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Sims 2 (Xbox)

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2006 14:19



      No children, lots of weddings but really no point.

      I was all excited when I knew that The Sims 2 was coming out on Xbox because i couldn't have the sims 2 for my computer because it has not got enough memory. At first I was very happy with my purchase becasue of the extensive fashion options available for your Sim. For example you can now layer your clothes from a vest to a jacket. You also have various options for hairstyles, jewellery and tattoos. The only problem with this are that when you start off the vast majority of the clothes are locked and are unlocked throughout the game, so to start with you have few options for how you want you sim to look. Another problem is that the small images of the clothing is very hard to see and distinguish therefore you have to try the item of clothing on to see what it looks like. A plus to the fashion of this game is that you can adjust the colour and sleeves of your garemnts to create really different looks. Anyway, the game itself is all about your career. You can do law, medicine etc. but you only ever see your sim disapperaring into a car for work and then you have to wait for hours for them to return which can be very boring. There are various different locations to be unlocked and I think this is one of my favourite parts of the games because all the homes are themed and very different from each other. But what I do not like about this game is that even though you do have dreams and aspirations, there is no real overall goal and you often find yourself going round in circles. You can get married in the game and to more than one person at a time which is kindo of strange but sadly you cannot have children, which I think would greatly improve this game. Unlike, its computer sister you cannot build gates or upstairs in houses and this is another part of the game I feel is restricted greatly by the number of locked items( of course you can find various cheats!). You are able to change your clothes in the middle of game play which I think is a bonus but you have to harvest your own food and make recipes which flankly seems a bit of a waste of time. Overall, it is below par for a Sims game and not up to the standards of the first Sims or even The Sims:Bustin out...bring back the kids !!!


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