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Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Xbox)

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6 Reviews

Voices of favorite characters from TV series, Players fight a range of enemies. All of Buffy's favorite haunts are richly detailed and accurate. Special supernatural effects such as morphing creatures. An intelligent combat system allows enemies to perfor

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    6 Reviews
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      16.10.2012 12:51
      Very helpful



      This classic game comes highly recommended

      To some, Buffy the Vampire slayer is simply Friends with some vampires in it. Think about it: Xander-Chandler and Phoebe-Willow and er Ross-Giles. However we all know that Rachael would never be able to fight the undead like Buffy can, though like Ms Summers, she does perform well with some solid wood in her hand.

      Innuendo, you have to agree that the Buffy universe is fairly diverse and the series has a lot of characters and scenarios from which to base a game upon. Well this is indeed the case and in this excellent "action adventure" Spike (if you've seen the show you'll know who this is) returns to Sunnydale with a plan for Buffy: to Master bait her, by reforming his cult, and in so doing lead her into a confrontation with this ultimate of bad boys.

      Someone once said that you should always "know thy enemy" and this is something that you'll have no trouble in doing (Buffy even knows one of the main "bad guy" Vampires rather intimately). The oh so familiar locations in Sunnydale are nicely rendered and populated with the supporting cast of allies and evildoers. The voice acting is superb as all the main cast lend their voices to their digital counterparts apart from one. Buffy.

      The game involves the exploration of the key locations in Sunnydale, which are partly interactive, as the plot unfolds and dispatching Vampires, Zombies and other foul Hell spawn, back to Hell presumably (which seems pointless but there you go). I say partly interactive as you can often use the environment to your advantage; grasp hold of the vampire assaulting you and toss him off into the nearby and conveniently placed spiky wall ornament or brassier of hot coals. Combat is a combination of beating the Vampires off until they are in a position to receive some Buffy justice (a quick stake through the face perhaps) or taking them out in a manner similar to the aforementioned, throwing then into or onto something nasty.

      As Buffy is a slayer, she understandably has some devastating moves at her disposal; you learn these moves every so often when being briefed by Giles in the library and each move requires some of your limited slayer power. The better and more deadly moves use more slayer power. Luckily you can top this up in a variety of ways, chiefly by killing the undead, so you're always likely to be able to pull off a few impressive moves even when surrounded by suck heads and in desperate need for some relief from the situation at hand.

      I've only got one gripe worth mentioning. Sometimes you'll be fighting an enemy who just won't die (or die again) and you'll often only find out that you should have "run off down the corridor, with it chasing to trigger the stairs to collapse" in frustration.

      That aside, this game is fun and you can even batter Zombies with a shovel, knocking their limbs off. Therefore this classic game comes highly recommended.


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      14.01.2010 00:36



      Mediocre TV adaptation

      The videogame adaptation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer didn't so much recieve attention for the quality of its construction as much as it did its graphical breakthroughs, such as being the first game to individually render each of the protagonist's hairs. It is a good looking game with a new other nice features, but it is also very flawed.

      Buffy is a game that combines elements from several genres, such as action, adventure, puzzle-solving, and even a little platforming, but it doesn't manage any of these areas with a whole lot of depth despite being casually entertaining. The game actually has a fair level of difficulty but not through intelligently crafted gameplay, but some frustrating mechanics, such as making blocking very awkward and clunky, meaning enemies can get pot-shots in when, with a more intuitive blocking system, they wouldn't be able to. What's more, when you combine this with the fact that there are no savepoints or checkpoints on any level, it means that playing through a single level, particularly in the game's later portions, can literally take hours, and to be honest I don't have the patience or like the series enough to waste so much time repeating the same levels because of dodgy gameplay mechanics.

      For its time, Buffy was admittedly a good looking game, hair physics aside: the vampire models were quite original looking and the environmens and general decor was very much in tone with the series. The characters also do resemble their TV series counterparts quite well, and dodgy gameplay notwithstanding, the makers of the show appear to have at least done a good job in ensuring that their property isn't massacred.

      Staking vampires is a lot of fun and fans of the show will get a kick out of it, but the mechanics make it frustrating to play, and I never finished it in the end.


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      25.06.2006 23:32
      Very helpful



      Excellent game, but the sequal is the same price and more value for money

      I was once a Buffy Fan. Series one to be precise. Still at the tail end of my pubescent life, the thought of Sarah Michelle Gellar punching and kicking everyone about the place was just too much of a lure. however, I soon went of the program in the later series as it became too cheesy. So what would I make of the game?

      Well firstly, I have to say there are 2 games. This is the review for Buffy The Vampire Slayer. There was a sequal (Chaos Bleeds). I mention this as the sequal to a game generally means the first one was at least half decent. After all, who would waste money on making a sequal to a crap game that didn't sell?

      So I had high hopes for this.

      THE COVER:

      First of all I looked at the cover in the shop. Having not realised this game was even out, I spotted it when perusing the pre-owned games section of Game. It was a chance meeting as it was in the charts and this is not something I tend to look at unless I know what I want (too much of a bargain hunter in me).

      Having picked up the box, I was attracted by the fact that it was a Buffy game. Seeing the back I saw various action scenes, hightening my senses as the reality sunk in, this game was probably about all the parts I liked and had nothing to do with the cheesy crap from the later series on TV.

      After umming and arring, I stepped up to the cash desk and parted with my £20. I noted that it was only one player but was prepared to argue with the Mrs over control of the XBox that evening. If she started, I would stake her through the heart....

      THE PLOT:

      The plot of the game follows the series in a kind of 'off the wall' kind of way. Although I have never seen this in a particular program, you have the general 'kill all the vampires, make sure none of your friends die and save the world'. Simple really.

      Playing the part of Buffy you have to go through the levels and kill all the baddies. These will range from Vampires to Zombies - to the now beloved Spike. There are obvious areas taken from the series, such as the sunken church levels - getting you closer and closer to the master.


      The controls for the game are quite simply to begin with. You use the A, B, X and Y buttons to perform various punches and kicks, use your items etc... You use the analogue stick to move around and you use the 'D-pad' to select the item to use.

      As you progress, you learn more and more fighting moves from Giles. These are basically more complex button combinations but they are easy to pick up as you tend to only get one per level, giving you the chance to use it and master it before the next one is pummelled into you. Remembering them all is nigh on impossible, but after a few levels you will have a good enough arsenal to beat anyone.

      The only downside to the controls is the firing of weapons such as the crossbow. You have to pull the trigger to go into the aiming mode, then aim a rather fast moving crosshair at your given enemy. Now this sounds easy, but it's not. With an over-responsive crosshair, you often miss. Further, some enemies can only be killed by this method, so you have to do it. However, when aiming, other enemies can come and kill you and you are basically defenceless. Annoying at times as you may have it lined up just right and an enemy knocks you off balance so you miss the shot - and lose health!


      Well, I wanted Sarah Michelle Geller and I got a good likeness of her (pass that old sock). In fact, all of the characters are well formed and are a good likeness to the TV series. There is no need to see the subtitles for the names of who you are speaking to as Xander, Cordelia, Giles and Willow are all there and easy to notice.

      Further, the graphics move smoothly along, I haven't found a single example of pop-up and I haven't experienced any glitches in the levels. Overall, very good.


      OK, here is where this game has a bit of a twist. Indeed, those who are unaware of the supernatural world will struggle at stages. We all know that vampires need to be staked through the heart. Now this generally involves beating them up, then steaking them in the heart when they are laying prone on the ground.

      However, you will also meet various enemies along the way, such as werewolves that require a shot with a silver bullet, spider webs that need to be dispersed with Holy Water and so on.

      Now this is a great twist to the game as it means it's not just a simle kick and punch your way through everything. You have to actually think of how you will kill the enemy in front of you. However, it can get frustrating when you think you have tried everything you have and can't kill the little bugger. Persistence is the key here, check all your items and walk around the area you're in. Generally, the weapon you need to kill an enemy can be found either just before you meet it, or in the area the enemy is in.


      I may have been biased in this, as the game has turned out to be all the things I like about the Buffy series. As you fight your way through the levels, you find hidden areas and secrets, with a target of finding all the hidden secrets on a level being a difficult one to find.

      Having said that, the game moves freely and smoothly. The fight scenes are well rendered and don't include any pop-ups. The camera angles also help the player. Unlike some fighting games, the camera moves to an area where you can see your opponent when you fight them. Good stuff. No more blind button pressing.

      Playing in 3rd person, you can watch Sarah Michelle Geller (yes they modelled all the characters on the actors who play them in the series) as you go through the game. Sometimes you might even want to just stand there, all alone, spinning wildly upside down. I wonder who got to attach the little bobbly thing to her boobs when they were creating the characters? @:-)

      To avoid this becoming a mindless violence game, you do get cut scenes of computerised characters (from the series) talking, giving you a reason for protecting the innocent and slaying all thats in your path. Along the way you will also find various puzzles to solve. These are simply flicking switches at the right time etc. nothing too rigerous. It does mean you have to look around a bit and keep your wits about you though.


      The game has difficulty settings and I have kept it on normal. For an adult this is enough of a challenge without being impossible, even on the later levels (and yes I have completed it during one sleepless night.... got battered by the Mrs the next morning).

      For those who play this type of game a lot, there is a hard setting - but this was ridiculous for me. Died on the second level and never could get passed it - despite another sleepless night (got battered on the head with a frying pan).

      However, the kids found the normal setting a bit hard. My 8 year old was able to play easily on the easy setting though, and quite enjoyed pushing zombies about the place. 6 year old found the controls a bit difficult to master though. In theory they shouldn't be playing it - but hey, they watch the program and that's a 15!


      The game has no real targets, other than having to get through all the levels and complete it. There are no little side challenges or rewards for killing every enemy or such like. However, the game will take you about 20 hours to complete (according to my stats) and is a good little game. After that though, there is little to keep you playing and it will inevitably end up on the shelf to collect dust. Those who are smarter might just trade it in - but I like to keep my games collection going.

      THE MUSIC:

      I was actually slightly disappointed with the music in the game. I was expecting some of the tracks used in the series - after all, this is a CD now. However, we get the Buffy start-up music and thats about it.

      I suppose it adds to the effect of the game that there is silence before you are attacked, but why do games never make use of music like films do? Get some high tempo music going when you are fighting, get some jaws style music as you are coming up to enemies etc. Well, no luck with this game, but its still a good game.

      Another worthy note is that the game will not let you play tracks that are stored on your X-Box while playing. Not annoying, but one more thing they haven't added.

      THE PRICE:

      OK, I paid £20 for mine, but it was new and it was from Game, before the sequal came out. I have since seen it for £12.99 new in Gamestation.

      If you want to bargain hunt, you will find it hard to find second hand. I'm not sure if this is because nobody wants to part with it or because nobody bought it. But hey ho. I saw it once in Gamestation, but they had it at £7.99. Not the greatest discount.


      A great game, although I wouldn't recommend spending the cash unless you have seen the series. The characters are all well sculptured, and there is a great deal of play in the game for anyone with even a passing interest. However, the price tag means I would actually refer you to the Sequal - Chaos Bleeds. As this is now at a similar price, has more characters, more of a storyline and better fighting moves, it's the better option. This one is good, but not as good as its sequal. ONLY BUY IF IT'S LESS THAN £5.


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        13.04.2005 20:10
        Very helpful



        Buffy The Vampire Slayer was one of the first games I got for the X-Box. I bought it purely and simply because I love the programme and anything to do with it!

        ***How Can I Recognise This Game?***

        The Game comes in a box the same size as a DVD box. It is very clear to recognise which game it is, as it has a large picture of Buffy on a dark red background with the title ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’. Also on the cover there is the X-Box symbol and the manufacturers names – E.A. Games (Electronic Arts) and Fox Interactive. The age restriction is also stated on the front of the box, for this game you must be aged 15 and over.

        The back of the box shows a variety of different scenes from the game along with the words “Into each generation a slayer is born…” This is followed by a brief paragraph about the game and four bullet points, which I imagine are there to sell the game to you:

        * Vanquish the undead with over 50 kicks, jumps and combos.
        * Slaughter vampires with stakes, shovels or crossbows.
        * Explore favourite Sunnydale locations.
        * Including Buffy favourites Willow, Xander, Cordelia, Spike and Angel.


        The instructions to this game are in a booklet; which is enclosed inside the box. The information included is things such as, safety information, setting up and game controls, playing the game, the game characters and credits to the people who made the game. At the back of the booklet there is a notes section, which is followed by warranty and customer support info. On the back of the booklet is the phone number to the official hints and tips phone line.

        ***The Game Characters***

        There are two types of character in the game; they are the heroes and the enemies.

        The Heroes are:

        Buffy: This is you! In this game you are Buffy, you need to work your way through the game learning new skills and moves as you go through defeating the different enemies.

        Giles: Giles is Buffy’s watcher. He will teach you your moves and any skills you will need throughout the game.

        Willow: Willow is the brainy one. She also deals in witchcraft, which can be helpful to Buffy in the game.

        Xander: If you see Xander in the game, talk to him! He will provide you with vital information and equipment to help you.

        Cordelia: Cordelia is good for advice, but not much else. I didn’t really bother talking to her much as she always talks about fashion, which is pretty annoying when you have vampires to slay!

        Angel: Angel is actually a vampire, but he is a good one. He will help Buffy and never he will never try to harm her in the game so you don’t need to try and kill him… like I tried!

        The Enemies

        There are eight main enemies to Buffy. They are all a threat to you in different ways so you will need to develop your different skills to defeat each one. Your main enemies are:

        Spike, Scylla, Matereani, Malik, The Dreamer Demons: Urd, Skuld and Verdandi. Then finally the is the ultimate enemy… The Master.

        As well as these enemies you will also face various vampires and demons, which will appear out of no-where to try and stop you in your tracks.

        ***Playing The Game***

        When you first load the game up you will see a short introduction and then you will be presented with the main menu. From the main menu you can access, a new game, saved games and an options menu. In the options menu you can personalise your controls, camera view, audio options and display options.

        If you select new game you will then have to choose the difficulty level (Easy, Normal or Hard) I know its wimpy… but I chose easy!

        When the game starts you enter the first level: Spanish Mission. This level is basically a tutorial level with Giles your watcher. He will teach you the basic controls and about the different health meters displayed in the corners of the screen. I found it was useful to play about on this level and practice all the moves so I knew what I was doing when it came to the real bad guys! This level is also useful to play if you haven’t played the game for a while and need a reminder of what you are doing!

        When you have finished the tutorial level you will progress onto the next level. As you play this game you will realise there is like a story to it and it is sort of like you are playing an episode of Buffy the programme. There are a further twelve levels after your training level, each of them with their own challenge to complete to be able to move onto the next part of the story. I wont go into detail of these levels as it will basically give away the whole story and that will defeat the object of you playing the game! The levels you will go through are:

        Spanish Mission
        Sunnydale High School
        The Bronze
        Sunken Church
        Angel’s Mansion
        Sunnydale Docks
        Return to Sunnydale High School
        The Foundry
        Return to the Sunken Church
        Dreamers Realm
        The Apse

        ***The Controls***

        I found the basic controls to Buffy very easy to pick up, however I found the controls for the more complicated moves a little tricky to master, so I spent some time practicing on the tutorial, but if you don’t want to do that you could always try my other option… hit every button and hope you kill the bad guy before he kills you!


        I found this game was quite addictive at first, but I also found that certain bits got boring, these were the parts I had trouble completing and this was where I found I would loose interest and not play for a while then when I did it would take a while to get back into the swing of the game. Overall though I would say this was a very playable game if you stick to it and don’t give up at the hard bits! (oops!)

        ***Age Restriction***

        There is an age restriction of 15 years and over on this game. I would imagine it has been given this rating because of all of the killing that goes on. I wouldn’t really describe this game as gory and blood thirsty because any blood that is shown disappears within seconds. Another reason for this age restriction could be that the game does have tendencies to make you jump at times. So taking this all into account I would say this is a fair age restriction to put on this game.


        Buffy is a one player game, so I wouldn’t recommend buying it if you intend to have all your mates round playing it with you as someone will end up bored. However I would recommend this game if you want an entertaining game for you to play by yourself.

        ***Manufacturers Information***

        The manufacturers of Buffy The Vampire Slayer are E.A. Games (Electronic Arts) and Fox Interactive.

        The contact details given with the product are as follows:

        Electronic Arts Ltd.
        2000 Hillswood Drive,
        KT16 0EU
        United Kingdom

        Telephone: 08702432435

        ***Hints and Tips***

        Finally if you are really stuck on this game you can always call the hints and tips phone line on the number supplied on the back of the instruction book:

        Untied Kingdom: 09067 53 22 53
        Ireland: 1 560 923 580

        (It does state that callers need to be over 16, I’m not sure of the reason for this.)

        Thanks for taking the time to read!


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          11.11.2002 09:11
          1 Comment



          For everyone that's a Buffy fan, what we have waited for has finally arrived. A Buffy game. I find this game to be as fun as I nticipated it to be. It's even fun for those who don't follow the hit show. With its many challenges and fantastic graphics, this is a really great game, well worth the money. Although i find this to be a great game, excellent even, I think that the limited availability, being only on XBOX, limits the people who would love to play it. People who own such consoles as the Playstation and Game Cube aren't able to play this game. I don't beleive everyone has the money to go out and pay hundreds just to play one game. The Buffy game is at its best, but sadly, can only be enjoyed by people who own an XBOX.


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            01.10.2002 21:20
            Very helpful



            Buffy is the latest tv/film tie in to hit the console market, or the X Box to be more specific. For want of a better description it is a little like Beverly Hills 90210 meets the X Files. Fairly sassy, plenty of monster bashing and a reasonable amount of eye candy matched with some clever scripting have assured Buffy a place in the history books as the show is about to start its seventh series. For those that don't know the plot, Buffy is a chosen teen vampire slayer who battles all creatures of the night, from vampires to demons and zombies. Together with her 'Scooby gang' of friends, and her 'watcher; Giles, they outwit every foe in around 40 minutes, and crack a few jokes along the way. Anyway, enough about the show, is the game any good? Or has the licence been wasted on a game forced out before its ready to cash in on the name? Fortunately Buffy provides the exception to the rule, and the developers have produced arguably the best tie in since Goldeneye on the N64. It is evident from the opening sequences upon launching the game that a lot of care and attention has gone into recreating the world of Buffy, it comes as no surprise at all that 'The Collective' who are responsible for the game, are huge Buffy fans. Sets from the show such as the library, the local night spot 'The Bronze', and the cemetery to name but a few are recreated in superb detail. To add to the atmosphere Buffy's stunt double has been motion captured to animate the main character, and all the main cast with the exception of Sarah Michelle Gellar herself have lent their voices to this game, adding hugely to the authenticity. Even Buffy's voice double is so good that she renders herself almost indistiguishable from the real thing. The plot is pretty good too, with plenty of cut sequences making this feel like an episode from around the middle of the franchise, somewhere around series three perhaps. For those of you wit
            h home cinema systems, Buffy is another game presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, making it more essential than ever to make a home theatre setup part of your living room. The soundtrack varies from the traditional racey Buffy theme to quite eerie, dark sections. So we've established that it looks and sounds great, but that no longer placates gamers craving for the cream of the crop, it has to play well too. Perhaps the best way to describe Buffy on the X Box is to say that it plays like Tomb Raider, but that isn't the whole truth. There is more fighting, nearly all of it hand-to-hand combat, and less of that frustrating puzzle solving that Lara put us through. The game is very linear, meaning that exploring by yourself is pretty much a non-starter, but this is no bad thing. The pace of the action means that something new is always just around the next corner, and very few parts have that repetitive feel to them. Vampires crop up on every level, but there are plenty of new foes that have you wondering if you have what it takes. The combat is no button-mashing Tekken-fest either, but is a lesson in how to get it right. Buffy has, along with a life meter, also has a slayer power meter that allows her to unleash special moves on her opponents. Completion of each level unlocks a new move which can be used in conjunction with the standard kick and punch combinations, with devastating and often eye catching results. Add to this a handful of weapons including a crossbow, stakes, and a reaper blade which are acquired as the game progresses, and no two fights are ever the same. Even the scenery becomes part of the action as Buffy finds a conveniently placed pointy object to throw her would-be assassins at. If all this sounds like you are going to need the manual in front of you whilst you play, and have to pause mid-fight to check that move; think again. The controls are intuitively mapped and after ten minutes you won't ever need the manua
            l again. The game saves automatically, on average every ten to fifteen minutes of progression into the game. A good balance of breaking through each level without having to redo entire sections again and again ad nauseum until you get it right has been struck. Whilst challenging, I didn't feel the need to stake a chair leg through my television at any point during the proceedings. Are there any drawbacks? Well, perhaps one or two, but they are pretty minor. The camera angle sometimes causes a problem, meaning that you can easily be blindsided by an enemy. Unfair perhaps, but certainly adds to the jumpy nature of the genre! When battling more than one opponent, get knocked down and you could be in real trouble. On several occassions I had all my energy depleted in a fight which upon restarting I managed to win without sustaining a scratch. The replay value is also questionable, although to be honest having completed this on the normal difficulty setting I have started again on the hard setting! so maybe I have answered my own question there. On normal difficulty you should get around 10 plus hours gameplay out of Buffy. To conclude, Buffy is a superb gaming experience that is actually fun to play, something that is often missing from the final analysis of many console games. The graphics are not the final word in X Box battle for supremacy over its rivals, and the gameplay does have one or two very minor niggles, but put them together and you have a game that should be hard pushed to better. In the US the release of the game a couple of months ago has had gamers out buying the television series, which is testament to its success. Even my other half has had a go!


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