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You're In The Movies - Includes Xbox LIVE Vision Camera (Xbox 360)

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9 Reviews

Genre: Simulation / Video Game for Xbox 360 / To Be Announced / Release Date: 2008-11-28 / Published by Microsoft

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    9 Reviews
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      03.04.2010 02:08
      Very helpful
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      Surprisingly fun way to spend an evening...

      For years it's haunted me....Rainbow Six: Vegas...the achievement "True Identity" - "Used the Xbox Live Vision to create a character with your appearance"

      30 EASY gamerpoints...if only I could afford the little camera thing for the 360...but I never could...until now.

      When I saw that Argos had "You're in the Movies" knocked down to £4.99, I couldn't resist - that 30GP was MINE.

      As you can tell, the game itself was somewhat irrelevant in my purchasing - I wanted the camera, not the game, but out of politeness I figured I might as well stick it in and see what I thought...and actually, I thought it was pretty cool.

      I've only made a few movies so far, so I've not unlocked "director mode" or many later movies, so I can't comment on those, but I can comment on the general experience - which is actually pretty good.

      The camera is small and attractive, with a nice long cable, and seems to produce pretty good pictures at a decent resolution and framerate.

      Configuration of the game is not *as* awkward as it could be - in my flat I seem to struggle with lighting levels, so had to mess around for a while moving the camera, turning lights on and off, fiddling with the settings and so on - but once I'd found a set-up that works, it's pretty easy to set up each time - moving the sofa out of the way is the hardest part.

      From the second you're on screen, it's awesome...as soon as the configuration's done it just overlays your picture onto a couple of scenes - and I could stand there for ages just ticking the fish as they swim past, taunting the big cat lunging at me - and so on. It's just great to see you in these places - albeit through a fairly basic blue-screening effect.

      Once you get into the game itself, the format is pretty simple. You choose a film to record, record the material for the film, then watch the film the 360 stitches together for you. The recording is done in two ways - minigames, where you'll have to behave in certain ways to score high and then "acting" parts, where the director will say "now look really sad!" and you just have to follow the instructions. Each movie has four roles to play - and any that aren't played by a human are filled by a pre-recorded "actor" instead...although they're filmed to be like people playing the game, rather than people properly acting the roles - so their performances seem quite in keeping with your own.

      Playing the game, I *love* that you can interact with the minigames without laying your hand on a controller - it's great...Things where you have to interact with things on screen are particularly impressive (maracas, water bottles). You can really see where Microsoft are going with Natal - this kind of interaction is fantastic.

      And, of course, when it comes to multiplayer (up to 4 "parts" per movie), there's no need for additional hardware - you just have more people stand in the line at the start - and off you go. The game does a good job of mixing up the "cast on set" as you go along - it will call for player 1 on their own, then 1 and 2, then 2 and 3, then 2, then 1 and 3 - keeps everyone interested, even when they're not filming themselves.

      There's a decent variety of mini-games and although some of them reuse the same kind of moves, I'm yet to be bored of any of them.

      The end product, the movie, is really clever - they take footage of you playing the mini games, then cut it into the movie in a different context. As an example, in a mini game you may be shaking some maracas - but when the movie's cut together your same movements might be used to show you banging on a door, fighting etc. Once you've watched the movie, you can save it to your 360 for future viewing and the best actor (scored through minigames) gets a chance to give an award acceptance speech - strangely satisfying.

      The main downside of the game is that there's a lot of acting and mini-games for what, really, ends up as a pretty short movie - you "act" for 20 minutes and get a 30 second clip out at the end - upsetting. Another frustration is that you occasionally need to press A on the pad to continue - but you hardly need it at all the rest of the game....would be so much nicer if they could have you hit a button on the screen, or make a certain body shape instead.

      Overall, the game's surprising good fun and will be great for parties. There are the occasional niggles, but nothing that can't be ironed out in the future - and there's also plenty more Microsoft can do with sequels, too - being able to take on speaking parts would be an obvious start - and some kind of online community to view other people's clips could be a right laugh.

      PS: I've still not worked out how to get that Rainbow Six achievement, by the way...grrrrrr! :)


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        16.02.2010 11:05
        Very helpful



        Good fun for a group of people

        In The Movies is one of Microsofts moves to transform the X Box 360 into a more family orientated console.

        You get the game, and you can either choose to buy the game with the LIVE Vision camera, or buy them separately. I looked around and it would have cost me more to buy them separately and then I found a great deal on Play.com and bought the game with camera for just £11.99, so it is worth shopping around.

        To set up, you need to insert the game, and plug in the camera. It connects via one of the USB hubs on the console, and it looks just like a webcam.

        There is a long intro on how to set up the game by a kind of G.I.Joe type doll, a dinosaur and a few other times, which is quite comical, but you can skip the intro after watching it once.
        Once in to the menu, you choose your game play. So far, we have only played the pre-set movies, but you can also choose to create your own, but it looks a bit complicated so I'm giving that a miss for a while

        To start making a movie, choose the one you want to do - there are 6 to choose from until you complete 4, then it unlocks all the other movies, and there are loads on there. When you have chosen, you are then led to check your settings, making sure your camera is in a good position, and in focus and the lighting is ok.
        Then you go to the cut-out studio - here you need to make sure the whole background is clear because the smallest thing will show up when you are making your movie. I had a calendar on my wall one time, and when we were playing it showed up on the screen as a big see through hole, so the emptier your background, the better.
        Then you choose your players, and each player has to pop their head on the screen to have a photo taken. After that, you are ready to start!!

        A movie is made by each player competing in a series of mini games, such as running from a bull, or hula hooping, or riding a scooter through obstacles. At the time you do wonder how on earth these are used in a movie as they are very unrelated, but when you see it, it is quite clever. You also need to do a lot of directors tasks, which are generally poses, such as 'raise one eyebrow', or 'act scared' and a still is taken of the poses.

        There are 4 rounds to making each movie, and at the end of each round there is a scoreboard. You see a coloured star for each person move up the grid.

        Once all 4 rounds are done, the director calls that its a wrap, and then you can watch your movie.
        Now, they are only trailers for a movie, so each one is only a few minutes long, so if you were expecting longer you might be disappointed.
        After watching, you can save. I have found that saving one of the movies takes a long time, but while it is saving, they run some movie themed quiz questions to keep you entertained.

        Once the movie is saved, you then go to an awards ceremony, and whoever climbed furthest up the leader board will win, and gets to go up to the podium to make their acceptance speech!

        To play this game and enjoy it, I would recommend getting a group of people together to play it. It is a 4 player game so if you have more you will have people waiting around. I have found it enjoyable to play with my children or a group of friends and we really do have a laugh while playing. I would find playing it alone quite boring! I would also say you need energy, some of the mini games leave your arms feeling sore and we have felt breathless after some - who needs a Wii?!!!

        There are downsides to this game - the camera could be better quality, but for the price I paid I'm not complaining, but alone the cameras cost around £30 - £40, and I wouldn't be happy if I had paid that much. The mini games can also get repetitive until you unlock newer ones, but when you have unlocked them all, you can just play the mini games without having to make a movie.
        And the cut-out screen could be better, it would be more handy if I didn't have to completely rearrange my living room so it doesn't cut out chunks of people!

        All in all, if you are looking for a bit of this game is good. Its enjoyable in the right atmosphere, even if it does need some quality improving. It is also quite handy for any achievement hunters as we have unlocked loads easily!


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        28.12.2009 13:09
        1 Comment




        I didn't quite know what to expect when I received You're in the Movies from my rental service and I can only stress that I was very disappointed in this release. I found the game to be quite boring and the quality of the camera in-game was awful.

        The game types were very boring and I could only ever play it for about 10 minutes a time as it really got to me. If you purchase this from a store, it may look like a bargain as it's cheap and it comes with the camera but in all honesty I would try and avoid this game at any cost. I honestly believe it's one of the worst games I have ever played.

        Although, the concept of the game is a very good and bright idea but the game lacks the quality to be a top-game. If codemasters can somehow produce some new plans for the game and renovate the idea a bit then they could be on to a winner, but for now the game is a big no for me.

        I would have to give this game a 1/5 as I genuinely felt it was poor.


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          27.12.2009 19:55
          Very helpful



          Overall fun at first but thats about it!

          The xbox 360 console has give you racing games, shoot em ups, game shows and now you can be in the movies! Through using the live vision cable (which comes free with the game) the game would take various pieces of footage of you and your friends prancing around doing different things and finally make it into a final masterpiece!

          The technology used is similar to what you may have seen on various bits of webcam software now, the game asks you to stand out of shot then when it has worked out what is going to be your 'background' asks you to stand back in shot, in a way its kind of like green screen where the system can separate which is you and what is the background. It will then replace the background with whatever is happening behind you in the scene........well that is at least the plan which i will explain in a bit........

          The game features quite a broad range of different scenarios, not loads but enough to keep you entertained, the movies are pretty much made without of course the scenes that you are added to, when you are needed to the game will ask you to step up and give you instructions on how to act, for example "act surprised and then begin running" for example, it will then take this footage and put some monsters behind you chasing you....

          When i first heard about the game it sounded really exciting, something that you could get your mates round to play and it definently is entertaining but i wouldn't expect great results, as i mentioned earlier the camera determines the difference between you and the background but how well is the problem with this package, i find more often then not that it will get confused and end up cutting off a section of your arm or side of your face... The footage is of a good enough quality to determine who the person is but everything else is a rough blur....

          Overall its not an awful product, it takes your footage and integrates you into the movies and never advertises amazing quality results so it does do what it says on the tin, i wouldn't buy this product expecting amazing quality but instead something you and your mates can have a laugh with every now and then!


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          12.12.2009 13:05



          3 Stars, like the people in it.

          You're in the movies is a fun 4 person game, this game can become quite repetitive as the movies all require the same stuff more or less. The objective of this game is to make a movie and you are the stars of the show, when creating the movie you play a series of games and challenges that make you pull facial expressions and emotions that will be used within the ending movie, in this there are points incorporated into the games so that when playing with your friends you can try to beat each other. However this game only really becomes fun when you are playing with other people, if your playing on your own then it can get very boring and tireing. This game does not give a great amount of gamerscore so if your looking for that then this is not for you. However once you are playing with friends then it can become lots and lots of fun.

          Overall I believe that this game can get boring on your own but once you play it with friends it can waste away a whole night playing this game.


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          22.09.2009 00:59
          Very helpful




          Theoretically, this game should have been ground-breaking. Putting a human being into a Movie via the Live Vision Camera by having them act out the scripted instructions, such as 'run away from the Monkeys,' whilst eliminating everything in the background, leaving only you, and the game will intelligently place Monkeys, monsters and all sorts of things in the background, and show you a final product that any low budget director would be proud of.

          As I said, theoretically.

          Sadly, the game really doesnt work that way, particularly in a day and age of Energy Saving Lightbulbs. 'Lightbulbs!?' I hear you cry. Well, Energy Saving Lightbulbs are a lot less powerful than the old pear-shaped ones. And a requirement of this game, is closed curtains and lights on. This will make the camera show you on the TV without flaws.

          After trying it with all those directions, it failed to work flawlessly for me, and instead showed my image with blotches of my anatomy missing from my body. This was because the camera had taken a photo of the background, which had dark places, such as a doorway, shadows... even the red wallpaper showed up.

          After this, I decided this game was useless unless I was willing to completely redecorate, and move all of my furnature around.

          So, if you live in a house with white walls, super-thick curtains, and powerful lights, you havent got a problem. If you live in a house with anything else, the chances are the camera and game arent going to be a fantastic gaming experience for you.


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          22.04.2009 19:26
          Very helpful



          A great game for groups of 4!!!

          To be honest I don't own this game myself, but my younger brother bought it when he was here a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I'd do a review on what I thought of it!!

          Firstly the price:

          The game comes with an Xbox camera, as well as the game, these cameras are around £30 each without the game, and due to this the In the Movies game used to cost around £50 which is rather expensive for the type of game it is (though Xbox games are expensive anyway!!). But, my brother had the idea of getting the game "Pre-Owned" from the likes of Game, Gamestation etc, when we went to the shop he saw it in the window for £20, and though what a bargain and so went to get it...we got to the counter and it was only £12.99, and brand new the game was only £14.99!

          This was from GameStation...he bought the game, and then upon browsing around other shops, found that in HMV, In the movies was £40...so if your planning on getting this game go to Game Station!!!! £15 is extremelly cheap, even if you just want the camera...its half the price to buy the game with it than the camera on its own!

          So other than the bargain price which we found, and which if you go to GameStation you should also find, the game itself...

          Well the camera acts as a kind of WebCam, there was a similar game on the PS2, and this is quite similar. You stand in front of the camera which is connected to the XBox and sits on top of the TV, and it analyses your picture, asks you to move so it can take a picture of the room your in to allow it to find you in the shot, and then you're set up.

          You have around 20 "movies" to start off with, and unlock new ones as you go through the game, each "movie" is different, and you can have up to 4 people in each one. You stand in front of the camera and the "director" tells you what to do, for example "run from the bull", "swat away the flies", you earn points as you go as with normal games, you're also asked to pose in certain positions and the camera photographs you, at first I was very confused by why it did this, but then all became apparent.

          At the end of the "filming", the shots are put into a "movie" trailer, for whichever film you did, and it makes it look like you're in the film!!!!!!!! Its really quite clever, and unlike you'd think, it makes it very very fun to do as its made into mini games to get the shots it needs!!!

          Your points are added up, and the one with the highest points wins an "award" at the awards ceremony after the show!!!! :-D

          The game is hillarious fun, and gets you moving round abit too!!!!

          Now, though the game is great fun there are some bad points:

          The picture quality when we used it wasn't amazing if I'm honest, and there tended to be a gap in the person in the shot! But, this could have been the light, the light can affect the shot, if its too light or too dark. So if like it was when I played, the day is changing constantly with one minute bright sun light and the next no sun at all, it won't work so well, so you need some thick curtains!!!

          Also, if you're playing alone, the games are very short, we were playing with two people, and instead of the other two players the game puts other people into their parts and so it can be a little boring if theres only one person whose doone the movie to watch as they're barely in it at times!!

          But, if you have a few people, its very very fun!!!!! :-D

          I'd recommend the game to everyone, especially if you can get it for £15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D Good luck getting the bargain, and I hope you enjoy it!!!


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            11.04.2009 15:21
            Very helpful



            Great fun way to spend over an hour

            ---------------------------------- Overview------------------------------------------------
            You in the movies is a camera games for the xbox 360. You can buy the game separately if you already own an xbox live vision camera or for around £40.00 you can buy the box set including the full game and an xbox live vision camera.

            The game can be played with 1 up to 4 players and involves you playing mini games (reminiscent of the eye toy on the ps2) and scoring points. These motions are then cut and edited and the result is a often hilarious movie trailer containing you and your friend.

            --------------------------- Live vision camera------------------------------------------

            The xbox live vision camera is a small camera similar to a web cam that can be attached to you xbox, other than play games like in the movies or totem pole, the camera can also be used in many other ways, it can be used to video chat with your friend on line, you can take photos and use them as your own gamer picture, and it can also be used in some games to take a photo of your face and place it in a game- e.g. rainbow six Vegas can have players with there own face on there controlled character.
            The Camera connects to one of the controller usb sockets, this does take up one of the controller slots if you only have wired controllers but this does not matter too much as all of the uses for the camera only use 1 controller. It is roughly the size of a match box and has a grey ring around the lens, this can be rotated to focus the camera. It is also attached to a movable base making it possible to adjust the height and direction the camera is facing.

            -------------------------------------- Game play------------------------------------------

            After a brief and quite entertaining intro video which teaches you to set up the room and camera etc. you are taken to the main menu/ title screen. From the title screen on this game you have 4 options (some of which have to be unlocked with game play: here is the walk through of the options:

            ===Make a movie===

            This is the main mode you will be playing on the game, this is where you play the mini games and create your masterpieces,

            -After selection this option the next step is to choose your 'script' (the movie you will star in), there are 30 in total to choose from however most of these are locked at this stage, there are lots of movie types to choose from, from zombie movies, to super hero movies. Romance to ghosts. Choose your movie by reading the description of each and move on to the next step

            -The next screen is to check if the camera is in focus, there is now an image of your room or the side of your face if you were to close on the screen now, you can turn the focus wheel on the camera to make sure that everything is nice and clear

            -Next you are given a light meter to test if there is adequate light in the room.

            -after getting your lighting in the room correct the next step is to position the camera, you are given an outline on screen to test were you need to be standing so that everyone of differing heights can fit in the outline. You may need to shuffle some furniture around at this point.

            -after getting the camera set up and making sure all objects are out of the way you are taken to the cut out studio, this is where the camera separates the players from the background and basically takes a photo of your room with out anyone in it. This can be difficult to set up (see tips below). After this is set up correctly and you are happy with this its on to player selection.

            -up to four players can play this game making it great for parties but if you fancy being a star alone or with just 2 others this is okay as any missing roles are filled in by an actor.

            -Next is the role select, to select a role you place your head in the head shaped cut outs each with a role above the head. These can be anything from police man to evil mastermind so choose depending on your mood. now its time to play ....

            -its time to play some mini games. You are called up to take your place in front of the camera in turn,some times as a pair. there are many varieties of mini game such as throwing balls through hoops, hula hooping, running away from tornadoes or punching bags. Each game is clearly instructed by the voice over 'director'. There are 4 rounds of each person playing a mini game and these are separated up with a section called in the spot light, here you are asked to act a scene, for example.. ' act as though you are angry at someone' these sections are not scored and are for the purpose of filling in scenes in the final movie.

            -After all the rounds have been completed you get to watch the final movie, so shhhh all gather around and watch what could have been if you hadn't have decided to do a real job.

            -After the movie is finished the winner is revealed in Oscar nomination fashion and the option is given to save your movie, These movies can then be watched on the console or emailed to yourself,this is a really nice touch and I think there are many many many movies with me in them floating around my friends face book pages

            ===Movie theatre===

            This section is pretty self explanatory, in here you can go back an view all saved movies you have made, these have to have been saved after the movie has been completed, if you accidentally quit without saving the movie the first time around it will not appear in this section and there is no way of retrieving it.

            Your saved movies are listed neatly by movie title (which you can change yourself) and are listed in date order so you can always look back at when you made your film .. and wonder was that the best thing I had to do on valentines day?

            In this section you can also upload your movie as mentioned before and put on any personal website.

            ===Game options===

            Here you can change the lighting settings between natural and artificial, change the volume of music sounds etc. and manage saved games like in any other games options screen,

            However there is a hidden little feature in here that you wouldn't normally notice there is an option to play the mini games individually, this is great for getting some sneaky practice in before your friends or multiple personalities arrive.

            You can also view the credits from this section.

            ===Director mode===

            This option is initially locked but is quite quickly unlocked, here you can make your own movie script. You do this by choosing one by one, an existing scene from the movies that already exist in the game, you can put these in any order you like, you can then use the xbox live mic to record your own voice over.

            ------------------------------- my opinion--------------------------------------------------

            This is a great party game, and with so few of them around for the xbox360 a must have for anyone who wants to play against friends on the same console
            The end results are very funny and usually gets a good laugh out of everyone. And the game in general has some very nice features such as he create your own movie which could keep the fun going for a while after you have become bored of the movies on the game already. There is also scope that new movie scripts can be released to download through xbox live which will keep the fun going even longer.
            The box set is great value as cameras usually retail at around £30.00 on there own and you can put the camera to more uses than just playing this game. Another nice touch is the trivia questions that make the loading screens more bearable....but ...

            ..These really need to be there as the loading screens are painfully long, especially when you want to save your movie. This had taken up to 10 minutes for me before.
            I find this game very hard to set up, it is not just a case of plug in and go you have to move furniture around, and try over and over to get the lighting right, and when after 20 minutes of trying to give the camera what I wants you still set into the screen and have an arm or head missing this can get very infuriating, especially in a party environment. And this can sometime ruin the end film.
            Another bug bear with me and a lot of other people who play xbox id that players 2-4 do not receive the achievement points whilst playing as a group.
            And the final downside to this game is there is no quick option, in fact nothing is quick about this game. If you consider that setting up will take roughly 15 mins to set up the camera and room (hoping that everything goes right) and then a game with 4 players takes at least half an hour, one game can be eating into quite a lot of time.add beer, toilet stops and cigarette breaks to this long equation and we have something so long i this einstein would struggle working it out.

            ------------------------------------ Tips----------------------------------------------------

            -try to point the camera at a bare wall without pictures or doors if possible

            -act during the mini games, don't be afraid to act like a child! If its a zombie film and you are doing a run away from a tornado mini game, act like a zombie .. it makes the end result much better

            -Don't move anything during game play this will mess up the cut out studios photo and you will start getting missing limbs

            -constant artificial light works best so close curtains and put lights on and make sure you have changed the setting in options to artificial light.

            -Cats do not like being held up to the camera to make up the 4th player so don't attempt this


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              14.01.2009 14:22
              Very helpful



              Good fun game but can be a little boring and drawn out.

              We bought this game because me and my husband wanted something to do together with my sister and her fiance.

              You're in the Movies seemed to be the right kind of game.

              The idea behind the game is that you can become a movie star in your own movie. The game comes packaged with a vision camera that can be used with the xbox 360. This device can be plugged into your xbox 360 and used a little bit like a video camera.

              The game itself can be played with up to 4 players. Each player takes turns to play very simple minigames and this can become a little tedious and boring. When all the games have been played (which takes about 30/40 minutes) the game then puts all the footage together and makes a 4/5 minute mini movie using the footage that has been recorded.

              The game in theory is really good and its great fun to see the movie that has been produced.
              However in practice, the minigames get a little tedious and quite repetitive and also the camera is not the best quality. Sometimes parts of the body get cut out and you can't see the whole body.


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          • Product Details

            Includes Xbox LIVE Vision Camera. Get ready for your close-up. You're in the Movies combines cool with kitsch as you live out your dreams of becoming a scream queen, zombie or kung fu master. Premiering exclusively on Xbox 360 this holiday season, You're in the Movies is the first and only game of its kind. It transports players into a magical world of cinema and hilarious improvisations. Using the Xbox LIVE Vision camera, players' minigame actions are captured and placed into short, riotous films that put the spotlight on the unique and often dubious acting talents of friends and family. Performances never end up on the cutting room floor and are never the same. With You're in the Movies, you're about to be a star if only straight to DVD.

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