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MTB Hostel (Zakopane)

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Location: Strzelcohw Podhalanskich 11, Kościelisko, Zakopane, Poland 34-511

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    1 Review
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      26.04.2013 18:48
      Very helpful



      A great place to spend the night near some beautiful mountains!

      **MTB Hostel, Zakopane, Poland**
      Back in September we took a trip to Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains in the South of Poland with the intention of walking and climbing up Mount Giewont, because of this we booked MTB hostel for the Saturday night as it is located reasonably close to Giewont.

      **Why MTB?**
      We chose MTB mainly because of the location. On this trip we were intending to go to the summit of Mount Giewont and therefore we wanted somewhere reasonably close to collapse into bed afterwards! According to the map on Hostel Bookers MTB was perfect and located very close to the entrance of the Tatra Mountains National Park.

      MTB is located on Strzelcohw Podhalanskich 11, Koscielisko in Zakopane. The hostel is about 5km away from the city centre or 20 minutes by mini bus. When we arrived here we had already spent the day in the mountains so we came on foot directly from the National Park which took us around 20 minutes and we found the hostel pretty easy as it is just off the main road and almost opposite the BP petrol station.

      **Making the Booking**
      As usual we used the hostelbookers.com website to make the booking with MTB hostel. Making the booking was easy, we simply selected the date we wanted to stay and which kind of room we wanted. Most of the rooms at MTB are private with the highest number of people in a room being 4. We chose the room advertised as 2 bed with a mountain view at a cost of only £6.98 per person! I then entered my card details on a secure page to pay a 10% deposit. There was no booking charge for using my card and hostelbookers.com didn't charge any fees for making the booking on my behalf.

      **Car Parking**
      MTB has its own driveway and plenty of space for parking cars outside the hostel at no extra cost.

      **Check In**
      After completing our goal of reaching the summit of mount Giewont and having a day of snow and ice combined with sunshine and heat we finally arrived at MTB just before 7pm.

      From the outside the hostel looked nice. It had a red roof and was built in the traditional style of most of the houses in the area with the very steep sloped roof and stone walls at the base of the building.

      We entered the hostel through the front door and expected to walk into a reception area however we seemed to walk into a corridor of rooms. Being unsure of where to go we wondered down the corridor and found the kitchen so we turned around and headed back to the front door where we found a man who worked at the hostel. I asked where the reception area was or where we needed to check in and he looked a little surprised and asked if we had a booking. I said yes and gave him my name to which he started looking through his phone for my booking. I then gave him the booking confirmation I had printed out and he asked us to take a seat in the kitchen area while he sorted our room out.

      We thought this was a little strange as usually the rooms are ready for guests by this time in the evening, but we waited patiently, we had no energy to move anywhere! We waited in total for about half an hour, the guy came back a few times to thank us for being patient and keep us updated that it wouldn't be long. While we were waiting we could hear a lot of noise as if people were swapping rooms, we don't know that this was the case for sure but putting the fact that he looked surprised to see us and that the room took so long to be ready for us we would say that there had been a mix up with the rooms. Regardless of this there was no fuss or confusion on our side and the man got everything sorted out in a professional and reasonably quick way.

      Once our room was ready he led us down the corridor and showed us our room, on the way to the room he mentioned about the free Wi-fi and told us that if we wanted to hire mountain bikes from the hostel then the first hour was free for hostel guests, a very good idea but we were way too tired for this! Once everything was explained he gave us the key to our room and we paid him the remainder of the payment due. He explained that to check out we simply needed to leave the key in the room door and that was all. On his way out the door he pointed to the table in the room and told us to try some Polish beer which he had left for us as it had taken a while to sort the room out. We thought this was really kind and thanked him.

      **The Room**
      For our night at MTB we were staying in room number 9. This room was located on the ground floor just around the corner from the entrance. The room itself was quite large and contained two single beds, a large table with water glasses and our complementary beer, a large TV and a piece of furniture which I couldn't quite work out but it made for a good place to hang my muddy trousers! The room was nice and clean with wooden flooring and wooden walls. As I mentioned earlier we had booked a room with a mountain view, however I think with the room confusion on check in this had been forgotten as we didn't have a mountain view, but none the less out view was nice and we had a nice view of the huge forests surrounding the hostel and in all honesty it was dark when we arrived so we only looked at the view for a few minutes in the morning!

      The beds each had a lovely thick duvet, big fluffy pillows as well as blankets and sheets provided. All of these items appeared to be nice and clean and were folded up nicely on the beds.

      **Shared Bathroom**
      All of the rooms at MTB have shared bathrooms. There are a few bathrooms around the hostel and we never had a problem with having to wait as there was always one available. The bathroom we were using was down the corridor neat the kitchen, it was quite small as I think this had originally been one large bathroom and had now been converted into two small ones with a thin dividing wall between them. The bathroom was kept clean and had a toilet, sink, radiator and a nice shower with glass doors. Unfortunately there was nowhere to hang towels and clothes so I ended up creating a balancing act on the radiator while I had a shower, this wasn't too bad though as my clothes were nice and warm by the time I had finished.

      The shower was very easy to use and the temperature was very easy to adjust. I really liked that the shower had proper glass doors rather than a simple shower curtain like hostels I have stayed in before. The hostel can provide towels at an extra cost but we had brought our own so we didn't need this service.

      My only complaints about the bathroom really are the dividing wall between the two bathrooms is firstly very thin and has a large gap at the bottom meaning you can hear everything and I mean everything, which is happening in the bathroom next door so its not exactly private and also the bathroom is very small and I found it quite hard to get dressed without knocking my elbows on walls or the door and sink.

      **The Kitchen**
      The kitchen area is at the end of the corridor and down 3 or 4 steps. It is a nice big room and we think it is supposed to double up as the common area although there was hardly anyone using it at the time of our visit. The kitchen had 3 large tables with wooden chairs and a decent sized area for preparing your food. There was a kettle and fridge available for use but you needed to bring your own food and drinks as this hostel is self catering only. Breakfast is available at £2.90 each which in local currency is around 14zl (Polish Zloty) but we decided to go to the BP garage across the road and have a hot dog and hot chocolate for breakfast for 10zl instead.

      **Sleepy Time!**
      After a long and exhausting day I was really looking forward to a good nights sleep so I was very relieved to finally crawl into, or rather, collapse onto my bed! The first thing I noticed was how lovely and thick the duvets and pillows were. I am a very snuggly person so these were perfect for me and I fell asleep very quickly. The bed I was sleeping on was lovely and comfortable and overall I slept quite well at MTB, I did wake up a couple of times because I was too hot and also because my body was aching so much but nothing so major that it stopped me getting enough rest for the next day in the mountains again.

      **Check Out**
      Check out from the hostel is by 11am. To check out we simply had to leave our room key in the door of the room and leave. We didn't need to tell anyone we were leaving and to be honest there was no one around to tell. So that was that, back on with the lovely muddy walking boots and into the mountains and snow once more!

      My overall opinion of MTB Hostel is a generally positive one. When we first arrived and there was that bit of confusion I was sat thinking "oh no!" but I needn't have worried as everything was sorted out for us while we sat and waited and we even got a complimentary beer!

      The location was perfect for us as we had been up Giewont and we wanted to spend the following day walking to a nearby mountain lake. I think for someone who wants to spend their time in the city then the location of this hostel is no good, but for those who want Mount Giewont and generally amazing surroundings then MTB Hostel is great! A mini bus to the centre of Zakopane from MTB will cost you around 5zl.

      I would recommend staying at MTB Hostel, the prices are fantastic and overall we had a pleasant stay here.

      4 out of 5 Stars from me. 1 is lost for the tiny bathroom.

      Thanks for reading :)


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