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Peter Jackson's King Kong (Xbox)

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Genre: Adventure / Rating: T - (Teen) / up to 2 players / published by: Ubi Soft Entertainment

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    2 Reviews
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      28.08.2006 23:36
      Very helpful
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      The best Movie Tie-In since Chronicles Of Riddick:Escape From Butcher Bay.

      Another Movie Tie-In, Another rubbish game right? Wrong!

      King Kong The Game is here and it is great. The controls are not as simple as some games because you have to remember the controls for two characters but its not hard to remember them. Graphics are at its best here. It's not a good looking as some games but its still excellent graphics. You can play this game for hours and hours and not get bored of this as the gameplay feels as exciting as the movie itself. There is also a feel of FPS in this because when you play as Jack you have a gun and look in FP view. And theres a sort of melle feel when you play as Kong.

      The story is the same as the film. Carl Denham wants to make a Blockbuster Film. He steals a boat and hires scripwriter Jack. He also hires poor lady Ann. They sail to a mysterious island called Skull Island. As they are sailing Carl and his Crew depart from the ship onto mini boats. Thier boats capside and the two boats get seperated. After they landon the island they get taken away by island scavengers. The Ann is saved (sort of) by KONG. Now you must save Ann.

      In King Kong you play as two people...

      Jack-The scripwriter for Carl Denham and the hero of this film/game. You can use fists or guns to fight Bats, Bugs and Dinosaurs sizing form 3ft to 50ft.

      Kong-The big ape in love with Ann. You fight to mostly protect Ann from hazzards. You can knock the living snot out of creatures using fists of trees and other enviromental wepons. Unlike Jack, Kong can kill the bigger enimies like the massive T-Rex. But the one thing he can't fight is his love for Ann.

      When you play as Jack the gunplay is so intense it'll blow you away. But Kong's battles are also exciting and intense like Jack's Battles.

      This is a must buy for anyone who loves action and has a pulse.


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        26.01.2006 09:38
        Very helpful



        slick, engrossing, and a well balanced game that would suit all gamers

        Forget everything you know about big name movie licensed games. Forget that they're often rushed out the door, that gameplay is sub-par, and that marketing dictates all. Peter Jackson's King Kong is the exception to the rule. It may be based on a Hollywood film, but underneath it all, this is one gorgeous, expertly designed action-adventure.

        The game starts off with a short video clip, culled from the film, that sets up the backstory. Then you're thrown right into the action and the pace never lets up. Sure there are puzzles to solve and monsters to kill, but the game does an excellent job of avoiding any downtime so you're always left with something to do. And each area leads seamlessly into the next, feeding the urge to play "just one more level."

        One of the big achievements in King Kong is the utter lack of a HUD. That's right, there's nothing on the screen except you and the game. No health bar. No inventory. No nothing. It's just you and the game world, which does a surprisingly good job of drawing you right in. Other characters talk directly to you, work with you, and expect you to help them. If you're hurt, you know it because the controller pulses and your vision blurs red. Low on bullets? Your character will comment on it. By bringing everything into the world, King Kong sports an incredibly cinematic flair. You're not playing a game -- you're playing the movie.

        Some of the more notable moments in the game include the first time the oversized V-Rex (it looks like a T-Rex and acts like a T-Rex) appears on screen and lets out a death defying roar. Or when you first take control of Kong and send him into a frenzy by screaming and beating on his chest. Another great moment is when you're near death -- your vision falters, your movement slows down, and a beautiful aria starts playing. Though the music is calming, it's your cue to get away from danger now, or you'll die.

        The levels themselves are broken into bite-sized chunks, with some taking no more than 10 minutes to complete. Though this sounds odd, it works very well, as it means both hardcore and casual gamers can enjoy the experience. The developers have also included a number of intelligent checkpoints; when you die, you don't have to worry about repeating the whole level. This is a game that is designed to keep you playing, above all else.

        Visually, King Kong is top-notch, pushing the Xbox to the limits. A number of lighting effects are used to indicate different status effects, such as the yellow hue that floods the screen when Kong is in a frenzy. Characters are well animated and all of the creatures in the game move fluidly. Watching Kong battle it out with a V-Rex is an amazing sight. There were the occasional visual glitches, but by and large the whole thing is solid.

        Perhaps the biggest compliment goes to the current gen systems, though, because aside from a few extra effects, the Xbox 360 version doesn't look all that much different. Proving you need more than tools to make stunning visuals, King Kong on current generation systems looks better than quite a few of the Xbox 360's launch games.

        Audio is also worthy of note, as all the lead actors have lent their voices to the game. Environmental effects are superb, especially on the 360 when played through a surround system. Oddly enough the Xbox version of the game refused to output 5.1, even though it claims to do so on the box.

        The only real mistake that King Kong makes is in the enemy placement. In the later levels, it's not uncommon to have creatures attack you in pairs, where the first hit stuns you and the second hit kills. It's never a big setback, but it's still frustrating to experience a "cheap" death. Similar instances occur when you're supposed to be protecting your comrades, but aren't quite sure what to do. They'll die, and you'll get to reload and try again until you get it right. Thankfully these sequences are few and far between.

        King Kong is a linear game that simply doesn't feel linear, and that's a major achievement. By tightly focusing the action and constantly engaging the player, the developers have managed to make you feel a part of the action without holding your hand. You don't really notice that the game sometimes goes on rails, when you're running for your life or desperately trying to save a friend. By tapping into the player's emotions, the game slyly sidesteps the natural tendency to explore. All in all, it's a masterful illusion.

        Ultimately, King Kong succeeds because the developers used the film as an inspiration, but never let it drive the necessities of gameplay. The result is an interactive entertainment experience that ranks up there with the best action-adventures available. Kong is undoubtedly king in the jungle of movie licensed games.


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      • Product Details

        Play as Man. Play as Kong. Embark on an epic adventure created in collaboration with Academy Award winning directory Peter Jackson and based on the U niversal Picture's film. Survive as Jack in a world crawling with predator s and live the legend of Kong. Use weapons traps and your team wisely to survive in first-person as Jack. Break jaws slam enemies and throw massi ve objects in Kong's colossal third-person battles.