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Rocky Legends (Xbox)

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Ubi Soft / Genre: Sports

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    3 Reviews
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      14.06.2009 13:03



      This is a good game for boxing fans.

      Rocky: Legends available for the XBOX and Playstation 2 consoles is a prequel to the previous game in the series called Rocky. The game was developed by Venom Games. It was published by Ubisoft Studios. It was released in the North American market on September 28, 2004. The player can take control of characters like Rocky Balboa, Ivan Drago, Clubber Lang and Apollo Creed. The game has many different modes to play and they are quire interesting. The main mode is the Career mode where the player has to take control of one of the four characters mentioned above. The main goal of the player is to rise to the top of the boxing world. Each of the characters have their own stories of how they rise to the top spot. This increases the replayability of the game. Training mode lets you practice your moves. If you train while in the career mode, you will get points with which you can upgrade your character's skills and stats. Exhibition mode allows you to have a quick match with your opponent. Apart from the four main boxers mentioned above, the game has many other boxers. This game is a must buy for those who are boxing fans. The game will keep you engaged for quite sometime.


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      22.01.2006 21:31
      Very helpful



      Excellent boxing game for fans and non-fans alike - and cheap at just £9.99 new!

      THE PLOT:

      Well, this is Rocky... For those who don't know, the Rocky films were possibly the most successful boxing films of all times. Despite not being a boxing fan myself, I've seen them all, and we all know the music.

      Well, the game sticks rigidly to the film, with you taking the role of Rocky (or later on, his competitors) in trying to punch and bob your way out of trouble. The game follows the fights Rocky went through in the films, in the true order they appeared, gradually going from the very first Rocky, right the way through to Rocky V (five).


      In typical computer boxing style, the direction buttons move you about and you press the a, b, x and y buttons to puch. Naturally, combinations will work wonders against your opponents health and hold either the L or R button on you can do a body shot or a hook (depending on the situation).

      While this is standard for most games, Rocky seems to have found a way of controlling the movement that allows it to appear rather realistic. In fact, the punches and counter punches available make it a rather intriguing game to play.

      The training mode is also a good feature on this game, and the effects really make a difference to your fighter... even a difference of 5 points in speed makes you nip around the ring that little bit faster, allowing you to dodge your opponent much easier. Generally centering around the pressing f specific buttons at specific times, they are easy to do but hard to master... and with the effects increasing the better you do, this can become the make-or-break part of the game as you get towards the end.

      And choose the medium setting (easy is, alas, a clear walkover), and the opponents will start becoming almost intelligent. Start using the same punch too often, and they will start to counter it - this can be good if you see it happening as you just change your punch and rally in with an unexpected combo... but needless to say, its entertaining.

      The game can also become engrossing - as you battle to reach that all famous fight with Mr.T from the A-Team.....


      The graphics are good enough, and you can certainly tell who you're fighting. From Apollo Creed to Mr.T, they are great incarnations. The graphics also run smoothly throughout the game, without suffering from pop-up's or the my own real pet hate - the 'glitch'.

      The entrances of the boxers are also well crafted, with each coming to the ring with their own original music from the films, ensuring a slight swill of excitement when you hear the tune...


      This game is great on many levels. For those who want the minor thrill of travelling through the film storyline and taking an active part... choose easy and you will soon reach Tommy Gun and his street fight... 3 hours later and it will all be over.

      However, to stretch this game out, you can try it on the harder levels. From medium upwards, the way you choose to train and the tactics you use against each opponent will really make a difference. In the harder modes you will find yourself going the full 12 rounds with many of the fighters, struggling through to the next fight.

      In reality, this means the game can easily last the 50 hours many come to set as a standing point. And even now, having completed the game on the hardest setting, I still find myself retunring to have the odd fight for fun.

      THE PRICE:

      Well, I seem to be making a habit of reviewing the classics at the moment, but I tell no lie, I saw this game for just £3.99 second hand the other day. This was in Game in the town centre. Needless to say, its about £9.99 new (and online I found it to be £9.99 in most places) - but comes highly recommended from me at this price anyway.


      A superb boxing game that has the ability to capture the hearts and minds of both boxing fans and none fans alike... in fact, even if you haven't seen the films, its captivating... as my neighbour found (I haven't had it back yet!). For the cheap price at which this can now be purchased, it comes more than just highly recommended from me - it's a must have. Best of all, even when its lived its life, you'll still want to come back to it for the odd fight every time you hear 'eye of the tiger' on VH1 @:-)


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        22.05.2005 13:54



        Be the true underdog, and win! - Advantages: 40 brutal fighters, 8 trainging modes, 20 great venues - Disadvantages: Only 4 players to be


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