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Timesplitters 2 (Xbox)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Eidos / Genre: Action & Adventure

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    2 Reviews
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      05.02.2008 06:49



      Not perfect but still a great game

      Though this game was released way back in 2002 it is still a great game to play and today and it is still really enjoyable. It is a 1-4 player first person shooting game and as it's name suggests as you pass each level you travel through time to different ages such as the wild west and neo tokyo.

      The graphics are excellent and very detailed and the animation is extremely smooth. There is also a 2-4 split screen mode for great multi-player fun. The sound is very dynamic and as you walk around different eras you can quietly hear all the other things taking place in the background.

      To play the game is more or less a basic shooter with objectives that you are given at the beginning of each level. Some levels you have to be stealthy, some you have to strategic and others you have to be logical. There is plenty of variety to keep you entertained and keep your mind working and each level is not overly long. The game is not overly hard either and with plenty of hours playing it probably wouldn't take that long to complete.

      On the downside in gameplay it can be a little awkward to aim your weapon and when you lose a life you have to go right back to the begining of the level. Still a great game though.


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      12.12.2006 20:12
      Very helpful



      The Best FPS I've ever played.

      -(Game Information)-
      Name:Timesplitters 2
      Publisher:Eidos Interactive
      Developer:Free Radical
      Genre:First Person Shooter
      Release Date:Oct 18, 2002
      Age Rating:15+ for Violence
      Number Of Players:1-4 or 1-16 System Link
      Developer Site:www.eidosinteractive.com
      Product Site:www.eidosinteractive.co.uk/games/embed.html?gmid=131
      Memory Unit:Yes

      As the largest video game developer and publisher in the UK, Eidos Interactive give you some of the best franchises on gaming consoles including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and Hitman. When the PlayStation launched a little game called Timesplitters popped up and change multiplayer shooters for ever. About two years later Eidos released a sequel called Timesplitters 2 which improves on everything the previous game missed. Then Eidos lost the license to make Timesplitters games and EA got the license. So EA and Free Radical released Timesplitters:Future Perfect. This was the first game to have online play, which made the game better than it would of been had it had no online play like the previous games.

      -(The Story)-
      A moan i had with the previous game was the story, it was hideous and felt very thrown together. This time Free Radical put a lot more effort into it and the result being the story is much easier to understand than the previous game. The story revolves around these evil creatures called 'Timesplitters' which basically are these monsters who absolutely hate mankind. Their plot to destroy mankind invlolves these time crystals, which they will use to go back in time and destroy the history of mankind. Now it's up to Sgt.Cortez to go back in time and stop these monsters and save the world.

      -(The Controls)-
      The controls are responsive and easy to learn. They are like you normal FPS game, though this game is far from any normal FPS. You shoot by pushing down the right trigger and throw grenades by pushing down the left trigger. To move around you just move the left stick, and to aim you move the right stick. Though at first the aiming seems a little awkward, it's really easy to get over. To have an a little icon which will help you aim you just press down the right stick and to crouch you press the left stick. The controls are very responsive, plus you'll know them after your first match.


      -(The Gameplay)-
      Perhaps the highlight of the game, Timesplitters 2's gameplay is perfect, wheather you play alone or with a friend. Even though the game is quite multiplayer focused, you can still love the game by your self. Even though most of the fun is in competition with friends (or enemies), the game has a rather big list of single-player modes. The main single-player mode is the story mode. The mode attempts to wrap a thin layer of unimportant plot around a set of shooting levels. What makes the story mode even worth playing is the massive number of objectives you'll have to do to finish a level. You'll begin with little idea of what you'll need to do to complete the level, but along the way you'll discover new objectives. The time-travel plot is basically the only thing keepging the 10 story mode levels together, as you'll basically see completely different enemies, weapons, and player characters from level to level, for example in one level you'll see futuristic aliens and cool laser guns and a futuristic setting, yet in another level you'll find old school gangsters with classic guns. Also the character you play varies, depending on what setting you are in, for example you play in the 1970's and your character is very groovy and very cool with Lot's of style, but when you're in a 1930's setting in Chicago you play as a gangsta, who's quite nasty and bad. There are three other single-player modes, The Arcade League, Arcade Custom and Challenge modes. Challenge mode is a load of mini-games. Some are quite serious for example you have to defend a room from a nonstop onslaught of zombies, but some are very ridiculous and plain stupid, yet incredibly fun like you have to toss bricks through windows. The other main the single-player mode is much more focused on putting you into competitive-style contests against computer-controlled bots. This mode is the Arcade League mode, which has a large collection of challenges and game types which have a preset game type, level, number of bots, and list of objectives that must be met to earn a trophy for that particular setup. Getting gold trophies in these modes is the fastest way to unlock new game types, levels, and characters for use in the arcade custom mode, which lets you throw together the available levels, characters, bots, game types, and weapon configurations in any way you see fit. This is also the game's main multiplayer mode. Perhaps the moment(s) when the game shines is in the multiplayer.

      To begin multiplayer you must choose one of the different game types, which include games like deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the bag, bag tag, elimination, shrink, vampire, thief, regeneration, leech, virus, flame tag, zones, assault, gladiator, and even a game called monkey assistant where you must fight, but sometimes monkeys come into the match and try to kill some of the players. Most of the modes are little different from the standard deathmatch concept. For example, Regeneration is a standard deathmatch, except your health constantly regenerates, Thief gives you points when you collect the coins that appear after killing an opponent, rather than giving you points for the kill itself and Vampire causes you to regain heath when you hit an opponent. It would have been nice if this setup had allowed you to combine match types, for example, team deathmatch with thief and vampire. After picking a game type, you need to select your level. The game has 16 deathmatch levels, and they can all be used in most game types. But some levels limit the levels you can have, for example Capture the bag only lets you use five of the game's levels. From there, you can customized several options, like how score is kept, what it takes to end a game, how many bots are in the match, and which weapons will be found in the game. After that, you're off and running (and killing). It's a shame there's no online play, though you can have LAN for up to 16 players. To top everything off, there's an innovative map-maker mode, which is incredibly addictive, though could be a bit more expanded as you can't make very big maps. Basically you can make levels by using a simple map-maker system where you can put items anywhere, change the lighting effects and put enemies anywhere you want. You can change the map to any type of match you want, you can even make a story mission.

      The game has a lengthy list of playable characters. You can find futuristic troopers, robots, '70s-style dudes and babes, zombies and a list of others that cover the span of the game's various time-traveling settings. Most of them must be unlocked by playing through the game's various modes, but once you've unlocked all the characters, you'll have more than 120 playable characters. Each character is rated in three different stats. This can be disabled though, if you'd like to ensure an even playing field. TimeSplitters 2 also has a long list of weapons. Though in story mode, you'll stick mostly to weapons that are from the era of the level you're playing. So in the 1990s Russia level, you'll see assault rifles, timed mines, and other fairly modern military machinery. But in the Prohibition-era Chicago level, you'll see significantly older weaponry, such as a tommy gun and an old rifle with a wooden stock. But in multiplayer matches you can customize your weapon set by either going with a preset batch of weaponry or choosing up to five weapons for your match. The selection of standard weapons includes a collection of pistols (each of which can be carried alone or in pairs), a few different shotguns, a couple of different types of sniper rifle, machine guns, miniguns, and a crossbow. There are also a pile of futuristic weapons, such as laser guns, plasma rifles, and the ever-popular sci-fi handgun. A first-person shooter wouldn't be without exploding projectile weapons, and TimeSplitters 2 serves here as well, with a grenade launcher, rocket launchers in standard and homing varieties, three different types of mines, and, for you Old West types, dynamite.


      -(The Graphics)-
      The graphics are a highlight of the game, but they're not perfect. The game uses a sort of cartoon look, as the characters look quite bubbly and very exaggerated. Also the game runs at a very smooth 60-Frames per second throughout, even on the split-screen or even if the explosion is massive. The environments look gorgeous, and also use the exaggerated look like the characters. Unfortunately the character models look a little flat, as there could be a lot more detail and they look a little cruddy. But the moment when the graphics really shine is in the cut-scenes, as they look very, very good. The cut-scenes also use an exaggerated, cartoon-style look. But the faces and mouth animation really make the cut-scenes spectacular. Though it's a shame there's very few of them. There's a cut-scene every time you start a new level of the story. The graphics are very unique to most FPS games, as you don't get many games that use a cartoon look.

      -(The Sound)-
      The game's soundtrack, which mostly has electronic tracks, suits the action quite well. Though this doesn't have the ability to use custom soundtracks, which if you don't like techno will be annoying for you. The rest of the game sounds very good. All the gunfire sounds are well done, and little touches, such as the sound of bullets ricocheting off nearby walls, add to the sound effect. Though a little niggle with the sound is the grunts of the characters. At first they sound very funny, but after a few matches they start to sound a little grating. The sound is very good, though could be better and improved.


      -(Replay Value)-
      This game is massive...literally. The story will take you about 10 hours to complete on the easy difficulty, which is a little short, but not too short. But there are so many modes, single play and multiplayer. On single player there's Challenge mode, arcade league mode and the mapmaker mode. When it comes to multiplayer modes there's all the modes from the arcade league, like deathmatch, capture the bag and virus. Also you can play through the story with a mate as you can do co-op story, which is very different from playing by yourself. Though there's no online play, the game is so big it doesn't really matter much.


      Replay Value=10
      Overall Score=9.4=Outstanding

      -(Ending Comments)-
      Timesplitters 2 is better than it's predecessor, one of the better games released in 2002 and one of the best offline FPS ever. I got this nearly a year ago and I've only just got 100%. Though it has some minor flaws e.g. the character models look pretty bad, but the game is really fun to play, whether you play it alone or with friends. Also the story mode is much, much better than the previous game, thanks to a story that you can actually follow and the mode itself being very in-depth. Plus there's Lot's to do, by your self or with friends. If you love shooters, buy this now. If you love Multiplayer games, buy this now. If you're looking for a great single player shooter, buy this now. So that leaves people who want an online shooter. Unfortunately there's no online play, so if you want an online shooter, try Timesplitters:Future Perfect as that has online, but anyone else looking for a fantastic shooter without online play then you must get this now!

      -(If You Like This I'd Suggest)-
      Star Wars: Battlefront
      Tron 2.0:Killer App
      Call Of Duty
      Medal Of Honour

      -(Where You Can Buy It)-
      This game is quite old, so i couldn't find any places where you could buy this brand new.


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    • Product Details

      In TimeSplitters 2 the evil race of TimeSplitters are travelling back into human history, authoring events that are leading to the enslavement of mankind. Controlling a motley crew of renegade characters, you must hunt them down across environments such as the gangster-filled 1920s, the temples and lush jungles of the Aztecs, Soviet military installations of the Cold War and futuristic robot-factories in space.

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