be falling from a crumbling ledge to certain death and spot an enemy on an adjacent ledge. If you're quick you can lunge over to him to save yourself and kill him of course. There is no better stress reliever than lunging onto a helicopter and giving it a few claw slashes, then punching through the windscreen, lifting out the pilot and thrusting his head through the rotor blades. Lovely jubbly!


      Apart from his renegade half-brother, Wolverine has to deal with an array of enemies in the game. Some are simple foot soldiers with guns and are easy to kill. Others are a little trickier as they take five or six hits to kill. There are strange creatures with pointed staffs, machete hunters, robots, heavily armoured guards and all sorts. There are ghost soldiers who disappear and reappear at will. One of the fun things about killing them is pulling their shotguns out of their hand and making them blow their own heads off.

      Some of the opponents are huge and can only be defeated by avoiding and then jumping on their backs. They take about twenty to thirty hits to kill and can be tricky when there is three or four of them. These are called Leviathans. There are bigger versions of these called W.E.N.D.I.G.O prototypes and it is great battling these.
      I don't want to give away all of the enemies as there are some really good ones and it's best to come across them yourself as some of them are surprising and have some neat moves or tricks up their sleeves.


      By reaching certain parts of the game you can unlock Bonus games where you can find 'Legendary Wolverine', 'Classic Wolverine' and 'X-Force' Wolverine. Once these are unlocked you can play as them in the game. It's great playing as the legendary Wolverine in the old black and yellow suit.

      If you finish a complete play through of the game it unlocks the 'Hard difficulty'.

      For those of you who like achievements, which I must admit has grown on me, there, are some real good ones to get in this game. I completed one play through and managed to get over eight hundred of the thousand on offer. I am going to attempt the others and as one of them is to finish the game on hard difficulty it looks like I will be playing the whole game through again. I honestly don't mind this though as it is entertaining.

      Graphics and sound

      The graphics on Wolverine are superb. Ok, there are some bigger companies who produce bigger games whose graphics are better but Activison has got some great developers working for them. Some of the colours and textures are amazing and it gives a real good and realistic feel to the overall game play. The sound effects are realistic too and the music is not off putting at all. Some of the music manages to add to the atmosphere and tension on some of the levels.

      My dog Jessie and Wolverine

      Jessie, my English Cocker Spaniel also enjoyed this game and sat at the foot of the television on numerous occasions enthralled in the antics of the silver clawed one. She woofed and chuntered a few times and wagged her tail.

      Final Thoughts

      I really enjoyed playing this game and it is not very often that I can complete a game and still want to play it. I think I will replay Wolverine on the hard level to see how much more difficult it is and to get the achievement of course.

      Some of the bosses and harder to defeat enemies are fun to tackle but it can be a little repetitive at times with some of the easy to kill or pawn enemies. It is not a difficult game to play and will appeal to the recreational game player and comic fans.

      The more hardcore gamer might find it a little easy and unappealing because of the lack of online play.
      It is not a massively long game but is worth the money and if you want to get all the achievements then you definitely have your work cut out and it makes the game a lot longer.

      My favourite comic character is Daredevil and I can only hope that one day someone will make a Daredevil game that is as good and enjoyable as Wolverine.

      It would've been nice if more characters and levels were available via downloadable content on X-box live but none ever materialized.

      I would recommend this to anyone who likes a fun game with lots of fighting mixed with platform and puzzle levels. It's has a good story to it and is a must for comic fans and especially X-men or Wolverine fans.
      You can probably pick it up in the UK for seven pounds or so now and it is definitely worth it.

      So if you're after a cheap thrill and some good fun, you can't do much better than X-men Origins - Wolverine -Uncaged Edition.

      Jessie says so, so it has to be.... right?

      ©Lee Billingham


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        24.08.2011 09:23
        Very helpful



        The best X-Men game available which features a lot of non-stop action and a lot of blood!

        X-Men Origins is a video game based on the movie with the same name. The game is an action adventure game and it is available for PC, PS3, PS2, PSP, Nintendo DS and the Xbox 360. The game was developed by Raven Software and it was also published by Activision. The Uncaged version of the game isn't much different to the normal version. The Uncaged version features a larger amount of blood and gore. There is also the ability to dismember enemies in so many different ways. Also Wolverine can heal his wounds over real time and you can actually see it happening. Thats about all there is to offer but its actually really good.

        The story is like the movie but its a lot bigger and you visit a whole lot of different places. I quite liked the plot but because of the constant non-stop action I barely noticed it. You are Logan in the game but we all know him as Wolverine. The game starts with flashbacks and Wolverine shooting down from a helicopter he was in that had crashed. After finishing the tutorial (Africa missions) the game starts properly 3 years from the events of Africa. Logan is with his girlfriend and has settled down with her. Victor Creed reappears at a local bar where Logan and his girlfriend are having a drink and a battle breaks out between Victor and Logan. After the battle in which Victor wins, Logan wakes up to find that Victor has murdered Logan's girlfriend.

        Col. William Stryker arrives and offers Logan a chance for revenge. Logan agrees and undergoes a procedure that bonds adamantium, an indestructible metal processed from the meteorite deposits, with his bones. After the procedure Logan overhears that Col. William Stryker wants his memory erased. Logan becomes enraged by this and breaks out of the Alkali Lake facility where he was having the procedure. Logan kills many of Stryker's men in the process, including Agent Zero. Now Logan has several missions on his hand. Who does he trust? and can he find Victor and revenge his girlfriends death!

        === GAMEPLAY ===
        X-Men Origins has some pretty good gameplay features. Its a shame its just based on Wolverine because I would of love to of played other X-Men favourites but nevertheless its still a really good action packed game. The only thing Wolverine is missing in the game at first is his famous yellow costume. There is only one proper game mode available to play in the game which is a little bit of a letdown. Wolverine has a health meter displayed on screen in the upper left hand corner of the screen and it actually stands out really well. When you've taken a considerable amount of damage and the bar is empty, look for safety and it will slowly regenerate. The regeneration progress looks really good. If you take so much damage and you cant find safety to recover then you will be caught. Wolverine cant be killed because of his healing regeneration. If you get hit a lot Wolverine can lose some of his clothing and he can gain cuts but if your in safety his wounds will heal but his clothes wont come back. I think thats one of the best parts to the game because it gives a more realistic feel to the game. Wolverine regains his clothes back at certain points and he can only lose his top half of his clothing thankfully.

        Wolverines attacks are pretty much similar to the attacks and the way he does things in the movie. You can dismember enemies in many ways and some of these include lopping off their head which looks awesome, lopping off arms or even a leg. Wolverine also gains new abilities on every level he reaches. The level process is a really good one in my eyes and it certainly offers something different. These abilities include a spin attack which is great for when your surrounded. I do feel there are enough special attacks available and I think the upgrade system is pretty well crafted. Each level you increase you will receive experience points which can be assigned to make Wolverine stronger. There are little Rage orbs to collect in the game which are basically round balls that make Wolverine mad. Also there are statues to find for secret bits and there are so many dog tags scattered throughout the levels. Battle against so many different enemies in so many different ways. The game has some great cutscenes in the game but it gave me the feeling that everything he does in these can be done in the game and it actually cant. One of the disappointing factors in the game is the lack of bosses because every now and again you'll face off against a big enemy but this isn't a boss and there are a lot of them. Giving the feeling its repetitive and its just the same way to defeat it over and over again.

        The game also features some stealth moments but I don't think this is a strong point in the game because games such as Splinter Cell do the stealth genre correctly and in this X-Men game it feels lazy and lackluster. The stealth kills on the other hand are fantastic but the downside is the way you approach them. I also found the Lunge attack Wolverine can constantly use makes the game really easy. You can literally go from the start of the game to the end by using the Lunge attack. Overall X-Men Origins has a lot of fast paced action with a lot of blood and gore and I think this makes the game much more enjoyable. Its a fantastic game for fun and it does offer a lot to gamers.

        === GRAPHICS & SOUND EFFECTS ===
        X-Men games have previously had the type of graphics that don't make an impact but in this game they make a huge contribution to the games success. I have to start by mentioning the impressiveness of when Wolverine is severely damaged and you can actually see his wounds heal. It looks amazing and superbly designed. Also the beautifully designed levels really stand out and bring the game fully to life. Each part of the place looks great. Wolverine looks great and exactly like Hugh Jackman who plays him in the movies. Everything about the game looks great and the graphics really do stand out.

        The sound effects are equally as impressive. Hugh Jackman does the voice of Wolverine as expected and he does this really well. The fighting sound effects are phenomenal and they certainly stand out. Also the music to the game is fitting and gives a really good feel of the game. Overall both the graphics and sound effects shine in this hectic version of X-Men Origins!

        === DIFFICULTY & LONGEVITY ===
        The game isn't difficult in my opinion. Yeah it has a few tricky parts that might take a couple of attempts but nothing seriously hard. The controls are simple and very easy to remember. I found myself flying through the game because it became obvious what to do and how to do it. Its easy to follow on where to go and the enemies are easily beaten. The bigger enemies are also fairly simple because you just keep doing the same thing to defeat them. Overall its a fairly simple game that many gamers can play.

        The length of the game isn't a particularly long one. The game feels like its split into levels because of the different areas you explore but its actually one huge level. The game takes about 10-12 hours to complete but to get all the achievements your looking at two or three playthroughs. With the game only consisting of one game mode it lets it down slightly because of the length of it.

        === ACHIEVEMENTS ===
        The achievements on X-Men Origins is a little varied in terms of difficult and how to get them. There are a total of 50 achievements to get and some of them require you to defeat so many enemies and some require you to kill so many with certain special attacks. A few of the harder achievements are collecting all the dog tags and all the statues. I did find that it took me a minimum of two playthroughs to get all the achievements for the game. I guess in that respect the game lasted a lot longer than I thought.

        === GOOD BITS ===
        *You get to play as Wolverine who cant die and can heal his wounds.
        *The story is follow the film but leads into new places which is great.
        *The graphics and sound effects work wonders for the game. The new real time regeneration is brilliant and a smart idea for future X-Men games.
        *Its a very easy game with lots of combos and attacks. The game is packed full with action.
        *The game is full of gore and you can rip almost any body part off your opponent.

        === BAD BITS ===
        *The length of the game is really poor.
        *The game does feel repetitive at times especially when your battling against certain enemies.
        *There isn't much in terms of downloadable content available.
        *Surprise surprise no multiplayer options.

        === FINAL THOUGHT ===
        X-Men Origins Wolverine has to be one of my personal favourite action games. I have always been a huge fan of games that involved anything like X-Men or superhero characters. Wolverine is one of my favourite characters of all time in games. Hes always designed really well and has a ton of combos and moves to mess around with and in this game its no different.

        The game manual is the worst I have seen for any computer game. 13 pages of pure rubbish just wont do. Its tacky and has no information what so ever. It lists a whole lot of combos which the game tells you anyway. The game has an age rating of 18+ because it contains a whole lot of stuff the younger gamers may find offensive. Strong violence and gore all the way through the game.

        I would recommend the game to fans of the X-Men series of games because its the best one so far. Its fun and fairly addictive. If you like blood/gore and action this game is for you. I bought the game from Amazon for just under the £10 mark. Its great value for money. Overall I would give the game a strong 8/10!

        Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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          25.03.2011 13:42
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A very satisfying encounter with the clawed hero

          The idea of Wolverine is one that should easily lend itself to an excellent video game, an indestructible hero with adamantine claws, and a wicked temper, however the film didn't quite get the right balance, can the game square this out more evenly?

          To begin the review I would surmise that this is actually very good, it is bloody and it doesn't pull any punches when Wolverine slices through foes, but the game is squarely aimed at adult players and therefore doesn't apologies for this.

          This is the closest I have seen on screen to the original character, from his moments of rage, to the clarification of his relationship with others, this is a first class game, filled with exciting fight sequences and interesting puzzle elements. Graphically it is first class. My only comment would be that it is very gory and well worth it's 18 certificate, so please ensure you only buy this if you are over 18.

          The game is based on the film and there are cinematic interludes between scenes which are well edited and fit with the story perfectly, at first I thought they were from the film, but these have been created with CGI and in many ways this is even better than the film as our hero searches for the people who created him, but it also involves flashbacks which allow you to involve yourself in other combat scenarios.

          It begins in Africa with Team X and Logan (Wolverine) searching for Adamantine, when Logan becomes sick of the travails of war and escapes he becomes a target for Team X and most especially his equally dangerous brother, Sabretooth.

          The visuals are cinematic and remind me of the recent Batman game series, they are well thought out, almost cinematic with varying camera angles and superb lighting, the fight sequences are excellent, action packed and the hero and the villains have good ai meaning it takes more than two punches or a claw slice to destroy a villain.

          The villains themselves vary from characters in the film such as Sabretooth, Gambit and the Blob to newly created monsters such as the Wendigo's and 200 foot tall sentinels. The action is fast and furious, one minute you could be jumping parachute-less from a plane, the next minute leaping at helicopters or taking on army platoons single clawed. The controls make such actions pretty easy, while the villains look and play like their characters in the film and graphic novels.

          Sound is ok, the acting doesn't pull up any trees but it fits the story and doesn't have the repetitive boredom of many other games, the environments make noises as you would expect with wind and gunfire. As you develop in the game, you learn new skills and moves to help your indestructible hero overcome obstacles more quickly with greater strength.

          The game is a mix of beat em up, platform and puzzle, the controls are easy to understand with jumping, grabbing and instant kill buttons, the environment is free ranging and offers a lot of control to your movements and how you want your hero to progress. There are special moves, but this is similar to the Batman games again and offers a more satisfying experience than the old style beat em ups. As you build up your rage, you can pull off some pretty nifty special moves.

          The game has easy, normal and hard modes, on easy mode I have found the game to be reasonably difficult and still haven't completed it, so I will save any comment on the two harder modes for the time being.
          The game is fast and furious with so many fights to resolve, you fight in the air, on the ground and at many other platforms, the regeneration of Wolverine means that even after injury, with a little rest you are ready to go all over again, fighting hordes of soldiers or super villains, the controls mean there are over 100 special moves and Wolverine often has feral instincts which help identify an opponents weakness (Well on easy level anyway) meaning you can concentrate on that specifically.

          The flaws of the game are that after a few goes the interludes become a bit tiresome as you've seen them, and you can't stop them, also occasionally it can get a bit confusing being caught in the middle of the mayhem if the camera angle changes.

          Overall I would say this is one of the better film tie-in's I own, it's a 4 out of 5, just a slightly lesser companion to Arkham Asylum.

          I bought a copy for the Xbox for £19.99 from Game at Christmas, it was well worth it, now it is £17.44 on Amazon.

          This game, comes much closer to the Wolverine ethic of the graphic novels than the film did, you can build up the rage and go beserk with your adamantine claws, it is a very, very well created game and definitely worth adding to your collection.


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            15.10.2009 14:26
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Try Renting

            When reviewing games based on movies, it's always a good idea to picture an absolutely abysmal game, and then expect less. This way you wont be inevitably disappointed by the poor graphics, shallow gameplay and clunky controls. History has taught us, apart from a few exceptions, that movie tie-in games are generally rushed together and basically unfinished to meet the release date of the film. So when reviewing X-Men Origins: Wolverine I am at the bottom of the barrel, expecting the worst of the worst, because once again a game has been released to coincide with the movie release, and that spells bad news. But at the same time, I'm slightly comforted by the fact that Raven Software have developed the majority of the game, and they have brought us a selection of great games in the past including the Star Wars: Jedi Knight series and the X-Men Legend series, so there may be hope yet.

            If you've seen the film you'll know what to expect already as the plot loosely follows that of the film, you play as Logan both before, and after he becomes Wolverine. The game starts in Africa, where your on a hunt for the rare metal Adamatium as a part of Team X under the command of Col. Stryker. When Logan discovers the true nature of the operation, he goes AWOL, which doesn't go down well with the rest of the team, especially his brother Victor/Sabertooth. The story then jumps forward 3 years and we find a fierce rivalry between to two brothers and some claw-related fun to be had.

            Origins plays just like 90% of the other 3rd person action games on the market, it uses the Unreal Engine and plays along the lines of God of War. Its not like we haven't seen a God of War rip off before, and while we expect this of a movie tie-in, it does show a lack of originality. But at the same time, I can't flaw the combat system, its fluid and simple, one button for horizontal attack, one for vertical attack and one for grab. You're able to block your enemies with the use of a trigger button, however you cant block gunfire so its not the all invincible block we've seen in similar games. Combos are strung together quite well, and there are a decent amount of them to unlock as you move along, however despite how many you unlock you will realistically only use 2 or 3, and each combat scene turns into X, X, Y, which can become tedious. A nice touch is the Lunge ability, by locking onto a target and hitting a button, Wolverine will launch himself from one side of the screen to another to skewer the guy, from here you can follow it up with another few attacks if the initial attack hasn't killed him. It's a nice attack, and you'll find yourself using it throughout the game, but it would have been nice to have to ability to lunge from enemy to enemy, jumping from one guys chest to another. The boss battles, of which there are quite a few are quite entertaining, for the minute at least, and then you'll realise you just repeat the same action over and over and over again. It's a pity because the boss battles had the potential to be great.

            The graphics, I have to admit, are quite nice. The game looks attractive, the character models are spot on, the terrain looks well and the water effects also deserves a mention. However a warning, this game is not for kids, the amount of blood spilt in the game is a ridiculous amount. Every time you attack an enemy you get a spray of goopy red stuff flying out, and with multiple limbs flying across the screen at anyone time, this game deserves the 18+ rating. One strength Origins does have, if the voice acting. The majority of the voice acting in the game is performed by the actors from the film, this includes Hugh Jackman, giving the game a more cinematic feel, and its nice to see as most movie tie-in games use a voice actor who sounds NOTHING like the original.

            The game can be finished in a few sittings, around 10 - 12 hours worth. There are a few collectables on every level, but to be honest the rewards didn't really provide me with enough incentive to play through the game again. Some costumes would have been nice, and maybe even the ability to try a few different characters as a reward. None the less, the game is really only rental-worthy, if even worthy at all.

            At the end of the day, as far as move tie-ins go, X-Men Origins: Wolverine isn't to bad. But at the same time its not a great game, as mentioned above, if it sounds like something that would interest you, try renting it first and then if you like it go ahead and buy it. But don't be surprised if you finish it before taking it back to the video shop as its over all too soon, but that isn't a bad thing really.

            Andy Creighton


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              01.10.2009 23:36
              Very helpful



              The best film tie-in game i have ever played

              Many people know through experience that move tie-in games can be ridiculously bad, this is not the case with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The story dose not stay true to its movie but follows Logan before the weapon X program where his skeleton is fused with adamantium and the events immediately after. The combat system allows you to pull off some devastating moves as seen in the comics and movies ect with ease allowing the combat to flow freely, you get to dismember enemies with you claws in slow motion and can be quite graphic defiantly 18 cert. The graphics are very good but it was the cut scenes that impressed me where Logan i riddled with bullets and you see him regenerate. The length of the game is about right but can be completed but good gamers in 3 or 4 sessions. The level up system is very basic and could of been left out of the game as there is no real need for it as you build up your combat reflexes as the game progresses. The boss battles are well thought out and need you to use tactics involving the environment especially the battle with gambit. For the achievement hunters out there this game will require about 30 hours for the 1000 and 2 playthroughs due to hard being locked till the game has been completed once. There are no tricky achievements but a few collectibles and you stats don't carry on to a new game for the playthrough on hard


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              04.08.2009 04:17
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              Glorious achievement, dripping with blood.

              Never been a fan of X-Men. Probably never will. But this game was an excellent tribute to it, and an excellent game from a gamers point of view.

              Here are the basics:

              Third Person Hack and Slash. Basic controls keeping things nice and smooth. Top Notch Graphics. BLOOD.

              I laughed off this game when I heard it was coming. I thought it would be something I wouldnt ever play, but then I saw the screens, trailers, and finally someone else bought the game and showed it to me, and I was dumb-struck at how simple everything is, but how perfectly presented it was on the TV screen.

              With RB and LB being your 'Lunge' Attack, you will find yourself using this quite a bit. X and Y are your slash-attacks, and A is jump. B grabs your opponent, and throws him whichever direction (within reason) you point to, which opens up the next part: interaction with surroundings. But the best bit? The camera is still fantastic and responsive. You wont ever have a complaint about it.

              Spikes in the floor, Fork Lift Trucks, Walls... well, its all good. Throw someone into it, and see what happens. Some excellent animation, and a lot of time has gone into this game... something Activision, the company behind the Call of Duty franchise, have suddenly become world renound for.

              Ive never played an Activision 3rd Person game, but after playing this, I want more from them. It has an 18 UK rating for obvious reasons. But if you are over 18, I would recommend this... quoting it as quite possibly the second greatest game to accompany a film ever; only behind Goldeneye.

              Beautifully horrific, and stunningly, gloriously gory.


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                01.08.2009 20:16
                Very helpful



                Great action game.

                Xmen Origins Wolverine is the movie tie in game for the feature film, this game stars comic legend Wolverine and is touted as the most gory and graphic super hero game ever!

                The story closely follows the story of the movie, it picks up when Wolverine is sent on a mission to Africa where a rare metal is found, yes its the adamantium we all know will end up as part of his skeleton! His squad are to violent for him and he leaves .. later on he finds out his brother is murdering members of his squad and one day he shows up and kills his wife, Wolverine is approached by his old commanding officer and he wants the power to kill his brother so he gets the adamantium injected into him..

                The pacing of the story is a little weird it takes nearly all the game to complete the Africa mission as it is told in little chunks but you get there in the end.

                The combat is where the meat of this game is, Wolverine can use his claws to excecute brutal combos against his foes, the game is very bloody and limbs and blood fly everywhere when your attacking. Its really satisfying to play, the first super hero game where I have felt anything like the hero.

                There is also a pounce move where Wolverine will jump large distances and land on an enemy, this is used creatively to get you around the environments. There are a few super moves you can unlock which are really stylish and look great as well as doing devastating damage.

                The production values are up there too with Hugh Jackman providing the voice and some excellent CGI clips included enhance the experience further, if you like the character Wolverine or just want a brutal beat em up this is for you.


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                26.07.2009 12:31
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                You want to chop limbs off dont ya? Then buy it!

                Xmen Origins : Wolverine. This is quite simly the hack n slash of our time! Dont expect too much in the way of deep story telling although if you play this before you see the film, (as I did) you will realise you picked up more than you thaught!

                Gameplay is fairly simple but has layers to make it a little more depth than it might have been. Wolvie has "normal" button press attacks where you swipe with your claws, he also has grapple attacks which are devestating but you have to get up close and personal to pull them off! A whole array of upgradeable special attacks which can only be used ever so often, these include an attack where you launch yourself at the enemy spinning as you do so, another you spin wildly around like a whirlwind (as you can tell poor of logan does his fair share of spinning). The most used move in the entire game is "lunge" where this feels fun at first it is used alot, pretty much every guy you kill will get lunged at! This is a technique to equal the playing field as wolvie only has close combat attacks (other than deflecting grenades that is) he needs a way of getting close without being pummles by gunfire. This is done by lunging to the target where you leap in the air and fly many meters to plunge your claws in to thier chest!

                Graphicly this is stunning with logans vital organs becoming exposed as he takes damage and then healing up over time. Achievements are rather easy to get, you will proably get most on 1 play though although you do need to complete it on hard too! the "secret" areas are laughable and easily found without even trying although when you do they will make you laugh which is nice.

                A great game and worth picking up, just maybe not at full retail price


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                  25.06.2009 23:03
                  Very helpful



                  Pick up the game if you can it for a decent price!

                  This game a good addicting Hack n Slasher, but does get quite repetitive after a while. I was surprised how good this game was, compared to all the rubbish movie-->game adaptations. It doesn't stay to close to the movie, and is a good Comic Fan pleaser, such as being able to unlock extra costume's for Wolverine. You are Wolverine jumping and slashing through level's showing what happened to him before he lost his memory. This game lacks multiple game modes. There are puzzle's but they are simple and just delay the fighting, as an attempt to make the game less repetitive. There are a variety of different enemy and lots and lots of combo's/fighting moves. I recommend buying the UNCAGED edition and don't play this game until you have it, because cutting out the blood and some violence will ruin the fun of the game quite alot. Overall this game is a good game, but continuous play will create boredom, with not many other options.


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                  13.06.2009 06:04
                  Very helpful



                  If you liked the film you'll love the game!

                  X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition

                  Format: Xbox 360
                  Genre: Action

                  So what's it all about:
                  As the title suggests, you play Wolverine, who is arguably one of the most popular and greatest comic book heroes. In the game you play from a 3rd person perspective and it doesn't take long before you fully immerse yourself into the story of how wolverine got his claws (and his tempter).
                  From the moment you start the game you sky dive straight into battle and before you know it, you are tearing limbs of soldiers, decapitating heads and performing some of the most devastating and gorey moves you can imagine.
                  The game follows the basic story line of the film with a load of added extras to keep the action flowing. There is no shortage of "bad guys" to shred to pieces, along with some of the finest boss fights I've seen.

                  The gameplay is fun and very easy to pick up and go. The controls are very simple however at first you only have a limited number of attack moves. You are able to unlock more moves and special attacks by gaining XP from your kills and by collecting items hidden in the game.
                  The levels are well thought out and do not feel repetitive. In many cases the levels accurately reproduce the scenes from the film in very good detail. The game has various difficulty settings, so no matter what your level gaming experience may be you are bound to remain interested.

                  To say that this is one of the most graphic and violent games I have ever played is an under statement! (So parent's beware. It is an 18 certificate game for a very good reason). Whilst fighting there is a constant stream of body parts flying across the screen, not to mention the real time damage which Wolverine suffers to his own body. Of course, having the mutant power of regeneration is handy and the way in which Wolverines organs, muscles and skin are regenerated on screen is graphically superb.

                  The sound effects are OK if somewhat limited, however they become kind of background noises due to constant fighting that will be taking place. I am pleased to say that Hugh Jackman did perform the voice over which helps with the overall feel of the game.

                  My only concern is that I do not feel that the game has much to offer once you have completed it. There is no Xbox Live mode of play and apart from trawling back through the levels to find hidden items you may have missed, there's no real incentive to play it again. I think that die hard Wolverine fan's will play the game over and over again however I do think the game will have a shelf life for most people.

                  A very addictive, graphically well presented game. Plenty of action, lots of gore and a good storyline. However you may forget about it once you have completed it.


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                  02.06.2009 16:49
                  Very helpful



                  Not perfect, but this is the only Wolverine game that stays true to the comics.

                  X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition

                  Since appearing in issue #180 of The Incredible Hulk in 1974, Wolverine has become one of Marvel's most popular comic book characters, being featured in every film adaptation of X-Men, as well as having his own film recently released. However, the fact of the matter is that films, games and other media based on the Wolverine comics have failed to capture the intensity and violence of the comics. The recent film too didn't show the true animal inside Wolverine. However with Uncaged Edition, which had begun development before the film was announced, is noticably rated 18+ while the film is a 12+. This is because Uncaged Edition pulls no punches and doesn't hold back on the violence and gore. In fact, it's probably one of the goriest Xbox 360 games yet. So it might stay more true to the comics, but is it a good game?

                  Uncaged follows the plot of the film, if a bit more jumbled. You're following the mutant Wolverine you re-create the 'final' mission in Africa from the past, and then carry on as Wolverine is injected with Adamantium and goes on a killing spree as he tries to find and hunt his brother, Sabertooth down. The plot is far too mixed up for my liking-it's organised-you go from levels in Africa to an event leading up to the end of the film like when Wolverine fights Sabertooth before being injected with Adamantium. However, it's far too stilted and the jumping back and forth means that you never get a sense of consistency from the game's story. It isn't told too badly, with solid voice work from actors like Hugh Jackman, but it hasn't been laid out well.

                  Wolverine is a third-person action game similar to God of War or Devil May Cry-more similar to THQs Conan though. The game is split down into 5 chapters with several checkpoints in each chapter. The game is completely linear-nothing will change the way the game goes on though there are plenty of hidden collectables in each level which mostly require you to go off the beaten path a bit. There are a couple of neat treasures which reference games like Portal and World of Warcraft of all games. To complete each level you simply move forward while killing everything in sight. There are no extra paths to take or other hidden routes to use-there is one set path which can be found by activating Feral senses which guide you in the right direction.

                  The game's main focus here is combat, and it pulls no punches. It's quite simple really-you have your standard light attack, heavy attacks and grabs. Unique to Wolverine, you can lunge at enemies and press the attack buttons to deal damage, giving a sense of aggresiveness, while during a grab you can press the Y button to quickly kill enemies, which can be incredibly brutal. There's also blocking and countering, which if done at a good time can lead onto counter kills. You also unlocks special abilities as you progress through the game. You can spin a cyclone to take out enemies in close range, enter a rage mode where you do more damage, a claw drill where you spin in a drill shape to put holes in nearby enemies and claw spin where Wolverine will perform a cart-roll style attack. The move list is certainly very Wolverine style, especially the moves like Lunge and Berserker mode which unleash the true animal in Wolverine.

                  As you play through the game you earn XP from enemies killed and finding collectables. Everytime you level up, you'll earn more health and eventually skill points. All of the four abilities unlocked in the game can be upgraded and you can also upgrade health, damage dealt out and more. At first you'll level up fairly quickly, but as you start reaching the level 20s you'll find that it requires a bit of work to reach the maximum level of 40. The only way to fully upgrade is to get to Level 39, and that's pretty much impossible on your first playthrough. Thankfully, you can replay levels from any checkpoint and chapter. You'll also do this to increase your Reflexes, five areas of skill with certain enemies like Machete wielding enemies and Robots. As you kill each type of enemy, your reflex level will increase meaning you'll do more damage to that enemy. The reflexes combined with the XP system and upgrades give you alot of freedom as to how Wolverine will evolve throughout the game. No two people will follow the same path in terms of upgrading the animal.

                  While ripping bad guys to shreds is undoubtedly fun, there are a couple of issues that spoil that. While combat nails the feel of the comics, there could have been more depth and variety. There are some occasional puzzles which attempt to break up the action but unfortunately they are spoilt because if you activate Feral vision it will guide you to the solution to the puzzle. Plus puzzles never go beyond moving objects to reach a high ledge or moving a teleporter so you can be warped to an out of reach location. And while you have a fairly beefy selection of moves, some can only be used once you've earned adrenaline, meaning you're stuck with standard attacks and grapples. But once you get enough adrenaline, boy will you kick ass, clearing rooms filled with enemies in seconds. It nails the satisfaction of being the animal uncaged with tons of gore, a good selection of combat moves and an aggresive atmosphere.

                  While it's got the awesome combat, it hasn't got tough enemies to back it up. Standard machete/machine grunts go down with ease, and tougher enemies like the machete champion or the predator robots have a strategy which takes them down like flies. The boss battles don't fare much better either. The Leviathan is first boss in the game, which requires you to beat it down for a bit first, then once it absorbs giant rocks you must lunge on it's back and chip away at it's health. It wasn't too bad of a boss fight, but during the course of the game you will fight it several more times, using the same strategy again and again. It's so boring once you've fought it the fourth time. The other boss fights against comic book characters like Sabertooth and Gambit are more enjoyable though usually have some kind of single strategy to them for example with Sabertooth if you get too close he'll demolish so the best tactic is to keep lunging at him and doing damage.

                  Unfortunately the pacing, like its story, is rather awkward. The first couple of hours in the game are a drag as you endlessly kill machete enemies in Africa. It gets better once you enter the facility where Logan's bones are covered in Adamantium, but then we are sent back to Africa. You're constantly jumping back and forth to missions in the game's present day and the mission where Logan is in Africa. It's a shame because it's a bit like night and day-in Africa the enemies can grow repetitive until near the end when more types of enemies are introduced like the jungle mutants which are fairly challenging, but then we have to keep fighting the stupid boss fight again and again. In the present day missions enemies are constantly changing and the boss fights in these missions are much more interesting. While all the levels in Wolverine are at least enjoyable, the stilted pacing somewhat dampens the experience overall.

                  The other issue with Origins is its somewhat questionable value for money. The single player won't take long, at about six hours worth you'll probably be done in a couple of days of play. Completing the game once will unlock hard playthrough, which does add some challenge to the mostly easy game, which isn't very hard on even normal. There isn't much to do after you've done that, except complete challenge rooms to unlock costumes and look for collectables in the game. There are also 50 achievements which span from setting X number of enemies on fire to lunging at X number of enemies. The list isn't the most inspired, though achievements like finding the hidden cake and somehow lunging at Wolverine add some flavour. You can earn most of them on your first playthrough, though you'll need 2 as you can't go straight onto hard. Overall, it's an easy 1000 if a bit uninspired.

                  The graphics in Origins look sharp, thanks to some solid use of the controversial Unreal engine. Though it's usually typical of that engine to produce some darker coloured textures, with very little use of brighter visuals, Wolverine's environments look crisp with lush use of green in the Africa levels and some nice set pieces like destructible statues. Most of the levels are interesting, like a boss fight taking place in an abandoned supermarket or a casino in New Orleans, though there is a pretty bland level in grey corridors and boring sci-fi labs. The best visual effect is Wolverine himself-as he takes damage, you'll see his skin peeling off and his adamantium bones showing. It also reacts depending on how Wolverine takes damage, for example you'll see bullet holes in his body as he get's shot, and when he stops taking damage you'll see his skin repair. It might sound odd saying this, but it's a treat to see it happening.

                  The sound is good too. The game lends voice talent from the film like Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber, who both get their likeness in the game. They do a good job and most of the other characters sound good too. There unfortunately isn't much music in the game and the few times where music is present is usually some thrashing garbage which isn't very good. The sound effects, however, is very good. Every slashing against flesh, every ripping of limbs and every chink against metal as you fight robots is crisp and clear. The sounds change depending on what kind of enemy you are fighting, and the sound effects overall provide more satisfaction to the gory combat.

                  Is X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition good, bad or ugly?

                  X-Men Origins is the gory, uncontained Wolverine experience you've been waiting for. Unlike the film, with its non-violent tone, Uncaged nails the feel of the comics with unrelenting violence and gore which makes you feel like you're an animal with claws sticking out of your hands. It's far from perfect-there could be a bit more depth, the pacing is somewhat stilted, the game isn't very challenging, the game isn't the best value for money ever and there are some glitches and unpolished aspects to the game. But, considering it's not only a licensed game but a game made in time for release of a big movie, the game is rather good. Even if you're not into the comics or films, any fan of action or violence will find Wolverine to be a satisfying experience.

                  Controls: 8
                  Gameplay: 8
                  Graphics: 8
                  Sound: 8
                  Value: 7
                  Overall: 7.8

                  Wolverine Uncaged was released on May 1st, 2009 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Less extreme versions were released on PS2, Wii DS and PSP. The game is rated 18+ for strong bloody violence and can be bought for around £35-40.


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                    01.06.2009 17:36
                    Very helpful



                    Satisfying for a while but soon gets repetitive.

                    We all know that movie games in general, suck. They're always limited by being tied to the film counterparts plot and usually rushed out to be released alongside the film.

                    X Men Origins: Wolverine seems to have been handled with more love and devotion by the development team than other movie games as it doesn't suffer the usual symptoms, at least not as badly as normal anyway.

                    While the game story is still tied to the films plot and has a confusing way of flipping between past and present tense, and this does let it down to a degree, this is made up for by the satisfying fast paced combat.

                    The developers have made a big effort to capture the essence of wolverines fighting style; fast, furious and continuous. The biggest improvement on the last wolverine game i played is that while there is the same lame 'rage bar' which when powered up allows players to use more powerful moves, wolverines general combat is reflective of the character.

                    The combat does soon get repetitive though with boss fights becoming pretty much moot under the continuous use of the leap attack. The ability to specialize your character was a pretty shallow addition that didn't add much to gameplay.

                    The game does have the cool feature of a set of 'danger room' style challenges which add longevity to the games playability.

                    In summary satisfying combat and an accurate representation of wolverines 'badass-ness' make the game enjoyable though it does suffer from repetitiveness.


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                    17.05.2009 10:47
                    Very helpful



                    One of the better Superhero games, it's fun, enjoyable and offers some interesting gameplay.

                    One of the better Superhero games, it's fun, enjoyable and offers some interesting gameplay.

                    I'll admit I'm not much of a marvel fan, I've seen the x-men movies (but who hasn't??) so i was a little sceptical when my cousin recommended this game, however i was pleasantly surprised, its a good game! Now its no GTAIV or MGS4 but for a marvel movie game its as good as the Spiderman series (which was also quite impressive for a movie adaptation).


                    The game loosely follows the movie, for those that haven't seen the movie i wont ruin it for you. There is a little more emphasis on Wolverine's past missions with Victor Creed (Sabretooth) and the rest of the X-team (that's not the X-men)
                    There's a little elaboration on certain events in the film so expect a little deviation from the movie screen play but I'm pretty sure that's for the purposes of gameplay.


                    The general graphics are good, the character graphics are very good. The main characters throughout the story are detailed very well (with the exception of a certain card playing stick wielding git).
                    SFX are OK, explosions, lasers etc. are not so good. Physics are again OK.

                    SOUND & VOICE ACTING:

                    As you can expect from a group of actors and actresses the voice overs are great, Wolverine is especially well done.
                    The sound is hard to judge, i didn't notice anything wrong with it so that's a good sign.


                    The fighting is enjoyable (Wolverines lunge move is fun!) after a while it got a little repetitive but not so much that i stopped playing (testament to the story telling i think)
                    The movement and camera work is a little awkward, the camera sometimes has a little fit and trys to lock onto things. The jumping scenarios (like a mini platform section) is a very bad, the camera doesn't help and the jumping while good in open play is kinda clumsy here. Very frustrating.


                    One of the better Superhero games, it's fun, enjoyable and offers some interesting gameplay. Some might scoff at the inaccuracy's but they're almost impossible to please.

                    One last thing was the costume unlocks and bonus skill upgrades/mutagens that are available in the game. It makes the game a little more interesting, the costumes idea is cool (just like most marvel games) and the mutagens and skill upgrades make up for the slight lack of variety.


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