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Base Auckland Backpackers (Auckland, New Zealand)

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2 Reviews

Location: 229 Queen Street (Corner of Queen St and Darby St), Auckland 1010 / Email: auckland@stayatbase.com

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    2 Reviews
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      10.10.2011 22:21
      Very helpful



      Good place for travellers or people on a budget

      I stayed here a couple of years ago for a few days with a mate and found it to be one of them places that's okay and convenient with the location as your in the heart of auckland the bust to and from the airport is right outside and it does not cost a bomb to stay there.
      I cant remember the exact amount it was for our stay but it was a typical price for a hostel like place and the rooms remind you of something not far from our travelodge standard to be frank with the usual tv couple of beds and a shower/toilet.

      When i stayed there we had the choice of a dorm like rooms sharing or what i took a private key carded room which if you are like me its best to do especially when you have travel money and things like passports that you don't want to have on you 24/7.

      There was not much to complain about in all fairness minus the shower head wobbling about causing you having to sidestep to have a shower and some of the tv channels not working but frankly that is minor seeing as its a travellers place to stay anyway.
      The lifts can be a pain in the arse as you have to use your room key to use the lift and we found that the lift was always going to every floor but ours.

      The general facility's available are not too bad as there is a common room area with computers and internet connection available and the check in staff were helpfull and will advise where to go for days out etc.

      Not far from ACB is the auckland sky tower which you can have a meal and a flutter as there is a casino and bars inside and if you fancy it the abseil/bungee off the roof which i assure you is high. The docks just down the road is a nice area too seeing as there are loads of yachts and luxury cruisers moored up and some nice friendly bars that surround the whole area.

      I found acb an okay stop off place which is more aimed towards people working their around the world travelling and just young people in general which while there you will meet a nice mix of.

      Auckland if you have not been there reminds me of a less busy version of london and nothings too far away and you are in a great place to get out and have a look around..... only problem really is the exchange rate at the moment.


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      20.01.2010 17:46
      Very helpful



      Sanctuary all the way - because as a girl, you're worth it

      This was the first hostel that I stayed in during my travels in New Zealand, and I would recommend it to others for several reasons.

      The Base hostel is very conveniently located in central Auckland. Access to the hostel from the airport is easy. I caught a shuttle bus that took me right to the door of the hostel. The hostel is about a 5-10min walk from what I would call the centre of Auckland in terms of shops, cinema, train station and harbour and not through a dodgy neighbourhood either. I felt perfectly safe walking on my own (and being dropped off at 4am at the hostel, but more about that later).

      There is a supermarket about 10-15mins walk in the opposite direction of the town so if you did want to buy your own food, it's a not a long walk. I do however remember having to cross several roads to get to the supermarket as it's not the most pedestrian friendly of routes.

      ***Rooms and Showers***
      Having stayed in many hostels, this Base hostel rates very well in terms of its rooms. I stayed in the Sanctuary part of the hostel which is a floor reserved totally for girls, so I can only base my experience on that. It might sound a bit of a cop out to some, but the few extra dollars in cost were definitely worth it. I later met a girl who said that she wished she'd gone for the Sanctuary as she was surrounded by smelly boys.

      The Sanctuary is a girls' only area. The corridor has been painted a deep pink to represent this, and even the key cards have pink flowers on them. The rooms (I was in a room of 6) are a really decent size. Everyone could have their suitcases/backpacks on the floor and there'd still be room. The room had three sets of bunkbeds with under bed lockable lockers for everyone. You did need to provide your own locks, although they were also on sale in reception. The room was clean, and a maid came in every morning to strip the beds of those leaving and to hoover. Therefore, no need to even do that, as is the case in many hostels. The bedding was lovely and soft. And the beds were all made up when you got there.

      The rooms didn't have ensuite facilites. Instead there was a toilet and shower stall at the end of the corridor. I would say there was roughly 8 showers and toilets per stall. I'm not however sure if there was only one stall per corridor. I didn't have any problems having a shower. There were no queues and the water was hot. The area also had a bench to put your stuff down on and lockable doors. Some places tend to just have a very ropey curtain to pull across. As an additional bonus if you stay in the Santuary you get free toiletries (again with a bright pink flower) and a free towel to use during your stay. If like me, you were used to using a travel towel, a proper towel felt like totally luxury. Hairdryers and mirrors were also provided.

      The place felt very secure, as you needed to use your keycard to access the corridor as well as the actual room. The front door to the hostel was locked overnight during which time you needed to swipe to enter.

      All in all, the facilities in terms of the Sanctuary to me felt a bit like a hotel. I had arrived in Auckland from Los Angeles, and the hostel here was more luxurious that my hotel in the glitzy world of LA.

      ***General Hostel Facilities***
      The hostel has a big kitchen and rooftop terrace style area. I ate one meal in the kitchen and it seemed to have adequate facilities for what I had. There were quite a few people in the kitchen, so I think that had a big group turned up, it would have been quite crowded. The views from the terrace area though were good and it was nice to be able to sit outside.

      In the basement there is a large common room. This has beanbags, sofas and computers. All information about places to visit, noticeboards etc are all down here as well. I only used this area in terms of the sofas at 4am (again to be explained) so I was the only one down here. The area seemed very spacious though so I think could fit a lot of people before it got crowded.

      My only negative comment would be that the sofas and beanbags all seemed quite worn, and out of place with the high standard of the rest of the hostel.

      Access to the internet was by inputting a code which you bought from reception. The amount of time that could be bought varied. What I did like was that the code could be used at any Base hostel so when I stayed with Base again in Christchurch I used up my remaining time.

      The hostel also had a bar, but I didn't visit this. From adverts that I saw, it seemed to host different events and have different offers most nights. I'm not sure how noisy the bar got and if it would have been a problem for any rooms, but in the Sanctuary you didn't hear any noise.

      The hostel appears quite large and somewhat impersonal. This is partly due the fact that you constantly have to swipe to go places. It's good though as it increase security. But I'm not sure it would be a hostel that is easy to make friends in unless you spent all your time in the bar or common area.

      There is a left luggage room so you can leave luggage if you have to check out of your room or can't check in. There is also a lift which I didn't at the time realise how many hostels do not have a lift. Ideal when you have a heavy bag to carry.

      ***Reception - 4am Check In***
      As I flew into Auckland on a night flight from LA, I arrived very early in the morning in Auckland. I caught the shuttle bus from the airport, but still arrrived at the hostel at 4am. It hadn't occurred to me earlier, that I might not be able to get into the hostel at this time.

      The shuttle bus dropped me off in front of the hostel and the whole road seemed deserted and quiet. The door to the hostel was locked. I rang the bell and no one came. And for the first time, I suddenly realised that I may well be facing a couple of hours on the road. Thankfully after a few rings of the bell, someone came. It turns out that the hostel reception is manned 24hrs. The man was very polite and checked me in with no delay. I had to pay a returnable deposit for my keycard.

      The bed that I was allocated to was also free, so I was able to go and put my belongings in my room and go to sleep at 4am. I therefore actually got a free night's accommodation. I was too excited to sleep and very conscious about waking my fellow room mates up at that time in the morning, so that is why I found myself in the common room at such an hour.

      Overall, my experience at Base Auckland was very good. I had only booked one night's accommodation but effectively got two nights. The room and the facilities were great. Reception staff were helpful and took the time to explain different phone card options to me. I would definitely recommend this as a place to stay.

      In terms of cost, the hostel was no more expensive than other less nice hostels I came across in New Zealand and Australia. I paid more for the Sanctuary but I would say that it is worth it.


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