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Burnout: Revenge (Xbox)

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6 Reviews

Genre: Racing / Driving / Rating: E - (Everyone) / up to 2 players / published by: EA - Electronic Arts

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    6 Reviews
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      05.02.2008 15:49



      brilliant game its a must buy!!

      burnout revenge is is the 4th burnout game. it has a lot more cars and tracks then the others and is an extremely addictive game. there are also new game modes for examplt traffic attack and crashbreaker. this game is more mean and rough then the others and is well worth the money. there are 10 ranks that you move up on depending on the points you receive. it proves exiting and fun but can also be a bit frustrating and in my opinon one of the best racing games out there. The graphics are really good and the only thing that can get annoying is the camrea angle. there are also ome really good music tracks which make you want to go faster. this was the first driving game i ha ever brought and i dont regret it as i have been playing it for hours and will carry on playing untill the disk is unusable!!


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        29.08.2006 10:23



        The Best Burout Ever!

        After the sucsess of Burnout 3 EA is back with their 4th game in the racing series Burnout Revenge.

        The controls are preety easy to handle. Their almost the same as Need For Speed so if you've played NFS you should cope. You have a Gas(R trigger), Nitrous (A) and Brakes (L Trigger) buttons.

        The Gameplay in this pure excitement. There are normal races like Circuit and Burning Lap (Time Trial) races and there are crash races like Crash Mode and Traffic attack. The best mode in my opinion is Crash Mode. In Crash mode you have to make traffic crash as much as you can, the more vehicles that crash, the more cash you get. If you get a certin amount of cash you get a medal. You can (when enough cars have crash) explode your car then use aftertouch to move around in air and crash into another car. The graphics are as good as any car game can get. It just looks so beautiful to watch you drive around in the sunny side of town. The tracks look so in-depth it's like you are actually racing (and crashing).

        The storymode is like B3, a tour of the world. You do lots of different races as you try to climb up the ranks of racing. The more Gold medals you win the faster you climb up the ranks and unlock more cars and races. The soundtrack is preety good and has some very good songs like Fallout Boy:Dance Dance but on the xbox you can rip your own music and play it it's up to you

        There's not much bad to say about Burout Revenge it is just a superb game to play and have fun with. If you liked Burnout 3 or any Burnout Then you'll never stop playing Burout Revenge


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          06.07.2006 04:56
          Not Helpful



          Godd game but some faults let it down

          When i first bought this game I was exstatic,i had waited a whole month,But the good reviews and comments from my freinds seemed to fade away when the first disapointment was that the cool dude from the first,second AND third had been replaced by some slut.But the game genarlly is a good experience,like driving through a traffick jam going at 220mph destroying everything i touch,intense final races and last but noty least the music......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh


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            11.06.2006 17:01



            Buy this game... Seriously, buy it. Why are you still here? BUY IT!

            This is how sequels should be.

            Burnout: Revenge picks up on Burnout3's best bits, wraps it up with some new surprises, and tosses everything into the player's lap, saying a big "thank you, come again!" as you leave dazed in wonderment as to how good this game is...

            Graphics-wise it's flashier, though with a bit too much blurriness for my taste. The presentation is great, like a comercial: zing-dang-puuf-poww! Got it? No? Try to see it the next time around!
            Everything is different, the videos, trophies presentations, how you progress as you play, even the loading screens, the whole game is jazzed up, and it works!

            There's no Dj now, I kinda miss him, but on the other hand, the guy was annoying after some time listening to the same smart-ass lines, this time you get just good music, less indie, more electronic, but still the same quality.

            As for the tracks, they still happen in 3 continents, in the city and country, but with new scenarios, bringing new challenges.
            There are shortcuts, obstacles (for example buildings in the middle of the road), and jumps, giving multiple ways to finish a race.
            Besides the good, old-fashoned race, time attack, road rage, and eliminator, all of them with new features, there is the crashbreaker, and traffic attack (off-shoots from the crash-type of game) in a race form.
            The crash (where the player crashed against other cars at junctions for money) is also different, you still have to crash, but the developers have simplified it somewhat, while at the same time keeping it interesting (for example, while jumping, the player has to take into account the wind).

            The cars are all new (though some of them look just like the ones in Burnout 3), with different behaviours and choice of colours! (Okay, not much improvement on this department, but they look great, and what's more, the weight now has a higher influence."

            Bad things about it? I can't find any to complaint about.

            Burnout: Revenge is the best racing game out there, period. It offers more challenges than the typical racers, with enough attraction to keep coming back for one more try, even if its just for the fun of crashing other cars. With your friends is even better, especially getting revenge on them for ramming a van into you!


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            07.04.2006 10:46
            Very helpful



            Excellent game, well worth the money and also superb when played on XBox Live

            My first memory of Burnout was playing Burnout 2 at a friends house when the Xbox was initially released. Back then the game came with the standard package when you bought the console. The thing that hooked me was the highly original 'Crash' mode, hurtle along a road and crash into a junction to cause as much damage as possible. The more damage you cause (rated in cash), the higher your score. It's the game that convinced me the Xbox was worth buying, and I've never looked back.

            Since then we have seen Burnout 3 improve on the features of the game, and now we have Revenge. Having anticipated this one so eagerly, how would I find the game? Would it live up to my own personal hype?

            THE PLOT:

            There isnt really a plot to Burnout Revenge, but the main mode in single player is World Tour. In essence, you have to perform various races to unlock new ones, until they are all open and completed. In Burnout Revenge you will be ranked in 'stars'. You get a rating from OK to Awesome (1-4 stars) based on your performance. The more stunts and dangerous driving you do, the more likely you are to get an awesome rating. This is then combined with the medal you get (so gold for 1st in a race, silver for 2nd etc....). If you get 4 stars for awesome and also get the gold it will increase to the maximum 5 stars. Get a Silver and you keep your rating, get a bronze and you lose a star. Anything less than a Bronze and you will get nothing.

            To progress to the next danger ranking and open a whole new set of levels you need to get a certain number of stars. This is new compared to the last version of Burnout and does make for an added twist. You may find yourself short of a couple of stars and have to go back and improve your rating on a few races before being able to progress.

            THE GRAPHICS:

            The graphics during the gameplay are smooth and quick. i do have a gripe with the mountain levels though. Here you have to race on roads that are in the air, but should you hit the right spot, you can go through the road and freefall into a white abyss! Not what I expect from a top game. Luckily this is rare and only happens on the mountain levels anyway.

            With so much crashing on this game though, there is the opportunity for the prgrammers to work in some good car damage, and work it in they have. You will see your car gradually disintegrate with each crash, and the parts that are hit are the parts that look damaged. Crash head-on and your bonnet may fly off with crumpling at the front of your car, get rammed from the side and your passenger may find a big dent in their door! This realism really helps with the game and ensures an easy and freeflowing game without the 'it looks the same every time I crash' feature that some games provide.

            The graphics on the Menu's are also good, with excellent loading screen images and clear writing on the options. This makes it easy to read, and thus easy to navigate around the games you want.

            THE CONTROLS:

            Burnout Revenge has standard XBox racing controls. You use the triggers to accelerate and brake, A to boost (go faster than normally possible) and B to use a Crashbreaker (blow yourself up in the hope of catching the other racers in the aftermath!).

            In all the controls are fundamentally simple. The cars react to your button presses quickly and realistically. The buttons are easy to hold when neaded without stressing your hand muscles with extended gameplay and the screen shows you what to press and when in the early levels, so you will soon be drifting around corners and boosting into the distant yonder.

            THE RACE MODES:

            So you need to earn the stars, but Burnout is all about variety and there are many race modes you will encounter. These are:

            This is fairly straight forward really, you race laps around a track against 5 opponents until you cross the finish line. Gold for 1st, Silver for 2nd, Bronze for 3rd.

            TRAFFIC ATTACK:
            This is a new mode to Burnout Revenge and involves you hurtling at full speed along the road, ramming into the back of the traffic going in the same direction as yourself. In this mode your target is to cause as much damage to other vehicles as you can. To earn an awesome rating in this mode you need to hit cars into other lanes of traffic to perform 'skill shots' or boost for long periods at a time. Watch out though, its not all that easy. The timer runs fast and busses/lorries will stop you in your tracks, regardless of which direction they are driving in. Time does increase slightly with every car you hit though, to a maximum of 20 seconds at any one time.

            Our old friend Crash has returned to give us hours of fun again. This mode is simple in essence, hard to perform. You have to hurtle along and crash into a crossroads or junction, whatever it may be, and cause as much damage to other vehicles as you possibly can. In a slight variation from previous Burnout games, explosions now increase your multiplier, and the 'target car' adds extra bonus points if you get it. Its easy to see, but hard to do as you often have to hit just the right vehicle at just the right time in order to get gold. Get enough cars involved in your crash and you can earn yourself a 'crashbreaker'. Tap the B button as fast as you can to explode your car - and anything around it.

            BURNING LAP:
            This is a simple lap where you are on your own and have to race at full speed around the track in the hope of beating the lap times. Earn awesome in the same way as race mode. This is possibly the hardest mode to earn 5 stars on as you have to perform some excellent driving moves whilst remaining error free - preferrably also finding a shortcut or two on the way.

            ROAD RAGE:
            This is easily my favourite. In this one you have to crash your opponents off the road to get 'takedowns'. This is great fun, get a pre-defined number of takedowns to get a gold on that given level. You get time extensions at each milestone number of takedowns you reach along the way. You should also use this mode to try and get 'signature takedowns' (explained later).

            This is a race mode with a twist. Every 30 seconds the car in last place is 'eliminated'. All you have to do is avoid being last at each 30 second interval and be the last car remaining to win. Earn awesome in the same ways as in race mode.

            PREVIEW LAP:
            This is basically a Burning Lap but with a special pre-defined car. It's a car you will have the opportunity to unlock later in the game and is invariably fast and harder to control than what you are used to. It's a taster of whats to come... what a tease!

            GRAND PRIX RACE:
            This is basically 3 races together. Finish 1st in any race to get 6pts, 2nd 4pts and so on. The winner is the driver with the most points at the end of the 3 races. Earn awesome ratings the same way as in race mode.

            In all modes except for Crash and Burning Lap, you will be offered the chance to play certain levels with 'Crashbreakers' on. What this means for us mere mortals? Well, we become immortal. When you crash, you can explode your car. This uses up any boost you may have had, but should the explosion take out one or more of your opponents then you get a full boost bar back - and the credit for the takedown. Superb stuff.


            As if the variety of events to master wasnt enough, you also have some extra targets to achieve. These are called 'challenge sheets' and completing them all on any given level will unlock a new car. These may include things like 'hit 70 cars in traffic mode', 'perform a revenge takedown' or 'earn £10,000,000 in Crash mode. These extra incentives mean the gameplay can be extended greatly.

            To add to this, you can also earn signature takedowns. This is something we have seen in previous versions and involves you plowing your opponenets into certain parts of the course (such as a set of arches or a boatyard) to earn the signature takedown. There are 3 signatures available on each level.

            THE CARS:

            The cars you can unlock in Burnout Revenge don't really offer anything new compared to the previous versions. In race mode they get faster as you get to higher levels. Unlocking them can be done by gaining massive amounts of stars or by completing certain special levels to unlock them.

            The fastest cars in the game are available by completing the signature take-downs (see Extra's) and the various challenge sheets. These are hard to complete and you certainly won't achieve this before completing the game for the first time.

            The most original cars come from the Crash mode. Here you start with normal cars, but win in crash mode on certain levels and you can unlock such greats as the 'diner van' or the A-team van (although this is called something else.... it's obvious!). This can add a little bit of fun to the choice of cars, but generally you want a fast car with an medium/heavy weight so you won't hit top scores with any of the more interesting vehicles.... they're just fun to play with.


            However, I have tried it with the Mrs in some of the multiplayer modes and I haven't been disappointed. Most of the game modes are available in one variety or another, although not in a world tour mode. Instead you will play a standalone game against your human opponents.

            You can basically choose if you want to play in turns on crash mode, or if you would prefer a split screen mode where you can both play simultaneously, attempting to outperform your rival. In crash mode you have to cause more damage than they do, in Traffic Attack you need to hit more cars etc....

            In fairness, the gameplay isnt lost in Multi-player mode and it is certainly a good laugh. I'm not going to argue with the fun value here - and would advise its a great buy if you have your mates coming over @:-)

            XBOX LIVE:

            OK, I'm all excited because I got a free Xbox live trial period in this box. I was somewhat annoyed that I still had to put my credit card details in, but currently have 2 months free trial. I plugged in the cable, registered with Xbox Live and loaded in Burnout Revenge.

            Choose XBox Live from the main menu and away you go.

            I was expecting to get online and find hundreds of players, but was slightly disappointed. Around 20 players were there, each playing in their own little games. I selected 'Quick Match' and was placed into a group of players about to start playing 'Crash Party'. The game began and I soon realised I was being totally outclassed, but was still having great fun. Playing humans meant someone would always miss the junction entirely.... but who would it be?

            I have played it online 3 times now, for about 2 hours each visit. I've improved a lot and am now holding my own in most cases. There are only the odd people who get five times more points than anyone else... but I guess world-wide this isnt to be unexpected.

            Online you basically have 2 main options, Race Mode or Crash Mode. As you complete a race/crash, you counter for that mode reduces so other members know if you're an experienced player or a 'newbie'.

            Having done a few quick races you might feel more comfortable creating a room, and dictating what races/crashes are going to take place. Having chosen your mode (crash/race), you then choose how many races/junctions you want - 3 or 5 seem to be the acceptable levels here. Then you create your room and wait for others to join. You can start with just one other driver, or wait for a maximum of 5 friends to join in.

            Then begin, and oh what great gameplay. If you can get in a group of 4 or more in total, it becomes a great laugh. Whether you are racing out in front or falling behind, your human opponents will always offer a challenge (there's always someone better than you.... and worse too!). The game plays at full speed, doesnt stick and has even better playability than the single player modes. Superb and well worth £39.99 a year if you are considering it.

            For those with a headset (not many), you can talk to your opponents during a race or in the lobby rooms. I've not tried this as I dont have one, but would imagine it is 20 times better than trying to type it in using a joypad cursor with an 'on-screen' keyboard. With talking taking forever, it's far easier just to go straight into the action...


            The game actually times how long you've been playing it for under each saved profile. This has its good and its bad points. On the good side, I can tell you that its taken me approximately 19hours and 24 minutes to complete, and this is without getting 5* on all the levels before hand (it says I have completed 58% of the game..!!!). The Mrs has done 10 hours herself - and she doesnt like console games!

            I'm still going, and without fail will have passed the 20 hours mark soon. The multi-player mode and the ease of gameplay means I will no doubt pop this in for a quick whirl now and again even when completed as you can play it for just 5 mins to do a particular event.... so there is no need to make sure you have 2 hours spare to get involved (although 2 hours seems to be standard for me and the Mrs of an evening on this one @:-)).

            Basically, it will last a while. Even when you have finished it, you will be going back and doing levels again to get signature takedowns or that elusive 5 stars. Definitely life in this one.

            Play it on XBox live and you will be playing for a lot longer. Playing online adds a certain extra vavavooom to the gameplay and makes for a real competitive edge. There are enough players to make sure you dont wait too long to find a suitable opponent and you will be desperate to get your name into the top 100 Leaderboard.... have a go... the challenge will engross you @:-)

            THE PRICE:

            OK, so I have performed another fantastic piece of bargain hunting for you. I have been desperately wanting this game for a while, but wasnt sure it was different enough to Burnout 3 to warrant the £30 price tag. However, Tesco are now selling in store at £19.97. Bargain. It's still £29.99 in Game and the other main high street stores. Given the longevity of the game, combined with the superb fun factor, this is excellent value for money.

            To get XBox Live, you will need to use a free trial membership card (I got a surprise one in this game!) or pay £39.99 for your yearly subscription. This is money well spent as other games can also be played online, but this game is worth the money itself!


            The game is fun, easy for beginners and challenging enough for experienced gamers. XBox Live adds a new twist to the play and is a very welcome feature. Of the games I have tried (about 8 including Halo 2 and FIFA 2005), this is the best online play of them all. Single player mode is involving and the game will last for ages. Good clean fun worth buying at £20. Suitable for non computer geeks too!


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              22.02.2006 14:39
              Very helpful



              Death on wheels!

              Ok so everybodies been hyping on about how awesome burnout revenge is and quite often that means the game will be average at best. Games companies seem to be taking less and less risks theese days and as a result the number of fresh games coming out is dwindling. Sequels seem to be hitting the shelves more and more often theese days and lets be fair most of them arent very good, just an old game repackaged with shiny new graphics so why should burnout revenge be any different?

              Well first things first it IS very different to the type of game i have just been talking about and second of all believe the hype, its true, all of it!

              My first impressions were that it would be burnout 3 with a few new levels and cars, a new soundtrack and there you go, but that game would have been burnout 4 and what we have here is burnout revenge! And REVENGE IS SWEET!

              Ok so theese are like burnout 3 in feel, but thats because an artist sticks to a style and a game is no different. Released on the Xbox i wasn't expecting much, don't get me wrong, they are nice, very nice in fact just not like the new 360 graphics. The speed is done much better in this game however making the game far more intense, there will be times when you will be driving so fast that you are unable to control the car (well most of the time actually).

              Thats what burnout is all about, you now have the ability to crash into same way traffic, with the exception of busses and lorries, and even use them to crash other cars and cause pile ups! As always you can crash enemies to gain boost but now when they crah you, they will become your revenge target- will you have your revenge?

              Game modes:
              there are multiple event styles to enter during the race and they are as follows:

              Crash- exactly what it says on the tin, crash your car into traffic to cause the largest pile up possible.
              Race- beat your opponents to the finish line, use shortcuts, crash enemies and do whatever else may be neccessary to win.
              Crashbreaker Race- the same as race mode but now with damage turned on and crashbreakers armed.
              Eliminator- Make sure you arent in last place when the time runs out, or you will be eliminated
              Crashbreaker Eliminator- An eliminator race with damage turned on and crashbreakers armed.
              Traffic attack- crash into innocent traffic to earn time and money, reach your target cash before the clock runs out.
              Takedown- Take out opponents cars on the clock to score points.
              Burning lap- no need for breaks, shortcut wherever possible and drive perfectly to reach your finish line in superfast time.
              Grand prix- a series of events in one location

              Burnout revenge features EA trax allowing you to customise the music in the game, the default tracks to choose from are good driving music but are they to your tatse? only you can tell:
              Andy hunter° - Come On
              CKY - As The Tables Turn
              Comeback Kid - Wake Up The Dead
              The Dead 60s - Riot Radio
              Dogs - Tuned To A Different Station
              The Doors - Break On Through (Remix)
              Emanuel - The Hey Man!
              Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance
              Finch - Ink
              Funeral For A Friend - All The Rage
              Goldfinger - I Want
              Animal Alpha - Bundy
              Infusion - Better World (Adam Freeland Remix)
              Junkie XL - Today
              LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (Remix)
              Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure
              Mindless Self Indulgence - Straight To Video (KMFDM Remix)
              Morningwood - Nu Rock
              MxPx - Heard That Sound
              Nine Black Alps - Shot Down
              OK Go - Do What You Want
              Pennywise - Stand Up
              Apocalyptica - Life Burns!
              The Academy Is... - Almost Here
              The All-American Rejects - Top Of The World
              The Black Velvets - Fear And Loathing
              The Outline - Shotgun
              The Starting Line - The World
              Timo Maas - First Day (General Midi Remix)
              Tsar - Band-Girls-Money
              Unwritten Law - F.I.G.H.T.
              We Are Scientists - The Great Escape
              Asian Dub Foundation - Flyover
              Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and The Harlot (shortened to 'Beast...' in the in-game listing)
              Billy Talent - Red Flag
              Bloc Party - Helicopter
              Bullet For My Valentine - Hand of Blood
              The Chemical Brothers - The Big Jump
              The Bravery - An Honest Mistake (superdiscount Remix)
              Thrice - Lullaby
              Yellowcard - Lights And Sounds

              Everybody who plays racing games knows that the cars make the game as much as anything else. It would be wrong of me to give away the cars that you will unlock but you will not be dissapointed burning it down streets at over 200mph! Unlock cars in all modes and there are some old favourites too including the hot dog van and the school bus!

              If you dont learn the shortcuts you will have a job of keeping up in the later levels and because there are so many of them its hard not to stumble down a different route each time. Thankfully the routes are maked out with blue lights, otherwise you would miss them at such high speeds.

              The game works on a 2 score system, firstly your medal for completing the level ranging from gold to bronze. Secondly you will recieve an aggression rating ranging from ok the Awesome. A bronze medal will result in a demotion of one ramk off your agression rating whilst a gold will raise it by one, allowing for a new highest combined rank of perfect.
              This rating then goes to your revenge ranking to increase it, you will start off as harmless and increase to elite, only burners who go for perfect everytime will advance through the ranks fast ebough though, will you?

              You will be rewarded for completing certain levels and also certain challenge sheetws including takedown challenges. Theese rewards include new cars and tracks, this is an awesome idea as it adds far longer onto the game for those people who obsess at getting 100% at a game.

              The only advice i can give right now is that you buy this game, i hate racing games and sequals but this is neither- this game is death on wheels, will you be the grim reaper or the victim?


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            • Product Details

              Burnout Revenge lets gamers rip through rush hour traffic and lay waste to scores of rubbernecking roadhogs in an over-the-top scene of vehicular mayhem. In addition to tricked out new race, crash and road rage modes, Burnout Revenge adds Revenge mode, challenging gamers to battle the clock and unleash their frustrations on rush hour traffic.

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