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Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (Xbox)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Sega / Genre: Family & Entertainment

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    2 Reviews
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      19.01.2012 19:41
      Very helpful
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      A funny game from my childhood that I still like to break out and challenge my friends with

      When I was younger I owned this game on Gamecube but due to the smaller joystick to the left of the control that was very fiddly and awkward to use I simply stopped using it and in the end sold it to Game in order to purchase another game I might frequent more often.

      This year I was feeling somewhat nostalgic and ordered Super Monkey Ball again but this time on Xbox to see if there was a difference and if my childhood love of the game was well placed.

      First of all, the storyline of the game is ridiculous. That is something you are simply going to have to accept if you play Super Monkey Ball. The translation is awful to the point where the monkeys are grunting and cheering for minutes longer than the one line of text but there isn't actually a way to skip the cut scenes. Despite this, the dialogue is hilarious, albeit accidentally, and gave me many laughs while waiting to complete tasks. In addition, the design and appearance of each character is entertaining as the only real distinction between male and female is that Meemee (the girl character) wears small pink skirt that barely covers anything to reveal the heart-shaped hairless patch on her tushy that all of the main four characters have. Super Monkey Ball Deluxe combines stages from Super Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball 2, and contains 46 Deluxe exclusive boards for a total of 300 stages.

      There are also a number of unique mini or party games where up to 4 players can compete in a number of games such as racing, football, bowling and billiards. The huge amount of variety and diversity makes the game reusable time and time again and always lots of fun.

      The four main characters are Aiai, Meemee, Baby and Gongon, each with a distinct personality and a 'back story' that's a bit farfetched. For example Baby is said to be the child of Aiai and Meemee returned from the future to aid them in their conquest against Dr. Bad Boon (who is unplayable in story mode).

      Overall the game is considerably silly and childish but still lots of fun even now. The handling on Xbox is much easier to get to grips and is more senstive making difficult twists and turns much more easy to execute.


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        02.06.2006 22:44
        Very helpful



        Super Monkey Ball On The XBOX!

        Finally a Super Monkey Ball game for a different console that's not just on the Gamecube. This is Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, which is pretty much Super Monkey Ball one and two together, plus with some new added features and levels. Created by Sega which you can guarantee it will be a decent game to play. Super Monkey Ball Deluxe is also on the Playstation 2 if you do not own an Xbox. You can play the main game, if you're up to the normal regular Monkey Ball, or play the party games which you can play on your own or invite your friends around and play with against them in twelve fun party games.

        Super Monkey Ball is about monkey's that are trapped in balls. You get to play as one of four monkeys, Aiai, Gongon, Meemee and Baby. The aim of the main game is to move the map around so the ball rolls and you get your monkey through the goal zone (two posts with a golden ball and a strip together) which takes you to the next level. There are also bananas around the area, and you collect those to gain extra points. Then you get bonus rounds, where you have to collect all the bananas to gain the points, but don't worry if you cannot collect all of the bananas in the allotted time (60 seconds) as it does not matter because you will go to the next level anyway.

        As I said earlier, there are twelve party games for you alone or with your friends to play. Up to four players can play these party games at once which are good to know, so if you're planning a party, make sure you have Super Monkey Ball Deluxe on you as it will bring a good laugh. Each party game is unique, so they are all different from each other. Play through well known games that you can play in real life, but see the added difference from you playing it with a Monkey that's trapped in a ball.

        Monkey Tennis is a fun game to play; you can do exhibition or tournament. You can choose singles or doubles, depending on how you find better to play and you can have four players playing this party game with you. The aim of Monkey Tennis is to knock the tennis ball with your racket across the net and the ball goes passed your opponent. The tournament one is you playing many matches, and trying to become the champion. You are able to play against the computer if you feel like playing this on your own which is good to know. Monkey Bowling is another party game here, as you know bowling is mainly to knock down as many pins as you possibly can. You get ten pin bowling, nine pin bowling and special which are you playing bowling, but with the strip you bowl on moves, or are in bizarre shapes which make it more fun and trickier for you to get the pins. On this the monkey hits the ball he is in to make the ball move, which I would find very hard to do, but seems easy to those monkeys to do it.

        Monkey Billiards is quite fun, your monkey is the white ball, and has a mini stick inside the ball. You take aim using the directional pad, so then you can aim, then you choose how much power you want to put into your hit, then you go for it. You get to play eight ball, nine balls, or rotation. Tournament allows you to do a series of matches which rotate between the options you are given to play with. Monkey Target is one of the only Monkey Ball games that you see the monkey out of its ball. You start off by clicking to see if the nuisance roulette changes any effects of the target area, like if bombs are by the targets, or it turns cloudy or spike balls in the area. Now you get to take off, roll your ball down the steep ramp and take flight, your monkey uses its ball to fly, it cracks open and you cling onto it for dear life, while you aim for a nearby island that has score zones on it, and you want to try and get it in one of them areas.

        Ah, the classic Monkey Fight is enabled for you to play; this incorporates your monkey beating up other monkeys to gain victory. There is normal mode, which is you fighting normally then there is survival mode, where you will have to test your wits and survive as long as you can. There is a time limit for each fight, and the aim is to knock your opponents off with your spring punches, there are items that you can pick up, like make your spring go longer, make your punching glove enlarge and other such things like that. Some levels will be harder, there is a basic level, with nothing special on it, and then there's an ice arena, which is slippery, so watch out and some others for your enjoyment.

        Monkey Golf is one of the most fun Party games on here, where the aim is to get the golf ball (your monkey) into the whole. Your monkey is the golf ball, and your monkey clubs the ball it is in to move it. You choose the club you want say a 20ft one, or 80ft one or putter, depending on how far away you are from the whole. After that, you choose the power you want to put into the hit, and choose where you want to hit the ball, then after that you hit it, and then you do it again. You can play Mini golf, or professional golf, so you get to play the best of golf. Monkey Boat allows you to ride a canoe through a set course and race other monkeys. This is pretty fun, yet hard to handle, your monkey is on a canoe, and the only way to move is to paddle, and you can pick up items such as shark where you fire a shark at one of your opponents, a submarine, where you magically appear in a submarine for a set time and your speed increases, or the classic rocket, where you can fire it up your opponents rear end. There are many different races for you to do; you can race computers, or friends, either way it's hard.

        Monkey Shot, your classic shooting game, like Virtual Cop and Time Crisis games, you follow your monkey, which is flying around with a hand gun, and shooting balloons of death, which want to kill you, and other such enemies, you want to survive as long as possible, you move your crosshair around to aim at the enemies you want to shoot down, you can also shoot the bullets or magic your opponents fire at you. You can pick up other weapons while in the game, if you shoot them of course, you can get machine guns which are more rapid, more powerful weapons which can give you the advantage that you need. Monkey Dogfight, probably the hardest party game on there. You being a monkey flying around like in monkey target, but constantly flying have to shoot down other monkeys before they shoot you down, very hard, yet fun if you get good at it, you get to fly down, up, side to side, and do dodging maneuvers so you don't get shot down by enemy monkeys that want you dead.

        Monkey Soccer, a weird game, yet fun all the same, you get to be a team of monkeys, you can choose the positions they are in (either attack, defend or normal). Then you get to play against another team, by setting the time limit for the match and other settings needed. When you go into play, the aim is to score against the opposing team by kicking the football into the opponents net, you can pass or shoot. Wherever the ball is, you get to control the nearest monkey on your team. You can tackle the ball from the opposing team if needed to, but this is a pretty basic football party game. Monkey race, which can be quite tricky, is you versus opponents and running through tracks and trying to beat them. You choose which monkey you want to be, and run for your life. Some levels have objects in the way to slow you down, or no walls so you can fall off the track. There are a lot of tracks for you to race along, so there's a lot for you to do. You can race against the computer or with your friends to enhance the enjoyment.

        Monkey Baseball, the last of the party games, this is pretty fun to do on your own. You have a baseball team, you choose how many innings you want to have, and you get to bat, and field and even bowl. The bowler is actually the ball itself, so you just roll and try to strike out the batter. When you're batting you will want to try and hit the monkey ball at all costs, and aim for the point zones. There is one run zones, two run zones or hit your ball up a home run ramp. But before each switch, you do a dodgy roulette, which can change the advantage you have from getting home runs, or not. You can get people out by catching the ball, striking them out three times, and the batter hitting the monkey ball in the out zone.

        In the story mode, you go through numerous levels, and fight bosses, and for you to unlock the gifts, which is data for your enjoyment that this game posses. Each level in the story mode is different to the others, so it is all new, some are short, and some are long, and some are very hard. Challenge mode, allows you to do certain things, like collect 100 bananas in the allotted time, and other stuff, which can be quite fun to do on your own. Competition mode, allows you and/or your friends to play numerous amount of selected stages and compete against each other by collecting as many bananas as you can. Practice mode allows you to play the story mode stages that you have completed already, so you can practice on them so that you can get better at the game in easy steps.

        Super Monkey Ball Deluxe is fairly enjoyable; the most fun for it is when you first play it, then its starts to get boring the more you play it. But is great fun when you have some mates around, but on your own, it's a pretty average game. The playability is not bad, a lot of modes for you to play on, but does not bring you back for more sessions playing them. The game is not that addictive, but you will want to play it with friends, but not on your own. It's a group activity more then solo playing. The game is original, you don't find any other games (other then in the Monkey Ball series) that are to do with Monkeys that are in balls, and play loads of games, also the story mode has 46 brand new original levels, and includes all 254 levels from the original Super Monkey Ball games on the Gamecube.

        The graphics are pretty decent; the environment is smooth and looks very good. The detail in the stages of Super Monkey ball is very good, and fun to play in. The sound effects a superb, all the noises that are relevant are there, plus some that are not, which makes this a pretty good game to have a go at. The background music is good, sets the mood, fun happy music, which makes you think, this music is fun, so I must be having fun, yet you may not be having as much fun as the game music is leading. The game can be fairly difficult, depending on the level of difficulty you set it on (for the party games). But in the story mode, it gets very hard the further you get into it, so use the practice mode regularly. I got the game for £10 which is pretty good value for it being new, it was £20, but got it in a buy one get one free deal, which was not bad. The game is worth getting for that price, nice game to play with friends, but not too good on your own. I found this game enjoyable at start, yet starts to decline the more you play it, and it is best fun with more then just yourself. I give this game 3 star * * *, as it has fresh ideas, but if you don't play games with friends a lot, this game won't be much good to you.


        AGE - 3+
        RATING - 3 Star
        CONSOLE - XBOX

        THIS GAME IS

        Great With Mates
        Repetitive On Your Own
        Can Get Boring


        Best Sega Game
        The Worst Super Monkey Ball Game
        Rubbish When You First Play It

        Thanks For Reading, I hope this review is useful to you, it's a pretty decent game, and quite fun at start. If I have missed anything out, please let me know and I shall update. Thanks!


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      • Product Details

        Over three hundred puzzle stages to test the skills of novice and advance players. 12 original party games for up to four players, includes favourites such as Monkey Tennis, Monkey Bowling, Monkey Dog Fight and Monkey Football. Four great characters to choose from, each with their own style of play.

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