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Scarface: The World is Yours (Xbox)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Action / published by: Vivendi Universal

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    3 Reviews
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      09.05.2008 17:35



      BUY THIS GAME!! its really, really good.

      The game starts off where the 1983 movie finished. Tony montana is shot up in the now iconic movie sequence, you take control of Tony and escape from the mansion, shooting all the way. once outside and away the game truly begins.
      you have complete freedom to do what you want. the main premise of the game is to get Tony Montana back to the top.
      you kill rival drug dealers and gansters, run cocain, sell cocain and take business' to use as fronts. the banks help by laundering your hard cash.
      you can buy new cars that get delivered to you anywhere on the map, buy new clothes and decorate your mansion.
      the whole thing takes place in Miami and Bolivia.
      the mini-games, for the drug deals and bribesworks on a metre that the player has to get the marker in the small shaded area to get a better result (cheaper cocain or better sale price).
      the controls are very easy to get to grips with and the back drops look very good.
      the voice actor who takes on the role of Tony Montana does a good job and is very convincing.
      this is one game fans of the movie should definatley buy.


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      29.01.2008 19:32
      Very helpful



      Excellent game but definately not for kids

      *** Please Note This Review Is For The PC Version Not The X-Box Version As Shown Above ***

      Scarface - The World Is Yours

      Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
      Developer: Radical Games
      Release Date: 13 Oct 2006
      Certificate: 18
      Platform: PC


      I have had this game for about 6 months now but rarely actually play it anymore its not that its a bad as such game its just not as good as some of the others i play a good example being GTA San Andreas which i will reference in this review as they are both really similar games.

      This game starts off with the famous clip from the end of the Scarface film where you see Tony Montana betrayed by all and an extremely bloody shoot out follows where the famous qoute 'Say hello to my little friend!' is screamed Tony kicks through a door and starts shooting back at all his so called friends, This is where you finally take control after this massive shoot out you have to find your way out of the building this is not an easy task! When you are outside you see the police rush in and take care of the rest of the people left standing for you, however they also sieze your mansion and all your assets and possesions.This is where the game really starts as your job is the win back respect, take control of your old turf again and get payback for your betrayal. You do this by completing various missions which may involve you having to shooting up a whole building full of people or simply driving to specific locations much the same as GTA but in addition to this to earn extra money you must sell drugs and launder the money.


      This game plays alot like GTA San Andreas and the basic key setup is the same which is will make it easy for most gamers who have played GTA to pick up but the key thing to notice is that you can not do as much, A nice feature of this however is the blind rage meter that fills as you kill your many opponents this will go up more depending on where you shoot them for example you get more points for killing with headshots than you would with straight forward body blows, Another way of making this meter increase is to taunt enemy characters as you kill them, When the meter is full you can send Tony into a blind rage which temporarly turns this into a first person shooter and makes you invulnerable also your health increases little for every enemy killed whilst in this rage. The auto aim feature in this is great as whilst locked on you can aim for different vital body parts by adjusting your aim and it will lock on to that specific place i.e. Arms, Legs, Heaad or Nuts this can help Tony get 'Balls' points which will increase the rage meter. The driving in this game is possibly easier than in the GTA series but at the same time you do not get the same feeling of speed so it may just be easier as the cars are slower. Throughout the game you get the opportunity to sell drugs and launder money which involves pressing a button to make a meter start filling up then quickly pressing again to stop the meter - sounds easy right? this is actually fairly difficult to start with but as it is a key part of the game you will get used to it after a while.

      The Weapons at Hand:

      Steel Pipe
      Assault rifle
      Sniper rifle


      The graphics in this game are very good and the vehicles look better than GTA's, the reflections all appear to be accurate and the shadows are all in the right places the global textures are all pretty good and the building look spectacular. The character textures are good and you do actually look like Tony Montana also other key characters from the film are well depicted. This does mean however if you want to play it in the highest details you will need a top end PC.

      Sound :

      The soundtrack from this not to my personal taste as the music mainly consists of 80's pop but thankfully there is also some early hip hop and you also can add your own tracks. All gunshot sounds are pretty realistic as are the vechicle noises. A great deal of vocal samples from the film are included when you taunt enemies all of which are clear and some may be found a little offensive.

      Overall if you liked the film this game is worth playing as it has a low price tag and will entertain you but having said that it does get tiring towards the end and may not be to everyones taste due to the language and drug content.

      Price & Availability:

      Scarface is availble from Amazon for about £5 on E-Bay at £6 and can be found in HMV for £14 so its probably better to get this online.

      System Requirements:

      Windows 2000/XP
      Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or AMD equivalent
      256 MB RAM
      DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card (ATI Radeon 9200 or NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 with 128 MB RAM) or higher
      DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
      Mouse and keyboard
      16x DVD-ROM
      2.9 GB Hard drive space

      **** This Review Can Also Be Found At www.ciao.co.uk ****


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        30.08.2007 00:14



        if you are a fan of scarface then this is a must buy, otherwise steer clear


        This was in my opinion one of the greatest films ever to be created. Unfortunetely the game falls flat on its face...like a cocharoche. No seriously it is terrible. The graphics are no different from the original xbox version of the game. Certainly not what we expect from a next gen console. I dont blame the console to be honest, its simply lazy developers. For a far more detailed review simply look at one of the original xbox reviews for this game. The missions are extremely linear which mainly only consist of shooting, buying drugs and then selling them on for a profit. The method used for negotiations is terribly easy as well. It acts ina pendular manner which is only difficult to master within the first hour of gameplay. The open world does work extremely well though and doesnt feel too GTA'y. There are also quite a large variety of different veichles which can be found and both purchased. This game also allows you to purchase weaponary and additional furniture for your mansion in the all new PIMP MY MANSION feature where basically you walk around your malibu mansion and place ridiculous statues everywhere. Fun the first couple of times but after a while it falls flat on its face.

        The difficulty is also quite difficult for a game of this nature. I also feel that they should have incorporated a FPS system instead of automatic aiming.

        A nice feature of this game however is that there will be a number of different locations from the film in the game such as the malibu and Lopez motors.

        Overall if youre a fan of scarface then this game is a must have however simply dont expect too much from the game.


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      • Product Details

        The World is Yours! Scarface, the epic film that transcends generations and appeals to contemporary and urban audiences alike is now coming for the first time to game consoles worldwide. In a complex world filled with excess and greed, players can take the role of Tony Montana, one of the most ruthless gangsters ever depicted on film. Highly acclaimed feature screenwriter, David McKenna, has written an original event-driven storyline that leads the player through a sordid and violent underworld. Scarface will create a gameplay environment that authentically recreates the historical time period of the film, touching on politics, news items and events of the day.