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      06.08.2007 15:30
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      new twist to the age old debate

      The Roswell incident

      Highly publicised as the first experience that man had with alien life forms, the Roswell incident has become the thing of legend. I am sure that you have heard of it, but if not here is a brief outline of what happened, finally coming to a new twist that has come to light in recent weeks. Are we alone? I don’t think we can be. Look at it like this . We are a galaxy, which is the equivalent of a grain of sand on a beach. We are insignificant in terms of the size of the universe, and as such there must be something else out there.

      Ooh, oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!!! - For those of you who cannot read music, that was the theme to the x-files.

      Area 51 is a top secret army base in America. It is known to be a place where work is carried out on enemy aircraft and weapons systems, to the benefit of the American army. It contains a test range, and also a airfield. Not much else is confirmed.
      About 60 years ago, what was thought to be an aircraft was seen flying over the cascade mountains in Washington state. A pilot in a light aircraft nearby had a perfect view, and made the observation of what he thought were 9 metallic objects flying in formation. He remarked that the speed of these craft was about three times that of any jet craft developed at the time. This sparked a media frenzy, which was added to by the fact that 24 hrs later the military stated that they had come into possession of what they described as being a flying disc, in the Roswell army barracks. However within a day they changed their story saying that it was not a flying disc, rather a weather balloon that had crashed there. Major Jesse Marcel stated in the early press releases that the metal recovered was wafer thin, yet as strong as anything he had seen before. Thin, though it could not be cut or burnt, or indeed damaged in any way.

      Why did they change their story ? -

      It is widely believed that the army did indeed find a o.k., but on examining it further, did not want the information to be released. It is thought that they were going to use the secrets it possessed to try to develop improved technology for the army. It was also thought that bodies were found along with these ships that were not anything that was here on earth previously. Until recently these theories have been dismissed, and only a group of hardcore believers, continued to think that something was really there.

      A new tale to be told?

      In recent weeks, it has come to public attention that more may have went on than the army wished us to believe. Lieutenant Walter Haut, who worked at the base in 1947, and acted as public relations officer at the time, died last year. He left a sworn affidavit to be opened by his wife after his death. The text of this was released to the public. It was Haut who released both previous stories to the press. His deathbed story tells us that the previous was true, and that the weather balloon was a cover up. He described seeing not only a craft, but also bodies. These are now kept in a hanger . He tells of how pieces of the wreck were passed around at a high level meeting, yet no-one could identify it. The site which was seen by many members of the public was covered up by the weather balloon story, yet another more significant site was hidden from public knowledge. This is where the majority of the wreckage was retrieved.
      He went on to say that he saw two bodies on the floor. These were partially covered by a tarpaulin, but he could see they were about 1.2m tall, with heads much larger than a human head. He stated that in his opinion, what he saw was the bodies and craft of some life form from outer space.

      So what do you think?

      Is this deathbed confession true. Did this really ever happen, or was this a meticulous effort to try and continue on the legacy of Roswell after his death? I think that there is something in this. Why would he have waited until after his death to do this? Surely if it was all some kind of prank, he would have wanted to be about to see the mayhem? Held by the ties of life, I think he released the truth on death. No longer could the army use him as a puppet, he wanted to share the truth with the world. What is your point of view. Fact or fiction? Whatever you believe, this is one of the longest running and most widely believed tales of visitors that we have ever seen, or are ever likely to again. I think that its is true, but are you willing to believe? G


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