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Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (Xbox)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Fighting / up to 2 players / published by: Capcom

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    2 Reviews
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      14.01.2009 16:07
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      Essential for any fighting fan.

      With the arrival of Street Fighter IV imminent and the HD Remix of part two released recently, we are currently spoilt for choice with what to play. Until the release of this compilation a lot of people did not even realise that there was a part three!

      This anniversary collection contains Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition.

      AE is like the Street Fighter 2 of old, except that you can pick which version of the character you wish to play with. Super Turbo Zangief has the Banishing Fist, but his Spinning Pile Driver has greater bounce back, so maybe go for the World Warrior incarnation? It is these sort of differences which make the game so interesting.

      Unfortunately, certain versions of characters were just too powerful for their respective games, hence why Capcom released millions of versions to try and nail the balance. World Warrior Guile, Championship Edition M Bison (Dictator), Sagat and Ken and Super Turbo Balrog for example are extremely powerful and will dominate a lot of match ups if given the opportunity.

      It is definately worth a play (despite the brutal AI), especially with a few friends as you battle to decide who is the champion.

      Third Strike is a different proposition altogether. Virtually unheard of for many gamers, it is the third release in the Street Fighter 3 catalogue. The graphics are simply sublime. The characters animate gorgeously and the backgrounds are stunning, although perhaps lacking a little in life compared to fighting games of Yore.

      The cast contains a mix of old and new characters, providing a fighting style for everyone. Each character has a choice of three super combos (except Akuma, who also gets the Raging Demon and a new super move) and they can only choose one for the fight. As a result, people will often play a character differently depending on which super they have picked.

      When on the receiving end of an attacking flurry, you can choose to block as usual, or perform a new move called a Parry. If you anticipate an opponents attack, you press forwards or down on your stick/dpad (depedning on the direction of the attack) and if timed correctly, you will parry their attack, putting you at an advantage. If timed correctly, you can perform multiple parries to ensure that super combos or special attacks do not chip your health and beat you.

      This mechanic divides the fighting game community, as the game essentially is a game of rock/paper/scisssors with parry/throw/fake replacing the 'footsies' of previous Street fighter games.

      The character design is varied and oft criticised. Is Necro just a Blanka/Dhalsim hybrid? Are Yun and Yang just variations of Gen? Yes and no is the answer to that. At high level play, Ken, Chun Li, Yun and Urien tend to dominate over the rest of the cast, but there is still a great deal of fun to be had. My favourites are Q, Hugo and Alex,each with their own varied style of play.

      The game could perhaps have done with slightly better sound. The vocal effets are great, and the music is of a good standard, but the main proble mcomes when playing online.

      The online waiting screen loops a sample of a specially written hip hop track, and during quiet times, you can easily hear the same section twenty or thirty times, and it will drive you crazy.

      Online, the game performs as expected. You will suffer lag, but I have played plenty of people in the US and Europe without crippling amounts of lag. Sadly, the online community seems to be diminishing fo this game, so you may have trouble finding much competition.

      It is definately worth purchasing this game. It is a better port than the Dreamcast version, and virtually arcade perfect, although some say the Playstation 2 port is more accurate. It is a piece of arcade history and a superb collection of two great fighting games.


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        25.10.2008 18:45



        Buy it

        This is the anniversary collection of street fighter games that include all the incarnations of street fighter II on one disc. However included on the XBox version is the complete back log of Street Fighter III games. Fair enough there are only 3 Street Fighter III games, but they were not released outside of the U.S. or Japan. The U.S. only got one version i think.
        Everyone knows how good Street Fighter II is, but III is the reason to buy this set. Its just as fun as II, keeping some of the obvious characters such as Chun Li, Ryu and Ken, and adding some more. Most of the new characters are not very good in my opinion, but fun to try at least once. The animation is smooth and fast, and it is accommodating for new players. It's not easy to get hold of, and can set you back £15/20 on ebay, which is rather a lot for an old game. Well worth it for a street fighter fan though.
        (Remember its only the XBox version that comes with Street Fighter III, the PS2 version only has II)


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    • Product Details

      Upon firing up the Anniversary Collection, you're given a choice between the two games. First is Hyper Street Fighter II, a new collection of the Street Fighter II characters that shouldn't be confused with Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, which was the third arcade game to bear the Street Fighter II name. The Street Fighter II games changed quite a bit over the years. Characters were balanced and rebalanced from version to version.

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