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Need for Speed Underground 2 (Xbox)

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6 Reviews

Need for Speed Underground 2 challenges gamers to immerse themselves in the tuner culture, exploring an expansive, free-roaming city divided into five distinct neighbourhoods. Gamers will encounter rival racers who will initiate events, tip players off to the hottest racing spots, and show them where to buy the most sought-after licensed aftermarket upgrades.The new game delivers complete automotive self-expression with more than 30 of the hottest licensed turner cars and hundreds of aftermarket parts for nearly infinite visual and performance customization combinations. / Type: Racing / Release date: 2004-11-19

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    6 Reviews
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      24.06.2008 18:11
      Very helpful



      High rated racing game which is worth a buy

      Need For Speed Underground 2 is a solid racing game for the Xbox console.

      Getting a very high 9.1 rating from IGN was a pretty impressive result, especially for a sequel. The game has improved since the first Need For Speed Underground with much better graphics, improved car and crowd sounds, more customisation to the car, including more colours and different rims and most importantly... you can now free roam and drive to a race when you want to.

      So you're not just racing all the time. You can also race a random street racer for money as well as bringing up the map and choosing the GPS to guide you to a race. You'll probably complete the game at about 60% or so, and then completing all the other races and the extra races will enable you to get the full 100% completion for the game.

      Expect drift, sprint, circuit, beating the speed camera and more, when racing.

      The game can be picked up pretty cheap now so it's worth a buy, especially if you liked the first one in the series.

      It's definitely an arcade racer, so if you prefer simulators then this game won't appeal to you at all. Over the top speeds and blurred vision is still there with NOS still in use.


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      22.06.2008 13:45
      1 Comment



      Good fun, with good driving

      Need for speed games have always dominated the driving game market and underground 2 is no exception. with improved customisation, more cars and extended campaign this is another driving classic. The huge advantage over the first game is the free roaming opportunity which includes random challenges such as pusuit style races with other racers, ie you have to travel a certain distance away from them in order to win, this is a fun and easy way to collect cash which is much needed in order to upgrade your car. The campaign has a good selection of missions both in terms of number of missions and type, there are sprint, drag, drift and circuit races. The graphics are very decent for a dated xbox game and provides huge amounts of fun for both single and multiplay. In terms of price a fair price would be around £10 so aim for anything below £15.


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        29.08.2006 21:28



        A brilliant Racer.

        EA return with there new racer NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND 2!

        The story to NFSU2 is following on from NFSU. You've won everything in The NFSU world but are ambushed by a rival gang and must omve away and start from scratch. You move to Bayveiw and you meet up with Rachel and she lends you her car. You can either go straight to the garage or race with it and annoy Rachel. Then you buy your own car and start racing.
        The Core Racing is the star of this show and is brilliant to play.

        The controls are pretty simple...

        Steer-L stick
        Gas-L trigger
        Brake/Reverse-L trigger
        Change Camera-White
        Look Back-Black
        Shift Up/Down-X/Y
        Enter Shop/Challenge Opponent-Up
        Career Stats-Down
        Display SMS-Left
        Display World Map-Right
        Reset Car-Back

        The graphics are neat but could be better but the cars look super. The tracks in NFSU2 are brilliant looking. Every Detail looks super and will blow your mind.
        To customize a car you must find the shops around the city. Then you can customize your car fully.

        For the first time in the NFS series you can explore a big world in storymode called Bayview. Bayview is split into 5 areas, City Core, Beacon Hills, Jackson Heights, Coal Harbour East and Coal Harbour West. As you play on you unlcok more areas and more races. These are the race types...

        Circuit-Lap Racing
        Sprint-Point To Point Racing
        Drag-The Stright Line
        Drift-Style Is The Key
        Street X-Tradin' Paint
        URL-Majour Races
        Downhill Drift-Style Going Downhill
        Outrun-Speed Off
        SUV-Race With Hard Muscle

        They are all good match types and fun to race in.

        Once you've completed NFSU2 theres nothing to do and story is quite short so it dosen't have much to do but it's a great ride.

        Overall if you like NFS or street racing then you will love NFSU2.


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          20.03.2006 16:47
          Very helpful



          fast and controleable, all my fave cars and a huge selection of mods to chose from

          From the second you pull away from the starting line, you see the world blur past your eyes and know, this is another nitrous injected wheel screeching instalment of the need for speed series.

          This is truly an amazing game in all senses. It has sleek and detailed graphics that really do give you that sensation of speed that EA are famous for in this series. Every twist and bend you take, you will notice the highest level of detail whether it's the reflections of street lights across the puddle scattered roads after rain or the glair of oncoming traffic as the sun reflects of their bonnets this is truly a visually stunning game.

          This game sounds great to as specially if played through a surround system. E.A have managed to define the unique engine sounds of the cars. Whether it's the deep rumble of the doge viper's 8ltr v10, or the powerful whirring of the RX7's twin turbo rotary. This game captures every last detail from dump valves to the sound of your tires being left behind on the tarmac.

          In this game there are three game modes.

          CAREER MODE:

          upon entering the career mode you youl find yourself straped into a highly tuned 350z this isn’t your car for long mind as the owner awaits its safe return. Although this gives you chance to rack up some extra cash before you make your first purchase.

          now its time to navigate the road maps and find your first garage.


          Here is where you buy your and sell your cars. As you progress through the game and win those all important races more desirable cars become unlocked, also dotted around the map for your discovery are various traders such as, performance shops: this is where you turn your car from a bog standard production line model to a fire breathing nitrous injected monster. Body shops here you can alter the look of your ride. Whether it’s the mean and evil look or smooth and slink curves, just about any look is achievable here. For the finishing touches you pull into the graphics shop this is where you add a coat of paint and choose from a huge selection of decals
          and vinyl’s.

          THE RACE

          There are five types of race to master if you going to stand any chance of earning respect and making it big as a street racer


          Quite simple you have a designated number of laps in order to race your way into first place.


          here your going to need some serious rear wheel power to slide your way round the freshly oiled track. You rack up points judged on your angle speed and length of drift. But be careful hitting the barrier will result in your points being lost and the multiplier being reset to zero.


          This is a dash to get from a to b with your rivals fading away in your rear view mirror.


          Hear you machines transmission is set to manual as the idea is to out change your opponent and roar past the finish line first. This has to be my favourite part of the game very intense and fast paced.


          this stands for underground racing league. This is where your opponents get tougher and you start to race your way up the rankings. Just as the circuit races but this time a proper track with no traffic to get in your way.

          QUICK RACE MODE: Simply customise your event to suit you and race the CPU or a friend. Enough said I think

          Online multiplayer
          i have not taken this game online as yet so cant comment but the idea of racing the dragstrip alongside others from around the world sounds appealing.

          All in all this is a great and highly addictive game plenty of cars to choose from a pug 206, rx7, impeza, evo's, vipers, ford gt and many more. You can mod them from a huge list of rims, colours, body kits, and get them engines humming just the way you like with the performance mods. If you've ever played any of the need for speed series you know what to expect handling wise. I would say take the accuracy of grantorismo and the all out adrenalin of burnout 3 and aim somewhere in between.

          Thank you for reading hope I have been of help


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            24.02.2006 17:15
            Very helpful



            Excellent game, excellent value. Upgrades are too complex for young children though

            THE PLOT:

            What is it that makes a modern racing game great? It's a plot! And sure enough, Need For Speed Underground 2 (NFSU2) doesn't let us down.

            You start as a rookie on the 'boy racer' style circuit. You travel the roads looking for 'meets' and getting your illegal reputation up. As you progress, more and more options become open to you, and so do more and more upgrades.

            THE CONTROLS:

            The game is like most racing games on the Xbox, you press the R trigger to accelerate, the L trigger to brake and you use the analogue stick to steer (sorry to those who can't hack the stick, the d-pad is used for other things!).

            The game is pretty easy to begin with, and there are various races involved. When you start any type of race for the first time, it tells you what the different buttons do and will give you some tips on how to win... but you'll need to use your own experience to pass the later levels.

            The cars actually handle quite well too. As with most games you start with a slow car that can turn easily, and as you get used to the cornering, you get the faster cars that don't turn so well. But don't worry, you'll son learn the art of corner sliding as its easy to pick up.

            THE GRAPHICS:

            The cars are the main thing in any racing game, and this one makes sure they look good. They are smooth lined, with a great deal of work having gone into the apearance. They managed to get out of the problem of damage - by making sure you never incur any. A crash simply costs you time in the race.

            Impressively though, the cars change based on what you do. You have the opportunity to upgrade your car in all manner of ways, and each upgrade is well represented when you drive around.

            The tracks are also superbly rendered with only the occassional 'pop-up' on some of the faster tracks. I'm a great advocate for refusing to play anything containing this horrible 'pop-up' feature, but have had to admit to defeat as this game actually plays well despite it. For those who aren't aware, 'pop-up' is when a building or suchlike go from not being there to suddenly being right in the middle of the screen. Very distracting and annoying.

            THE RACE TYPES:

            Having started on your weary way, you will have got yourself a car and started tinkering with it. But at this point in time, you have nothing of note to add to it. To get upgrades, you need to earn money to buy them with. Some money can be found around the city, but the most impressive way to make money is to do the races. There are several types, each with a total twist in the way they play...

            Drift Races:
            My personal favourite, this is where the track has been oiled and you slide around the corners like a right idiot! Controlling your car is important on these races and you get more points for bigger, better and longer slides. The person with the most points wins.

            Circuit Races:
            These are the typical race around a track doing laps. You get various ones but generally they are quite lengthy and can take longer to win.

            Street X:
            These are very tight tracks with hard corners and very little room to make any errors. You cant find any straights to get up a good speed on these so you're better with a smaller car. You may find these the hardest when you first start the game, but with experience driving elsewhere, you will soon pick it up.

            Drag Races:
            These are straight forward sprints and another one that I particularly like. The controls change for this, with the emphasis on changing gears and just moving left or right to avoid obstacles. Its a lot more fun than it sounds...

            These are the important 'end of level' races. Win enough of the others to build your reputation and unlock these events. Win them and you will open whole new areas on the map - along with harder races to get to the next URL.

            THE EXTRAS:

            As well as straightforward racing, NFSU2 appeals to the slight boy racer in all of us, by allowing you to upgrade the visual look of your car. Rather than being a pointless excercise, you can actually be offered the chance to photograph your car to get on the cover of a magazine or two. This is a great as a break from the norm.

            Further, you have to get from one race to the other, and in doing so you may run into another racer. Should you approach them, you can challenge them for cash and sometimes even unique car parts.... These involve you trying to take the lead and then lose them by getting more than 1000ft in front of them. It sounds easy, but its definitely easier said than done. Its a good way of building your reputation.


            I've never been a 'petrolhead', or indeed a boy racer. But this game is certainly involving. Because the racing actually has a storyline behind it, you find yourself getting more and more engrossed. There are also hundreds of targets to achieve bonuses, which keep you aiming for just one more magazine cover.....

            I only stopped playing this game when the Mrs decided to have a go to keep me quiet one night.... since then she's been glued to it. She wont even let the kids play it in case they break it... and for an XBOX game, thats a miracle.

            Highly recommended to anyone.

            THE PRICE:

            Need For Speed Underground 2 is actually quite cheap now. A newer version called Need For Speed Most Wanted has been released and I saw this one in Game today for £19.99 new. I also scoured the second hand games both in Game and Cash Converter and found it in both for less than £10. Online its about the same - which seems to be the case with Xbox games these days.

            Even at £20, its still well worth the money, and you won't complete it any time soon either. I checked my profile and after 82hours of play, I have completed about 83% of the game... but the last percentage is always the hardest @;-)


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              04.01.2006 14:00
              1 Comment



              The game is good for people who enjoy racing games but is not s good as some racing games

              What can i say about this game
              It is a brilliant game and is more intense in race mode than any other racing games that i have such as Need for speed Underground and Project Gotham racing,As you are playing the game in race mode you get such a buzz and such a adrenalin rush because one moment you are in the lead and next moment you are losing its just so intense.

              Unlike the first Need For Speed, Need for speed underground actually allows you to drive from race to race around the city. As in the previous game you just went from 1 race to another and i think that the makers got the idea from Midnight club racing games as that it is the same on that.

              The cars have also improved loads, they look more realistic and sound more like real like boy racer cars, the best thing is very time you get a new engine for it, your engine sounds totally different to the engine you had in previously which is more realistic in my eyes

              Would You agree?

              The garage has also been updated as well, you can do more things such as change rims which you could do in the first game but this time there are more and better rims and you can chrome them for the best look you want, There is a few changes as well to the colour of the cars, YES there is more new colours WOW but now they have pearless paint and gloss paints which make the car look that much better.

              The city that you never got to see in the first game is brilliant, it may stay night time all the time, but HEY its still a city that you can drive around LOL. With traffic getting in your way and traffic hitting you during races it makes your racing experience that bit harder.


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