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Def Jam Fight for NY (Xbox)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Fighting / Rating: M - (Mature) / up to 2 players / published by: EA - Electronic Arts

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    3 Reviews
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      29.08.2008 10:52



      earn money and buy items to unklock more

      def jam is a really good game.beacuse it has all the rappers and loads of arenas to fight in.there is a stop line were you can choose a player or you can create your own.the story line is that your in a gang and the rival gang wants to have you on there side , but you refuse so they go after you.there are loads and loads of attires to choose from and there is real life desingers such as ecko and reebok.there is lots of jewellery but you have to unlock the really expensive one's you can unlock them buy buying the jewely that is on sale.you can get tatoo's and you can train so you get better at fighting.you can have weapons in fights.everytime you train you ca change your signiture move wich you can do when you are steaming and it normally k 0's them.you can win lots of trophies.


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      28.09.2006 18:38
      Very helpful



      A Superb Fighter.

      EA and EA Canada present...DEF JAM FIGHT FOR NY.

      Back in 2003 EA (The Makers of Need For Speed) and Aki (Makers of WWF No Mercy for the classic N64) made Def Jam Vendetta, a game that cleverly mixed Wrestling and Hip Hop together by featuring Def Jam rappers like DMX and Ludacris. It was on the PS2 and The Gamecube but it wasn't on the Xbox even though the xbox was out and that was a dissapointment for xbox owners. Now more than a year later EA and EA Canada released Def Jam Fight For NY for the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox. This is good news for Hip Hop fans who own the Xbox. Def Jam Fight For NY improves over it's predecessor and it's a lot more aimed at adults. It's rated 18+ for bloody action, Cursing and a few Sexual Themes. If you're mature enough to handle this then carry on reading.

      The Story to Def Jam Fight for NY is carried on from Vendetta as the evil underground D-Mob is arrested. But wait He's not evil anymore. In Fight For NY he's suddenly gone from an evil man to a respected gang leader. Huh. Anyway as the policemen are driving D-Mob to the station a big SUV smashes into the side of the car knocking it onto it's back so D-Mob can escape. And guess who's driving the SUV. It's you. Basically you play as a mystery guy who's identity until after the crash is unknown. Then as one of the policemen explains who the driver was you must create a fighter. You can customize everything from hair to your guy's weight to the voice of your fighter. Once you've finished creating the basic fighter a cutscene will play and you will be introduced to D-Mob's mini-posse (Method Man, WC, Redman and Ludacris), who are not too happy about a new guy just charging into their posse but D-Mob forces them to let him join. Then Blaze (Method Man) introduces you to your crib, which is basically where you can change into your own clothes, save your game and check e-mail. Once you've been introduced to your crib...IT'S TIME TO FIGHT. You basically fight in certain clubs to fight in matches. Basically the club has a set number of matches. Once you've won all the matches in a certain club you must fight a boss in the club. Once you've won that match you've won the club. Then you move on to another club. The main story pits Crow's (Snoop Dogg) gang against D-Mob's gang. iT's quite interesting to see how everything turns out. The story is quite lengthy. It should take 8-10 hours to complete the storymode and there is plenty to do after. The storymode is fun, lengthy and very easy to understand.

      The graphics in Fight for NY are great. The environments look beautiful, ranging from rooftops to underground subways to 5 star hotels. The character designs look very detailed but the crowd does look a bit tacky but that's not very important. There is lots of ways to customize your create-a-character. There are 4 shops in Fight For NY...
      Clothes-Customize your main appearence from top to bottom with jeans, hoodies and wristbands and lots more to make your guy look hip and cool.
      Tattoos-If your have a bare body part you can include tattoos to add flavour your body.
      Jewellery- Buy some bling bling with chains, rings and earings to make you look cool and blinged-out.
      Barber-Change your hair with dreadlocks, shaved and many more. Or change your facial hair as well.
      You can also go to a gym to upgrade your skills, fighting styles and moves to improve your fighting. All of these shops are helpful to you as the more you shop the more the crowd loves you. The roster of fighters is weird. There are over 40 fighters with Def Jam rappers like Ludacris and Method Man, Genetric fighters and Celebrity's like Carman Electra and Henry Rollins. These fighters all look good and all pack a punch. The A.I are quite a challenge. They're not stupid but they're not really hard. You won't be dissapointed with the roster and the A.I.

      There are lots of match types and lots of arenas to fight in. The modes include a standard knock out match, tag team, triple threat and battle royal . Then there are the special matches like...
      Window Match-The first fighter to knock their opponent out of the window wins.
      Subway Match-The first fighter to knock their opponent in front of the train so the opponent is run over by the train is the winner.
      Steel Cage-This match is like a standard Knockout match except there's a steel cage surrounding the ring. The rules are the same as a normal 1-on-1 match. The first fighter to knock out his opponent is the winner.
      Demolition Match-The first fighter to completely wreck 2 parts of the opponent's SUV wins.
      Ring Out Match-You fight in a ring of fire and the first fighter to KO their opponent wins.
      All the match types are really fun to play and should hold your attention in and out of the storymode. Some arenas have a crowd as a ring. They can hand you weapons or team up to attack your opponent...or you. You can use the environment to attack you opponent e.g. you can throw your opponent into the steel cage.

      The controls are simple. You have standard attacks (X and Y) and a grapple move (A). As you do more damage you fill your Blazin' metre. Once you've filled your blazin' metre you can do a blazin' taunt by moving the right stick in any direction. While you're blazin' you can perform a special move. If your opponent's health metre is nearly empty it will KO your opponent. These moves are really cool to watch and really easy to pull off as well. There are 5 fighting styles.Kickboxing, Wrestling, Submission, Streetfighting and Martial Arts. A fighter can have up to 3 fighting styles. When you mix styles together you learn different moves. What's really clever about this is that all the fighters never have the same move. Even your create-a-fighters never repeat the same moves which is really good as it takes out any repetition.

      The music in Fight For NY is brilliant. All the Def Jam fighters are voiced by the actual rappers themselves though most of them are only spoken before and after the fight if they won but they are still great. The soundtrack is probably the best to ever go into a video game. It feature's Old and New Hip Hop. All the Def Jam artists have comitted to this soundtrack and it's really good. Each arena has their own theme music which really suit the arenas. There are also some instrumentals as well which varies the soundtrack even more. If only a soundtrack CD was released as I think it would of sold millions. But perhaps it would of been better if you could use custom soundtracks on but the soundtrack is so good you probably wouldn't want to change it. Also when you hit a person the bone crunching sounds are great.

      There is lots of replay value. You won't of unlocked all the fighters by completing the story as you have to buy them by earning reward points. To earn reward points you have to win matches in battle mode. Battle mode is when you can set any match type with any fighter avalible. Once you've collected a certain amount of Reward Points you can buy a fighter. There are quite a few fighters to unlock and it's challeging to earn lots of points so this will take up time and you'll want to fight again and again. The multiplayer is fun as well. It's pretty much the same as battle mode but because fighting is so fun if your mates like this they'll want to play again.

      If you're a PSP owner who liked the look of Def Jam Fight for NY but didn't buy it there is good news. A few weeks ago EA released Def Jam Fight For NY The Takeover which is exclusive to the PSP. Overall Def Jam: Fight For NY is a superb game. The graphics are mostly superb, the storymode is lengthy, The soundtrack is awesome and there is lots of replay value. If you like Wrestling Games or Hip Hop this is a must own and even if you hate wrestling games or only played Vendetta this game is just a great to own and should be in anyone's game collection. Vendetta was a great game and Fight For NY is even better.


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        12.03.2005 15:05
        Very helpful



        Pros: Incredible use of hip-hop culture as a license; great soundtrack; solid gameplay
        Cons: Little replay value to story mode; needs more character creation options

        Def Jam Vendetta was a breath of fresh air in the realm of wrestling video games. It took the Aki wrestling engine, and instead of pitting masked luchadors against each other, brought in icons from the world of hip-hop, such as Keith Murray, Ludacris, and DMX. Def Jam Fight For NY takes the ideas introduced in Vendetta and goes a step further, virtually eliminating any notion of this being a wrestling game, and tweaking the gameplay mechanics closer towards a street fighting, no-holds-barred type slugfest.

        Piledrived Down to the Floor like Paul Orndorff

        If you’re familiar with the most recent console wrestling games, then the basic mechanics of Def Jam Fight For NY will be second nature. Every fighter is capable of dishing out punches, kicks, and attempting grapples. Each of these maneuvers can be modified with a shoulder button to turn it into a strong grapple, or strong strike. Characters can also perform running versions of these standard attacks, and defend against strikes with a blocking system that rewards you for actively blocking attacks at the moment of impact. The system works well, in that it balances strikes versus grapples in an intuitive, paper-rock-scissors type of way. You want to stop a furious striker, just counter his move by blocking his attack at the right moment. A grab-happy wrestler type can be put in his place by judicious use of fists to the face. And of course, the turtling, defense-happy fighter can be forced to say uncle with a close quarters grab.

        Stylin’ and Profilin’

        Fighters aren’t limited to wrestling, though. Each marquee fighter, from Fat Joe to Flava Flav, is gifted with his own unique fighting style, a unique set of moves deriving from a dedication to a single discipline, or a blend of different styles. There are five disciplines in all, being martial arts, kickboxing, street fighting, wrestling, and submission fighting. Each discipline has its own strengths, and offers a fighter a specific way to end a match. Submission fighters can break an opponent’s limb to make them tap out, wrestlers can execute punishing heavy grapples, martial artists can knock someone out with insane wall-jump moves, kick boxers can pull an opponent into a punishing Thai clinch, and street fighters can throw down with the mother of all haymakers. You can also end a fight with a blazin’ move, Def Jam’s version of the finishing maneuver.

        These insane moves are executed with little regard for the laws of gravity or human endurance, but are loads of fun to watch. You need to build up crowd support to fill up your blazin’ meter, which is made easier by wearing lots of blingin’ jewelry. But once you’re charged up it’s time to wreak havoc. Just watch out for Redman’s full on assault on the groin, you’ll definitely wince, and maybe even shed a tear.

        The First Rule of Fight Club…

        Throwing in a great dose of unpredictability in the mix are the street fight rules that are implemented in such a slick fashion. Weapons abound from venue to venue, so you can smash a bottle over your opponent’s skull, smash his face in with a shovel, or beat his head in ‘til his ears bleed with a baseball bat. The crowd will gladly jump in on the action if you toss your opponent into the fray, executing satisfying double team moves with you, or just cracking them upside the head with a pool cue. Environmental moves are key as well, leading to potentially devastating damage on your foes. After a few minutes of play, you’ll be rubbing your opponents’ faces across chain link fences, smashing them through jukeboxes, and putting them headfirst through everything from wooden crates to electrifying fuse boxes.

        Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game

        The story mode in Def Jam Fight For NY is quite impressive as well. You start out with a created fighter, whose physical characteristics you determine, and whose fighting style you select. Your fighter’s tale focuses on his role in the conflict between two rival gangs of underground fighters, and the drama that ensues around every corner. You’ll head out to Henry Rollins’ gym to build up your fighting skills, and shop all around town with your fight winnings to get new tattoos, the hottest Sean John and Rocawear gear, and the flashiest, most iced-out jewelry money can buy. You’ll be entertained for quite a few hours playing through this one, and you may want to go through the story more than once to build new characters for use in head-to-head play.

        So Fresh and So Clean

        Def Jam Fight For NY’s visuals and audio are both excellent. The character models are highly detailed, with much attention being devoted by the artists to their hair, clothing, and tattoos. The environments are also filled with plenty of interactive detail, although the crowds themselves bear considerably lower polygon counts than the fighters.

        The game’s soundtrack, on the other hand, is absolutely smokin’, with some great classics like LL Cool J’s "Mama Said Knock You Out", and Ice T’s "Original Gangster". You’ve also got newer tracks by Method Man and Outkast rounding out a track list that’s sure to please any hip-hop enthusiast. The voice acting is up to snuff as well. You’ll communicate with the different characters in the story via your T-Mobile sidekick, and much praise to the excellent voice work by Method Man, Christopher Judge (who plays D-Mob), Snoop Dogg, and the rest, although few can understand a word Sean Paul ever says. Take note, however, that Def Jam Fight for NY earns every last bit of its mature rating, and makes copious use of profanity. Still, the use of language in this game is entirely appropriate, and never seems forced.

        Down with the King?

        Def Jam Fight For NY is an incredibly fun game born of a fascinating concept that follows through on its potential in almost every way. If you’re a fan of hip-hop, or of solid grapplers with a huge does of the old ultra-violence, you’ll find plenty here to keep you bouncing in your seat.


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      • Product Details

        Develop your fighting skills, get down with a crew, and battle for control of the underworld. Survive the gritty reality of the urban underworld in Def Jam Fight For NY, the only fighting game featuring five intense fighting styles, hardcore hip hop music, more than 40 hip hop artists and celebrities, and seedy urban venues.

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