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Most Hostel (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

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ÔÇť Address: Petkov┬Ükovo nabre┬×je 47 / 1000 / Ljubljana / Slovenia ÔÇ×

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    1 Review
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      17.08.2010 17:16
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      Planning this year`s summer holidays I realized that I really could not justify a big trip. Spending a year in Asia in 2008/09 cost me loads and I┬┤m currently saving up for 3 months in India next year. However, a little de-tour on my way home is not travelling so the cheap flights London-Zadar were quickly booked. My best friend and I decided to fly from England to Croatia and then overland back to Germany to spend the summer with our families.

      One of the stops we made was in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia - a country I instantly felt in love with. Ljubljana is a vibrating city full of life that should be on every destination list for a trip through central Europe. A 3 hour train ride away from Rijeka in Croatia we knew that we would arrive around midnight. Looking for a hostel in the middle of the night in a foreign country is no fun and therefore we booked in advance. The Most Hostel was advertised to be in close proximity to the train station and looked absolutely lovely. We booked for two nights not sure whether we wanted to stay for an additional night or not. In the end we decided to stay but in a different hostel. This was less because of the negative things I┬┤m going to list below but more due to the rather high price.

      ------- Where is it? -------

      The Most Hostel is unfortunately not close to the train station. I have no idea who wrote this on hostelworld.com but I don┬┤t consider a 20min walk "close". This is actually a good point as we discovered the next morning - the hostel is right in the city center next to the Dragon Bridge. It is in a little side street which means that even though it is so close to loads of bars we were still able to get a good night's sleep.

      The address is Petkovskovo nabrezje 47 and the directions according to the website are "From the train/bus station: Take the Resljeva street, before the Dragon bridge turn left. There we are, it's only a 5 minute walk." - As I said, it┬┤s more of a 25min walk rather than the promised 5 minutes.

      It is beautifully located right next to the Ljubljana River in a quiet street. The house looks not very impressive from the outside but the great rooms make up for the first impression.

      Right on the other side of the river is a big supermarket and an ATM machine. Credit Cards are not accepted which means that you will have to pay the room price plus the 10 euro deposit in cash. We paid on arrival and got our deposit back without problems. However, I heard that others didn┬┤t get theirs back because they checked out 10 min too late which is a bit harsh in my opinion.

      Within a couple of minutes' walk you be on the main square of Ljubljana with loads of restaurants, bars and shops. Walking along the river is great on a sunny day and we enjoyed a lot of window shopping and people watching while eating ice cream or having a delicious cup of coffee. The coffee in Slovenia is due to its proximity to Italy really great quality and I never tasted better hot chocolate outside of Italy.
      After some Friday night drinks we arrived at our hostel absolutely starving and were very relieved to discover that we found 3 different doner kebab places within 300m in a side street. Fast food in Ljubljana is alright and compared to England and Germany quite cheap.

      ------- Rooms ---------

      Different room types are available and we┬┤ve chosen the cheapest option, a six bed ensuite dorm for 18 euros a night. Prices go up to 28 euros per night for an ensuite double room. Please be aware that the Slovenian tourist tax of one euro per night is not included in the price and that a 10 euro deposit per key has to be paid. 18 Euros per a night in a six bed dorm is quite expensive in my opinion. However, this seems to be a trend in many central and eastern European countries. Whereas I would never pay more than a tenner in Germany or Italy (same goes for the UK most of the time) we had to pay at least 15 Euros per night throughout Croatia and Slovenia. If breakfast would be included I would actually be ok with the price but without it seems rather over-priced.

      The beds were super comfortable with clean bed linen and warm blankets. I got quite cold at night so this was very much appreciated. A very nice touch is the little lamp attached to every bed which allowed me to read without disturbing the other people in my room in their sleep.
      The rooms and all the facilities were spotless clean and very modern. Especially the bathrooms were very spacious and better equipped that the one I had in my last apartment. Warm water is available all day and we never had a problem with it even when I was the last in our dorm to use it. Both bathroom and kitchen were cleaned every day which is probably the reason why we had to wait so long to check-in again.

      The kitchen was well equipped with all things you need for cooking. Enough pans, pots, plates and glasses could be found and our room even had a bottle of oil and some salt. I assume those were left by people previously staying there so don┬┤t count on it. In addition to this we had loads of modern kitchen appliances like a microwave, kettle and even a blender. This is absolutely perfect if you want to save some money and prepare your own food rather than paying loads for eating out every day. This might just be me but I would prefer a communal kitchen or at least an area where we could sit down and eat. Unfortunately there was neither table nor any chairs in our rooms so we had to sit eating on the bed, which is alright but still a table would have been nice. When travelling alone I always find it very easy to meet new travel buddies while cooking in the communal kitchen - sadly this option was not possible at the Most Hostel.

      --------- Other facilities ---------

      I have to admit that I prefer staying at places with internet access. On this short trip I was without mobile phone and the free internet offered at the hostel saved me loads of money when trying to contact my family and my boyfriend. 2 desktop computers are set up in the reception area and can be used free of charge by any guests all day long. Free wifi is available in most rooms and the reception area. My experience was that the computers were quite modern and the internet connection was quick enough to upload pictures on Facebook.

      Next to the computer area the only common area can be found - disappointingly consisting of only one couch and a TV. Obviously this is not enough to hang around and meet other travellers but it is a nice touch to be able to sit on the couch while waiting for a computer to be free.

      There is no big common room which is really a shame. An important part of travelling is for me meeting like-minded people and exchange stories and travel advice. This is absolutely not possible at the most Hostel which in my eyes is a big let-down. And this brings me straight to the negative points and problems I encountered during my stay there.

      --------- Negative points ---------

      There are a couple of points that I would like to mention that made my stay at the Most Hostel a bit less nice than it was supposed to be. Upon arrival we were informed that the rooms we booked were not available anymore and that we would have to pay more to stay in another room. As this was certainly not our fault I couldn┬┤t believe that they actually charged us more and not offered us the beds in the superior room to the price we agreed on. However, it was far after midnight and we were simply too tired to argue or even look for another hostel. Thankfully the room turned out to be lovely and we could switch to the cheaper option the next day.

      This however caused some small problems; we had to check out at 11 (or 10, I┬┤m not sure anymore) and couldn┬┤t get into our new rooms until 3pm. We asked if we could at least store our bags and the very rude reply was that we should put them in some unlocked room underneath the outside stairs. This room was accessible for anyone and - given that the reception area is often unmanned - not a safe place to store all our belongings. Please don┬┤t get me wrong, I┬┤m not expecting much but a small padlock would solve this problem cheaply and easily.

      Our new room was very similar to the first one with 6 beds - surprisingly we had to share a double bed which was not a problem for us, being two girls and good mates, but if I would be travelling together with a random guy, I (or better speaking my boyfriend) would not be too keen on this arrangement. I didn┬┤t really mind but for some it might cause problems having to share a bed with someone without being informed about it before hand. A little note on the website that this is possible would be much appreciated.

      Ok, for me those were all minor problems, maybe apart from the more expensive room for our first night, but what annoyed me the most was the rude staff. See, I worked in a Hostel before and if you don┬┤t like travellers asking you loads of questions then this is probably not the right job for you. Standing under a big sign "Ask me anything, I┬┤m here to help" I would expect a bit more than a rather rude "Look online" to a standard question about train timetables. Any question from where the next supermarket is to how to make the@ sign (which can be quite confusing on a Slovenian keyboard) was answered in the same rude manner, discouraging any further questions. I realize that it can be tiring answering the same question all over again but honestly, that┬┤s your job if you work at the reception of a backpacker hostel.

      --------- Would I stay there again? ---------

      Considering all those points I┬┤m not sure if I would stay again at the Most Hostel. It is very comfortable with clean rooms and great facilities and well worth the price. However, I┬┤m fine with living a bit less comfortable and therefore paying a bit less, too. The hostel seemed rather anonymous and the lack of a common room made it difficult to meet other travellers. It is probably a great place to stay if you travel in a group as you can get a room just for you without having to share any facilities with others. However, if you are looking for like-minded people you will struggle here.

      Ljubljana is a great city and I hope to come back again one day. I guess I will be staying at a different hostel though given that the Most Hostel is a bit too pricey and not backpacker-y enough for my taste.

      Due to the great rooms and clean facilities I can recommend this place especially for groups of people or couples looking for reasonably priced double-rooms. I will only award it 07 out of 10 possible points due to the unfriendly staff, anonymous atmosphere and the lack of storage space.


      For additional information and booking look here:



      Thank you for reading and rating my review! Have fun in Lubjiana and drink a Human Fish Beer!


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