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The Simpsons Road Rage (Xbox)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Racing / Driving / Rating: T - (Teen) / up to 2 players / published by: EA - Electronic Arts

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    2 Reviews
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      10.07.2010 22:19
      Very helpful



      Easy to play and suitable for younger children

      When I first bought the X-box, I was delighted with the quality of the sound and graphics with the games. The only downside seemed to be that most of the games on offer were fairly adult, and therefor not suitable for my eight year old daughter to play.

      Then I found Simpsons Road Rage, priced at around £40, stocked by most X-box games stockists. Obviously, the game is based on the wildly popular cartoon series, an advantage for anything in my family.

      The premise of the game is as follows:
      Player becomes a Springfield character. Character then acts as a taxi driver, picking up and dropping off other Springfield inhabitants.
      The controls are simple to master, and the rules of the game easy to understand, whichever version is played.

      To start with, the player can go for a Sunday Drive, which lets them practice their technique and get to know the roads. Passengers can also be picked up and dropped off during this phase.
      Goaded on by Burns, points can be gainedby completing the journey quickly. Extra points can be won on occasion, if a temporary instruction, such as "destroy as much stuff as possible" is followed.

      For every time a new level of points is reached, the player can unlock either a new car and driver, or a new part of Springfield to explore.
      The graphics are excellent. Springfield's tyre fire is even here and the characters we all know and love are represented. The voiceovers have been added by the original cast and help add to the atmosphere of the game, though repeated howls of "You're going the wrong way!" seem to echo throughout our house.

      We've found that the best way to play the game is as a two player contest. This adds a bit of interest to something that could become fairly repetitive for the older player.
      On the whole, this is a great respite from Halo and Splinter Cell, when you just need to wind down and have a little fun.


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      18.07.2008 18:35
      1 Comment



      If you can buy it cheap, it's okay, but it's nothing more than a basic game

      This is actually a pretty fun game. I've never really liked any Simpsons games, or TV shows games in general, for that matter, but Road Rage was more impressive. However, it did only get a 6.4 from IGN.

      The aim of the game is basically to taxi people around in the quickest amount of time, by following arrows on the road. You get more money for being quicker. Unlocking cars and viewing the setting is pretty enjoyable but the game does get boring after a while, purely because of how repetitive it is.

      The graphics are basic and not much can be expected of them as this is the Simpsons after all. It is difficult to produce impressive graphics from a cartoon. The sounds are fairly repetitive, as are the physics, for example when you crash you will get the same animation.

      It's not a challenge in the slightest; it's simply a care free, mess around game, that's more suited for younger ages.


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    • Product Details

      The Simpsons Road Rage provides over 30 of the favorite Simpsons characters. Real character voices. 6 Huge levels with over 100 Springfield landmarks. Get wild with big-air jumps, powerslides, and more.

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