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Dynasty Warriors 3 (Xbox)

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    3 Reviews
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      26.07.2012 20:25
      Very helpful



      An addictive hack and slash game, full of china's most fierce warriors of old!

      Justice Will Prevail (Origins)
      Sequel to the 2000's Dynasty Warriors 2 (1 and the 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms'), the third installment offers much more than endless hack and slash gameplay. DW3 may have lifted move-sets, levels and the odd song from its counterpart, but it also included several improvements and additions to make it a far superior game, including more playable characters, music, levels, items, weapons, moves, FMV's and the possibility of Co-op. As before, anyone can pick up this game and get the gist of it within minutes, essentially mastering the controls and being drawn into massive historical (and fictional) battles. The intention of the player should be to finish a specific characters storyline (taking part in battles that said character may have participated in real life), finding better weapons and items along the way, whilst improving your warrior's stats and unlocking related generals for future 'Musou Mode' play. There are also 'Unique' weapons to be found by enduring levels on hard difficulty and meeting specific requirements - this is where the co-operative mode comes in VERY handy...

      "In peace you are an able subject, in chaos you are a crafty hero." (Characters)
      32 Generals, each with their own set of related levels, 9 additional 'Free Mode' warriors (which have story modes in the 'Xtreme' expansion) who are outside of the main 3 kingdoms, making a total of 41 playable characters. Though the depth in story is lacking, each character does have different locations and tasks to complete on the battleground, some with protection roles or search and destroy missions. Everyone has alternate costumes (by pressing X) which aren't too special but they are helpful should you encounter generals of similar stature. They all have original initial stats for Life, Musou, Attack & Defence which make for differing play through's as some are quick with low defence whilst others are like tanks. It's in their weapons that the warriors excel though as they unlock new creative moves (6) that enhance and freshen gameplay by adding more moves and building stats for your player. The majority centre around the three kingdoms who were historically at each others throats in ancient China.

      The Romance of the Three (Kingdoms)
      'Wei' are the overwhelming army led by the hero of chaos, Cao Cao and his loyal cousins Xiahou Dun & Yuan. In-game they are pictured as the ruthless baddies who rule the land with an iron fist, pretty much being the exact opposite of... 'Shu' are led by Liu Bei, a bumbling pure soul who claims to stand for the people. Their participation in battles usually include retreating, worm like tactics, over relying on their generals (Guan Yu & Zhang Fei) and collaborating with bigger forces such as... 'Wu' feature the most unlockable and diverse characters in the game. Historically, they were a match for Wei, however in the game it seems they are more of a band of scallywags, relying on fire attacks, piracy and luck. They also have 4 characters under the Sun name, so they tend to keep it in the family. Personally, I don't agree with the way the creators have cast their opinions on the factions, as they overpower the underdogs and downplay the ability of true legends. So its pretty clear that I prefer the kingdom of Wei as they have quality characters, a strong leader and in the end, historically, they are the last ones standing.

      Cao Cao, Dian Wei, Sima Yi, Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Xu Huang, Xu Zhu, Zhang He, Zhang Liao & Zhen Ji.

      Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong, Jiang Wei, Ma Chao, Pang Tong, Wei Yan, Zhao Yun & Zhuge Liang.

      Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Sun Shang Xiang, Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao, Zhou Yu, Gan Ning, Huang Gai, Lu Xun, Lu Meng & Taishi Ci.

      Diao Chan, Dong Zhuo, Fu Xi, Lu Bu, Meng Huo, Nu Wa, Yuan Shao, Zhang Jiao & Zhu Rong.

      Try listening to "I have defeated an enemy officer" 1000 times... (Gameplay)
      With its easy controls and goals, DW3 defines the term 'Pick up & Play'. Use 'X' to swing your weapons, 'Y' to power up a special attack, 'B' to charge your musou metre and 'A' to... jump! 'R' trigger aims your bow and arrow (which are limited and go into 1st person view) 'L' is to block and black and white buttons alter the minimap and turn on/off enemy health bars. First off, you set up your character in preparation, choosing your best weapon (out of 4) equipping items (maximum of 5) and selecting your very own body guards including various troops and weapons - in either attack of defence stance. When the battle gets under way you generally leg it towards the nearest enemy general and take them down (killing them with a combo of 8 or higher tends to result in improved Attack & Defence drops, as well as item stats). It's this basic style of play that makes the game too easy - unless you put it on hard which predictably makes enemies tougher, but also makes gamers think twice before jousting through hordes of troops and archers before meeting a menacing general in battle. Instead, you can choose to take out 'gates' and their captains, effectively blocking the routes which endless troops pour out of. What makes the game great though is its inclusion of co-op - 2 players only, you can help each other out when situations get dire and even combine musou attacks for epic, over the top action. It generally improves the game if you aren't prone to playing single player. One major problem though is the games famous 'fogging' - this really effects gameplay in a bad way.. By having numerous enemy troops on screen, the game struggles to 'visualize' them all at once and so, some become invisible, making them impossible to see, hit and 'juggle' if you're trying to improve the drop. As you can imagine, it makes life hell in hard mode since you can't block from behind. Ride horses and elephants, shoot arrows, hit, slice and stab people with weapons, dodge boulders and navigate mazes.

      184-234AD (Levels & Modes)
      There are a total of 20 levels which can be played by 1, 2 or even a third force involved so you can experience both sides of the coin. The layouts of the maps are just one of the many reasons why I prefer this game to any other in the franchise - they are memorable - with defining moments and climactic events, whereas newer releases are faceless hallways. You encounter flooded castles, farming fields, grassy hills, snowy mountainous regions, central bridges, stone mazes, midnight plains and even pirate ships! Outside of the standard Musou and Free modes, is the Vs mode for rather dreary 2 player fights and Challenge mode which allows for setting records of speed, survival, and number of 'K.Os' (interjection: this has bothered me from DW2 to DW7, as 'KO' stands for knock out, something thats not really attainable when striking someone with a gigantic blade or stabbing someone in the face with a spear). In the options you can set difficulty, controls, BGM's and even create your own original video with the games cast.. for a laugh I suppose. The Database is handy too as it features some historical information about warriors and lists all your items and weapons.

      "Feeyaal duh powwa ov myyee.... MAAA-GAAAIIIRK!" (Music & Voice Acting)
      I'll be the first to praise the soundtrack and first to poke fun of the hilariously appalling voice acting. If you want an example of some of the guitar solo face melting music that accompanies legendary battles, then check out either 'Lu Bu's Theme' or 'Arena'. However, you're more likely to come across more forums and videos documenting the poor dialogue. If anything, the voices make the game rather comical and cult like.. The music though i hugely original and well matched to some of the fights as they often switch in between battles to suit the morale and momentum. Even with the games glaring faults, idiotic dialogue and dated graphics, it easily stands tall among most of Koei's other releases. I reccomend this to anyone who has experience of the series or preference for the original Xbox era, as it is far better than any of the recycled versions on newer generation consoles... aka 6 and 7..


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      29.02.2012 17:26



      Great game would highly recommend!

      Apart from a bit of a glitch problem, which is to be expected from the time the game was made, this is a brilliant game. I have been a fan of the franchise since Dynasty Warriors 1 on the PS1 and fell in love instantly. I have played the 3rd instalment on PS2 and x box and there is little difference apart from maybe a slight graphics improvement. This was the ultimate role playing fighting game of its type and time in my opinion which is backed up by the fact that there is now a seventh one of the series out. But how does it compare with it's predecessors and even the ones which came after it? As far difficulty goes, compared with the other games it is definitely the hardest. The enemy generals are harder to kill so it's ultimately harder to win. Many times i found myself needing to run away from a general with a almost an entirely spent health bar in a desperate attempt to find a vase with health in it! Although it was difficult it was never too difficult; a lot of the other DW games i found to be overly easy in the sense that generals fell too easily. While putting the difficulty up would only make it tiresome when taking 4 on more hits to kill a simple private. I always thought the third one had it just right. The stories are much the same in every game so a comparison of that really is pointless; saying that they are good stories which are built upon and made more interesting with each game. DW3 was a game that built of the success of the 2nd DW and did a very good job. In the game you play as a general of one of the 3 kingdoms (either Wu, Shu or Wei) attempting to join the lands in the name of your lord. Each General has their own unique fighting style, weapon and storyline. If you've never played a DW game, i would strongly recommend it!


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      21.12.2005 13:08
      Very helpful



      3rd in the dynasty warriors series, hardcore action slashing game

      This is a review on one of the best Dynasty Warriors games around for the XBOX called Dynasty Warriors 3. They have finally released this game onto the XBOX and with better graphics and detail. But there are no new features so it is pretty much a straight transfer from the original one on the Playstation 2. This was the second Dynasty Warriors game to come out onto the XBOX, but it is very dear and rare to find which an annoyance is, but it is worth getting if you do find it.

      The game has many modes for you to play, there is Masou mode and free mode, there are a few things that this game is lacking compared to Dynasty Warriors 4 like the Edit mode, and other stuff, but this is still the better one to get then Dynasty Warriors 4. The good thing about Dynasty Warriors 3 is that it is extremely realistic to the story of the three kingdoms, and has very detailed maps, and probably has the best map design then all of the other Dynasty Warriors games.

      Masou Mode:

      In Masou mode you get to choose an officer you would like to be from Wei, Shu or Wu, and then follow there story of the three kingdoms. You will go through each battle, and acquire items and better weapons during the fights. Depending on which officer you choose to be is depending on how the story goes, each officer has their own unique story for you to go through. You unlock officers by either completing stories on Masou mode or making certain events occur.

      Also in Masou mode you will unlock new battles for you to fight in free mode, so you can play them whenever you want with whichever officer you want. But for those whom not know the Dynasty Warriors series, then I shall tell you what it is. Dynasty Warriors is about a war between three kingdoms called Shu, Wu and Wei. Each kingdom has numerous officers and lots of troops to take out their enemies. It won't always be them three kingdoms fighting each other, there will also be other threats, like The Yellow Turbans and Dong Zhou's forces. But you will fight to help your kingdom and try to become the ultimate warrior that will strike fear into your enemy.

      In every battle you may face, you will start off on your own, with your army there also, depending if you are doing this part of the story or not is depending if you will have troops on your side. Your army may be massive or small depending how far into the game and which battle you are on. But you will always have the chance to have troops on your side by having bodyguards on your side, you can have a maximum of eight bodyguards, but you will start off with two, and you will upgrade them by training them into ultimate bodyguards so you will be invincible. Each officers will have their own set of bodyguards.

      Free Mode:

      Free mode allows you to play any battle that you already have unlocked, also to play them maps with any officer you want and also to play with certain officers that do not have a story like Lu Bu, Meng Huo etc. Free mode is great for training your officers and bodyguards so you will be able to play their story easier. Free mode is also a good thing to do with a friend as this game is 2 player also. You will be on the same side as each other and will be working together to take out the enemy commander.

      Normally the best way to finish a battle first is to head for the enemy commander and kill him, then you will have won the battle normally unless you are doing a battle with other win conditions. When you kill an enemy officer, a special item drops, which will increase your stats once picked up, it will either be attack up, defence up, life up or masou up. Each officer has their own unique attack moves so they can attack better then some other officers and do more damage also. Each officer will be able to do more attacks as soon as you find a better weapon. You can find weapons and items by destroying crates during battle which you will find scattered around, also you may get items and weapons from killing enemy officers.

      VS Mode:

      This is where you will be able to duel a friend with any officer that you have unlocked in masou mode, you will be able to duel each other, and do other mini things also with each other which makes this really fun to do. You can only play against another person and not a computer unlike Dynasty Warriors 4 Empires which can be a downfall for this, but it is still great fun to play with mates.

      That's all the game modes you can play, but there is an encyclopedia on there so you can get information on what weapons you have for which officer, what officers you have, what officers are in the entire three kingdoms story including a little about them, which items you have collected etc, it is a lot of information and really worth looking at if you are in need of searching for more information about the three kingdoms story.

      The game was very enjoyable, had great fun with doing the stories of each of the officers, trying to get their 4th weapon which is their ultimate weapon which is really hard to get… also had great fun with playing free mode and playing VS mode with my mates, all a lot of fun. Very playable, really worth playing if you are a fan of the Dynasty Warriors franchise or the three kingdoms story.

      The game is fairly addictive, when you play this game time will fly by, on average if you kind of rush a battle will take around 10 minutes per battle, but if you do the battle properly could take around an hour to do the battle, which really rocks. The game is original, it has unique maps, lots of new ones to Dynasty Warriors 2, also has new officers, and new added storylines to make the game just that much better.

      The graphics of the game is good, the detail in the battlefields, in the officers looks and the weapons and the detail of the game in general, pretty good stuff, considering it's a fairly old game. The background music to this game is fairly epic, sets the mood of the game and makes the game better as it is oriental style music until you go into battle which is more of fighting rock music with does indeed rock.

      The first Dynasty Warriors game to have every cut scene done in voices, unlike Dynasty Warriors 2, this Dynasty Warriors game has everything in voices, so you don't have to read the subtitles all the time. You can change the language of the subtitles under options if you are that desperate. The sound effects are good, with the slashing, the footsteps, the screeching of the enemy troops dying, its all good really.

      The game is pretty difficult, is one of the hardest Dynasty Warriors games including the new ones, yet it is still fun to play, but just needs strategy on how you fight in battles, if you are in a battle with Lu Bu (this warrior god) then I recommend running away like hell so you don't die. This is not really good value, considering its like £40 new, which is pretty dear, when you can get it on the Playstation 2 for cheaper, but if you do find it cheap this game is really worth getting, even if you get it on Playstation 2. I give this game 5 star * * * * *, as it has become one of my favourite Dynasty Warriors games, and has the best story of them all and the best map designs.

      Some information you may want to know about the game:

      RATED - 15+ (for violence)
      PLAYERS - 1 - 2
      CREATED BY - Koei




      Just For Kids

      Thanks For Reading, and will look forward to reading any comments that you may leave, thanks!


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